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  1. Welcome to the game from the Rochester area! We meet up with the Ithaca folks for tournaments - a bit further for you guys but still somewhat central. If you're interested in playing over drinks, I'd love to invite you and everyone else in the thread to an upcoming tournament at the Fulkerson Winery. A bit of a drive for some, but it will be worth it!
  2. Deal and decide on Plot cards, as normal Simultaneous reveal of Captains and Mascots Roll to decide who kicks off (and who receives) Draft the remaining 4 players for each team starting with the Receiving player Captains and Mascots are step 2 which is before rolling for initiative (step 3).
  3. Hello, Suppose you target an enemy player with Puppet Master or Lure, and have them jog (and end their advance) in melee range of an enemy model with Unpredictable Movement. Can the enemy player choose to trigger Unpredictable Movement? Thank you.
  4. Hitting an actual chess clock adds quite a bit to the experience. IMO it's a lot more "Now I'm done with my activation, you go." then just tapping a smartphone. We don't use the clock out VPs in our casual games. You just take extremely prompt turns to 'mimic' the experience of 1-minute activations. I want to play a pure 1-minute activation game but worry that it favors "Team" characters over super solos too much. Maybe 1:30 or 2 minutes would be better. 30-minute death clock is also fun. I wish I had one of those big old mechanical clocks, that had two actual clocks on it... loud DINGs surely aren't distracting for neighbouring tables.
  5. Hello, Skatha's play Blessing of the Moon Goddess says "The next time target other friendly Guild model makes a successful Attack against an enemy model, the friendly model may add an additional < Playbook result." Highlights are added. Does Blessing only affect the next successful attack? That is if the other friendly Guild model chooses NOT to add the < result, does the Blessing then go away (they can't add a < on subsequent attacks). This is also relevant for Bonesaw's Meditation, which affects "it's Next kick". Thank you.
  6. You can use Siren 1's Lure to make them jog out of the swarm, snap to the ball in the process, and then tackle it off them now that the ball has been removed from the scrum.
  7. Misdirection says: Target enemy model with at least [1] Influence loses [1] Influence. Immediately allocate [1] Influence to an other friendly Guild model within [4”] of this model. This works the same way there, right? Which is to say you can use Misdirection without having a friendly Guild model within 4" of the user.
  8. Couldn't find this posted in the rules forum. Remote Control says "Target free-ball. This model may make a Kick as if it was in possession of the ball-marker." Ball's Gone says: "This model may immediately make a Pass without spending Influence." This post suggests that the Remote Control kick is free. Could we get clarification? Thank you. EDIT: Found this further in the thread. And now it is in the rules forum too. Hooray!
  9. Fillet, Princess, VBrisket, Meathook, VOx, Harry Tenderizer, Boar, Boiler I pretty much ignore my bench. If I'm fighting 1" spam I'll sometimes bring in Boar. Harry has been getting 4 for me pretty much every time because he sets up one or two knocked down or pushed around targets for Fillet, along with the occasional clutch Goad (admittedly I've rolled fails every time but it would have been clutch).
  10. It works the same as Pintpot's Smashing Face play (or w/e it's called) Intensify. It creates a pulse (which automatically hit) that originates on the model with the S play. EDIT: From the Collected Clarifications thread. Pulses Pulses do not target, and do not require a TN roll.
  11. I can't find them online but there are a set of cards for the Fisherman and Butcher starters that are balanced for 3v3. I use these as demos to teach the core mechanics of the game without throwing too much at the players.
  12. How does this work when a player is clocked out? Does one of the Tournament officials need to be standing over them ensuring 'prompt play', and what is reasonable for that?
  13. Efficient use of clock is part of playing a timed game, and part of that is saving time. You are not allowed to allocate to models before your allocation phase. But if you build your influence piles and have them off to the side for quick distribution while your opponent is thinking, that is entirely reasonable. I use 1x1 Lego bricks to track my influence, and as I spend it I build it into a long stick. As the turn draws to a close I usually start thinking about how I want to allocate next turn, which is as easy as breaking them into a 6 influence stick for Fillet, a 3 influence stick for Meathook, etc. When my opponent wins the initiative roll and finishes allocating, I can do tiny adjustments and then quickly get those brick sticks out into the field. I expect my opponent to be making good use of my time. Not doing that is just leaving a resource on the table. There is nothing in the rules saying that you can't fidget with your stuff outside the game, and that includes spent influence tokens. Don't put them on the field. But once you have the clock, then you can actually move the tokens to their correct place on the pitch.
  14. This is not correct. Season 3, page 19: A model may be allocated additional Influence during the course of a turn, but this may not take it above its max-INF. EDIT - didn't see @Wildeybeast's post, sorry to pile on LDB! So i'll use this to ask another question... If the model Scalpel is hitting doesn't have any influence and you choose her MOM 2 + GB result , do you still have to try to resolve the play to the best of your ability? I.E if you can't do "Target enemy model with at least [1] Influence loses [1] Influence." because you don't have a legal target, are you still required to do "Choose an enemy model within [10"] of this model that has not yet activated this turn, that model is allocated [1] Influence." or is the whole play stopped.
  15. Shark's new legendary: Applies snared and burning to all models within 8". Cleansable but oh god why