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mr baron

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  1. Any video of the match?
  2. With the Skatha, Snow, vHearne, A&G, Seenah, and Ulfr line up, who do you kick off with?
  3. In general I like Ghast, but I am a big fan of 2" melee models, as he can cover more board space. With that said, I did play one game v Fish and I put Shark into the box. That was sweet!
  4. I think the models look great, so I would be up for buying them. Curious to see if they will be LE or new sculpts that will replace the old ones.
  5. Played a game today with the following line-up: Brewers: Tapper, Scum, oSpigot, Friday, Mash, Harry Union: S-Brisket, Coin, Mist, Decimate, Minx, Hemlock As a point of context, we had 7 pieces of terrain on the board to specifically get some work with dense boards. I received and was able to kill the ball with Mash in the corner, which prevented him from getting the turn 1 goal. He let is team get pulled into the center scrum, where I was able to take out 3 players. He was able to get Mist over to Mash, but I hit a Howzat and knocked Mist clear off the pitch. Ball dropped in the middle to Friday, who kicked it in for the score to win 12-2. A couple of comments: - Killing the ball with Mash in the corner is a solid strategy, This should put the T1 goal off the table, but will probably not stop a T2 goal, which is fine if Friday is positioned correctly. - Brewers excel in a tight scrum where we can maximize our heroics, KDs, and Commanding Aura. He let himself get pulled in, when he saw that he could not get to Mash in T1. - Minx can hit like a train when loaded up with 2 INF - free charge, snare, 2 follow up attacks. Minx does a lot of work in this line up. - While I like the Union list, I think he needs to ditch Hemlock for someone else. I have played several times against this line up, and Hemlock does not do much of anything - The Scum missile is brilliant, and I have yet to lose the cat, although the cat has done a lot of damage for me. The MOM 2 + CA is really good. - Still not 100% on sold on Harry with this Brewers line up. I appreciate all the feedback.
  6. Is Hooper better than Harry in that line up of Tapper, Scum, Friday, oSpigot, Mash + Hooper/Harry?
  7. My buddy is playing: S-Brisket, Coin, Decimate, Mist, Minx, Hemlock Its a fast team that can score relatively easy and has the speed to go after the ball.
  8. Going with the Mash tactic, who is in the rest of the line up?
  9. With a turn 1 goal on the table, finding something that can hit with a range 16" threat is what is needed. Without a doubt, Goad gets the job done, but with a threat of 13", you can't threat Sea-Brisket at her starting point, unless you kick off with Harry. I need to run some scenarios with Harry kicking off to see how it works. Looking through the cards, is a Hemlock Blind a realistic option? If you can land Blind it is really good. Looking at a Harry option: Tapper, Scum, oSpigot, Friday, Stoker, Harry.
  10. Having some trouble going up against Sea-Brisket. Her first turn activation with legendary, is very difficult to defend against. Anyone have any luck against her?
  11. It seems to me that in order to get the most out of Brewers, you have to get the buffs up in order to maximize the output of the team. KD, and the short playbook are core to the team. I think the 2" melee models extend your ability to get the hits off and can exercise more control over the board. That is why I think Hooper is worth more in the line up with his 2" reach. He is going to get more counter attacks and parting blows than other models are which is why I think he is going to increase the impact of the team. It just seems like 2" melee models are really important to this team.
  12. I looking at Stoker, it seems like he should be able to cause quite a bit of disruption. I am thinking that you fire up his heroic, bump into some opponents and attack. he is not the fastest, but you can get some character plays going, but they will not get you any momentum. I have not played him yet, although he looks interesting.
  13. Many thanks for the comments and the feedback. In my game earlier this week, Hooper did a lot of work, including killing Flint twice which was key in controlling the game. With regards to using Union models, I think we do have a number of good options, but we do lose the in faction synergy. My thoughts on the top few choices: 1. Harry - Good all around model, does a lot, 2" melee, M-KD on 3, good traits 2. Gutter - Not quite as good a S2, 2" reach, ignores 1 ARM, Chain Grab, situationally brilliant 3. A&G - Very versatile, good scoring threat, good character plays, KD on 2, singled out adds to Brewers synergy, 1" melee, no ARM on Avarisse 4. Fangtooth/Rage/Hemlock - Situational players, not sure they have a spot on a 10 person roster The main line up of Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Mash, Friday, oSpigot seems really good with a nice balance of scoring and beating. Synergy seems good and easy to use in game. To drop one for Union seems like a tough choice.
  14. Perfect! Thanks! That is what I was thinking.
  15. After playing the past year with Fishermen and Morticians, I am going to give Brewers some time in the rotation. I love the aesthetic of the Brewers, so it is hard not to want to put them on to the pitch. Beer drinking, kilts, tartans, what’s not to like? We have a couple of Fish players in our Meta, so I am giving that match up a lot of thought. I was able to get a game in yesterday, and this is what I took: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Mash, Friday, oSpigot For this game, I wanted to stick just with a Brewer only line up to get a feel of the synergy of the team. I realize that we have good Union choices, but I will get to those after a few games. I really like 2” melee. After playing Fish, 2” melee is really strong, and it shapes my thoughts about list building. In this list, I went with 3 2” Brewers, as I felt like these would be my primary beaters, with Mash being moved forward to set up a late goal. I really like Friday, and I think she is one of the best Strikers in the game. oSpigot is a nice support piece and seems to fit a Tapper/Friday list better than vSpigot. Since I have both Mash and Friday in the list, I did not think I needed vSpigot. Scum just feels like a better mascot with Tapper/Friday, especially with Friday’s GOH, just adds a lot to the control game. As it turns out, I was planning on playing Fish, but I ended up playing against Masons with this line up: Honour, Wrecker, Harmony, Mallet, Flint A&G. My buddy kicks off with Flint, and kicks to my left side. I sent oSpigot forward to grab the ball and kick to the back left hand corner, where it basically stayed for 3 turns. From there, I was able to control the middle with Tapper, Friday and Scum, which tied up Honor, Harmony and Mallet. With Tapper charging, CA, KD, damage, following up with Friday and Scum, I just beat the snot out of Harmony, Mallet and Honor. Scum did a lot of work for me. Flint worked the flank, but I countered with Hooper, and that took care of that issue. Mash was on my left side and beat on Avarisse to gain momentum. We called it at 10-4, with Mash 13” off goal with the ball and Hooper getting ready to beat on the gimps coming in from the rear. Some general thoughts on the line up. I really like 2” melee with Brewers. It just seems like they can get a lot of work done. I am thinking of dropping oSpigot and adding in Gutter or Harry into the lineup. If I had instead of oSpigot in the lineup, it really would have been ugly. Being able to ignore 1 armour against Masons is significant. After playing with Morts, I really appreciate being able to control the flow of the game and move my opponent’s models around to minimize their effectiveness. In general, focusing in on one model at time in order to remove them is the way to go. The Brewer’s ability to momentous KD and follow up with damage or heroic plays is their strength that I think you have to play to. In my game, I want to try out: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Mash, Friday, Gutter I will write more as I get in more games.