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mr baron

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  1. The S-Brisket + Mist combo is very powerful. My buddy is playing SB, Coin, Mist, Decimate, Minx and Hemlock and he is doing very well. He really likes to play a fast team that can aggressively go after the ball. SB + Mist is just money. I am not sure I like Hemlock in the starting 6, but I think she has a place in the tourney 10 to counter Alchemists. In playing against this combo, its tough to kill the ball or set up a run on goal, as all the models have great threat ranges and SB can recover dead balls very easily.
  2. I think I like Snow better, but I want to get Snow on the table to see how it goes.
  3. Good thread. I have the new Hunter 4 pack on order, and I am looking forward to getting them on the field, so I am very curious to see how folks are thinking about the 10 model line up. Just taking a quick look, I am leaning towards: 1. Skatha 2. Theron 3. Snow 4. Chaska 5. Egret 6. Ulfr 7. Hearne 2 8. Jaecar 9. Seenah 10. Minx I am not convinced that Zarola makes the cut.
  4. I think this data set helps to confirm what most folks have been thinking in that the Alchemists are probably a little too good and Hunters could use a bit more help. The other teams are in the "ball park/pitch" of reasonableness. The only surprise for me was that Union's win percentage was 47%. I was thinking that they would be closer to 50%. I recognize that the skill set of players can easily skew the data and this set should not be view in isolation.
  5. Given the popularity of Fish in the current Meta I am looking at my Union choices, and it seems to me that it Mist and A&G are the way to go in most cases. The line up that I am planning is Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, BP & M, Graves, with a Union player. I am leaning towards Mist as I think his card is a bit better into Fish than A&G. With Mist, the roster has 4 2" reach models which helps with the overall match up. I am concerned that A&G with a 1" reach and low Def becomes a momentum battery for Fish with their 2" reach models. Curious what the rest of the folks think about this matchup.
  6. Many thanks! This can be closed out.
  7. As a follow up, I am assuming that taking out Avarisse with Greede attached is only worth 2VP, and that you do not get 4VP for this.
  8. If Avarisse gets taken out while Greede is attached, what happens to Greede?
  9. My apologies, I was looking at a previous season card. the new cards state activation. The old cards state maintenance phase. This thread can be closed out.
  10. I am reading through the cards for Avarisse and Greede and I have a question on detach/re-attach. The cards imply that detach/re-attach can only happen in the maintenance phase. Is that the correct reading of the cards, or can detach/reattach happen at any point in the turns. The reason I ask is that in reading through some of the other forum posts, it seems like there is more flexibility on the timing of detach/re-attach. Just trying to make sure that I understand the rules on this one.
  11. Just saw an update come across. Looks like the new Hunter models are in, but the Farmers models still need to be added.
  12. Many thanks for the replies and confirming that I was thinking. We can close this one.