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  1. As always, love the cast, even when I hate it (well disagree strongly is probably more apt). What has been bugging me over the last few casts is that you guys keep referring to those development of extremes of play becoming the norm at top tiers of play. Basically the extreme scoring 3-0 and ball killing denial 6-0/4-1 styles of play. You mentioned that you dont see top players keeping the ball live and aiming for that 2-2 style game. I always hesitate to call myself a top player, however I certainly have done well enough for myself and l literally have gone 2-2 in 8 of the last 10 tournament games I have played. The other 2 I lost and went 2-0 and 1-2. That doesn't mean that there isn't a part of the game where it is advantageous to go for an extreme style of play. Rather, you take those extreme play styles to secure incremental benefits which you eventually (say around the mid game) convert into goals or takeouts. Now, you guys play more often than I get to certainly. However I wonder if you guys have been overly influenced by a bit of groupthink based on being in such a tight knit, highly communicative competitive local meta. It seems you guys quickly establish bits of knowledge and come to certain viewpoints. And logically so, as you base it off of your play experiences with other good competitive players. That said I think it occasionally causes some reductionist opinions and positions. A great example of this is the not you guys did on one of the recent episodes about Vince's "crazy" pin vice lineup. You guys presented and analyzed it as something quite out of the box when in reality it was the exact 6 (the original lineup w/o harry) I used in most of my captaincon championship games (although. I used ballista over pin vice in all but two rounds). As i said to you botts directly on FB, if that is out of the box thinking perhaps it's time for a bigger box ;). Again, all this criticism aside (I've heard from a reliable source that creating internet criticism and controversy is a sexual kink for botts), keep up the good work gentlemen. No one can fault the depth and width of your discussions.
  2. Sanchex Cup 3 Sign Ups!!!

    Name: Michael K Skype Name: mike.klein19@gmail.com Guild: Engineers Ballista Pin Vice Mother Colossus Harry Hoist Rachet Velocity Compound Vet Velocity Hopefully my mediocre skill at using vassal isn't too annoying...
  3. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    It's actually having ballista that influences the captain choice more so I believe. But lets go through each of the teams: Fish - They should probably drop corsair regardless, however mono pin vice should guarantee a corsair drop. Alchemists - Doesn't really change much Union - Vet Rage can play into either, for sure. Blackheart may be a better choice vs. Pin Vice, so if you go mono captain you open up the opponent's choices. Butchers - They will likely be mono fillet, and Ox is super disadvantaged vs. ballista anyway Masons - Hammer becomes a much more viable option vs. Pin Vice, so if you go mono pin vice that could be an issue. Morts - Obby is probably the better choice overall, but Scalpel could play into ballista. She really doesn't want to play into Pin Vice (5/0, reanimate and close control mean that scalpel doesn't hit great options on her playbook, can't easily kill PV, and can't easily take the ball from her, drag her around and score like she wants to do). So having double captains should lean your opponent towards choosing Obby. Brewers - Tapper is almost certainly the better choice regardless, however some people may try esters if they see and think you will drop ballista. Either captain can play into esters comfortably. Hunters - Doesn't really change much, I think most competitive hunters will be choosing Skatha regardless? As to the downside of 2 captains: I don't really see that as much of a downside. With the line ups you gave, you give up two very situational players for the extra choice in captain, even if the captain is a situational choice. I personally would argue that locus should be the 11th man there, with either salvo or vVelocity as the 10th. That said, I am really not a big fan of him and I think that may be well known by now.
  4. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    Double captain is the better choice, mainly because with 10 slots, the extra slot you get by going single captain doesn't have a particularly good player to put there. Even if you don't plan on using both captains, it can influence what captain your opponent chooses to play into you. Shark Fish, potentially. I need to do more testing with it, but pin vice into alchemists may be decent. Pin vice into fillet (although ballista can do this just fine as well) MAYBE, maybe into vet rage union. Mainly because I feel that may be one of the weakest matchups for ballista.
  5. Basic Cog Tactics - What To Do?

    I have to strongly disagree on that. Ballista has an amazing playbook and can put out a ton of damage. Not as much as a tooled up, deleted, overclocked pin vice, but then again he is not nearly as vulnerable to counter attacks as she is. He also sets himself up nicely with deadbolt. Harry is a huge part of that, as he contributes to the 2-2 game and ballista and team benefit from the passing aura as well (obviously not as much as pin vice on legendary, but other than that more or less the same). In my last probably 15 or so tournament games with ballista, every game I have won has been 2-2.
  6. Basic Cog Tactics - What To Do?

    Ballista already threats 16 inches with his deadbolt. Do you find you need more than that? Kicking he only threats 13" to the ball. A good fish player should be able to measure and stay outside of his charge threat with any model that would be particularly vulnerable to him.
  7. Basic Cog Tactics - What To Do?

    1. Depends on the captain and the matchup. With Ballista, you probably want hoist kicking as he threatens the ball best. Velocity can do it as well, but her threat is more linear and predictable, and she can be blocked off from charging in on the ball. With pin vice, you can still go with hoist if you plan on using pin vice in a support role early, however I think the pin vice kick is by far the strongest, as she puts a ton of pressure on the ball. Ideally, hoist burrows and charges in before pin vice activates to get momentum for rachet to overclock her, although that telegraphs your play a lot and you can certainly pull the trigger earlier with pin vice if you see a good goal opportunity (and especially if you have knee slider). 2. Colossus sets up take outs, controls models and the scrum via pushes and KD. He also is a great mid to late game striker, as he is incredibly durable and as good of a striker as any other engineer model once he is in range. 3. Velocity unfortunately. Harry allows for the much more reliable 2-2 game, while without him it can be harder to achieve that. This certainly isn't a 100% case - you don't NEED harry in every matchup. In fact vs. shark fish I don't often take him - either velocity or compound are usually better. So yeah, overall - git gud. Nah, I believe that engineers while a really strong team, have a pretty high skill floor (and ceiling) and thus there is a lot of difference between someone who is just learning the team compared to a seasoned player who has the reps in. Keep at it though, they are a super fun and rewarding team to play!
  8. Am I reading the OP wrong? Pretty sure it's $5 a month that gives access to the podcast and the drawing..
  9. Ordered Engi 6-man Starter, What Now?

    Hoist, Mother, Compound. Harry or A&G are good choices for union.
  10. People can make a choice not to buy a product, and still provide additional feedback as to why they came to that decision. Not all people agree with the perspective of spending money on things that don't provide them value, regardless of whether they are financial able to do so. I can't speak to the posts that you quoted, but my concern is that shifting towards premium podcast formats will limit the amount of quality content that gets released into the larger guild ball community. For example, the MO ball free podcast has 4 episodes, and this premium offshoot already has 2 episodes. There are a lot of people who play the game who are for whatever reason unlikely to pay for content. Thus, this large group of the community misses out, and the guild ball community as a whole is worse off for it as the knowledge and discussions that are generated by media such as podcasts is limited.
  11. Guild Ball Gotchas Ep. 2: The Pat Cat

    I hope the counsel will confirm that I am not personally under investigation regarding Missilegate.
  12. Guild Ball Gotchas Ep. 2: The Pat Cat

    -missile is the GB equivalent of -gate. You can't escape it.
  13. I hope the freemium approach doesn't become a trend for GB podcasts. As someone who podcasts for another game system, I know it can be difficult enough to get out quality content with everyone's busy schedules. I also totally understand the draw of patreon to help support certain costs (e.g. equipment). Community support for podcasts can be great, for sure. My biggest concern is that this trend of releasing premium content will negatively impact the rate and quality of the free stuff, which ultimately stunts the growth of the gb community on a broaader scale. Right now the standard cast has 4 episodes (iirc) and 2 premium already. A great example of that premium podcast style executed really well in my opinion is how the Ozmachine podcast for wmh did it. They released a series of in depth faction reviews and other special topics with special guests brought in from around the world. They specifically recorded them in large batches all at once and released them in the same way. The normal cast didn't seem to be affected and it showed an awesome effort to put together a lot of bonus content for listeners.
  14. Pin Vice Experiments

    Warpstoned covered my comments. Yes, Pin vice easily kills midas if she has the ball or can bounce off of a nearby model into melee, provided of course he cannot make a counter attack (either no momentum or he is KD). She could also theoretically legendary - pass dodge, receive pass dodge for 8" of dodge into melee with Midas, attack him and if he counters pass That is why I think the matchup may be a skill matchup, as there is definitely opportunities to outplay your opponent and setup the right situations to win. That said, it definitely seems like a very swingy matchup.
  15. Ox v Fillet - A path to a Butchery 7

    Perhaps this belongs in the butcher's forum?