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  1. Alternate facts/guild ratings: 1. Brewers are the best because of beer, followed by Butchers because meat. 2. Morticians are the worst because dying sucks. 3. Everyone else is somewhere in the middle.
  2. What MP do you use for Spigot's Time's Called? You don't have any because your opponent had the ball and scored in the first round of the game. You can use Marked Target, that is true, as long as you haven't activated Tapper yet and you're targeting something with a low enough defense to get hit by it.
  3. Or better yet, Shark goes in, scores a goal, then activates his legendary, so that you have no player agency for the rest of the turn. Sure, you can sprint 3 inches, but your opponent was smart enough to keep everyone at least 5 inches away from you. They get all the agency, we lose all the agency, but don't fret, Steamforged is happy with that balance....and their happiness is of high import.
  4. At the Vengeance Steamforged Q&A, they actually said that they are happy with the (im)balance of the game. Anyone want to buy some Brewers Guild? Really nicely painted. Comes with an awesome goal.
  5. It really doesn't feel like they have playtesters.....they probably have like 4 or 5 playtesters....
  6. But, Brewers Guild really didn't change that much. Sure Mash got a little better, Old Jake's got worse, but overall, Brewers didn't really change much. What did change then? Well Alchemists got better, Fish got better. I don't think it's a Season 2 to 3 Brewers Guild change, but rather other guilds simply getting better while we got left behind. What we should really do is contact Steamforged and see if they'd be interested in starting a volunteer playtesting group to test out model changes before they get released.
  7. The big issues I am seeing is that our player agency can easily be negated by fast, high defense teams. Anyone know why they decided Alchemists, who have a striker who can sprint 11 inches and has a 2 inch melee zone, needed a speed buff from Lure of Gold? Was that really needed? Other games tend to give speed buff abilities to really slow forces to offset the huge disadvantage of going really slow. Season 3 makes no sense....... Thinking of quitting this game for a while.....
  8. Drink a lot between the rounds you lose....
  9. Statistically speaking, Brewers have the lowest win percentage in the game.....yea, it's bad. I miss Season 2....
  10. No, of course he doesn't do too much. I mean abilities that can kind of give you 5 or so free MP of effects a turn? ph-wa....come on now. The game is perfectly balanced. Just look at Alchemists. Yea, I'm being sarcastic. The Hat ability needs to be a Heroic or once per turn ability...
  11. I am inclined to disagree. It is that bad. I played a game against Alchemists where the only player agency I had was 1 counter attack. The score was 8-2 at the end of the first round due to a goal and a takeout by vKat. In the 2nd round, Alcs go first and end up setting up another goal. The game took 15 minutes and I had almost 0 player agency. I'm sorry but they're not just broken.....they're badly broken. The whole point of a game is to have fun. But, when someone has 0 player agency to impact the game, it simply ceases to be fun. Even in S2 against Morts, I still had some player agency. I could still do things that had an impact on the game and generate fun for me. Hmmm...perhaps in the interest in fixing these issues, maybe Steamforged should create a play testing group community to fix these type of issues.
  12. I gotta say, after playing S3 the past 4 months, I have lost some interest in continuing to play GB, mainly due to my perceptions of game imbalance. After reading this thread a bit, it seems that I am not the only one perceiving game imbalance. It would be the manufacturers/designers' best interest to fix the balance issue, but there's still a long way to go to S4....I might come back with more interest.
  13. I find these statistics interesting. These are Season 3 reported event win standings of all the guilds. Some interesting deviations. Reported Alchemist and Fisherman games are significantly higher than all other guilds, almost double than the average of the others. They also have the highest winning percentages. What does this mean exactly? Well, when comparing it to Season 2 numbers, it implies that people have opted to play Fisherman and Alchemists over all over guilds. The most likely reason is that they are simply better in Season 3 than all other guilds. With a higher percentage of winning comes more people playing them.
  14. I have fielded many different variations of pure Brewer's Guild, focusing on synergies, like using stoker with spigot and Esters. I like using PintPot with Quaff and Tapper for TAC and bonuses to damage. I don't use any Union though. I generally don't use Stave though against alchemists. Their biggest threatening pieces are DEF 5, so the likelihood of hitting one of them with a keg is very low. The scenario I mentioned above, the score would be 8 - 2. You are correct, Cats.
  15. I find Alchemists most challenging. They're the team that if you move your guys up, you're just going to lose. Midas will just lure of gold vKat to ensure that he can charge for free, and score a goal, pop his legendary, then use vKat to kill a model of your's on turn 1. Current Score: 8 - 0 Alchemists....and you haven't even attacked a model yet. Then, they get to go first on turn 2 and tackle the ball from you and score again.....yea....balance issues.....those times when you have zero player agency to impact the turn out of the game.