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  1. I think you are being a little too harsh on yourself buddy, Vet Brisket has turned out pretty nice, her hair in particular is very well done. As for the new skincipe, I think it works better, with a subtler transition between the highlights and shadows it can be a bit more forgiving. Have you tried to do any glazing at all? It can seriously add to your existing skin recipe by just adding a little red glaze around the knuckles, nose, cheeks and at times the elbows. The eye practice seems to be coming along just fine, it's something that you can certainly refine the more you do it.
  2. Thank you, the plan is for a Spartan/Gladiator like theme for the Masons, helmets are a tricky thing for me to sculpt (all those clean symmetrical lines) so I'm trying to vary them a little. Do you mind telling me where you got the Spartan shield from (the model range) . I've struggled to find something that would fit and it looks perfect. Seriously impressive work on that guild ball logo by the way, looking forward to seeing more from yourself.
  3. Wow! Some seriously impressive work you've done there, your Butchers in particular are fantastic. Please keep the posts coming.
  4. I absolutely love that goal, lovely work, looking forward to seeing it all painted up.
  5. @masterkdog I hope you do continue with your vet Brisket buddy, she a lovely model and at 85% done you just need one more session to get her finished. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the pics! @maiquelPS I am always up for taking advice and I thank you for it. Vet Brisket was for an existing team so I had to match the colours and style, I hope to push the contrast on newer models but I have to admit it can be a struggle for me to highlight up to white, i'll give it a good attempt though . Took a few pictures of the latest model i'm working on, it kinda sets the theme for the team even though he's not the captain. Here's a remodelled Brick, hopefully looking like he's ready for a fight. He'll be leaning forwards slightly more than in the pics here.
  6. I assume an influx of Dark Souls mini pictures won't be long in coming. Love the work you're doing, keep the pics coming.
  7. My favourite team on this forum, loving all the additional details and touches. Really looking forward to Brainpan, keep up the great work.
  8. Thank you all for the very kind words on the latest models, I've tried to push myself a bit more on quality these days and I hope it shows (dodgy photography aside ). I've not had much time to work on Guild ball models of late but I have finished off Vet Brisket. For me it's a stunning sculpt and oozes attitude, Steamforged at it's best!
  9. Finally managed to get some painting time in and finish off the Winter Moon set, here's my attempt at Vet Hearne.
  10. Exactly that Lena, I only use pure white at the very end when highlighting. For Snow I started in a soft brown 50-50 mix of Khemri brown and Dheneb stone (both old citadel foundation colours), once that base colour was down I highlight the model as if it were normal flesh, ignore the texture for now as you can reinforce/suggest that later. Blend as you normally would up to a 50-50 mix of Dheneb stone and white, at that point I would give the model a very fine drybrush of pure white, areas around the paws and face I would highlight the hairs individually but this is a process you can choose to leave out. Once all that is done you can add some darker colours to further enhance the white through contrast, areas such as the tips of the ears and tail are a good place to start, you can even have it in and around the paws if you wish. To darken those areas I simply watered down Nuln Oil (citadel shade) and glazed over those areas, do this in lots of thin layers and the transition will look more natural. Finally the areas around the necklaces and armour can also have a glaze of something like Agrax Earthshade to give even more contrast. I hope that helps you out a little and sorry for the late reply.
  11. Well worth the wait for Boar, lovely work Tonio!
  12. Just a little update as I've not had much opportunity to paint of late. Finally managed to finish off Snow (my favourite mascot to date) and base the other two. Apologies for the super large pic but photobucket doesn't want to play nice this morning.
  13. Lovely work again Pete, Vet Hearne in particlar seems to work with that colour scheme.
  14. Tenderiser and Truffles have turned out very nice, if anything i'd say add a little red glaze in and around his face to make even pinker . Even to this day seeing all those primed models makes me sweat a little knowing how much time is going into them when painting, the new bases are much better. Finally you are certainly not alone with photobucket issues, it can take me 20-30 mins to get a picture uploaded at times.
  15. No pics were missed Seacitygamer, hopefully when Skuloth has a little time she can get a bit of colour about her . Just about finished up Skatha today and I think Vet Hearne will be next on the list, here's a picture of her. Anyone else think the sculpt has more than a little of Harley Quinn about her?