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  1. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Such an incredibly delicate and subtle painting style, I really do love this team. Do you paint the bases and varnish them before you add the model? chipping would scare me with them looking so good this way.
  2. My Engineers :)

    Two models that really aren't easy to paint mate but you've pulled it off very well indeed. I'd never have thought to pair brown and orange but it works nicely, don't be overly shocked if I steal this colour combo later on down the line .
  3. KDOG gives it a go

    It may take a while but you can copy all of your pictures off of Photobucket and put them into Imgur, if you can't be bothered with the hassle I fully understand though. As long as you keep posting up pics of your work, be it in this thread or a new one I'll be there to nosey about buddy.
  4. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Thank you all for the kind words, the Masons felt like a bit of a hard task at times but I'm pretty happy with the finished look. @R.J.Dio The best advice I can give for when painting bone is not to start too dark for your base coat. I tend to find a good mid tone (Citadel Khemri Brown) and then wash my shadows in using Agrax Earthshade, this wash is a much more controlled wash and I target the recesses only. Once I'm happy with the shaded areas I can then highlight up to Bleached Bone quite easily and not worry about the lack of coverage as my mid tone colour does most of that work for me. Finally i'll add a little white to the uppermost edges. The smoothness comes from adding fewer layers of paint than if you started from a darker base coat. Experiment with the mid tone that feels the best for you and I'm sure you'll be showing me a new way to do it in no time. I hope this helps you out a bit. My next project is a pretty big Union team. Having been trusted by someone that isn't my mate Steve I get a bit nervous (as per usual) about painting but I'll crack on regardless. I have to admit that this team was nicely converted when it was sent to me. The postman however mistook the package it was sent in as a football and much to mine and Kev's (owner of the team) dismay most of the miniatures had been bouncing about loose inside the boxes. Not wanting to go through all the hassle of complaining and waiting months on end for a resolution I set about restoring the original work and adding a little extra, all with Kev's permission of course. Here's a few pictures of this maritime based union team before I started painting. I've already made a good start with this team so I hope to share some good pics very soon.
  5. Dark Souls Complete - Finished Painting

    These look great, I can't wait to see close up pics of the bigger fellas but going on what I can see from the other models you've done so far I'm sure they'll look superb. I applaud you for keeping a high level over so many models, not an easy thing to do at all.
  6. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Hello again! Apologies for my absence of late but due to a horrible bloody company trying to hold mine and many others pictures to ransom I've spent many an angry hour or 10 trying to resolve the issue, thankfully a good mate of mine gave me a few suggestions and here I am again all rage free . As mentioned in the post before I'd started working on a Masons team in a Gladiatorial theme, most of the work was to give them some a bit more armour and a change of weapons, here's a few pics of the team all finished.
  7. my new shiny Fishermens

    This team is absolutely stunning, I love the warm natural skin tones, lovely work!
  8. KDOG gives it a go

    I think you are being a little too harsh on yourself buddy, Vet Brisket has turned out pretty nice, her hair in particular is very well done. As for the new skincipe, I think it works better, with a subtler transition between the highlights and shadows it can be a bit more forgiving. Have you tried to do any glazing at all? It can seriously add to your existing skin recipe by just adding a little red glaze around the knuckles, nose, cheeks and at times the elbows. The eye practice seems to be coming along just fine, it's something that you can certainly refine the more you do it.
  9. Adventures of a splayedpaintbrush

    Thank you, the plan is for a Spartan/Gladiator like theme for the Masons, helmets are a tricky thing for me to sculpt (all those clean symmetrical lines) so I'm trying to vary them a little. Do you mind telling me where you got the Spartan shield from (the model range) . I've struggled to find something that would fit and it looks perfect. Seriously impressive work on that guild ball logo by the way, looking forward to seeing more from yourself.
  10. Dark Souls Commission

    Wow! Some seriously impressive work you've done there, your Butchers in particular are fantastic. Please keep the posts coming.
  11. Adventures of a splayedpaintbrush

    I absolutely love that goal, lovely work, looking forward to seeing it all painted up.
  12. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    @masterkdog I hope you do continue with your vet Brisket buddy, she a lovely model and at 85% done you just need one more session to get her finished. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the pics! @maiquelPS I am always up for taking advice and I thank you for it. Vet Brisket was for an existing team so I had to match the colours and style, I hope to push the contrast on newer models but I have to admit it can be a struggle for me to highlight up to white, i'll give it a good attempt though . Took a few pictures of the latest model i'm working on, it kinda sets the theme for the team even though he's not the captain. Here's a remodelled Brick, hopefully looking like he's ready for a fight. He'll be leaning forwards slightly more than in the pics here.
  13. Dark Souls Commission

    I assume an influx of Dark Souls mini pictures won't be long in coming. Love the work you're doing, keep the pics coming.
  14. TanE's Morticians, Union and Brewers

    My favourite team on this forum, loving all the additional details and touches. Really looking forward to Brainpan, keep up the great work.
  15. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Thank you all for the very kind words on the latest models, I've tried to push myself a bit more on quality these days and I hope it shows (dodgy photography aside ). I've not had much time to work on Guild ball models of late but I have finished off Vet Brisket. For me it's a stunning sculpt and oozes attitude, Steamforged at it's best!