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  1. Yep, just checked, still Stave...
  2. Yeah, quoted before finishing to read the rest of the thread.. Probably the thing I'm most excited about from the Darksouls board game..
  3. Something like this..?
  4. So it is an official leak then..? Or are you just diverting traffic so those who don't use Facebook don't miss out on the fun..?
  5. Just wanting to point out there is an image floating round the internet which may fix our problem.. Not going to post it as I'm not sure it's an official leak, but I will say Facebook is a good place to look... Also, puppy...
  6. I think the lack of a legendary play is the least of his problems.. Tapper and Hammer work perfectly well without them, in fact I think Tappers heroic is better than most legendaries as it can be used every turn..
  7. I'm all for this.. Or at least Hemlock.. I felt like she was vastly needed in both test games posted elsewhere in the forums but she is not a good enough player to warrant the one union spot on the off chance I meet a Alchemist team at a tournament, especially when Minx is outstandingly good..
  8. Just to point out that my original comment was directed at the fact all the guilds who already have a flexible roster are getting more options before the guild that really needs them.. Also, you can't just ignore how much of a negative impact only having access to one captain is, especially when he is probably the most beige captain in the game..
  9. This is my biggest problem with the guild as a whole.. I think if Zarola had a tackle on 1 success pushing the single damage to the 2 column it would make her a much "better" player and if Theron had a T on 1 instead of the dodge then had a none momentous KD instead of the T on 3 successes it would boost the team all round....
  10. I only got two successes on a charge, he rolled five successes to counter.. I could have just dodged away and ignored the counter but I would have been no off and wasted a bunch of influence.. In hindsight I shouldn't have made that play as I was hoping for a potential wrap but while had anticipated a potential KD, I was happy enough to just spend momentum to clear it and still attempt to get the ball..
  11. Hi all, So, with the seasonal festivities out the way it's back to the grind of learning to play the Hunters in Season 3.. Had two games this after noon against a Smoke lead Alchemists team with two largely different outcomes.. First game I went back to the default six from the starter box against Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury and Venin.. I won the roll and chose to receive placing Egret on the left flank, with the cat, and Jaecar on the right with Theron, Zarola and Hearne holding the mid.. He kicked deep to the right flank meaning I needed to send Jaecar to gather the ball out of the range of anyone to kick to so most of mys first turn was spent shuffling to the right while sending Egret further up the left.. in response he moved everyone towards the middle of the pitch with Smoke at the back and rushed Vitriol down the right flank to try and gather the ball.. I won the roll for second turn and activated Theron first to drop a tree attempting to separate Vitriol from her support.. He charged Jaecar tackling the ball but couldn't get into goal range and the rest of my team descended on her turning her to paste early in the third turn.. Meanwhile Egret got some lucky shots off spreading poison throughout the alchemists team and getting in position of goal, in response most of my team ended up either poisoned or on fire.. Egret scored early in the 4th turn putting me 6-0 up but I was unable to stop smoke bouncing around the pitch to get a quick return goal.. Theron however put an early end to her celebrations pushing her back into the potential blast range Flask before setting him off with an arrow to the knee then finished he off first activation the following turn as I luckily won the roll off again.. The rest of the game turned into a ticking condition clock which I managed to win with some clutch healing and some impressive dice rolls... I think the game ended 13-7.. Second game I switched Zarola and Hearne out for Chaska and Minx which I assumed would be my preferred line up, He switched Vitriol for Katalyst which I was surprised at.. He won the dice off and also chose to receive at which point I realised I have no real strategy for kicking.. I put Minx and the cat on the left with Theron, Egret and Jaecar mid to right and Chaska with the ball near rough ground in the center.. He mirrored my set up as best he could so I moved Chaska into the rough ground and kicked to the left, falling a little short of where I would have liked but in range of Minx.. He picked up the ball with Mercury and kicked back towards his team, dropping fire down to prevent Minx Fahad or Chaska being able to get in range to attack.. This is basically where any plan I had went wrong where he passed around generating momentum and clearing what conditions I could put out while preventing me from gaining momentum to clean any of my own.. I had one opportunity to bounce off Jaecar off Katalyst and get into Calculus who had the ball but my dice roll failed me and he ended up getting hit with an External Combustion and wasting a bunch of influence.. With most of my players whittled down to half health he took the opportunity to score with Smoke after Chaska failed to knock her away from Flasks cloud with another poor show of dice.. I attempted to kick the ball to the far right where most my players were now situated but an appalling scatter put it back into the middle of the melee forcing me to snap it to Jaecar who had already acted as noted above.. In came Katalyst again knocking Jaecar down and scattering the ball closet to the middle where I couldn't reach it and allowing Vennin to pick it up and score leaving me 8-0 down with a few members of my team close to dead.. A lucky roll off saw me winning first activation and as my friend seemed unwilling to spend his momentum to counter, Jaecar stood up landed six damage and dodged to pick up the ball before passing it back to the relative safety of Theron.. He proceed to re-apply conditions to Jacaer and Egret after I'd just cleared them and I finally managed to down Katalyst after a boombox blast through a Jaecar trap left him crippled and bleeding at the feet of Theron.. What I wasn't expecting (and I really should have been) was for Smoke to tackle the ball then run towards the goal, bouncing off a wounded Fahad for momentum first activation of the following turn and scoring a screamer.. 12-2, not my best game of guild ball ever.. Apologies for the blocks of text, I'm not exactly an expert battle report writer.. What I have learned though is that a lot of the success seems to be very dice heavy and a few bad rolls can really screw up a hunter game.. I don't think I'm currently using Jaecar to his full potential as everyone seems to rave about him but I usually spend more time hopping about trying not to die.. Egret and Chaska still probably do the most work for me but I'm starting to think Zarola may be required to help with re-positioning.. My biggest problem is that I don't seem to have an easy way to get the ball from the other team, I was kinda hoping Minx would help out in that respect but she spent most of the second game fighting Mercury on the far side of the pitch away from the action.. Anyway, thanks for reading if you spent the time to do so and feel free to let me know all the newby season 3 mistakes I made..
  12. I was meaning as playing pieces on a table, not at a close up inspection at eye level.. Although as Broken Clocks post shows, a good painter can do wonders with what they have available.. I understand people who are more focused on the painting and display aspect of the game may want a greater level of detail but for a gaming piece an acceptable level of detail will look equally as good at arms length.. As stated, I prefer the weight and feel of metal minis for gaming too and would love if they made the full range available in metal, even if it was only direct through their web store like the old resin used to be.. At the end of the day though, I'm sure they have thought all their options through and I can't see the extra production costs being a sensible business model for them unfortunately...
  13. They said "pre assembled", most people jumped to the conclusion this meant single piece cast.. As mentioned elsewhere, I prefer metal for the weight but if the pricing is right then it's easy enough to add weight to the bases.. End of the day, I'm a gamer before a painter so as long as the rules are good I'm going to keep playing.. Lastly, I have seen the Kick Off plastics lined up and painted next to both the old metal and resin players and apart from the scale changes you can't tell the difference when painted on a board.. Plus the new plastics are s'posed to have a much higher level of detail..
  14. During the "create a player" seminar when Mat was originally joking about re-using the icy sponge tokens they were talking about a condition which at the time was called "diseased" The condition itself prevented the affected player from generating momentum through playbook results.. When he said it, the other guys on the panel looked at him as if to say "I can't believe tou just said that" so I've got a strong suspicion that this will be what the "frozen" condition does...
  15. Primarily, I'm most looking forward to being killed repeatedly by Sif.. Other than that I'm curious as to how the other classes play out..