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  1. Yeah, I always thought it was probably s'posed to be a negative against female players but there was no need for two variations of what would basically be the same rules text.. He is a very manly man though...
  2. I'm probably shelving my S3 Hunters to take my S1 Brewers down to Vengeance.. This is primarily down to the fact I don't think I'll have enough time to paint and practice the "Heralds" due to other life commitments but also that Ol' Tapper has been tempting me back with beer and cats since the new cards dropped in November.. To be honest, with the few games I've played with them this year they just feel like the comfortable old boots that allow me to play Guild Ball the way I want to without needing to think too much about fancy plays.. Also with the likes of Pisspot, and the updates to Stoker and Harry, I have some new toys to play with since my s1 an depression s2 days with Mash.. Not to mention that guy who was hiding in the cabinet on Saturday.. Plus, did I mention beer and cats..?
  3. Meh, we all like to think we are a good judge on potential power and I like to see how people's opinions differ.. Honestly I think the fact that people can play the same game or even the same guild with a completely different mindsets is one of its biggest strengths...
  4. Amusingly, I put them in 5th behind the same four teams although possibly in a different order if you had Fish in first..
  5. I was thinking about it, mainly to keep Blessing' available as an option.. But being 1/3 is still a bit of a down side...
  6. Something I noticed while doing this, my "favorite" guilds tend to come near the bottom of my tier ranking list..
  7. Great, although he's only got a 6" kick without Super Shot... Easily fixed though...
  8. Hi, sorry if this has been clarified before but I had a quick check in the FAQ and couldn't see anything.. Just wanted to confirm that Mash can snap shot for free when within 4" of Harry... Cheers
  9. Sorry to drag this topic back from the grave, but I'm curious as to where people would place the Farmers now the full teams cards are out and it seemed more appropriate than creating a new topic...
  10. Check the fluff of the Alchemists vs Engineers game from the S2 book.. Regarding the the fluff to table top debate, I happenes in every game.. How many times have Warcasters or Chapter Masters died in unheroic ways on a tabletop which is not reprisentitive of the fluff.? If anything your average Guild Ball player is just more resilient than the faceless mooks that play Blood Bowl.. Although I'm pretty sure Dirk comes close to death more than a few times in the novels..
  11. And you don't think they were just winding you up.? They have been known to say random things at conventions and on pod casts to see how far the news travels.. Either way I'll be happy as it's a great sculpt and I already owned and played both teams pre kickoff, does mean I'd probably need two of him though..
  12. I posted this on the image on Facebook earlier, but the more I looed at him I reslised he has Towers armour and tool belt.. I've been told there is no indication of who this is in the core fluff but am yet to read it myself..
  13. Courtesy of Facebook and people with sharper eyes than me.. Was too busy buying things and getting spanked at Darksouls again.. btw, I know I tagged "spoilers" i this but try to keep it to random speculation rather than actual fluff spoilers... Thanks..