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  1. Minx vs Decimate

    Strangely enough I was thinking about the other two.. Brisket if I think I can out shoot the other team, Blackheart if I need a more fighty 2" melee vs fish or allchemists..
  2. Minx vs Decimate

    It depends on which captain and what you are intending to get done with them.. They both make the list of 10 I'm looking into arranging post Vengeance...
  3. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    OK, this is not nessesarily backed up by raw numbers but here's my thoughts on the current Engineer situation.. Engineers have some really good tech against the current "scoring goals is op" meta.. They also have strong options into teams like Brewers, Hunters and Masons which have a lower than average defence stats.. This could explain why they were the second most popular team taken to the event.. Unfortunately, their tactics rely heavily on dice rolling and some of their combinations require more skill or forethought to pull off than most other guilds (probably all of them barring Hunters).. As a result, "better" players were capable of getting more out of the team, but those with less skill or less luck found themselves falling down the rankings.. Are they over powered.? No, but their popularity as a whole it could explain why there was a lot more engineers in the top 10-15, and also why Brewers and Hunters had such a hard time.. #saveAmber
  4. Guild X Guild OTP

    Was kinda joking based on her name and the fact you gut fish.. But she does play for both of them so I'm assuming if this became a combination used for a cross faction player it would be one with a similar role..
  5. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    Fair do's.. I've not been to an American convention but I remember the core GW staff didn't even want to talk to their community during their own events never mind going to others...
  6. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    Name another games company where the game developers spend a weekend drinking and playing games with its community..
  7. "Rookies"

    That's also an option, but one of the main "complaints" I've heard from Blood Bowl players while trying to convince them to play Guild Ball is that there is no "real" progression in leagues or campaigns.. This could be a potential solution to killing two birds with one stone..
  8. Guild X Guild OTP

    #TooSoon #SorryNotSorry
  9. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    Yeah, she caused the death of both Velocity and Mist in the two games I recieved the ball by defensive stanceing while in range of Spigs (first guy forgot it was a thing, the second didn't think she would get the boost from vSpigs).. Also, Dirty Knives is the reason Friday almost always gets a full stack of influence from me.. If I think she can score I tend to save her till later in the turn, otherwise she can fairly reliably drop two opposing players Defence for Tapper, Hooper (or the cat apparently) to finish off..
  10. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    Fair do's, I've got a giant pile of things to glue and paint so I can test this out myself, but I've heard from more than a few sources that it tends to follow the GW route where whichever unit needs more sales gets buffed.. As both a Brewer and a Hunter player though, I will take free bonuses if they are being handed out, I just don't think any major changes are required this early into the new season..
  11. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    On a lighter note, Friday managed to pick up 14 points in one game with a 6 point activation on turn 1 followed by a goal turn 2 and another as the first activation of turn 3.. She played in all but one of my seven games, mainly because I was wanting to try out the vSpigot poised counter attack / Balls Gone / free snapshot goal with Mash (under Harrys aura) to score in my opponents turn.. Probably would have worked if the guys dice were better.. Lastly, while I would like to give Friday my player of the tournament award, this has to go to "The Cat" for not only eating that annoying munchkin Greede (if I ever had chance to affect the story fluff then this would be what I'd do *cough* @Sherwin *cough*) but he also took down the master Butcher (captain Ox) himself from around half health during his legendary turn.. Honestly, don't think Brewers have a problem, I just need to not drink for three days straight while playing.. and with that said, it's off to the pub.. #saveAmber
  12. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    which isn't actually all that balanced from what I've heard..
  13. Haven't you heard.? Masons are bad now.. J/K Joking aside though, I think the bad rep they get on the forums / Facebook and some of the more vocal podcasts may have turned players away from using them at tournaments instead opting in for the new OP of Union, Alchs, Fish and Engineers.. Also, as the Engineers themselves have a lot of good tech against scoring teams I think this contributed towards their over inflated player numbers.. Regarding Hunters and Brewers, lots of people wanted to try out the new toys and everyone loves a drunk, I think it's just a thing with Brewers players in general we stubbornly stick to what we know.. Getting back to Masons in general, while they weren't overly utilized, they did manage to pull a 50% win rate which is higher than all but the top three OP teams so this may turn heads back their way, especially with the new shiny "Lucky" 13th player being teased..
  14. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    @Sherwin played Hunters.. #saveAmber