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  1. Clues for New Condition in Dark Souls?

    During the "create a player" seminar when Mat was originally joking about re-using the icy sponge tokens they were talking about a condition which at the time was called "diseased" The condition itself prevented the affected player from generating momentum through playbook results.. When he said it, the other guys on the panel looked at him as if to say "I can't believe tou just said that" so I've got a strong suspicion that this will be what the "frozen" condition does...
  2. Primarily, I'm most looking forward to being killed repeatedly by Sif.. Other than that I'm curious as to how the other classes play out..
  3. Campaign Souls Number Crunching

    Having played the game, it's unlikely you would be able to clear a boss (or mini boss) the first time you get to it.. Since you don't lose souls when you die, your first boss encounter is basically a test to see what abilities the boss has and work out what sort of tactics you can use to mitigate damage.. Also, as you stated, it's worth spending souls on sparks to make sure that one small mistake doesn't end your games night prematurely.. Lastly, I don't think the game is designed for you to carry characters from one scenario to the next, but having only played one section (being Sen's Fortress) I couldn't say for sure.. I do think a full three section scenario could take upwards of five plus hours if you want to do them all in one gaming sessions though..
  4. Using Flint Properly

    Flint scored two goals almost every game I used him in during S2, he also pulled players away from. The front line so Hammer, Mallet and Co. could do their thing with less interference.. I don't know how losing 2" kick range without super shot will affect him though as I benched my Masons after Steamcon...
  5. Solthecian team members?

    And he's doing a great job of it by kicking over a box of booze while wearing their emblem right out in the open.. J/K
  6. High Res Images

    I don't know for sure but in game you can stand on the boss node, and the position you are stood at around it could make a difference to the attack dice you roll... While I agree the old stance was probably better to look at, it had nowhere to place minis on or around it easily and could lead to board clutter or confusion as to which character is actually on which node.. I'm also amused that the Outrider is in a similar pose but no-one has complained about that at all....
  7. Pintpot

    Has maverick, increases the radius of barrel lob by 1" if it specifically targets him... Probably not but it would be fun and Stave really needs help now Stoker has moved on without him...
  8. The competitive Hunters problem

    I didn't mean to suggest that you guys at steamforged had given up on the guild all together.. I just wanted to address the fact that as the competative season is getting underway, the only roster flexibility is which union choice and it comes across as a bit of a kick in the balls when the already well established teams are getting all their new toys first.. In respects to the players we may receive in the future, I know you guys will do a great job, you always do, and judging from the little snippets of information we have heard I do think they will open up our options a lot... When they arrive.. Some time before 2018... Hopefully.... Lastly, all joking aside, I wasn't meaning to give the impression that I thought the Hunters were being held back maliciously, for a start that makes no business sense, so if anyone has jumped to that assumption then that's not the case.. Thanks for the update and if you can get someone to slip us a sneak peek off something to tide us over I'm sure it would be much appreciated...
  9. Solthecian team members?

    Mist I'd the obvious one as he get a buff from friendly Solthecian players.. My other guesses are: vSpigot (the mini has the Solthecian iconography on it) vOx (because Brisket and he looks like the D3 monk) Bonesaw (someone mentioned him being a Solthecian follower) Which basically leaves the mascot..
  10. S3 Chisel Advise please

    Yeah, was only joking really which is why I edited the rest of my post to include actual discussion.. I do like her, I always proffered her more as a player than the missile that most other Masons were using good her for and I'll give her the fact the low momentous tackle and 2" melee can come in handy as a sweeper.. Tac 4 does hinder that though giving her a less than 1/3 (31%) chance to get two successes vs a default 4+/1 player.. Other than the above mentioned Hammer team I've also considered her in a Honour team with Harmony, Flint, Rolando and a union choice (Mist / Minx / Decimate) to just get about the pitch fast, but I'm not sure I wouldn't miss everything Mallet brings to the team..
  11. S3 Chisel Advise please

    *edit* Realistically though.. I do like Chisel, I just find it hard to place her in any team currently.. As a ball player Flint, Tower and Harmony (with Honor) easily surpass her.. Damage wise Mallet, Brick, Harmony (with Honor) and even Tower can match or beat her with less risk or investment.. Survivability, with Sadism she can stick around longer than people expect but that requires an early activation and the cost of an influence and she is still the easiest Mason player to one round, probably more so than the mascots.. The only real strength she has over her guild mates is her mobility with a 6"/8" move and relatively easy access to momentus dodges, but even then she gets trumped by 4/5 Union choices.. I still think she may get casual field time for me as I really like the mini and I'm interested to see how she fits in a Hammer team with Granite and Harmony (I think making her 4+/1 hugely increases her value) but I can't see her being used competitively unless it's by someone trying to prove a point (I say having used Tower and Minx all last season and currently gearing up a Hunters team for this one)
  12. The competitive Hunters problem

    Yeah, I'm not saying you can't win games, or even tournaments, but it currently looks like the guild will be going on a year without any new blood on the pitch where the two kick off teams got their last players in November and will be getting two new ones in just over a week.. Another concern is that the already strong union will be getting their third captain with plenty of practice time before we are even getting to look at our 2nd and I'm expecting to see a lot of "Union Captain" at Vengeance.. I understand that our first big update release needs a little more fanfare but IMHO it would have been much better to make them the first S3 releases and what better time to launch supposedly snow and ice themed players than in winter..? (also, I am aware that the kick off teams got their players first because they are the kick off teams and it helps to promote the business model to new players who are still hyped after getting their starter box)
  13. Pintpot

    Was kinda joking with the previous comment suggesting a 2 long playbook with a Tac of 8.. Also the fact that most aggressive drunks tend to try and pick fights while walking backwards shouting "come on then"...
  14. Merchandising?

    She has a momentous tackle.. But I guess in the age of PC you can't assume gender..
  15. Veteran Ox confirmed

    So here's a random thought while I'm waiting for breakfast to cook... Most veteran players have a gimmick that would be too good if you put them on the same lineup as their regular versions.. With Rage I'm assuming it was a combination of tooled up, bloody coin and red fury.. Harmony 2 could easily bump her original self to Def 6.. With Brisket it was just a case of not wanting two good strikers on the pitch at the same time.. So, questions are, what does Vet Ox bring that they don't want to tie in with his original captain self.. My thoughts are simply damage... Lots and lots of damage...