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  1. Completely agree. He's an animal that carries knives . . . but is only interested in kicking a soccer ball?
  2. Just wanted to say that I absolutely love these videos and this format! Fast-forwarded gameplay video with edited commentary is so much better than 1.5 hour full-game videos with no commentary. I also really like that you are willing to mention your own mistakes and what you think you should have done differently. Keep up the good work!
  3. Great work and thanks so much for these posts! They are especially great for work where I can read them quickly without bringing too much attention to my nerd reading!
  4. As someone who is terrified of Cosset or Mist breaking in various ways if I look at them wrong, these sculpts are very exciting to me. Also, they look like a bunch of stoic/laid back farmers! Can't say I've ever met a farmer in real life that was striking an "action pose."
  5. I feel bad for my Android friends that can't use it. It's the best!
  6. I actually really like that this game encourages faction ADD by limiting model count and therefore guild cost. Getting into a completely new guild for ~$100 is a pretty great bargain compared to buying into a faction in any other minis game. If the new plastic factions are as cost effective as I hope they will be then I will load up on even more guilds.
  7. Duh, there it is; I feel stupid for not looking there now. Thank you both!
  8. Sorry if this is super obvious somewhere but I scoured the internet and couldn't find an official answer. I understand that the new Organized Play rules for Season 3 only allow one eligible Union member per non-Union team, but I cannot find a list of eligible Union players for each guild. This information used to be on the Union cards, but was intentionally removed for Season 3. I use GB Keeper so I know the official Union models I can use for each guild, I just don't know where to find an official Steamforged-issued list of eligible Union models. If there is going to be a new season every year I simply do not understand why that basic information was removed from the Union cards themselves. If I were a new player I would find this system very confusing.
  9. Don't worry - I'm sure you still get to clean the mold lines
  10. I didn't see these links here, so sorry if this is a double-post. 1. http://steamforged.com/kick-off - general page for the kick-off 2. http://steamforged.com/kick-off-news/2016/10/11/a-look-inside-kick-off - detailed look at the materials Looks like the board is double-sided, figs all come pre-assembled. I reiterate what I said before - this box looks like an amazing deal and the components look far better than I could have expected. Hopefully the shipped game will have the same quality.
  11. This is just a random thought on miniatures gaming in general, but I find that the base really makes the model. If the base is awesome/interesting, people will love it, even if the miniature isn't painted particularly well. Top-quality painted models with boring bases, on the other hand, don't garner nearly as much praise. So I would say do what think is more interesting (and I'm just guessing that would be themed bases).
  12. Super excited for this. Don't own any Brewers or Masons and at that price this is a steal.
  13. I see the advantages to both sides, but I definitely have preferred to receive in all of my games so far. Granted, I've played Butchers, Morticians, and Union, so those all seem like good candidates to want the ball. All of that being said, "going first" aka receiving is a pretty common advantage in most tabletop wargames. Asynchronous activations in guild ball seem to lessen the effect though.
  14. Hi Masterofnone - sorry I missed this post before your wedding trip. I just moved away from the Twin Cities, but I know that they have an active Guild Ball group on Facebook if you search for "Twin Cities Guild Ball Association." I think most of the time they play at Tower, but I'm sure other people would be willing to meet you somewhere else. I think most of the gaming groups in the Twin Cities typically rotated between Tower, FFG, and The Source.
  15. Bah wish I would have known these were coming when I went to Kinkos last week and printed my full set of the cards. Oh well, as long as there aren't too many changes I can live with it. In general what do veteran players think about the card redesign? Personally, I kind of liked the S1 layout and I worry with the S2 layout that I will forget about important character traits (I forgot about them anyway when they were on the front of the card - who am I kidding?).