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    I don't like lump. In order for the kicker to receive any benefit the counter picks would have to be hard counters, but in GB there are very few of those if any, and the main models you're countering are the captain and their team archetype as is in the standard deployment, maybe this would change due to formations but I doubt it would that much. Lump goes nearly back to the first half of season 2 blind picking for the receiver which is just plain un-fun.
  2. The Scarecrow Goal

    It's pretty much a set it up "just in case" situation imo. Considering I only like Jack with Thresher, and in a Thresher team I think him and the other Reaper (in my experience usually Tater) are easier to get goals with. The momentum generation becomes a non issue because if it's set up typically Jack will be doing it as a slingshot goal.

    True, but they don't have as accessible of KDs so I'm not so spooked by it. Making it 4" would an unnecessary pain for deploying just to rule out 2 more models I guess, one player could potentially lock out about 17-18" of the field that way as opposed to the 13-14" possible currently

    That would allow Thresher and Mallet to start their activation engaged which I believe is the reason for the >3" rule.

    Nice demo format since it lines up with the core rules minus 2 points, 1 foot, and 2 players. I like it far better than 2x2 3v3 demos at least
  6. Blacksmiths forever regretting not getting a pony.

    Got in 2 more games with kicker momentum. One as the starting 6 Farmers vs smoke, and one as Corsair vs Midas. I played these vs my brother to highlight how it played with a relatively large skill disparity. In both games it seemed he had decent options even when he made what I considered to be deployment mistakes (such as vKat on the center line vs Farmers.) Overall I don't think it created any mistakes that wouldn't have occurred on turn 2 of a regular game anyway. On the off topic though that starter 6 of Farmers is super rough, I would've been much happier with Buckwheat or millstone instead of Jackstraw or Peck. Ideally both, but that's neither here nor there.

    See my post in the feedback thread. Obviously the same answer can't be used across factions but I was barely able to score turn 1 with Shark.

    Got my first game of this in vs @Cincinnati GBC today. It was a really fun format! We used the momentum for the kicker rule. Shark vs Theron. As I suspected Theron receives a much deserved power boost in this format by being Able to pin and walk into the opposite side, it almost would have prevented my Shark from getting the first turn goal on kickoff had he not moved vHearne to Jac. Jac then pushed him and picked up the kickoff passing to Shark, repositioning him to Hearne. The bear and minx moved in on Jac to kill him. Shark who now starts B2 with Hearne was able to dodge his way up field for a goal. Ending turn 1 fish 4-hunters 2 The rest of the game played out fairly normally but, due to the first turn positioning and my failed 3 up initiative roll, Shark never even got a decent opportunity to use caught in a net. Also the positions we ended up in were pretty different than normal. After Shark missed a 3 die goal for the win, it came down to if Theron could kill Shark again, which was about an 80% chance after shark failed the counter, if Theron had failed I would have pushed Minx out for the win. In the end it was Hunters 12 Fish 10.

    I'll be getting 2-3 games under these rules this weekend. Finally opened up my schedule enough to do so. They'll be against my younger brother where the skill gap is quite large so I'm hoping to get useful insights on that scenario. Haven't decided my teams but one is likely to be Corsair.
  11. Love the tactics blogs!

    Secret spoilers assuming they followed the rules! If we read into the number of dice rolled and damage inflicted Lucky has to be 4 or higher DEF and 14-16 health (13-15 if they forgot to report thousand cuts) or 9-10 health with tough hide. Also assuming no new special abilities.
  12. table probability sheet

    For dice odds I use the Android app GB Manager. Otherwise I don't know of any tables
  13. Sakana...why use him?

    I really like him into Masons, pretty fond of him into Brewers, and if the first two are anything to go by he may end up absolutely vital into Blacksmiths. Without charging Greyscales has a 40% to take the ball from Anvil's 2def/3arm while Sakana has an 80%. Play him on the opposite side of the field as Siren or Greyscales (unless you're using all 3, in which case have them spread well) in order to threaten a tackle then goal in one activation. First turn I tend to give him 0 INF unless I am planning on having him score the goal. If he's scoring: pass and use a teamwork dodge to put him in cover, from there he should be able to do whatever he wants to get the goal. If he's just getting in position: jog into cover, so that he can score and tackle most any ball within 12" next turn. Weak point, damage, and Smoke bomb are pretty corner case so he should be focused mainly on the < and T results while being a moderately survivable striker.

    One thing needs addressed before finalizing. Double players like Avarisse and Greede or Brainpan and Memory.

    Haven't had a chance to test it obviously, but the effects would be huge! I'm loving it as a possible standard already