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  1. When you find out people dropped (welcome to gencon) wouldn't you just reallocate personnel to the booth? Events like speed ball didn't do well but required disproportionate workers, so that seems reasonable to cut. Running 2 simultaneous events saturday I understand as a way to make the tournaments shorter, but given that no gencon event ever gets the signed up attendance was probably an oversight making them only like 2 rounds. The Thursday and Friday events were great though at 3 rounds. Also as a spoiler there is a whole pundit program, which unless I missed something hasn't had assistance requested from, that many would volunteer from to run an event or two. But waiting until the weekend of registration (or further, as it seems) limits the turnout of us I'm sure, since we'll already have a lot of scheduling
  2. mo-ball

    During the early part it was a little difficult to hear Brandon, but that seemed to clear up after a little bit. Also your timing couldn't have been better, releasing the episode just in time to keep me up for a stretch of the long road home from the spring fling. Also appreciate the kind words on my fish playing
  3. 3rd day if you count Wednesday drinking!
  4. Much appreciated. Especially since you've given the time, so I can keep my Friday morning free for now. If you need any help with mats/terrain I could help. Also be sure to post up when it's approved so I can jump on it!
  5. Update: Pat took Brewers to 2nd place (5-1) and I got 9th (4-2) at spring fling for top Brewers. Mash is a beast and I only had problems protecting the ball against Alchemists and seaBrisket accounting for my losses. I had a really tight game vs vRage which I only won due to clock where the ball wasn't even touched.
  6. I've only had two games so far, but how I've used it in each 1: first activation to make up for lack of tooled up, this way possibly getting a 6 point activation and gain the activation advantage. 2: after Thresher got melted for his early game assault he comes back on the field and makes your planters a real threat while he positions and heals to prepare for the game closer.
  7. Side note in case you forgot: Casket can take 4 INF. I'm not sure how realistic it is due to relative inexperience against Spooks, but if Casket is loaded and tooled up it's pretty likely.
  8. While I think used wisely tater is your best option in a Grange team, I also don't think it's a "good" play. It's more like making the best of a bad situation
  9. If you're going for a dial like that maybe consider buying a single heroclix, disassemble and put a new paper with just numbers inside. As for how many you need, typically 9-12 points of INF is the most you get unless just being absurd in game lol.
  10. I don't expect something as big as last year due to the lesson they learned about people not wanting to spend the whole con there, but I REALLY hope there's at least one event that comes up. Even a casual format one.
  11. I don't know how it's possible that you made me want vet captain Angel more when I've been wanting it since season 1, but here we are. My season 4 wish list now consists exclusively of Angel having that spear and doing a training montage that I can hum "you're the best" to.
  12. I'd much rather vAngel. Greyscales really seems to see potential in her.
  13. Man I'd hate to hear the criticism if you guys got into my toolbox. I got a 3 pound cross peen hammer I use daily held together by 3 nails to help wedge the handle out for the head to stay on. Hard to get used to all these new worthless rubbery-fiberglassy handled tools, especially when you use the same old beat up one so long!
  14. My 9 was 2 Captains 1 mascot, Greyscales, Jac, Hag, Kraken, and both Sirens. I'll most likely be adding Sakana if I play fish at a tournament again this season.