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  1. One hopefully minor improvement could be done on the mobile site. The banner at the top of the page where you can navigate the site blocks the 3 buttons at the top which let's you change to tournament only for example. You can still click it on mobile if you aim low, but I didn't even see them at first.
  2. Well done. While I still have no opinion on the player ranking thing vs BO, the guild ranking stuff is good to see. Would be interesting to see the seasons final stats archived and reset the counter for future seasons. Best part is being able to compare guild vs each guild instead of a nebulous overall win%.
  3. Played Thresher, Peck, Jackstraw, Millstone, Harrow, and Bushel into Smoke last night. What I could get done each turn was limited due to players just not doing much. This is likely an easy fix by switching Bushel into Tater, maybe by a planter into a reaper instead but not really sure. Had plenty of INF each turn and was leaving about half the markers on board for character plays/traits. Thresher loves his planters. Jackstraw is able to place harvest Markers far up for don't fear the reaper, millstone pushes him to extend threat to 13" of his starting position that turn. Harrow tooling up obviously. He also is pretty mobile. They melt like hot butter though. Thresher is my anti ball team, Grange is how I'm leaning against the beater teams.
  4. Yup. Don't think overlapping being the trigger was even on our considered list so good thing we asked lol
  5. Right but it's potentially a double-edged sword when it comes to Jackstraw teleporting into base contact, and also the corner case possible "place b2b so they can't get both the charge and the crop kill."
  6. P-chow. Now we wait for our lawyer overlords?
  7. As seen on Thursday's blog post, harvest Markers include this part. "When a model moves into base contact with a harvest-marker during a sprint or charge, the harvest-marker is removed from the pitch." If a model was to start a Sprint or charge already in base contact is it removed, such as with ramming speed pushes?
  8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I dunno that's on that level of English I don't operate on. Just tried going off of previous stuff as much as possible. I could see how it wouldn't
  9. I'll add the harvest marker text to the collected spoilers probably tonight or tomorrow morning (2:30 am EST currently) but the exact text is "A Player may only have up to [5] friendly harvest-markers on the pitch at once. When a moves into base contact with a harvest-marker during a sprint or charge, the harvest-marker is removed from the pitch. During the maintenance phase, before Influence is allocated, a Player may remove any number of friendly harvest-markers from the Pitch and add [+1] Influence to the friendly team's Influence-pool for that turn for each harvest-marker removed." Now if we look at that wording compared to ramming speed here It would seem that yes Jackstraw would remove it if he sprints while starting the advance base to base.
  10. presumably Grange, Peck, Bushel, Harrow, Jackstraw, Windle. Basing this on the fact all 6 were shown together in art. No other "official" confirmation to go off of to my knowledge. Now a question for y'all. Anyone out there going to be working on some paper dolls? *visible signs of withdrawal*
  11. spint or charge into base contact destroys
  12. My concern is similar, but less to do with their ability to score and more to do with our only character with a defensive sum of 6 is Bushel near Harrow (5/1). Having that kind of defense is huge against fish who would then have to rely on the relatively easily controlled siren to get the ball. This makes ball defense a bit tough, but I can see a couple corner case jank scenarios to mess with it.
  13. Stealth buff* for Windle: new harvest marker text says you may remove markers to get influence. While the old rule you removed all. This means you can set him up at the end of the turn to open with 6 attacks next turn. * Not a buff since it was always this way, but early theory was that you couldn't.
  14. Updated with book spoilers!
  15. Sprint killing crops makes me nervous, but at least it's not a jog so opponents have to pay for it. I want to see the rest so I can think about where to plant for best results! 50% sun? Didn't expect jack straw to be a planter for sure. I'm also just curious who the plays belong to.