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  1. Tom W. Masons 12 vs 8 Jared N. Brewers. Really fun game of Hammer vs Esters. 7 takeouts vs 2 takeouts and a goal. Bombs everywhere, Granite eventually closing the game out whilst tooled up and iron fisted against Hooper. Great game mate and all the best for the rest of the tournament.
  2. Name: Tom Wilson Skype and vassel name: monolith-swats Guild: Masons Hammer Wrecker Mallet Granite Chisel Vet Harmony Tower Flint Minx
  3. MarkShep, are you still interested? or have the new hunters caught your eye?
  4. Name: monolith-swats (Tom W.) Skype: monolith-swats Roster: Engineers Ballista Pin Vice Mainspring Colossus Salvo Hoist Velocity Ratchet Harry
  5. Hi Chaps, has this event sold out? If so could I be put on reserve? Tom Wilson
  6. Name: Tom Skype: monolith-swats Vassal: Thomas Wilson Location: UK Availability: evenings depending on the kids