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  1. Blackheart is my favourite captain in guild and possibly in the game. The boy just offers so much versatility. I had planned to use him at vengeance, but for various reasons I changed it about 15 minutes before the start. However, he has fantastic character plays, great manuavablity and such a bonkers versatile legendary. My go to 6 recently has been... Bro-heart Turtle Mist Harrold Gutter G-Ace Although gutter and G-Ace have been the flex slots, I will start mixing it up again and leave Harrold out for a bit.
  2. Cheers B
  3. Errrmmm *Sherwin* played Hunters. I know his role is limited to being the guy who just writes all of the background and character profiles.
  4. Don't try and be sensible and reasoned. This is a public forum a place designed for over reaction and negative group think.
  5. Sound. I did wonder if this was the case. Just checking though because by the wording of a snap shot it actually just says when a model receives a pass it may make a snap shot. It doesn't specify when the model receives the ball token it can make a snapshot. I know this is a very corner case scenario because let's face it... No one else has access to this kind of tech. However on the card it does also say that the snowball can't be used to make a shot! Uggh my poor brain.
  6. Sound. I just asked because it says the ball token can't be used to make a shot, or score a goal. The 2 separate clauses made me wonder why they where both there as if you can't make a shot you can't score a goal anyway. Thanks for the update.
  7. Can Skatha pass the ball to say Ulfr who already has possession of the ball. On recieving the snow ball can this trigger a snapshot?
  8. I find that I still prefer OG spigot in most situations. Really it's just the versatility and support he brings to the team. Need to punch face.. Neigh a problem. Need your team to move faster... He's got Ya... Want to pass that pigs bladder around... Let him help you along. However I haven't played vet spigot a huge amount either. Being as I always end up kicking off I find vet spigot doesn't get the ball enough to impact on the game.
  9. Cheers Bill, I try to carry them as much as I can! 😉 I will get Andrew to put the notes up on the blog as there are a few things that didn't get covered.
  10. I actually made notes for this episode and everything!!
  11. Move up with Friday, get over here scum.... You figure the rest out 😋
  12. Ok so the 9 I was planning on taking this weekend prior to the podcast recording Monday would have been. Tapper Esters Scum Friday OG spigot Vet spigot Hooper Stoker/pintpot probably pintpot Harrold In nearly all match ups I'd take Tapper. For me Old jakes is just phenomenal and his support of the team is solid. Against Ballista I'd probably drop him for Esters and maybe against Alchemists. My usual 6 would be Tap tap Scum Friday A spigot Hooper Then depending on opponent or kick recieve the last spot is either Harold or pintpot/Stoker. When kicking I'd use Tap tap to kick and OG spigot for times called to allow Tap tap and others to get up the pitch.
  13. That's not a voice over! That is how I sound normally.
  14. @Slothrop I see and like your thinking there. The trouble I am having is that unless I sit back, corsair is generally pulling in a player turn 1 and farming them for momentum and then wining the initiative which then puts me on the back foot. However I will take this on board and give it a go. Recently I have dropped mist for snakeskin though.