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  1. 100110001111010011 protocol ball kill initiated.
  2. He really Diggled you as well... Go team Bottsy.
  3. Yup totally agree, I was a big fan of her Guerilla playstyle. It's still there is guess just no longer easy mode.
  4. Homecrowd is definitely an issue for her but then there are plenty of other captains that have a similar issue. So unsurprisingly I have been giving it some thought... 1. Choose your targets better... I know this essential feels like I am just saying "get good". But actually I think it is pretty important. 2. Instead of leaving engagement at the end of turn 1 activation stay engaged, then if they counter and get away she can re-engage do her thing and use second wind as her movement. 3. She has got Voodoo strings, which yes is 1 shot. But...games rarely go passed turn 3, certainly at events. It's unlikely you'll need it turn 1 so that only leaves 2 opportunities to use it. So don't hold on for that "perfect" moment. Just a few thoughts on it.
  5. Definitely missing her super aggressive playstyle. Have you guys tried BPM with her much? I've been thinking of running Graves/cosset BPM Casket Mist/minx.
  6. So peeps tell me a story... Was chatting to the lads last night and I've got a real itch to play the Voodoo Queen again. Certainly in the area I attend events morticians aren't overly represented and when they are it's exclusively Obulus. So I'm reaching out to just see if anyone is using the Queen very much at the moment and if they are, when? And if they are not, why not?
  7. #nerf@orange2017
  8. Double dodge nights nights nights
  9. Andre has to talk fast... or Andrew doesn't get to talk! I used to play a trumpet and know circular breathing.
  10. And you liked it...
  11. @Alphadork I found also when I dropped Mist for a tournament that I missed the 2" melee and tackle on 1. Blackheart can do a whole lot of things but he isn't the best at getting the ball back on his own. Other models (decimate, hemlock, snakeskin) have more reliable tackles, but only a 1" melee. It's a fair comment that you find Snakeskin and decimate play a similar role for you, it's not something I necessarily agree with though but totes see your point. Decimate's influence/damage/momentum equation is ridiculous along with her counter attack potential. My tournament 10 is pretty similar except I have the Turtle in for Coin and only Blackheart. Currently deciding who to swap for Benediction.
  12. I find she is really handy turn 1 to drop 4hp off a model to make them a much softer target for Blackheart turn 2. After that she can sit halfway up from my deployment and threaten a return goal or chip away at another model. She only ever gets 2 influence but that is enough for any of her character plays, a charge, a sprint and shot. Even though she is 10hp I find that she never gets tagged or at least very rarely.
  13. With regards to snakeskin I found something similar in that I often wanted mist. However I think i also learnt that playing snakeskin the same as mist is wrong. Mist is one of the top 3 non captain striker's in the game and Snakeskin clearly isn't. However Snakeskin does offer more utility and in most situations has a same basic threat on goal as Mist. What Snakeskin also brings is a momentus tackle and a character play that can be triggered off a playbook. She can also slow your opponents efficiency at healing by applying a condition. Finally having 2 damage on 2 hits and 3 damage on 5 can allow her to switch gears if needed, although not optimum it can't be ignored. Hemlock is actually making quite regular appearances in my Blackheart lineup now.
  14. Fangers and Rage definitely have game together. Fangers brings a sudo push in the Un-masking which can free Rage up to charge again. 11 influence is tight for sure, but then if you are fielding Coin it's 12. Plus if you are efficient at keeping Rage free to charge it's then effectively 14. Which all of a sudden is above average. Decimate is a strange case really. She definitely seems to of fallen out of favour recently and I have no idea why! I have used her before to kick off with and then if you pop Tooled up and hit a target with Butchery... 16hp easy! She can also just go for a first activation goal. I find her particularly strong against Butchers, Engineers and certain Alchemists builds. As they either have alot of 1" melee models who she can just dodge away from, or in the case of Butchers often don't want to spend the influence to KD her as it's not doing damage or generating momentum.
  15. Awesome, nice to hear people are listening to the podcast. So let me tell you a story about Hemlock, I'm not going to try convince you she is secret tech and the best player in the Guild... However... This game is very much about picking players that fit your playstyle and balance your team. I pretty much have my 5 that I go to for a competitive build and then a flex slot I use depending on what I feel I need in the game. Hemlock fits very nicely in as a utility player when perhaps I don't need extra punch or snakeskin to hold the ball. What Hemlock brings (and I probably went over this in the blog) is a nice mixture. If I activate her late in a turn she can often chip off 4hp from a player at range. Which on a 14hp model is a decent amount, allowing for another easier take out turn 2. As the game progresses she acts as a good quarter back/sweeper model. If my opponent scores, hemlock has the speed to either threaten a return goal or get the ball to where I need it. Without wanting to repeat myself to much... Snakeskin is also really solid and again fits into that flex slot when I need her.