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  1. Post Nerf sBrisket Line Up

    I don't think Rage can do that due to "Maverick". He's not able to benefit from other model's Traits or Character plays. Harrold still work's perfectly well in a Brisket team when recieving the ball. Perhaps he isn't required quite so much when kicking as you don't need inspiring hat quite as much.
  2. Double Dodge Episode 19 - Raiders of the Lost Tapes

    Awesome episode guys and ace chat with Mat. But as engaging and nice as he is... He's just not Bottsy the Deep Dish Diggler Botts.
  3. Don't Touch The Beard Episode 2: Tapper Vs Obulus

    I like that you have one guy talking constantly and occasionally cut to the other guy. Seems like a really strong way to communicate.

    The early Perkins catches the worm. Fear not GB community JP has been in his dojo all night crafting out new Fu for you.
  5. I'm worried for Bottsy... I fear he contracted some sought of rare tropical disease whilst on the Double dodge episode. Perhaps the matrix needs a gentle reboot.
  6. GB events london

    My geography isn't great. Best off speaking to someone like Mike pollard he is a pundit down in Kent.
  7. GB events london

    There are a series of events in Chelmsford "Bunker ball". Ace pundit and really nice event. The next one is September I believe. We have one in Yarmouth bank holiday weekend in August and there is a Norwich event September as well. O... Also there is one in Milton Keynes 29th July.
  8. For those of you who didn't catch the quizz question due to my rambling, it is.... In the 9 currently playable guilds (so excluding Farmers) there are 11 playbook results with a Tackle dodge in them... Who has them?
  9. Stave Redux

    I have personally been quite hard on Captain fun barrels. But with the farmers coming out and what we have seen of the Blacksmiths, I feel he is about to have a renaissance and be a really strong piece to use.
  10. All aboard the ghost train

    Good man. Drop that Alchemists junk and use the secret filth! Flood tanks and submarine like an All-star. #drop Ghast for Casket and be a winner at life.
  11. Singled Out - Episode 36 - Goodbye Thirlwell

    That is an opportunity we definitely missed!... Unlike the dude who has left and his name slips my mind.
  12. Double Dodge Episode 18 - Deep Dish Diggler

    100110001111010011 protocol ball kill initiated.
  13. Double Dodge Episode 18 - Deep Dish Diggler

    He really Diggled you as well... Go team Bottsy.
  14. Scalpel... Again

    Yup totally agree, I was a big fan of her Guerilla playstyle. It's still there is guess just no longer easy mode.
  15. Scalpel... Again

    Homecrowd is definitely an issue for her but then there are plenty of other captains that have a similar issue. So unsurprisingly I have been giving it some thought... 1. Choose your targets better... I know this essential feels like I am just saying "get good". But actually I think it is pretty important. 2. Instead of leaving engagement at the end of turn 1 activation stay engaged, then if they counter and get away she can re-engage do her thing and use second wind as her movement. 3. She has got Voodoo strings, which yes is 1 shot. But...games rarely go passed turn 3, certainly at events. It's unlikely you'll need it turn 1 so that only leaves 2 opportunities to use it. So don't hold on for that "perfect" moment. Just a few thoughts on it.