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  1. My God... I'm so going to be stuffed with that wooden spoon... I hope Mr. Rutter is game for some alcohol after to help me drown my sorrows...
  2. Nope, but play Stave and Mash on the same side and your opponent will have to watch for the barrel AND the Howzat combo! I like them as a tag team... (and they don't even have to be close together since Stave can do it ranged)
  3. My go to capatain is Tapper. I tend to kill the ball untill I see a good moment to score. This plays right into the Butcher way of playing, so I tend to struggle against Butchers... - - - - Against Fish lead by Shark I don't go for the scrum. I dedicate some players to defend my back line (Hooper and Stave) and go a more 1 on 1 way of playing. I try to keep up with shark and Greyscales and that seems to work for me. I do agree with taking Stave against this line-up - Whoever scores gets a KD from Stave and Hooper then starts his normal experiment where he tries to find out if gills work in mud... Trust me, they don't. Friday is good to score with agaisnt a Shark team in my way of playing - with Shadowlike on her, she engages untill I need to score... (usually a 4-1 game).
  4. @ncw103 In your line-up I would indeed play Firday and Spigot behind the scrum. With vSpigot somewhat out of centre on one side and stoker somewhat on the other side out of centre. So no matter what side the opposition sends his ballcarrier, you can go in and steal the ball, pass behind your scrum to attack on the other side with the ball while your scrum waves around to stop the opponent from coming after the ball. And this is just me, but I would field Scum to help me with this maneuver... (But maybe that's cause I play Tapper more) 1) Steal the ball with one of your three options (Friday, Stoker or V. Spigot) - Ideally this would be Stoker - and pass the ball to a more secure place. 2) If you activate Friday, use Get over here scum to get the cat to the ball whilst covering the distance behind your scrum (somewhat flawed if your opponent has 2" reach models that can get to the cat) 3) Late in the turn you'll have to decide to either 'kill the ball' (Can't score in one go / high risk of not getting first activation for a goal in 2 go's AND/OR countergoal is unavoidable and I'm not winning) or go all in for a goal (Can score in one go / in 2 go's with first activation next turn - without giving the opponent a free counter) - using the other side OR Mash if he's already in place!
  5. Stave loves you for giving him a second look!
  6. And here we go with some fluff on the miners guild! Be welcome on my Blog to check it out! Be sure to let me know if there's anything else you want me to write up. I enjoy this!
  7. Well, yes it was. It lasted a while too. As you can see by the 2 hour vid ;-) Thx for watching!
  8. Another post is up, not about miners... But since the above post hints on something else I did: here it is
  9. To make good on a promise, here it is: My Blog, linking to YouTube in the end...  Enjoy!
  10. you forgot Pilzner, Lager, Stout, ... (although I later saw BertBoxer got the last two already, sorry)
  11. Who to swap out for A&G is debatable. I personally would go for either Mash or Friday, depending on who you like to play the most. For me it would be a swap with Mash. Sure, you lose the 2" reach and UM to stick the ball on, but with Friday, ogSpigot AND A&G stealing it back shouldn't be to hard... Keep Greede in base to base with Avarisse at the end of your turns if you can. The extra influence Greede brings + shaking conditions with him and the extra mobility for sticking him on Avarisse first thing is great! If Greede is on Avarisse, stealing the ball is childsplay. As long as you can get Avarisse to the ballcarier. Don't bother trying to steal the ball with Greede. If you have the ball on them, scoring with Greede is a thing... If you want to beat face, Avarisse can single somebody out making Greede a scary damage dealer. If you're in a Scrum, try giving the enemy players a singled out each. See the other coach panic if you still have to activate Tapper to KD them. Smell the other coach (afther he shits his pants) when Hooper goes into whoever he didn't move out by then.... Use Scum as a clean up crew for whoever got away, low on health (maybe after Friday got a dirty knives in for -1DEF... and calls the cat over to be withing range? That cat is deadly rolling +4 on a charge and +2 for singled out, I think she needs to go play for farmers since farming momentum with her is easy...) Tricks I've used: Clear UM of a model: I jogged into greyscales once with Avarisse [3 INF] (greede [1INF] attached on activation), Greyscales UM'd away before I could hit. So then I dropped Greede who went back in - Greyscales counterattacked and dodged out of melee. I then used Where'd they go to get back into Greyscales and hit him for 2 more INF! After that stealing the ball of Greyscales (who already activated to retrieve the ball) with ogSpigot for 'ball's gone' on a charge was easy. Scoring: [again 3 on Avarisse and 1 on Greede.] Attatch - Charge in on ballcarrier - steal the ball with 'Many hands make light work' - drop Greede (sprint OR jog + where'd they go) - Goalkick (with bonus time) (or if playing with Mash pass to him and go for that spectacular snap shot!)
  12. Thanks for the support! I'll accomodate you ASAP. My blog has not been active for a bit, but that's cause I'm up to my neck in editing a game I filmed. (on january 11th...) So that needs to get out there first!
  13. I have some vacation coming up... I hope to get some work done on the video footage I've got... So hang in there peeps...
  14. I'm pretty sure everybody knows X marks the spot where Pirates bury the treasure... In this case it might point to the whereabouts of a certain ship that's lost... Still don't know why you'd field Blackheart's ship amongst a brewer line-up though...
  15. Thank you for the support there @ncw103 it means a lot!