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  1. I usually mark it on the player card after use, much like I keep record of health on the cards.
  2. I agree with all @Calum Todd said. Rage is great as long as your opponents don't figure out how to 'shut him down'. I stronly agree with the 'IF you take union' In my mind Brewers are the guild that don't really want an out of guild player in the base 6. But yes, Harry can be usefull (I love that he gives you MP when he's hurt, brewers need that MP to go Heroic all over the place), as can Avarisse and Greede (they bring you an extra goalthreat). Only I find A&G are starting to let me down more and more as the opponents have an easy kill (and 2VP) with Greede + Whenever your opponent will see the chance to make sure they're not base to base at the beginning of their activation, you bet he's going to push Avarisse around a bit.
  3. That's what I thought too, but Wilki1979 seems to be doing well (or at least that's his statement) So I would've thought it only fair for him to bring his tactics forward for us 'bad brewer players' to copy. IMO the brewers didn't change much either, but the game in itself changed around them, so maybe playing them like we're used to is wrong. I'm still hoping to hear how Wilki1979 pulls it off.
  4. Maybe that's why you're doing well. All of us are trying to play the game we know best. You are not tainted with knowledge of what the brewers were like. So please, if you have any reports up of any of your games with brewers, put up a link. If not, share your tactics with us! Knowledge is power! You have the power! Don't turn into a tiran, do not let the power corrupt you!! Do the right thing! I beg of you...
  5. I thought this was a place for stoker's flame wars?!
  6. I must admit, I'm having a lot less victories with brewers since S3 myself. I blame it on the lack of movement they have. I blame it on the KD condition coming in second as a counterattack result (after a double push). But still I'm having fun. I haven't found a way to adapt to the game enough to have fun AND win. The usual, defensive style of play I had is countered by the fast teams moving around my players as if they weren't there, or slowing them down even more so they can't get where they need to be.
  7. Hello Guild Ballers! I am pleased to direct you to my blog once again! Click here to fly there now! This time you will find a rules-set there to implement a referee into the game. The way it is written is shaped towards my local gaming community (and thus my Duvel addiction) Feel free to use these rules and adjust them to fit your needs as TO or as you see fit to have some fun games! On a side note, the rules as they are brought to you now are NOT TESTED what so ever! I do not have the luxury of a testing group, let a lone plural. NOR are these rules made to keep the BALANCE in the game, in fact they are there to tip the scales into one direction... They are meant to introduce a new way of playing - a FUN way of playing. I hope I achieve my goal but that remains to be seen. I'm going to run a league in my local community using these rules, and I am using my blog as a means of introducing the rules to the players. As always, I hope you enjoy the read and if you have some good ideas yourself! SHARING IS CARING!! LUV, BOB
  8. I do not really have an activation order set into stone. BUT there are certain plays you can 'see coming your way' if I activate a model depending on board position. Say I play esters, Friday is 8" short to score a goal in her activatoin but within passing range of whoever has the ball on my team. This positioning might call for an activation where you can give Friday +2 movement with Esters + 2 movement with ogSpigot and a 4" dodge after she receives a ball. This also means I need to generate some extra momentum for bonus timing a shot on goal after Friday had a beer... That means I'll start the turn with whoever I think can generate momentum (AND if it's a named model or the ballcarrier do the task he/she needs to do to enable the goal) Since this game is alternating in activations, and your goal attempt does need setup, after anything you do your opponent might see what you're up to and try to prevent that. Therefore it is important to activate models that do nothing towards your gameplan first (forcing your opponent to activate more of his models, thus limiting the options he has for when he sees what you are doing) This also means you need to be thinking about what you want to do next (after you score the goal) or more accuratly, what you think your opponent will do with the ball once he has it. If you don't think about this at all you might find yourself cursing over the fact you moved your players (not included in your game plan) to the place they don't need to be... Say I play Quaff, Mash and/or Stave (or a combination of two of those models), and my opponent does not know these models can PUSH A LOT. Chances are I'll have one of the two fat guys (Mash or Stave) around 6" of the board. If a model ends his activation closer to 8" of the board edge on that side I always check to see if it's worth stopping what I'm doing to do a combination of Howzat?!/Barrel lob/Charge with Quaff on that model to remove it from the board. IF not I'm going to see how the momentum race is going to at least end an activation pushing said model to 4" of the board edge and hopefully go first to push it off first activation. Model activation is dictated by my decision after that. Within the brewer line-up you have A LOT of those combinations. The problem with playing brewers propper is (amongst other things) knowing when to set these combinations (and how much of them) at work. Giving a player +1 DMG with Esters and Tooled up with ogSpigot can be a brilliant plan, but more often than not it's just overkill. Playing with Tapper AND knowing what combinations are possible, but situational, can help you decide to NOT give a player enough INF to pull his trick off becaurse of Old Jake's. This might want you to push back Tappers activation till later in the turn, so as not to give away your 'surprise attack' with said INF. If you find an enemy team in a bad position (on your half of the board, or anywhere with an opening where you can pull this off:) you might want to run away with Friday, calling Scum over, passing (or unsnapping the ball if that is the better option) to the cat to have a goal with your Mascot next turn! That's always fun to see on a team that has mostly 1" reach models with UM still on your pussycat... This trick in itself may need you to trigger ogSpigot's AURA somewhere midfield to help Scum (after she gets called over) to dodge in it and get 2" extra movement. The activation of this heroic is better concealed, by having a player directly benefiting from this Aura to charge into another model that could not be reached without it - misleading your opponent into thinking that's why you activated 'time's called'. If you just go and activate it your opponent is going to ask himself: WHY? - and that's a question you don't want him to ponder about, lest he sees through your tactics! So, yes, order of activation is important yes, there are certain models that want to go right after certain others straight away yes, there are models that need to be activated prior to others no, I do not have an ideal turn order, I do have tricks up my sleeve...
  9. I guess you pushed Boiler, since Friday doesn't have dodges? Or do you mean she shadow like'd out on her activation?
  10. I guess the answer depends on what you want to achieve. If your plan needs Esters to have her Full INF allocation, then that's what you have to do. Your question is difficult to answer without seeing the state of the game.
  11. This isn't going to be a list of players but some tricks and tips I have used or am planning on using. I have to say in S3 with the balance towards scoring goals the speed of the brewers is a bad thing. (god forbid they bring Shark to slow you down even more) Mash+Quaff / Mash + Stave / Stave + Quaff / or all three together for even more pushes (but 3 activations for 1 take-out? Not your best bet) - I love to push people of the field. Charging in with Quaff or Mash on a player that has already activated so can't move away and ended his activation within 8" of the pitch is likely to get pushed out! Tooled up and ranged plays (Esters / Friday) From season 3 on this isn't really worth it anymore, but I used it to target the mascot to sneak in some extra VP. Tapper's Old Jake's for confusing your opponent. A model with only one INF on it isn't much of a goal threat. That changes after Old Jake's. Harry The Hat / Mash Free snapshots are awesome! But in my mind you need more footballing players to pull it of. Bring vSpigot/ogSpigot, Friday and Stoker as a ball retriever for your snapshot machine. Bring Scum then bring in the ball closer with Friday calling the cat. - This is the game that shows you how painfull a slow team can be. In my mind you suffer to much playing this option, hunting down the ball is not what you want to be doing. If you do, hope Stave can bonustime the barrel lob on that 5 DEF ballcarier to knock it loose. Against Alchemists (and hunters + maybe fillet butchers) Stoker and Hooper are a must - especially if you're playing Tapper - you don't want to have to invest your MP into clearing conditions... you want to heal! Think about going one on one with fishermen (and engineers) - don't bunch up, they'll play around you. Kick-off/goalkicks to the side and make sure your push plan is possible from where you think the ball will land. Don't play the push game against a Hammer team. Killing the ball in Season 3 doesn't work that well anymore. I have yet to find (like you I guess) a way around that. That's all I can think of this late at night... going to bed soon... hope it helped a little...
  12. Thx again for the fun !! I got home ok and my key still fits the lock! I'm glad I didn't take home that spoon though ;-)
  13. I am a bit of a Stave Fan boy. But it is true that he is a vending machine for momentum. You have to position him and the rest of your team so he doesn't become an attractive 'jack pot' machine!
  14. PM'd
  15. Comparing the two captains for you ... Tapper is more of a fine-tuned 'I'll kill your team and score a goal to finish the game'-tool. Tapper is more like a 4-1 and sometimes you get to do a 2-2 or 6-0. I did win with a 3-0 before but that plan is for when you face a team that is looking to beat you in the brawling game. Where Esters is more well-rounded captain that you can build a team around to suit either game-plan. She supports the team, rather than dictate your game-plan to you. Tapper his strenghts are : 2" melee, old jake's to give a player something more to do adjusting to the game as it goes or as a surprise effect on your opponent. Commanding aura helps with the murder that should be a big part of your plan. Esters shines in versatility: She supports her team with whatever you need to happen and isn't a bad brawler herself. Her GM is something your opponent has to invest in to take her down and ensures you won't get tackled straight of the bat. Her ranged plays are really good and help the team that likes to be bunched up together keep unwanted guests out. (Or kill that Mascot from a distance, why not?) As for what players go well with each Captain... My suggestion to you is pick some that play well for you play you have in mind, stay with them for a couple of games till you figure out what they do and then start switching players in and out for others you want to test. In my mind Tapper needs finishers and for me that is Hooper / ogSpigot / Scum. Tapper his job is to KD as many as he can, and start the HP-drain on the player you're looking to kill. Hooper is great with his true gritt and passive on KD players, as is Spigot. Scum is just a mean damage dealer with her Momentous 2 dmg on 2 hits. In a Tapper team I always miss og Spigot if I didn't field him. He helps with movement, helps with footballing and is a beast that can kill somebody outright. If you didn't give him a lot of INF, then at least tool somebody up. +1 for CA and +1 for Tooled up can really hurt a player. So to round out the team you have 2 slots left to fill up with whoever you like, be it Stave for a more control-piece (be aware he's a momentum vending machine for your opponent) and/or Friday for the mobility and goal scoring threat - PintPot as an INF battery and a great murder machine in himself, Stoker who holds his own with the ball and is super with counterattacks or the murder game himself. Or take the dynamic duo in Harry the Hat with Mash in a Tapper team to set up that snap shot machine! The choice is yours mate! In an Esters Team I'd much sooner go for quaff and Mash. Grab Sick'em as a card (or just charge in), push a player with the dog into 4" of the board after they activated and get a how'zat!? play on them to take them of the field. (Or take Stave and barrel lob somebody out of the field or to set up for Mash) With her ability to put fire on the board she helps out Stoker a lot (as does Harry the Hat) but really it comes down to how you want to play the game mate... Just play with the same team over and over and adjust your game to get the most out of every player. Make some stupid plays to see what a player does for your team, learn from mistakes. That's the only way to get to know your team. Have fun with the brewers! I know I did!