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  1. Having a tournament in Louisville KY, come down, up, left, or right and join the fun!!! Below is the Tiebreak link. https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/louisvillepitch-tournament/feed
  2. I'll also have Cosset pull strikers away from the ball.
  3. The theory for Ghast would be anti big hitting list, VRage or Butchers. I like Casket, but find his 3" aura causes me as much headache as it does the opposing team. The list wants to crowd out models, but with Casket I'm constantly spending momentum to overcome the aura. The games I have had Cosset and Graves make take outs go way faster. This is because I can tool up either Cosset or Scalpel. Depending on what the opposing player does. Cosset also does a poor mans Puppet Strings with her Lure. Even when I don't send her in she is pulling in the next victim. I find she gets a lot of mileage in the list and having 7 models to clutter lanes is protecting her. The higher defense with most models except Averisse is causing a lot of misses on attacks, due to crowd outs as well. When TAC 4-5's are down to 3 dice and they need fours or fives to generate momentum it starts getting dicey. Though all this takes a lot of seeing the pitch and preplotting. I am constantly looking for which targets to pull in how to stack the crowding and who is getting tooled up. The intention is creating dice skews that allow lots for wrapping and take outs. It's really fun to play. I move the list like a pack of wolves closing in and killing. Then move to the next target. When a goal opens I take it. The big shift in goal teams is helping the list as well. With most players only really playing one hard hitter in their list they have trouble dealing with this list. So far it's playing out well.
  4. Sorry my list was. Scalpel Dirge Averisse-Greed Brainpan-Memory Cosset Graves
  5. Got two games in yesterday. Played both games against Engineers. The first was with Pin-Vice and the second was verse Ballista. Both games felt very one sided for myself. The first ended 12-0 for Scalpel, and the second was 8-2 at the end of turn two, with me in position to score a goal easily on three, or tag two more take outs. We called the second game instead of playing it through. What I am learning is there is a lot premeditating the other players movements and seeing the dodges with Memory to get into position. Here is some key points I am seeing. 1. Eight models creates much more crowding out due too having two more models on the pitch, which creates higher dice pools for getting plays and damage off. 2. Eight models out on the pitch hampers a lot of passing. I am able to engage strikers who want the ball passed to them. Interfere with the pass lanes, or engage passers. 3. Eight models forces the opposing team to waste more momentum to raise defense verse charges, counter attack more, and then in turn when you want to send in the real hitters they are momentum tapped out. Plus all the damage coming through also is making them heal more often. 4. Eight model crowd outs is creating a huge advantage in momentum, refer back to 1-3. This has been giving upcoming turn initiatives. With this list, this is huge, to keep the killing going on, and setting up Averisse single out-KD action early in the turn, or if dirge has the ball sprinting out of any strikers retrieval. 5. Eight model ball killers. I kinda play the list like a pack of wolves closing on a foe and taking them out. The ball has been in the mist of one of the players moving with the pack(I prefer Dirge in case he has to sprint away with it). The problem for opposing strikers is to go in there to get the ball they are dealing with what will happen once they get to it. There is such a cluster to get to the ball it becomes a hard time to really get in there and get it. Passing it once they get it goes back to reason 2. Plus I am willing to let them take it, just to have a target to kill. One or even two goals is okay against this list I feel right now, because I will churn through their team and score once somewhere.
  6. If they kick off I go ahead and steal a model if I can with her prior to momentum, if it's after kick off and they have momentum. I just look to KD off the charge with Tool-Up on her to follow up with the remainder of her attacks, or just have to box people in. It's a big balancing act. I played a lot of Fillet, she has the same issue, just gotta KD with other models, box in, or KD herself. Hope that helps!
  7. Cosset is my go to 6th man, unless I run into VRage or Butchers.
  8. Tried out Cossett today. She actually did really good. From the model count I was able to keep her safer. I did play Shark Fisherman. I ended up taking out every model save Tentacles, and Siren twice. The score ended 12-8. I choose to give up a second goal to kill the ball and Shark. Turn two was the worst, stupid Caught in the Net!!! I almost one shot the Hag. I hit her to trigger Fear with Averisse, setting up Single Out. The bird then flew in, and after a dodge with Memory I had the Hag crowed out by four models (Memory, Dirge, Averisse, and Greed). Crazy, charge, my dice pool 14 pre charge, then 18 with charge LOL! Did 11 points, went with momentous 3 twice (became 4), and momentous 2 (became 3). Then bought two attacks and dropped her. I don't think I have rolled that many dice for a single model in the game. Was great fun!!! Here is the thing is I am averaging about 11 dice a die roll from Single Out and crowding targets out. It looks legit. I need to play Alchemist (Midas), and a lot of other stuff to say for sure, if this is a thing?
  9. Yea find A&G are the best Union option. Singled Out is where it is at. Having Scalpel at 9 dice with Armour Pierce is just to good to pass up. Also her tooled up is great. The biggest thing I notice is a lot of players have been kicking off with their main striker. This gives Scalpel an ample target to early kill since they don't have momentum for counter attacks or defensive. Even if you can't take them out with her, pulling them in with her push/dodge on 3 hits will set up the rest of the team for finishing them off. Save two influence for Brainpan to force a pass with Scalpel to get the ball off of her at some point. In my test still liking Ghast more because of KD, 2" melee, Rising Anger, and Fear. All his tech still make him good in this build. Though I find I want 1 more influence to do more in the list. It reminds me of VRage list Slothrop runs, TAC gets high and damage starts stacking up fast. Scalpel with Tool Up and just a Single Out is dropping a target a turn.
  10. Yea, with Averisse you get singled out, and knock downs. Eight models on the pitch becomes a bit obscene as well.
  11. So after playing exclusive Morticians in Season II. I have them rest after Gencon 2016. Season III, and after Gencon I have been playing Butchers and Alchemist. The ol'team was looking a shade dusty, so I decided to give them a go today. I decided to break out Scalpel as she was my favorite Captain to play. Obulus was great in Season II, but I just had a thing for Scalpel. List Game I Scalpel, Dirge, Graves (1), Averisse/Greed, Brainpan/Memory, Bonesaw. Played my buddy Jason Watt (Hunters): Theron, Seenah, Chaska, Jaecar, Fahad, Herne. The first game went rather well for a first test. Lost but, felt with a couple of die roll changed, 4 dice miss kick, I would have won, or made a really tight end game. What I learned? 1. I hate Bonesaw (I try to justify him in a list and just can't figure him out.) 2. Brainpan/Memory create crowding out like no other set of models in the game. This is great for setting up any of Mort's high TAC models. 3. Averisse/Greed single out before Scalpel goes in, is insane. Again with them and Memory you are getting a lot of mileage out of crowding out. 4. Graves, He is clutch. Late turn bleeds, tool up on Scalpel, and 2 melee are all amazing. His kick stat gives some ball movement as well. 5. Dirge, with him being one point for taking out, momentum killer, and his innate speed create again crowed out nightmares. 6. Bonesaw, again I hate him!!! The second game Jason ran the same list. I switched out Bonesaw for Ghast. What I learned? 1. 4 Dice kicks and 3 Dice kicks both hate me! 2. No Bonesaw is great!!! 3. Ghast, fear, rising anger, and early KD are still insanely valuable. He is still a great model that causes issues. 4. All the previous is still the same. I liked this list better. Ghast set up more KDs and as a result opened a lot more up for the remainder of the team. Next time I will test the list out with Cosset. She dies easy but can pull a lot of models out of position. Then I will try old Casket, the bubble of rough ground is kinda wonky to get around, but will see.
  12. There wasn't any shade at adepticon. Zack had an issue with tiebreak. One player in the first round accidentally put the wrong winner on their score sheet. It was entered then wrong on tiebreak. There is no way that we could find that would allow you to change a previous round once it was saved. He had to create a second, second round to fix the error. After that it got kinda wonky. Zack got it straight after that point.
  13. If you pay, you can play. Limiting any player from playing isn't cool, regardless if they are qualified. I think the big issue is how seeding happens from the point system. Take Bourbon trail. I lost to Jordan, by a massive ass kicking, it is what it is. The final table lost to Jordan as well, by a large point margin as well. Now here is the issue. I beat Pat earlier in the day, but he came in 2nd, and I dropped to 7th. Jared who played in the finals dropped to 6th, but Chris placed 3rd, even though Chris lost to Jared earlier in the day. Chris took the qualifier because Pat had already, but if some short of SOS (strength of schedule) was in place, the top three should have been Jordan, Jared, and then myself. This is where I see a real weakness with the current system, even when records are tied, players who have losses verse players with the same record should have a lower end seeding. It just doesn't add up to me, personally. Not sure how to correct the issue, but if there was SOS, players wouldn't want to avoid higher competition (in this case Jordan), they would seek it because it ups their own SOS.
  14. HAHA, I will break you! We will see. Starting to test Mort's for fun, maybe they will see an appearance again.
  15. Now to get some rematches. Need to play Vincent again for sure, almost came back and won that game. Alex next time we break our 1-1 tie we have now. Pat you'll whip me the next we play I am sure.