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  1. live show tonight?? (31-3-'14)

    Yeah unfortunately its doubtful tonight due to the sheer amount of work I gotta do (and still doing!) for the ol real life job!
  2. Paper dolls will follow later today at some point!
  3. Hi Guys, We have released the Mortician/Mason Pre Field Test Cards for you to have a play with. Please NOTE: These cards are treated as experimental and not representative of the final rule set. Nip over to the download section now to find them!
  4. Hello from Tokyo!

    Pretty amazing! Welcome!
  5. Team-Building ?

    Me and Mat were talking quite a lot a couple of days ago on this aspect. We are pretty confidence we can get a sweet spot of balance, controllability, risk/reward built in and still focus on the simplistic nature of the core game. As Gary said tho and as anyone know's we are always open to discussion when the times come nearer.
  6. They have a very cool monkey, thats for sure. People often get GOADED into killing it...
  7. We finally got round to the final balance pass today in a Starbucks after our meetings with the distributor. When I was explaining the intentions behind Marbles and Dirge (his movement) some sort of evil grin took over Mat's face
  8. Battle Reports

    Excellent work guys, very impressive!
  9. Love these guys, so many great guild ideas! We still have our original 'Farmers Guild' beating around in our heads - no idea when it will come out. Think wicker man meets village of the damned with a touch of plague...
  10. We haven't forgotten the Masons - we love em! So much so I will give you a little WIP Teaser
  11. Hi from Leeds

    I will have to come down to the club(s) in Leeds to have a chat with people!
  12. Hi Will be nice to have the female perspective on our work!
  13. Vienna calling

    All I can think of is Eurovision with that title