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  1. Updated above. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Updated above.
  3. I'm not sure of any groups in western Colorado. You could try in our Facebook group as well: https://www.facebook.com/groups/481428382030383/ Thanks! Updated above.
  4. Top 5: Morticians w/ Obulus Brewers w/ Esters Butchers w/ Fillet Alchemists w/ Midas Union w/ Blackheart Final: Obulus Morticians vs. Esters Brewers
  5. We are playing at Enchanted Grounds Littleton most Wednesday nights until 10pm. Come on by next week to check it out! We don't have anything planned yet, but check out our Colorado Guildball Facebook group for upcoming events. https://www.facebook.com/groups/481428382030383/
  6. Nice! What time do you start? How many players do you have so far?
  7. Starting May 4th, we will also be playing on Wednesday nights at Enchanted Grounds 2 in Littleton.
  8. Welcome! We have been playing at Total Escape Games in Broomfield on Thursday nights. Probably a bit of a drive for you, but you are welcome any time.
  9. So far, the Season 2 Captains have been "different, but not better." Shark is super mobile, greedy and scores all the goals. Corsair is slow, a team enabler, and tanks/fights like a boss. So, Salt is low TAC, high DEF, mobile, no team buff. Stands to reason that Tentacles here would be high(er) TAC, lower DEF, slow, and maybe a buff for the team. Tooled up or Dirty Knives would be really good for a Corsair-led SwordFish team.
  10. Had my first game with Corsair last night. Dude is a beast! Lineup: Corsair Salt Greyscales Sakana Jac Kraken Highlights: Turn one, Corsair received a pass, elected to dodge forward 4" to get range on a fully loaded Midas. Charged Midas and did decent damage, trying to anchor the middle of the pitch. Unfortunately, that meant 4 Alchemists ganged up on him, and eventually he was taken out. Took a lot of resources however. Greyscales was able to get around the scrum in the middle to score late turn 2. Won the initiative turn 3, was able to score a snap shot goal with Greyscales. Late in the turn, Corsair was in combat with Midas, who had the ball. Corsair tackles the ball, knocks down Midas, jogs up the field, uses his Legendary, passes to Sakana, who snapshots for the winning goal! I really like this guy, he enables the team so much more than greedy Shark.
  11. Inquiring minds want to know, where is his ship???!!!
  12. Yeah, since we haven't seen an official announcement yet, I would save your time/ink/paper and wait til next week.
  13. Colorado Guild Ball information and resources. Interested in having your store/club added? Please post with the store name, play day(s)/time, site and any additional details. Tournament info can be posted here too, but really, the best place to be in the know is on the Colorado Guild Ball Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/481428382030383/ Total Escape Games (Broomfield): Thursday nights, 5:30 til late: http://totalescapegames.com/ Enchanted Grounds 2 (Littleton): Thursday nights, 5:30 til 10 http://www.enchantedgrounds.com/ Gamers Haven (Colorado Springs): Thursday nights, 1700-2200 http://http://www.gamershavenco.com/ Haunted Game Cafe (Fort Collins): Wednesday nights, 6PM-10PM http://www.hauntedgamecafe.com/ Advantage Games (Northglenn): Wednesday nights, 5:30PM-10PM https://advantagegames.co/ The Jesters Court (Grand Junction): Tuesday nights http://thejesterscourt.com/ The Wizards Chest (Denver): Sunday afternoon, 2-5pm http://wizardschest.com/
  14. I'll be headed up to Total Escape Games tonight around 6pm, if you're interested in a demo game. I have Fishermen, Brewers and Butcher paper dolls if you want to try it out before you buy.
  15. Looking forward to it. We have a Facebook group where we arrange games, etc if you're interested. https://www.facebook.com/groups/481428382030383/