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    @Siberys for some reason the site won't let me like your post! In regards to the format itself. Turns out I am a GB genius without even knowing it. This is exactly how I have been playing with my 6 year old son since I picked up Kick off in December last year. I find it is perfect for him when it comes to managing his players (not too much to do but enough) and helps me try out various player combos I would not try in other matches/formats. It is fairly enjoyable for a demo type game. I would not make it my standard go to format though. Now SF about that 11 a side variant......
  2. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

    Thanks @Siberys I can now finish my little attempt at a story Damn, how did you know how my rookie story ended.
  3. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

    Cheers Was that his name or title?
  4. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

    Hey all, can you help me out here. I do not have the S3 rulebook, had to borrow it off a mate to read a while back. Can anyone please tell me the name and postion within the church of the main Solthecian dude that is plotting and scheming etc. Kinda need it to finish a piece of my piece.
  5. Painting Preference: Resin or Metal?

    Nice wee summary @Doc
  6. Forum Challenge - The Tryouts

    Nice bro, i like the tone, setting etc
  7. Painting Preference: Resin or Metal?

    Lucky you, the kick off models are not resin so you don't need to worry about it either way... I myself though like the weight of a big hefty metal model in my hands
  8. new painter, starting on the Kick Off! Masons

    Nice work!! I agree with @Mako although some of my minis still look like I have followed that same process
  9. Best S3 Player for Existing Guilds

    Chose vOx, only because of my experience with and against certain players. Have not seen Hag at all and the rest except Benny & BP&M don't really seem to add too much more than what would be expected in guild. With vOx I tend to find he is fairly efficient and brings a few more tools to a Fillet line up. Have used him well with Boar lately which means I have Fallen back in love with the Beast. In saying that, you guys are probably far more on the money than me
  10. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

    So long as the captain is not named Jesus I am down with that.
  11. Forum Challenge - Seyfert, Astronomer Savant

    neat. I like it mate.
  12. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

    waffle waffle waffle blah blah blah, sounds like something for me.
  13. KDOG gives it a go

    thanks @Anphiarus my mate that has been doing this a lot longer has suggested glazes in the past. Only thing I ever tried it on was Boilers goggles. I will give it a go and see how I get on. Would you glaze after each highlight, now before I highlight or at the end after a couple of layers of highlighting?
  14. KDOG gives it a go

    Haha yeah you got me there, the whole figure screamed out battlefield situation and it was about the only thing in my bits box that kinda fit the idea (appart from the goblin arrows). Will see how the new skincipe (true word you know) turns out when I start highlighting etc.
  15. How to fix Art of War Studios tokens

    Cheers, like you I used Paint and took the not so neat blobby let the paper take care of the rest approach. Yours look (and I quote my 4 year old daughter here) soooo beautifullllll