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  1. @TehMik sorry for the delay in posting, but I gotcha in the system. We've topped 40 registered players but I'm aware of at least 1 person who has a conflict and won't be attending. This means that not only is there still plenty of room (we have room for 64) but we also have at least 1 full swag bag outstanding. Pre-Registration is very helpful, in the final 4 weeks I'm nailing down lunch and the amount of morning donuts. Emails will be going out to everyone registered shortly.
  2. So, taking this at face value: Alchemists with Vitriol, so let's ask if Vitriol is over powered and recommend changes for her? Brewers with Spigot ......? Butchers with vBrisket .....? Morticians with Cosset ......? Masons with Mallet ......? Engineers with Hoist ...? Fish seem to be the only team without a single player that goes in every line-up, but then again they have nearly identical line-ups for each of their captains (Shark, Greyscales, Siren, Sakana or Corsair, vSiren, Greyscales,) My point being there are models across the board that you'll "always see". I'm not sure why a single union member being picked is such a bad thing. I think there's more use in looking to the "Where'd they go" thread is people want to be constructive in recommending fixes. There's a whole lot of models not seen at all anymore.
  3. Re: Fish and Alch rankings.... it's good to point out that the "official" Steamforged events in the US (LVO and all of Adepticon) aren't in the ranking since the data's not accessible. I suspect the win%'s would be even higher with the 3 Adepticon events added in. on Harry, why is it bad to see the same model chosen when there's only 1 union slot available for most teams? I'm not sure that really means he's OP as much as brings something unique and useful to those teams who can take him. This is the same as A&G bringing a unique and useful ability in earlier seasons. or is unique and useful now labeled as OP? and damn, after riding the bench and being ridiculed as the worst model in the game for 2 seasons, why does everyone resent him seeing some field time now?
  4. Got some new information incoming. One of the ideas being embraced at the Spring Fling 2017 is a side event for Significant Others. Often we, as gamers, find ourselves being pressured to not attend events because our Significant others do not play. The answer is the Spring Fling Spa day. Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/166584990515230/ While the gamers are playing Guild Ball, the SO's will be off at a spa then lunch with the group. Here's some details. Spa - Bella Beach Nail Spa, Ashburn VA Lunch - MOD Pizza Classic Package: $60 includes: classic manicure, classic pedicure, either (Mod pizza or Mod Salad) and Drink. Gel Package: $90 includes: Classic pedicure, Gel manicure, either (Mod pizza or Mod Salad) and Drink. Rides will be coordinated among the group who are going. If you're SO is interested, make sure you're signed up to attend the Spring Fling and have your SO indicate they'll be "going" on the Facebook event (link above).
  5. I'm typically giving him 5 until I hit a turn where he needs to deliver. If I see an opportunity and need for ~20 damage then I give him 7 and tool him up. If I see the opportunity to score and need puppet master I give him 7.
  6. @kryzak Hunters are one of the teams I do not play A&G with at all, I don't see a fit for them. I agree after they score the goal they are mid-table (A) and some arbitrary distance away (G). I find that I'm often scoring later in the turn with the pair, so post scoring there are not as many activations left. Additionally, it all depends on who's attacking A, as anyone vulnerable to a counter attack can be handled fairly well by him. Related to the OP, in morticians I cannot see the argument for Bonesaw over A&G. Morticians do have the other threats that keep a team from "farming" momentum off A. Additionally, if the Mort player is using Obulus, farm away.
  7. I've been running into these teams a lot as I'm fielding morts this year in tournaments. I will agree with you regarding Alchemists, they were a struggle for me in S1/2 and continue to be (for different reasons) in S3. My Mort line-up vs Alchemists has been: Obulus, Dirge, Graves, Cosset, Casket, A&G. I'm considering swapping A&G for B&M to mitigate some of my vKat experience with vKat coming back on the board and getting a second TO and Witness Me after Greed scored. There are a couple things I keep an eye out for when playing Alchemists. First, I'm primarily finding myself facing Midas, so this will be focused there. I kick-off with Obulus to put him up the board and in range to threaten a useful PM. I then hold him as long as possible, to last unless I'm facing an inopportune aggressive vKat play. I accept the fact I'm going to have to give up a goal, so I always grab Who Are Ya when it shows up in my hand. If Midas happens to grab the goal things are ok, despite my team being snared at that point. I'll pop out the vengeance on Midas then look to use PM to move him near Casket & Dirge. If I've done my pre-set-up during the turn well, this will leave Midas with only 1 side open to UM out of and engaged by both Casket and Dirge. I then do whatever I can to make sure I get initiative turn 2. With luck, I was able to shdowlike plus walk into range of Midas with Ob's and either put some damage on him or (ideally) knock him down with a confidence attack. Turn 2 I'll open with Cosset cutting then charging Midas. My goal is to get him down to 1-3 health remaining, depending on the position of calculus. 1 health remaining if Calculus cannot move and draw LOS to Midas, 3 if she can. This will put me up momentum and Midas should not be able to dodge away due to being pinned in (Cosset / Casket / Dirge). He'll get 1 activation before Casket gets to attack. Even if he heals, a fully loaded Casket + 2 crowds should be able to casket time him. This is the goal, as the team struggles with Midas out for turn 2 and 3 of the game. Once you do this you'll be on 4 (8 if you got a first turn goal with A&G), and your opponent should likely be on 4 - 8 as well. Now it's down to guarding against Vitriol coming in for the goal to close the game. More often than not I'll hold the first turn goal in this situation simply to hold the Alchemists at 4 points on turn 1. I've found my games vs Smoke are much easier, as my biggest concern then is vKat and Vitriol, not vKat and Midas and Vitriol. Vs shark Fish I play my typical game. I've not been struggling to keep the ball away from them or in bad positions for them to grab it. I lean on graves plus cosset plus A&G to switch to a damage dealing focus to bring the game home at either 2/2 or 4/1. I've not gotten enough experience with Corsair Fish in tournaments yet, so not entirely sure how to handle them with Mort's yet. I suspect I'll see more in my upcoming tournament this weekend.
  8. I love the model and really would like to see him work. Unfortunately, he just does not hold a candle to Mist or A&G. To be fair, Mist also doesn't hold a candle to A&G for striker capability and overall usability. Bonesaw requires 2 influence, 2 momentum, and really wants 3 influence and 3 momentum often 1 momentum for swift wind due to base size, 1 influence for meditation, then 1 momentum + 1 influence to make a shot. This is a max range 2 or 3 dice shot on goal (pending interfering models) with rerolls looking for a 4. Mist is looking at minimum 2 influence 2 momentum to make the same shot, unless he kicked. He has to dodge off a pass he recieves for the 4 inches up the board, then sprint plus shot, although Mist also typically wants 2 more influence to do smoke cloud and acrobatic in order to get within 4 inches of the goal for a 3 die shot looking for 3's. A&G can start on the line and hold the momentum generated by passing (to either of them). A gets 2 influence, G gets 1. A picks up G, sprints 7 inches up the board, places G in B2B with the ball (8 inches up the board). G then uses A's influence to combo jog + WTG to end within 2 inches of the goal. 4 dice shot on goal looking for 3's. If you need an extra 2 inches for some reason (engaging a goal-keeper, positioning, etc) you can put the 3rd influence on A. A&G are simply better, more reliable, more flexible strikers plus A bring along singled out and damage + pushes to enable the rest of the team. I struggle to see a reason to bring Bonesaw or Mist over them in most games. I'm now looking at bringing B&M vs Alchemists simply because vKat + Greede is an easy 4 points while vKat + Memory = 0 points.
  9. Hello everyone, I've had success in my local area with the Big League campaign format since the release of the Season 2 rulebook. My locals have a lot of fun with the league and have (so far) asked for more when each league has ended. I also had some requests to run a non-competitive day event, which I decided to do this last weekend for my local store's Q1 guild ball event. I chose to put together a modification on the Big League rule-set to make it a Big League in a Day. On mentioning this via facebook and these forums there was a fair bit of interest in how it would run and what I changed to make it run. There's a fair bit of writing and some tables to look at in reviewing how things went, so I decided to post them to my blog. Please take a look here: http://deadtau.blogspot.com/2017/03/big-league-in-day.html. Additionally, here's the packet I used for my event: http://gamerslounge.coda.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Q1-Big-League-in-a-Day-2017.pdf and for those who just want a high-level overview of my objectives, here's the opening blurb from the blog article: General Idea and Objectives Steamforged Games released the campaign rules for Guild Ball in the Season 2 rulebook, The Big League. I’ve run the Big League for my local group twice so far, with a very positive reception for the rules. There are some rules which have become dated due to the changes with the Season 3 update however the campaign holds up under the changes very well. The general idea behind the big league is one with some Guild Ball gameplay and some behind the scenes “wheeling and dealing”. The league rewards three different types of players, competitive players looking to win games, more casual players looking for key game moments, and players who mostly ignore win/loss in a game but enjoy the intrigue behind the scenes. The success of the Big League campaign format for my gaming group encouraged some work to bring the Big League to a single day casual event. The typical big league is run over several weeks, ideally equal to 1 week less than the number of players in the league. The effort to boil this down to a one-day event required that I keep my eyes on a couple key goals: Restrict the experience to 3 rounds of games Maintain the capability and feeling for P-1 weeks Wheeling and Dealing (i.e. favours) Maintain the capability and feeling for P-1 weeks of league card expansion (i.e. campaign points) Maintain the 3-fold aspect of Competition/Big Play Moments/Intrigue with the limited timeframe of a single day event.
  10. I'd forgotten about base Rage... or maybe it just pains me too much to admit he's essentially retired. Locally for me, when someone wants to do damage they tend to use vRage as captain and build the team around him. In the BH teams I'm seeing Decimate as the damage dealer, and more football playing so less room for another damage dealer.
  11. I have to agree with LD&B, Graves1 is in every mort list I've run or seen. who've I not seen lately: Butchers - truffles, tenderiser alchemists - venin brewers - stave engineers - vVelocity, compound Fish - Jack essentially disappeared locally Hunters - Hearn is just bad. Everyone else sees table time Masons - chisel and vHarmony. Hammer is also becoming scarce Morts - vGraves, vileswarm.... bonesaw is becoming endangered union - fangtooth and hemlocks are extinct. Snakeskin is endangered, people were trying her but she still wasn't good enough with BH. Maybe she'll see a comeback with sBrisket.
  12. All of the examples you provide can result in the ball being placed then having a contested roll-off. Additionally when a model unsnaps the ball and when a model is knocked down resulting in a scatter will cause the ball to be placed.
  13. Thanks! That makes a lot of sense.

  14. Here's the important disclaimer that everything following in my post is purely my opinion, observation, or understanding. I, in no way, speak definitively for SF. So, with that out of the way, I can tell you what I've seen and understand. Regional Qualifiers held outside of conventions will resolve as a "typical" tournament and the list of placing players (top to bottom) will be sent to SF. SF will then award a place in the Regional Championship to the top placing (#1) player in the tournament. In the event that top placing player has already qualified for either the Regional Championship or the US Championship, the placing will be passed to the next non-qualified player according to tournament placing. Additionally, there is no requirement for the regional qualifiers to be sanctioned, so they will not be required to follow the OPD, although SF would prefer they do so. The stores/events which are selected as Regional Qualifiers are sent a link/pointer to the OPD for reference. In order to meet sanctioning requirements, Sanctioned tournaments must have a pundit running them, have a minimum number of player (per sanction level), and use Tiebreak tournament software. SF appears to have been flexible on the mandatory use of Tiebreak, and does not use it regularly for the events they run directly. This is the case with LVO, Gencon, and a portion of Steamcon. As far as I'm aware, the guidelines for pairing, scoring, and placing within the OPD are followed even if Tiebreak is not being used. Tiebreak automates the pairing and placing along the lines of the OPD when used. As far as "cut to top 4" or "cut to top 8", those methods are both used for generating entrance into the regional championships and were also used for the US national championship in 2016. This is modified a bit when players who've already qualified place within that top 4, pushing the selected players down a slot for each pre-qualified player. In the event the is a "cut to top X" qualifying tournament, they typically do not go to full rounds to determine a winner, but stop when there are top X undefeated players. As an example, the Friday Qualifier for the US Championship at Gencon last year only ran 3 rounds leaving 3 undefeated players at the top of the field.
  15. Thanks, that's incredibly kind of you! I'm excited to be compiling the first round of new and returning sponsors for this year. Wow are things looking incredible. Announcements will be coming later this week.