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  1. I have some Chibi Cards (Tapper, Midas, Honour, Blackheart, Obulus) to trade them for Engineers Miniatures. Located in the EU, will ship international at no additional cost.
  2. Got one, thanks guys!
  3. You got PM Sir!
  4. As title says, if you have to sell one please drop me a PM with an offer. EU located but will pay for international shipping. Thanks
  5. NIB
  6. I have the following build and unpainted Models for sale: Stave, Mash, Friday, Spigot, Stoker, Hooper, Scum, Tapper, Esters. incl. SFG Tokens, 90€ shipped worldwide.
  7. Great. Pmd you.
  8. Hi there, anyone going to Steam Con willing to ninja shop me a S3 card box? I'd love to get one but am to far away from that con. I'll pay for my box, your box and my shipping to Germany. Thank you!
  9. Selling a complete Fishermans Team, all Models recently released included, Fishermans Dice. All Models build, primed gray and in top condition. On original Steamforged Bases. 160 € + shipping (8€ international).
  10. It seems if they are a bit out of scale. like they are a bigger breed of guys or something. Are they larger than the other Guild's models?
  11. Did Was my question too...
  12. Just to make sure I understood the interview right. We will be able to buy the Hunter stuff online during Salute, but not the Con Deal. Did I get it right? And which Tuesday is meant? Thank you!
  13. Huh NICE! I can't go to Salute, due to being to far away If anyone going there and reading this is willing to ninja shop me the deal (and send it to me) I would be quite happy about a PN from a fellow gamer. Thank you!