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  1. mo-ball

    Not going to lie since season 3 began I have at least 25 games with every guild except masons butchers alchemists and union but soon all of them...im an addict
  2. mo-ball

    I gotta get a new computer so we can do Skype but I appreciate your kindness
  3. Fillet is no problem for me with brewers and engineers but ox is a different story he doesn't need tooled up or any of that he can activate first and just kill that's one thing I really like about him
  4. mo-ball

    Yeah I have to step up my game because all of that I don't understand thank you very much for the info it helps alot we're still very new to this hopefully after my research I can ask a question or 2
  5. We have been discussing this as well.When I heard you guys recent episode I started thinking more about the captains I don't see here in the middle of the US. Morticians and Butchers being the least seen and ox and scalpel nonexistent. I believe ox is better than what people give him credit for,I also will be painting my butchers to put ox to the test luckily one of my good friends in my meta has switched to Morticians so scalpel will get their days in the sun.
  6. As a non butchers player I don't understand why ox is not seen as much? Everyone I have played with or against him he gets work done
  7. mo-ball

    I actually do none of that Jake does all the technical magic I just need to sit still when we podcast I'm very animated
  8. Have you considered boar and Harry as a goon squad while captain ox waits behind in a "ball of death style" That's how I run most of my fight teams.I make them come to me
  9. mo-ball

    Usually we record at meta games unlimited where the mics are higher. This time we didn't and I was to far away I have a very loud voice so I can't get to close because then it sounds really bad. In your first comment I didn't understand yourmeaning.I read it while working so apologies for that but I never tell players in my meta having problems to"get gud" That benefits no-one the conversation on Facebook that brought this topic up was bothering me because to be honest we've been playing against shark since season 1 he was considered crap untilnow.The complaint is his movement debuffs but that is his thing his team cant fight to save there lives literally. Sorry the farmers are giving you grief I've played about 20 games with them if you need a second opinion
  10. mo-ball

    Season 2 engineers were changed because they weren't working as intended midas and shark work as intended because there Is counterplay our episode was about ways to improve against so called npe teams
  11. mo-ball

    Mmm...fruit snacks piss off jake
  12. mo-ball

    I have a bad habit of moving when I talk and I move away from the microphone all the time you were my best example on playing the match up and learn from I haven't lost to shark since you
  13. mo-ball

    Thank you for the kind words you played my buddy Dorian at adepticon round one of the final. I heard you were a great opponent and congratulations at final of spring fling.As we up grade systems for recording I would love to collaborate your gotcha episode is what new players need...nice work
  14. Sweet we have a mo ball facebook group with our tournaments and happenings
  15. Enjoyed the bonus time