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  1. I have to say that I'm thinking of using Marbles as my primary mascot and considering Wrecker as a 2nd, as the Marbles/Brick counter-charge bubble can just shut down large sections of the pitch, and if you can move Marbles up so he can Goad and be covered by Brick's CC, it can be amazing - plus, the whole Honour thing (which I can rarely get off, so I tend to see as only a minor benefit). Potentially that makes the Minx slot the only flexible one (assuming Wrecker is in), and that is a battle between Minx, vHarmony and Chisel. I quite like vHarmony into Smoke, especially vKat, you just have to make sure she is behind the front line and playing as a defensive support piece. Need to try her into more condition teams. Minx is a good all-rounder though, so probably takes the slot.
  2. If you are free this weekend, still space at the Norwich Summer Open: https://www.facebook.com/events/794290880723583
  3. I'm with @burroboskov on this one - Naja is more versatile than Flask, even with Smoke, Flask does less. Admittedly in some situations Flask can do a lot of damage, but those situations aren't going to come up often, whereas 2" melee crowd out will happen all the time, the snake will almost every game be a good place to hold the ball, it's fast and protected enough with UM that it is actually a good 3rd kick retrieval option (I tend to use Vitriol or the snake as retrieval, favouring the snake if possible to give me more T1 goal threats) and 1 INF for a decent chance at giving poison with damage or a clutch Hypnosis to kill a play can be (situationally, as with Flask) great. Is being able to change Naja for Flask every so often worth removing the option of Crucible (or Venin, if you actually like him)?
  4. I don't think Midas is all glory and goals for himself. He might have been in S2, but new Midas is striker who helps move his team around. I very, very rarely put more than 4 INF on him in S3, only on activations where he's the only person close enough to get in an get a kill (at Vengeance, once of these was him dodging out of a melee to charge and kill a damaged Greede, which took all his INF to achieve, while another had him desperately pinging Obulous to whittle him down for Harry - managed to do 5 damage off a sprint and 5 attacks, cos 6 dice on a 4/1 is giving you 2 average, which gets you , or momentous so not amazing).
  5. I have an event next week and have been wondering how to build a list. My previous 9 were: Hammer Honour Harmony Wrecker Brick Mallet Tower Flint Minx In some friendly games a month or two ago, I found I really like Brick and Marbles with Hammer, as those two can hold an entire side of the pitch. Wrecker hasn't been as great for me, but I can see how him in the list would reduce the pressure to take Brick every game just to make sure Marbles is pulling his wait (Goad is pretty good though). I had a good game with vHarmony last time I tried her, as she was able to absorb a killing blow from vKat on Mallet, then remove the on Mallet and Brick, freeing them up to pound on vKat and gen some MP, so I'm torn between which of those to add as a 10th. @Lord Antoine's Minx/Chisel is interesting, as although I like Minx (efficient, high speed, sets up Mallet and Hammer), 2" melee is really good. It's really hard to build this list still. Should I take both mascots, and if I do, should I have Minx or Chisel?
  6. Who was he playing against? Would that have much effect? How many attacks does Midas do in your games? For me, he either wants on 1, on 2, or I'll charge if I want the , which TAC 5 will have only a small effect on. Sprint/Charge for MP, Supershot, Shoot (probably chuck in the Heroic for safety) - all he wants. The occasional Lure of Gold I tend to use if I don't have the ball/can't score, or need to save someone (when Midas doesn't have the ball/can't score). In S1 Alchemists were seen as a tough team to play as (might have changed as we got closer to S2). Kat and Mercury were not great at all, and most lists ended up with Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Decimate, Mist and Hemlocke (sometimes not even Vitriol) - essentially, as they said, Midas was a second Union captain. It got much better in S2 when we got Smoke and Union got nerfed, but Midas was still a super-solo captain. S3's revamp, in my opinion, made Midas much less super-solo and into far more of a team player, with less ability to kill or dominate the board. I don't think S3 Midas is any more of a problem than Fillet or Corsair, but I will say that the one model that really helps out a team of Alchemists and works really well with all of them, generating MP, doling out AoE's and manipulating the board, is Harry. Midas and Vitriol can score well, but getting that 3rd goal is damned hard, so we need kills. vKat can do that, but he needs set up to do it in one activation or he is easy fodder. oKat can do it, but he is easy to control and needs certain conditions (burning, within 1", 5+ hits) to do it. Vitriol can, to some extent, but not as well or reliably or as Momentously, as those 2. Harry can do it, and he sets up oKat, vKat and Vitriol, and manipulates the board with fire, and . If I had to play with Mercury instead of Harry, I would have such a harder time. Decimate would have to come back in and she doesn't have anywhere near the control Harry does. Alchemists might be good, but it's Harry that is lifting them higher - he does everything they want, and fills in some gaps, in a single model. If you are that convinced Alchemists are broken (which I don't agree with personally), I'd say the place to start is Harry.
  7. I agree with most of what you say here, I also feel like Hunters could do with a boost or a more defined 'style' - they certainly need something. My point about Coomber was intended as a counter to what you had said about Steve Easton's experience, and how it may show that the Alchemists are "forgiving" - I was trying to show that others had very similar experiences to Steve's with different teams, not just the Alchemists. I certainly didn't intend my post to be seen as having a go at you, and I'm sorry if it did. Using statistics to bash/complain about teams (in general/this thread, not you personally) seems ironic considering I heard or was involved in a few discussions over the Vengeance weekend, including with Mat and Rich, where we talked about how over analysis and obsession with 'optimal choices' and reliance on stats and perceived 'correct' opinions based on them is exactly what people dislike in other tourney games like 40k, WarmaHordes and Infinity, and how the lack (or at least significant lesser amount) of that in Guild Ball is one of the major appeals of the game. As we see in politics, stats will be presented based on the concious or unconscious bias of the person presenting them, hence the phrase "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."
  8. Michael Coomber chose Butchers at the last minute cos he wanted to try something different and have fun - he normally plays Fish - and played James Long in the final, possibly playing on the top table for both the last rounds (I can't remember where he was round 6). Does this mean Butchers are forgiving too? Maybe they need a nerf (Fillet does). Also, as has been said, the winner and wooden spoon 100% and 0% will skew the results somewhat. Why not look at the actual top 15? I was 3rd highest placed Alchemist at 13th (James Long 1st, Steve Easton 6th) - Engineers were 3rd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th. 6 Engineers in top 15 to 4 Alchemists. Look at just the top 10, with 2 Alchs and 4 Engineers - 100% more Engineers in the top 10. Even better, look at the number of Fishermen - the stats at the top of the thread say Alchemists had highest win ratio, Fish 2nd (57.1%) and Engineers 3rd (56.5%). How does that explain why there was only 1 single Fish player in the top 15, compared to 6 Engineers. What are people trying to prove with the win ratios? That playing Alchs and Fish make it easier to win/be placed higher in events? Bollocks. Just play a team you enjoy and have fun.
  9. The Bendy Boards tracker is a classic, very popular. I use giant foam dice myself.
  10. What Fearlord said. Not all out striking, but you are definitely looking for at least 2 goals, although it's possible to get 1-4. Midas and Vitriol alone put a lot of pressure on the goal, Harry and Compound are great at defense, and Naja and oKat can do both.
  11. I find Midas is great support, and my main scorer. Vitriol tend to retrieve, as Clone keeps her safe and she has the 2" melee to get safe 1 hit . I'd also take a 4/10 kick over 4/6 any day (cos who doesn't put enough INF for the Supershot?). Over Vengeance, I also found more and more that Alchemists are almost a denial/control team. They have enough fast movers with reasonable kicks to kick the ball about and retrieve it if they miss, with Harry successful kicks are 4" dodges. Burning, Blind and Compound can just shut down players/sections of the pitch. On at least one occasion at the weekend, my opponent was clearly lining up my oKat for a massive charge, but Midas nipped back toward my goal and used Lure of Gold to pull oKat out of danger, also giving me a defensive line of Midas, Compound and oKat threatening to annihilate anyone who got close, forcing him to keep his strong attackers way back and allowing me to whizz the ball round the side with Naja and Vitriol, with Harry supporting (and keeping up burning AoEs from behind cover). I had a couple of other shutouts/near shutouts (one game all 5 of my opponent's points came from me timing out). Smoke I find better against low DEF aggressive teams like Butchers and Masons. Her shutout and weaken style (with Blind from Calculus) can keep Fillet out of the game, and as they want to come close, the weakening from poison and her Legendary give you so many targets for a Witness Me! or two. I wouldn't play her into Union or Brewers at all, especially now Grace is available (removing his AoEs is what makes Harry go CRAZY!).
  12. But what a support piece! He and oKat can destroy almost anyone between them, with Crazy his counterattacks are vicious, Burning AoE for 1 can be very powerful (won my last game at Vengeance partly due to Harry constantly putting the AoE in front of my opponents vKat to block charges), a bonus times Goad can completely prevent a player achieving anything, and to top it off, more than half the time your opponent doesn't want to target him at all due to those counters and Rising Anger. Plus he's great with Smoke as he loves KD'ing and Burning targets for vKat, and them somewhere for vKat to get a clean charge.
  13. Results on Tiebreak
  14. Thanks, MechMage. Had too much to do this evening (dealing with some shoddy finishing in new bathroom took a surprising amount of time) so no Crucible (she's primed, so might get away with "painted"). Looking like Flask is getting the surprise call-up at the last second (much like a tiny metal Greg Laidlaw).
  15. Well, driving up to Stockport for Vengeance tomorrow and suddenly I have a 10th slot on my team. Who goes in? Midas, Smoke, Naja, Harry, Vitriol, oKat, vKat, Calculus, Compound & ... I panic-bought Crucible last night - no way can I prep for V17, placate wife I won't see for the next 3 days AND paint her, so not sure she's an option. Venin I don't rate so I can't see me ever using him in an actual game, but maybe. I wondered if taking Flask to support Smoke and vKat might be good, or possibly even Mercury so I could potentially have 3 Burning dealers (Mercury, Harry and oKat with Vit, Midas and Naja?), or bring him into a Smoke team in my usual Calculus slot (not sure about losing Blind and that extra damage though). Any opinions before I lose the ability to access the internet (no access on my phone)?