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  1. Adventures of a splayedpaintbrush

    Gotta stick that in the Goal Post Thread when it's finished!
  2. The Goal Post Thread

    @Kin2 Is the brewer's goal made of actual wood? It looks great. What did you make the tankards from?
  3. Terrain Tales

    Wow, been a looooong time since I posted here (I've noticed I seem to get interested in modelling around the summer holidays every year). Come back to update images (stupid Photobucket removing free 3rd party hosting). I have a question - although I promised Cabbages (and they will come, just gotta work out how to apply the cabbages - should they be widely spaced or removable? Both difficult), the patches will add another 2 areas of rough ground, which is 2 more than I really need. What I DON'T have is an area of fast ground, which I've struggled with ideas for. The best is probably a patch of slick mud, possibly with a pig wallowing at the edge (again, should it be removable? How can I do it?). The question: how do you do mud? I'm making terrain on the cheap, so I don't really want suggestions like Woodland Scenics water resin stuff unless you can show me a link to something for sale in the UK CHEAP. I've wondered about polyfilla mixed with PVA & water, then painted with PVA & brown paint, with wash & gloss over the top. Any better ideas?
  4. Ideas for Harvest Markers

    Warbases.co.uk do a great selection of animals, even different historical breeds of pigs, cows and goats. They also stock MiniNatur stuff as well. 10% off coupon until end of July is 'welcome' cos they have a new site.
  5. Granite Tactics

    The general opinion is lower Tier 2/Tier 3 currently. They are better rated than Hunters, but not that much. Low DEF and speed leaves they very vulnerable to character plays.
  6. Granite Tactics

    For me, one of the things that makes Masons less powerful/a lower tier is the lack of effective 2" melee. Brick and Mallet are good, although their speed and DEF reduces their effectivness, and Brick's playbook isn't great, and Chisel just doesn't do what she promises. If Granite had 2" melee, maybe she would be worth looking at, but her speed plus taking a slot from a 2" melee model (who is going to drop someone like Flint, Harmony, Minx, even Tower, for Granite?) lead to her being the only Mason I don't own.
  7. New Guild ball masons player

    Nice one! Glad to see all the advice helped. I'm wondering what will happen next time you play him - will he be on the engineer's forum, asking for advice against Mason? How will his tactics change to deal with that nasty Honour/Harmony/Marbles death trio? Make sure you post about the Hunters game!
  8. Athena Autumn Open

    Yay! Looking forward to it.
  9. Ox tournament report

    Nice report, always good to see Ox getting some love (hate Fillet so much...). As an Alchemist, Smoke really lets you play the control vs. Butchers - you can shut key players out of the game completely, and it kills the Butcher stratergy. Marked Target from Boiler might be a very useful thing there, just to counter Blind and Burning. Don't know Butchers that well so not sure what other tools they have (Quickfoot/Quicktime? Harry to slow/control vKat?) Johnny Cannon is a great guy to play against, I'm sure he doesn't care how the game ends, as long as it's a good game.
  10. If it's a 'netlist', it is so because it is clearly the best players for the team that work together. Beyond the list is vKat (needs conditions and setup, a liability without), Crucible (only good with oKat, and Compound is more generally useful), Flask (Naja is generally better, but Flask can be good with Smoke, Vitriol and condition focus), Smoke (fun but clearly not as good as Midas, goes well with Flask and vKat), Calculus (not as good as the others on the 'netlist', but Blind can be powerful, and she works well with Smoke), Mercury (Harry has completely taken over his role and added to it) and Venin (just... no). Not sure I like calling certain lists 'netlists', as with such limited player pools and specific interactions, some list are obvious. The S3 Midas list I came to very early on independently, as the interactions are so clear. The same with the Honour Masons list - it builds itself (Honour, Harmony, Marble, Brick as core, Flint and Mallet almost always, possibly Tower for one of them). Hammer Masons are similar (Hammer, Tower, Flint, Mallet, then either Brick + Marbles, or Wrecker + Flex). Those are the teams I have exp with, but other teams have a strong core of good player around each captain - sBricket, for the next few months at least, is almost certainly going to be sBricket, Mist, Grace, Beneditction, Flex, Coin.
  11. Who do you push out for Flask then? Who do you take in that 10th spot? Venin, Crucible or Mercury? I'd never take Venin (everyone else is just better), and I'm not sure where I'd put Crucible or Mercury - I suppose Mercury could go in for Calculus in Smoke's line up, and Crucible might work in Compound's spot for Midas against a not very scorey team, but that's a tricky choice. Flask into a Smoke team instead of Naja is just a toss up - they play differently and support the team in different ways, but don't change how the team as a whole will play (they're mascots...). Danger noodle.
  12. New Guild ball masons player

    Chisel isn't great, don't worry about her unless you somehow have a slot free in your 10. Tower is pretty cool, especially with Hammer. I quite like Minx for a Union slot for Hammer, as she can set you up (Snare, Banshee thing, Marked Target), although the Masons suffer badly from a lack of 2" melee, so Mist could be good as well (although I love Flint for his hard-to-stop goal scoring). Masons often like grouping together to support each other and beat down on opponents. I have found that Honour and Harmony end up as the lynch-pin of the team when you use them - not only can they set up huge goal threat, but linked + Family means you can pile up to 10 INF of TAC 6 attacks into a single model without the opponent having a chance to respond.
  13. Just to make life more difficult - why not Flask? Helps Vitriol & Smoke with his cloud, 2 INF for a charging, multi-wrapped Intensify can be horrendous (Sick 'Em for surprise nastiness), and with the S3 mascot rules, he can be worth sticking in a scrum to threaten the explosion and add gang-ups. Naja is better for a Midas team, certainly, but if you are taking Smoke and vKat, Flask is arguably better (assuming you want some condition based TO's, which you do if you're taking vKat).
  14. 2017 with my alchemists. Git Gud?

    More rain, less sun, that's what we need. Also, good luck in your event at the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing how you feel Crucible goes.
  15. Brewers

    This. vKat is going to struggle against all that Tough Hide and Esters removing conditions for free. oKat can take more of a beating, and that 4" push just clears out sections of the pitch. Add Harry, and the two of them control the pitch with burning, and pushes. If they kill the ball, pull someone in with Harry/oKat and mob them to death with those two + Vitriol or Midas, whoever isn't going after the ball. Compound can move up and help as well - his 2" and Glut Mass can be really annoying.