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  1. And Flask/Mother/Mainspring aren't even animals! whaat?
  2. (Created by Lon Sims) Special thanks to everyone in the Guild Ball Zone discord channel who provided playtesting and feedback for these rules. Ever wonder what your creatures are up to when not with their teams? What Fun does Fahad have in her free time? How does Salt spend his Summers? Well… They play Ball of course! WELCOME TO ANIMAL BALL!! The next evolution in sport which is taking the Empire of the Free Cities by Storm! In this ferocious show of fang and claw - onlookers come to realize just how essential and talented these balls of fur (or scales) can be. The speeds are blistering, the teamwork is crucial, and the brutality is downright lovable. Never so quickly have you seen a crowd go from “aww” to “ouch”! Draft your squad from ALL AVAILIBLE mascots and use your limited resources to pilot your critters to victory. Rules: Animal Ball is played on a 2ft x 2 ft pitch. The proving grounds mat has this built in (demo) If you are using a standard mat, square off the center 2 feet. The front of the goals are placed 4 inches from the back line. Deployment is 6 inches from the back line. Each team is comprised of 6 MASCOT models chosen via Draft (See Draft Section). The game is played to 6VPs. (mascots are still worth 1vp per take out) For a slightly longer game, you may opt to reduce goals to 3VPs. All friendly models count as friendly guild models. NO HEALING via “take a breather lad” or “come on mate”. You may clear conditions as normal. Plot cards are not used in this format. Unless mentioned above, all standard rules from the core Guild Ball game apply. For a slightly more action packed game, you may opt to increase each team’s influence pool by 2 during allocation. (see standard rules for goal influence) Proxies may be necessary. Ensure you and your opponents are clear on exactly which model is what mascot. Write it down if necessary. Drafting: All Mascot cards from the Guild Ball Universe shall be available to draft. Place all of the cards on the middle of the pitch. Roll off to determine who goes first. Bans: Banning a Card/Model removes it from the pool. It may no longer be selected. The first player will Ban a single card. The second player will Ban a single card. Draft: This is a snake draft. The first player will pick a single model, followed by the second player picking two, followed by the first player picking 2 until each has 6 models. Player 1 picks 1. Player 2 Picks 2. Player 1 Picks 2. Player 2 Picks 2. Player 1 Picks 2. Player 2 picks 2. Player 1 picks 1. After the draft is complete. Roll off to determine Kicker/Receiver. The kicker deploys their entire team and nominates a kicker. The receiver deploys their entire team. Kick off and enjoy the game! Tips: The Small field and generally high MOV of mascots make for an extremely dynamic game. Use it to your advantage. The combination of low TAC and high DEF/ARM make crowd outs EXTREMELY important. A low INF pool means Mascots which have free abilities are at a premium. Goals, while worth proportionally more points, are also much riskier due to low KICK stats. Not all Mascots are created equal. Some may seem highly effective versus their counterparts. If you are worried about a particular model – use your ban or make sure to pick it first! HAVE FUN! This is Animal Ball. This is a living rule set hosted here: http://www.guildball.zone/animal-ball/ http://animalball.guildball.zone (coming soon)

    Feedback: Shark vs Fillet. Tried the "alternate-alternate" deployment. Kicker placed, whole receiving team placed, remaining kicking team placed. Turns out this is really abusable because the receiving team can screen off about 12" of the center of the field due to the "cannot be within 3" of an enemy model" rule. I still need to try the kicker starts with momentum rule. I feel like that would solve a lot of the issues I felt on turn 1 of the game when I couldn't respond to a fully loaded captain. In this format, nailing a proper kickoff is probably the most important thing that is going to happen all game.That and deployment are half the battle it seems. I enjoyed it, but I do feel like the receiver is highly advantaged. In a normal game the trade off for kicking is last activation. In this format it is hard to keep that last activation when a captain one rounds your guys before you've even picked up your measuring tape. A couple things that could be played with: 1) Asymmetrical deployment - Perhaps the kicking team has minimum 1 model per line, but gets a flex placement at the end. "An Audible" if you will. 2) "Touching" the line - I think a lot of teams/lists would prefer the option of being deployed slightly behind the lines. So rather than "touching" it could read "entirely within the 18"/10"/6" ". I think this would not only benefit some of the speedier/more fragile teams, but also could help some of the slower synergy based teams.
  4. An excerpt from a young engineer's Journal: Day 1) Final assembly complete. Injection of oils into joints and motors breathe life into the hulking automation. Response instincts appear delayed, but functional. Begin stability tests. Day 9) Hip and Legs are too fragile to support the top heavy frame. Automation repeatedly falls over upon attempted movement. Several metal plates are detached from right shoulder to improve stability. Knee joints reinforced with additional steel. Feet are recast with metal couplings. Day 10) Fluids reinjected. Stability tests continue. Automation walks, but unable to jog. Problem appears exclusive to size. Smaller automations able to sprint in under a day. Day 12) Removed arms entirely. Automation is able to sprint... slowly. Problem located, but unsolved. Day 20) Considering scraping product. Will not be able to replicate the agility of previous designs. Lord requested Power, but what good is a creation which cannot navigate the pitch? Destructive arms incompatible with mobile frame required. Day 35) By chance, received letter from cousin in the mines. Ores sourced from deep within Erskirad range yield interesting properties. May be practical for designs. Have sent coin to purchase samples. Day 42) Refine ore into workable alloy. Day 48) New alloy… seems to attract or repulse other materials? Nearby wrenches will cling. Very difficult to work with, but the property is extraordinary. Day 53) Fashioned a sort of gyroscope out of the alloy. Circular motion when powered by engine hoped to increase stability. Day 55) Device inserted into automation’s core. Fluids injected. When Automation becomes active all nearby tools now cling to his chassis… Fluids drained. Day 56) The Automation carted to nearby woods. Fluids injected. Automation is stable! Repeat. Stability achieved! Core stabilizer appears to center the Automation. Sprinting is developed, but drastically slower than older models. Creation able to fell nearby tree in single blow. Day 60) Lord’s chief engineers will inspect the product in one week. Safety protocols deactivated to spar. Automation is still much slower than previous generation, but has broken several opponent ribs. Day 62) Sparing partner is armored. Each time he attempts to engage - his metallic breast plate is drawn into the automation’s core. Unexpected byproduct of stabilization device. Day 64) Automation introduced to ball. Equally proficient as previous generation. Automation appears to periodically overclock stabilizer to influence the direction of the ball. Day 67) Chief inspects product. Most are impressed by strength and fringe capabilities. Stabilizer is questioned and studied in detail. Master Axle is quietly displeased. Day 84) Have continued working with Automation. Capabilities improve. Awareness of others grows. Plans been accepted and will be considered for deployment. Day 90) Captain Pin Vice has left a note in the workshop. Hip joints appear to have been removed and replaced with a new design. I am instructed to present product to training field in 3 days. Day 91) Field testing. New hip joints softer metal but increase Automation’s mobility by 50%. Day 93) Present product at training field. Master Axle pilots the Colossus. Wishes to challenge the product. Protests are overridden by Captain. Inject fluids. Automation is presented with the ball. Colossus attempts to strike with his greater reach. Drawn in to the Automation’s stabilizer. Neither design gives ground. A leg is able to remove the ball from the Automation. Colossus attempts to shake free. A powerful blow by the Automation cracks an exposed limb. The Colossus is hobbled. It stands and stretches a rear leg to regain possession. The Automation begins to buzz violently, stabilizer overclocking. Half a second prior to Master Axle securing ball a pulse is unleashed from the Automation’s core. Sheer force propels ball into the goal post. Axle dismounts the colossus and can be heard muttering expletives. Pin Vice silences his low cuss. Day 97) Received word the product will be deployed in the season opener versus the Fishermen.

    Just wanted to briefly discuss/provide feedback on my game this week featuring alternate deployment: I didn’t like the theory craft behind the idea of the receiving team not only getting the ball, but also being able to counter place behind the kicker. So we elected for Jamie’s alternate rule set where deployment is Kicker>Full Receiving team>Remaining Kicking team. Played a semi-classic fish team versus Butchers. I ended up kicking off. My basic idea before placing any models was I was going to pooch kick to greyscales or Sakana for a turn 1 goal, followed by a Shark Tackle/Net/Score activation. I wanted to go up 8-0 as fast as possible before the butchers could start laying into me. I placed Shark on the 10” line center . He deployed Princess and Boar on the Midline, Fillet and Brisket on the 10” and then Meathook and Boiler on the 6” line. ***ISSUES DISCOVERED*** with this “alternate-alternate” placement, and the rule of a model cannot be within 3” from an enemy, the Butcher was able to effectively screen off 12” of the center line in the middle of the pitch. This meant 1) Fangtooth could not be deployed in a reasonable location and 2) Fangtooth is actually kind of a junkier choice than I thought because you can’t catch anyone in the stink during deployment. I proceeded to place Greyscales up front wide right, Fangtooth off kilter on the front line. Sakana on the 10” next to a box with Siren and Tentacles on the 6”. I don’t remember the exact sequence of activations, but I do know I screwed up my kick off. The placement looked good, but turned out it was just an inch and a half or so too far out for greyscales to score his 17” shot. I should have measured beforehand and gone for the reroll. Unfortunately this effectively limited me to a single goal on turn 1 and very likely cost me the game. The other thing I recall is feeling extremely pressured by Boar and Fillet early. So much so that I threw my net on my first activation of turn one, but I couldn’t even nab the entire team as I am so accustom. Those guys on the back 6” line are hard to get. Fillet one rounded Sakana way sooner than I expected she’d be able to do so also, which kind of sealed the deal for me losing the 2nd goal opportunity. I had to play the “bank momentum for heals/counter attacks” far quicker than usual. Eventually I was able to hammer home a 2nd goal after Fillet scored, but Fangtooth was doing his job too well and ultimately died followed by a meathook chip shot. Ultimately, I think a lot of my downfall had to do with the kick off flub. I had theory crafted if I couldn’t do 2 goals on turn 1 I would probably lose, and that ended up coming true. The extra pressure without time to really consider my turn 2 certainly threw me off balance as well. I suppose a lot of this could be learned with time though. The butcher player told me he didn’t like being forced to have his support figures so far away from the rest of the team, which I can understand as well. The killing team doesn’t quite have enough time to do their normal quick foots and tool ups etc. Boar was pretty abusable center field all alone. Had I been a more damage heavy team or line up he would have died real fast. Regarding the format as a whole it doesn’t feel like it alleviates any particular balance issue, but did provide a nice change of pace. Should I try it again I'll probably leave ol Fangers at home /cry. I’d recommend everyone give it a whirl. I’d consider running an event based on this just to spice things up, but I really don’t think it’s any sort of panacea.

    Muh reading comprehension Yeah. I don't like that and will be experimenting with and without the "touching" requirement. If you are playing a squishy team you should not be forced to deploy insanely forward. More choice is more dynamic.

    It doesn't say "Have to deploy on the middle line" it says "completely within [18”] of their chosen table edge". Touching the very back of the table is completely within 18 inches. Both of these formations are completely legal. Smoke, as the kick off model, is touching the 10" line. Katalyst and Harry are completely within 18". Vitriol and Smoke are completely within the 10". Flask and Mercury are completely within 6". Tapper and mash are completely within their own 18". Gutter and Friday completely within their 10". Scum and Spigot completely within their 6".

    Well, the format doesn't force you to start up close. Maybe that is part of the strategy. Some team comps will want to hang back substantially when kicking off?

    Not that I don't think brewers like this deployment buuuutt...I've got a turn 1 first activation net and goal to sell you :-) (Point being I think different types of teams enjoy this format differently and possibly equally)

    Oh so you are saying the kicking player is nominated ahead of time, and his placement restricted, but not actually the first man on the pitch? I read it as they had to be the first guy down. Yeah that makes a big difference. Lawyers?

    My initial reaction is this seems super fun and is certainly worth testing, but I do have some skepticism that there isn't a few models out there that just break the format entirely. The more and more I think about it, it actually gets pretty deep. For Scoring teams: If I am kicking off it seems I'll have a really easy time going for a first activation goal, so maybe that makes enemy ball controlling players better by default. If I am receiving it also seems like my ability to score (and score again) is greatly increased. Center linemen (fangtooths/krakens/ghasts/bricks etc) are particularly effective and Benediction could be the king of the middle line. However most of these players tend to be easy to bully due to low defensive stats, and you'll have more players near beaters by default, so losing a momentum race is certainly a consideration. If you can go balls to the wall tempo goal scoring it seems hard, at a glance, to stop it. For Beater teams: Place your slow dudes up front and your faster guys in the middle. Maybe you have a single striker/support model back along with the mascot for ball retrieval. You certainly would need to think about your list if you run an abundance of slowish models because you don't want someone to get left out of the scrum. You also have to be careful because whoever is in the front is an instant target for momentum/damage generation. For example, as nice as it would be to have Ox 1 in the middle somewhere, dude is going to go down like a sack of potatoes if left exposed. Your Boars, Seenahs, Kat 2s are all juicy targets when by themselves. I almost think you have to take a strong ball control model, or striker of your own, to offset the striking angles. Seems harder than ever to stop T1 goals. Mixed teams: Maybe get the best or worst of both worlds in this? Its nice to have a variety of players to fill deployment slots and adjust based on kicking receiving. Still feels to me it is a race for goals, but you have the option to press that advantage yourself while you can? Obviously some sort of combination of the previous two paragraphs depending on your guild/line up. The only thing I really don't like is the fact the kick-off model is the first guy on the pitch on the 10" line and you kind of counter place around that. Feels like a disadvantage, but maybe having a 3rd model "on the line of scrimmage" is strong? I'd rather deploy with this scheme and them nominate the kicker at the end and let that model be wherever they choose to be, but maybe add a rule that they can't cross the half way point before punting it off.
  12. Why would they cut out the best part of the Cast? All that middle stuff... totally unnecessary. Just release that song once ever week or two.

  14. I like what Vince said about SF making the game wider and not deeper. I won't go into this in depth because of my little green tag, but I have a lot of concerns with the 3 "new" guilds compared to the season 1 fare. Moving forward I hope steam forged does a better job creating inter-guild variety rather than CrAzY nEw DeSiGn SpAcE. I think your beloved union might be one of the most "exciting" guilds to own right now due to the vast variety of play styles available. Maybe it boils down to the third and/or divergent captain. Even if Brisket 3 doesn't end up being super competitive things like that generate a lot of buzz. Maybe in Season 4 we can get every team a new cap and a few more players which break the mold a little. I think this is further reinforced by the previous discussions regarding points in other war games. When you've got a set line up of 6 with only 12 or so players... there's only so many permutations to experiment with before the Meta starts to settle on "optimum". Maybe bump me up to 15. Maybe deviate a little from the cannon of what the teams are "supposed to be". Just for example look at the Rookie thing going on in tales of infamy. The Gigantic/Maui goalie dude seems like something I totally wish was in the game. I'd rather have that than some sort of new core rule breaking whatever guild. Also: Animal Ball, the greatest format ever created, coming to a pitch near you in Fall 2017.