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  1. Double Dodge Episode 19 - Raiders of the Lost Tapes

    Really enjoyed the cast guys. Thanks for putting it out there! I also had my wallet ready when winter themed Hunters models were mentioned. I'm all in and they don't even exist yet. I really like the idea of having alternate themes for some or all of the guilds. Also happy to hear that Steamforged are pleased with the alternate deployment so far. Thanks again and keep it up!

    I think one thing you are overlooking in terms of time for the receiver placing all of their models first is also the time for a draft that has to take place in that format. Unless you want the kicker to be able to place the last 5 models in deployment while also letting them cater nearly their entire team to the opposition, you'll have to draft first. A draft, followed by a roll off, followed by deployment is probably similar in terms of time to a roll off followed by simultaneous drafting and deployment. I'm sure that process will take a little time at first, but as players get used to the format I don't see it taking any longer than a normal draft followed by deployment would. In the 2 games I've played so far I don't think anyone agonized too long over who to place where. If it did become a big concern then it could always be done on the clock.

    I played 2 games against Shark with one kicking and one receiving. I feel like with regular deployment Shark has little problem stealing the ball, generating a momentum, then scoring whenever he feels like it benefits him on his turn. Having him start with a momentum didn't really make much of a difference in that regard. With normal deployment, not only can he still steal and score, but until he does I can't attack any of his players, meaning the score is probably 4-0 at the end of turn one and I only generated momentum with passes. With this alternate deployment, I already have models in my threat range, so I generated more momentum than normal and the first turn ended 4-2 instead of 4-0. Shark, Vitriol, Midas, Mist, etc are going to score in this format just as easily as before, but at least you can do more to mitigate it since these or other models will be in in your threat range from the beginning.

    I was able to get two games in today with the alternative deployment. Both games used the alternating placement version but had the kicker start with a momentum. I felt the alternating deployment and drafting as you deployed added a bit of strategy that was really nice for the deployment phase. It was nice to have some decisions to make during that step of the game. After that, beyond the first turn of the game, and really after the first 3 or 4 activations, the game played like a normal game of Guild Ball. I do think having the kicker start with a momentum is pretty important though because without that there could be some pretty rough first turn activations. I was nervous about the Hunters in this format at first since I felt they didn't have great frontline options, but feel much better after today. I used Jaecar and Theron up front in game 1 when I kicked, and Hearne and Theron in game 2 when I received. Having Theron that far up the pitch at the start allows him to threaten Pinned on nearly the entire team and can force them to advance away from your goal depending on who you target. Shark still scored despite that but there aren't any other models in the game I'd really expect that from. Having Seenah threatening models from the start was also a huge boost for the team. I still needed the Fish to miss a goal to pull off the wins though. Overall I loved the format. I'd like to get some more games in against other guilds, but I'd definitely be willing to play this at events.

    If the receiving team is loading up their best beater and completely ignoring the ball with their first activation, is there no way to punish them for this? If you kick off with that in mind shouldn't you be able to collect the ball with your first activation? If you don't score right then you can at least use the ball to your advantage after that. Unless you get a really bad scatter I feel like it should be hard to let your opponent send in a fully loaded beater with their first activation and still allow them to collect the ball. I do agree though that having to suffer through a first activation beating from Fillet, Hammer, or anyone else without any counter play isn't very appealing. I don't think it's game ending necessarily but definitely not fun. What if the kicking team places the kicker, then the receiving team places 2 players, then the kicking teams places 2, then the receiving team places 2, then the kicking team places 2, then the receiving team places 2, then the kicking team places their last player. I'm not sure this makes it better, but it at least gives both players a chance to react during deployment instead of allowing the receiving team to always react to the kickers deployment. It also allows the kicker to place the last model of deployment. This allows them to have at least a slight reaction before the receiver takes their first activation. As it is now the receiver places the last player and takes the first activation, allowing them to set a player up to avoid parting blows and whatever else might get in the way. If the kicker places the last player maybe they can at least prevent the receiver from setting up the perfect first activation.

    Do you think the kicking team starting with an influence would have helped in this case?

    I wouldn't mind hearing what the obvious flaws are. Is it just that now everyone can steal and score on turn 1 or are there others? Honestly, that "flaw" seems like something you might have to plan for and adjust strategies to make it not happen. Maybe that's impossible, but it sounds like something a beta test would be good for. If you feel there are other flaws though I'd like to hear them. I really like this format but want to make sure it's balanced before I go all in.

    My first impression is that this is awesome. I like how it adds more strategy to deployment and player selection. Need to play with it before I decide I like it, but I'm pretty excited to try it.
  9. GenCon Events?

    I haven't dropped out of a tournament yet and don't plan on starting now. Can't wait for this one.
  10. Lists

    I haven't found specific guild match ups I prefer Ulfr in, so really I use him anytime I don't use Egret. I agree Ulfr has some issues, but so does Egret and I hate playing without a striker so I always take one of them. Ulfr is essentially a TAC 6 striker, so he has a much easier time tackling the ball back if he needs to, so I prefer him in games where I expect to need more than a return goal from my striker. Where'd they go has been very useful as well. Egret's goal threat is pretty linear and can't get it done sometimes. Ulfr can escape melee zones and avoid dice penalties much easier than Egret can. So far I feel the teams Zarola can kill the ball against, except maybe Engineers, are just fine with me hiding a player away while they focus on the rest of my team. Zarola doesn't bring a whole lot to the team other than Midnight Offering and defense 5, so right now I'm preferring the choice of striker as opposed to the extra mobility she can sometimes provide. What are you saying Ulfr's core role is and how has he been a liability so far? I'm guessing you mean his core role is scoring goals and his liability is being too squishy. I agree he isn't the greatest goal scorer but he is definitely a threat there. I've used him isolated more toward the wing and that helps his survivability I've found. He can usually handle himself well against just one opponent, but he goes down quickly when he's ganged up on. Usually those one on one match ups are more common on the wing, so that's where I've started playing him. Same goes for Egret really.
  11. Lists

    My tournament 10 is below. I can't go into too much detail right now but will give some reasoning at least. Theron-still prefer him in some match ups, especially Shark Fishermen. Skatha-good second captain Fahad-influence efficient mascot that can do really solid damage. Jaecar-makes all of my line ups. Very versatile. Vet Hearne-has reach and provides 2 influence. Last Light is a great character play and he has a solid support playbook. Has good synergy with both captains. Ulfr-can have our highest kick stat if he does damage and Where'd They Go is a valuable play. Minx-very influence efficient. Acts as an influence battery in most of my line ups and still provides good support with Furious and snared. Egret-has our highest base kick stat and flurry can be valuable, especially against teams that like to bunch up, like Corsair fisherman, some Union, and some Brewers teams. Seenah-consistent damage and reach. Chaska-Boom Box can win games when you need it. I would like to squeeze Snow and Zarola in their somewhere, but I'm not sure who I would replace. Egret is probably the weakest player on the roster, but I'm not sure I replace her with one of these two. The second captain could possibly be replaced if you really prefer one over the other. Avarisse & Greede could take Minx's spot if you prefer them as your Union selection as well. Its still a little bit of a work in progress, but this is probably what I would take if I had a tournament today.
  12. GenCon Events?

    That's great! Thanks for putting in the effort and keeping everyone in the loop!
  13. So quiet here..

    I hadn't even heard about 8th edition so that's not it for me. Kids are both out of school for the summer though so less time to give to the hobby. Lack of new models to discuss keeps things quiet for me as well. Still loving the game though.
  14. Can't justify Skatha over Theron

    I wouldn't go as far as saying there isn't a single situation that I wouldn't prefer Skatha, but I'm finding I prefer Theron's play style at this point. Skatha has a lot going for her but I'm not enjoying playing her right now.
  15. For Fun: Tweaking the Hunters

    I don't know that I've ever hit the 4th column on a counter attack. Maybe once with Jaecar. The double dodge on 2 though has saved me several times.