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  1. Siren, seduction, pass and TO

    You caught me -- the "legal" definition of simultaneous in GB is different to the plain English definition, though, and that's the distinction I was trying (badly) to make. "Simultaneous" in GB means sequentially without interrupting actions, i.e. while they're "simultaneous" any concurrent effects of an event expire before the next "simultaneous" event starts. Let's imagine Jaecar had a CP that allowed him to place a trap, and selected playbook results. He wouldn't be able to claim that the push was "simultaneous" with the and so the trap was immediately triggered; if he chooses to resolve in -> order, then the Push movement is "over" by the time the happens. I've edited to make that distinction clearer above. Also this. A might cause the distinction to be important, but Siren doesn't have one.
  2. Siren, seduction, pass and TO

    When the activation ends, the activating model may take no more actions (with the exception of Run The Length if the activated model is scoring, which isn't the case here). We must still resolve any outstanding effects, including unresolved Playbook results, ongoing effects, etc. (Page 34: "The Controlling Player must resolve..." emphasis added) In short, yes, the goal is scored and the 1 DMG must be resolved. No. Playbook results are resolved sequentially, in the order of the controlling player's choosing. They are not simultaneous in the normal English meaning of the word. (Edited for clarity)
  3. Breach! KD order

    The Knock Downs occur simultaneously, and so the controlling player can decide the order of resolution.
  4. Locking thread, please feel free to continue any non-question discussion in a more appropriate forum.
  5. Correctly answered. TAC determines the size of the dice pool for attacks, but there are other dice pools. A TAC specific modifier only affects dice pools that are generated from TAC.
  6. The ball stays where it is. If the push is not sufficient for Pint Pot's base to clear the ball marker, then he stops as soon as he touches the ball marker. Your way does sound fun though.
  7. cant find it - push outside the field

    Correctly answered
  8. If the ball is placed within 1" of a model that is not Knocked Down, that model may take possession of the ball. The ball does not become a free ball until after this step; as such models within 1" of the ball may take possession before Goal Rats is triggered.
  9. Tough hide and minefield

    Yes. Tough Hide reduces damage from Plays and Playbook Damage Results. Minefield is a Character Play, and so Tough Hide reduces damage from it under the "Plays" umbrella.
  10. Jackstraw Placing

    Correct. "Place" is not movement; Jackstraw wood need to advance or reposition to gain possession, or wait until the beginning of his next activation.
  11. Character Play Cost

    Correctly answered -- ningu@ is most comprehensive.
  12. Crowding Out

    To calculate crowd outs, count the number of enemy models engaging the attacking model excluding the model being targeted by the Attack. In this instance, we'll say Hooper is engaged by Graves and Cosset, and is attacking Cosset. While Hooper is engaged by both, he is attacking Cosset so she is not Crowding him out. If Cosset is knocked down, the Graves is still crowding out Hooper so Hooper therefore loses a dice from his dice pool. If Graves is knocked down, then he is not engaging Spigot and so does not crowd him out. Hooper will not lose any dice from his dice pool.
  13. Rookie League Salvo Questions

    Yes, Salvo can effectively heal [X] DMG split between Mechanica in range as he chooses, where X is the number of enemy models suffering DMG.
  14. Union picks in the current game.

    I like Mainspring for efficiency; the retrieve and kick for zero influence is great, and charge-tackle-kick for zero influence with Overclocked has caught a lot of people out. Mother is great too, but I like the roach more. Colossus I tend to lean away from because I hate the model, but yes, he comes in when I need reach and/or the unexpected arrival scrum-scattering
  15. Union picks in the current game.

    My 6 is usually Ballista, Mainspring, Hoist, Ratchet, and two flex slots of Compound/Velocity/Gutter/Colossus. Most common is Compound/Velocity because I lean to a football game but Gutter comes in against: Fish: 2" melee and better access to the 2/2 or 1/4 game because goal races aren't hugely fun in this matchup Alchemists: Similar, and especially for dealing with unpredictable Butchers: because she tanks well (if she doesn't get finished off in one activation, she can swing four times and Take a Breather for 8 HP back) and Briskets are hard for Engineers to pin down without reach
  16. Anvil and Sledge...a disappointment? Any Tips?

    Drop Anvil, keep Sledge. Hearth can give him Instruction (plus possibly KD his target). He's fairly resilient standing next to a Sentinel and his counterattack isn't shabby with the Knockback push being added.
  17. Thanks @Spinsane, my search-fu was weak.
  18. Union picks in the current game.

    My go-to is Gutter. 2" melee and reliable MOM generation, not-too-shabby kick/goal threat and a stealth tank in the form of Lifedrinker, and she's a respectable battery in turn 1/2 before the ruck starts. Decimate is a close second, but 1" reach leaves her hanging in too many matchups where I want her I want Rage to be the guy because his damage output and MOM generation is so efficient, but bringing only 1 INF means the turns he's NOT in threat range leaves the rest of the team starved. A&G are inefficient and, as you say, slow.
  19. Blacksmiths Kicking Set Play - "Name TBD"

    Alloy is my go-to kicker, and grabbing 2" melee off Hearth makes him an incredible ball-pressure model; pretty sure he's scored first activation in 3/4 games where I've kicked with him Your 6 is my "default" and you've largely described my first turn macro, with the exception that Alloy will grab a goal as soon as it is available.
  20. Millstone and timings

    Yes; it doesn't matter how the friendly model suffers the condition.
  21. Puppet Master & snapping the ball

    Correctly answered by Sid. When affected by Puppet Master, the targeted model becomes the Active Model but it is not that model's Activation.
  22. Millstone and timings

    Good spot, corrected
  23. Millstone and timings

    Spinsane is correct in that in order to be able to choose the order of resolution, they must all be chosen before any are resolved. In the OP's example, the Farmer player can decide whether to use Millstone's ability in the full knowledge of all selected playbook results, but without knowing the exact order of any subsequent results. Once I've selected X results, playbook damage, playbook dodges, and playbook pushes are collapsed into single results of each type to give a set of results I can choose from in any order, resolve, and then select from the remaining set. For example, Strongbox inflicts 8 net hits and so can select 4 results from anywhere on his playbook. He selects . The damage results become a single result, giving a set of results []. The controlling player can choose to resolve any of the results first, any appropriate reactions by the opposing player are made, and then controlling player selects another result from the set of remaining results until the set is empty. This does mean that the order of results can affect the outcome -- a wrapping Gutter can Chain Grab an enemy 6" away before selecting Scything Blow and inflicting damage on the same model because they're now in melee, for example.