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  1. MilitaryCoo

    Back in the conditions

    correctly answered
  2. MilitaryCoo

    Buckwheat- Ass Kicking question

    Ass Kicking can only effect a model Buckwheat is targeting with an attack.
  3. MilitaryCoo

    Hybrid Guild Models

    Lucky is both a Mason and a Brewer for determining if he is a friendly Guild model. Note that "friendly guild model" is a model to model relationship and does not depend on the team captain.
  4. MilitaryCoo

    Impact and Counter Attack.

  5. MilitaryCoo

    Terrain base size

    It's really hard not to use terms with another meaning
  6. MilitaryCoo

    Terrain base size

    As you say The OPD confusingly uses "terrain" in its preamble to refer to both terrain and ground pieces (i.e. all pitch furniture). Obstructions must be 50% of the total number of all terrain and ground (excluding open ground) on the pitch.
  7. MilitaryCoo

    Nocturnal Hunting / Keep Your Chin Up!

    Correct, any subsequent use would not be the first use so the Plan has expired.
  8. MilitaryCoo

    Standard scatter when missing kick

    The "may" in this instance indicates the possibility of other resolutions (e.g. successful kicks are not scattered, "old" Long Bomb) and is not a permissive "may". Kick scatter is used to determine the final landing spot except where otherwise stated.
  9. Correctly answered; moving is moving, even if you end up in the same place afterwards.
  10. MilitaryCoo

    Harriet - Who to replace

    I've naturally dropped Compound when running Harriet; I've been using her as a support piece/battery more than I've used her rather than directly for output. Keeping her within 4 of the captain is tough from turn 2, so for me she's more about being available for True Rep, Inspiring Hat, and occasional influence to dislodge the ball than she is about stacking every turn, so unless you need the counter charge cover she fills that slot well.
  11. Correctly answered. Not moving isn't movement
  12. No worries, you were right at least!
  13. Locking thread -- please feel free to continue discussion elsewhere
  14. MilitaryCoo

    Pit Fall triggering

    No worries; as the rules question has been answered I'll lock this thread -- feel free to start another in General Discussion if you want to continue the conversation/seek feedback from other TOs.
  15. See Page 39 for the Crowding Out rules for Character Plays.
  16. The thread posted in the OP is still the current ruling. Battle reports aren't an official source of rules
  17. Correctly answered.
  18. MilitaryCoo

    Pit Fall triggering

    The Lawyer's Guild cannot tell you how to play if the rules aren't followed; the -2/-2 MOV applies instantaneously when the model moves within 1" of the trap. In cases like this where the rule isn't followed correctly, consult a TO if you cannot agree resolution with your opponent.
  19. MilitaryCoo

    Harriet Playtesting

    Hoist killed Pelage last night by punching Scourge for Sucker Punches and the resulting scatter (from the death of Pelage, who had the ball) dropped at Hoist's feet for a goal. Yay 6 point activations. I forgot to heal both Pin Vice and Hoist so lost 12-10 but if I wasn't an idiot then she would have contributed admirably to victory.
  20. MilitaryCoo

    Major, Minor and Dual Guild players

    As you say, this isn't a rules question, though it is worthy of discussion. Moving to General Discussion for that purpose.
  21. MilitaryCoo

    Taking Flight

    He will always gain Flying, but can choose whether that is before or after an optional Jog.
  22. MilitaryCoo

    Maverick and Singled Out

    Rage can benefit from Singled Out from Grudge Match. Yes, as Maverick only prevents the benefits of plays from friendly models.
  23. MilitaryCoo

    Updraft Duration

    As all questions here have been answered and we're straying into "discussion" territory, locking thread.