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  1. Emerald City Regional

    Mox Ballard Regional cup format
  2. Roller ball

    Correctly answered
  3. Knockdown isn't nearly as valuable in counterattacking as you might think -- the attacking player only has to select a momentous result to make the KD worthless (unless they've already healed/cleared conditions this turn). Pushes and dodges are way more powerful for counter attacks than KD is -- KD prevents counter attacks, but it's not usually a good choice on a counter. KD in S1-2 was so powerful because you could KD someone at the bottom of the turn and they couldn't take first activation without being stranded. Home Crowd makes that much less true.
  4. Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    Due to the way "within" works, it is possible for a model to be completely within Area A and also within Area B. A receiving model deployed touching the center line is completely within their team's half of the pitch, so when snapping the ball they satisfy the requirements of the kick off.
  5. Snapping after being placed

    A model that had been placed has not moved, so cannot snap a free ball. The model would need to advance or reposition after the placement.
  6. Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    Correct. The ball must be completely within the receiver's half of the pitch after resolving the kick off, which includes snapping and any other movement (least disturbance etc).
  7. Tournament list with less used Union models

    It has, which is ANOTHER reason it was illegal. I'm glad we caught it straight away or I'd have felt really bad. I think if I'd come up against more 2" zone then I might have been more inclined to use Mist over Snakeskin. Definitely for Corsair fish, for example. Playing Masons twice and Engineers meant 1" zones were order of the day, so a single dodge was pretty much all I needed most of the time.
  8. Tournament list with less used Union models

    Apologies for the necro, but I think my post makes more sense in the context of this thread than as a thread on its own -- I was going to post a new thread but then saw this one. I've been having Engineers fatigue having played with them since the beginning of S2 almost exclusively, so a couple of weeks back I threw my newly-painted season 1 Union on the pitch (Blackheart, Coin, Gutter, Decimate, Minx, Mist) and had a ball. Last weekend I attended the Wet Coast GT in Burnaby, B.C. so I took the team along. I cheated a little and put Strongbox in the 10 instead of Coin as a cheeky feint to make people think I might play VRage, but my intent was always to play Blackheart. My ten was Blackheart, VRage, Strongbox, Gutter, Decimate, Minx, Mist, Snakeskin, Benediction, A&G. I used Blackheart, Strongbox, Gutter, Decimate, Minx, Snakeskin in every game. Game 1 : Shark Fish. He chose to receive so I kicked off with Snakeskin and stacked her with 4 INF. He recovered the ball and put it on Shark, who Snakeskin then charged for clone, tackled and shot to put me 4-0 up my first activation. He scored back. I saw an opportunity for another goal and took it, expecting the return goal and putting the ball safe for a couple takeouts, but my opponent messed up and left a third goal on the table for me, so I closed out 3 goals to 1. Game 2: Kick-off Masons. Probably the closest game. I kicked off with Snakeskin again. Honour sup-stratted Flint setting up the bottom-of-turn 7th activation goal, and Flint was behind a wall so I couldn't get to him. Flint scored, so I scored back. Honour/Harmony took out Snakeskin (squishy against women), and then there was a ruck in the middle of the field with the Honour/Harmony 1-2 backed up by Brick. I got a little greedy looking for the Gutter-Brick Scything Blow factory and so a couple fluffed dice rolls on my side saw Gutter go down and Decimate in danger. Soon I was 10-4 down but the double activation shenanigans my opponent was using so effectively had him timed out while I was on 17 minutes on my clock. I kicked to a corner to keep the ball safe from a Flint closer and my opponent was very candid and told me I should just run everyone away from his team and wait him out, but instead I made a game of it; I stacked all my momentum generators with INF (to maximise healing) while Snakeskin dodged and jogged up the field with the ball right on the far left flank. She got into range with the score on 10-9 and popped it in to finish. Game 3: Kick-off Masons minus Harmony plus Tower. I was pretty glad to not see the Honour/Harmony 1-2. I kicked with Snakeskin again, and stacked her with 4. He recovered with Honour and unsuirprisingly kicked to Flint and sup-stratted him. We've seen this before. Snakeskin was pretty safe this time, though, so I used Confidence from the Turtle on her and waited until my last activation when Flint had to poke his head out, charging him to TT< out of his melee with the ball, then put up Clone. Snakeskin then activated top of turn 2, shadow-liked to Flint to then Mom-dodge out, walk into tap-in range and then Kneeslider away. He scored back with Flint, who I then took out (squishy vs ladies). He scored again with Flint, while Blackheart and Minx messed around with Tower and Mallet on my left flank in his half of the pitch and Gutter, Decimate held up Brick, Honour in the middle by my goal, and the Turtle gave Flint the choice of staying near the goal and being KD constantly or moving away. I was 8-6 down but Snakeskin had the ball near the goal and Blackheart was standing over a knocked-down Tower on low HP so I could see the 6 point activation. I took out Tower using the last result to double dodge towards Snakeskin, jogged and used On My Mark to have her pass to him for the Tap-in Snapshot, taking me to 12 points. The glory was short-lived, though, as my opponent realised I'd miscounted my INF so didn't have enough to On My Mark. We reset the ball to Snakeskin and he activated Brick, waling out of Decimate's melee to try to KD her (his only option to stop the next-activation goal). Brick didn't like DEF5 standing in cover, and missed the KD so Snakeskin ShadowLiked away and scored the closer. Game 4: Engineers -- Ballista, Mainspring, Hoist, Colossus, Ratchet, Salvo. This is a team that I've played with a lot, so I was pretty comfortable that I knew all its threats. I again kicked off with Snakeskin, and stacked her with 4 INF to threaten scoring. My opponent spotted that, so put the ball to Mainspring on my left flank, outside her 11" threat. He proceeded to drop Blast Earths and generally generate momentum while most of my team was out of range to get anything done (I'm used to dishing it out, but a frustrating experience from the other side of the table). Strongbox put Confidence on Snakeskin again, just for something to do. I saw a path to at least generating enough momentum to get first activation turn 2, and possibly recover the ball, so activated Blackheart, who shadowliked to within 6" of both Snakeskin and Minx (both yet to activate), Legendaried for 2" dodges, putting himself in charge range for an advanced, in-cover colossus, bringing Minx 2" closer to the same charge, and putting Snakeskin close enough to Mainspring to threaten the charge next activation if he didn't do anything about it. Blackheart charged Colossus, who declared a counter attack so BH knocked him down, then swung again for some damage to get Minx the +2" charge. He activated Ballista, sprinting and bonus-timing a deadbolt into Snakeskin to push her back. He hadn't quite done enough to stop her clearing conditions, shadowliking, and charging Mainspring who defensive-stanced and counterattacked. Confidence was helpful again, pushing successes up to enough for the Mom-T< and the goal. Between the Blast Earths and Deadbolt, Snakeskin was on 3 HP, but I wanted first activation so didn't do any healing. Next turn Blackheart used Colossus and Ballista as springboards to get another goal and Snakeskin died for her trouble. I'm a little hazy on the details of what happened here, but top of turn 3 Decimate was standing on fast ground with a clear path to pick up the ball and get into scoring range, so she did. I finished 4-0 having used Snakeskin over Mist every game; I can see the scoring advantage Mist gives, but Snakeskin is way more flexible IMO. The free dodge at start of activation means she is more efficient than Mist when there's no Solthecian around, and DEF5, higher TAC with Momentous T and T<, Nimble, and Clone make her do double duty as scorer, retriever, and ball-holder where Mist is pretty much just a scorer. She didn't really do the DMG game in this tournament, but she has that option too.
  9. Snapping the ball

  10. @MechMage is correct; the target spot for placement of a ball before scatter must itself be a place where the ball can be placed legally.
  11. Correctly answered
  12. Directly Away From a Template

    It is a little weird in that most measurements are from edges, but I think it's clear how it works in practical terms. Locking the thread as the question in OP has been answered.
  13. Harvest Markers on Obstructions

    After speaking with the design team, we're concerned about invincible harvest-markers, and also constricting opponent movement. Markers cannot be placed overlapping obstructions. This will be updated in the next errata, and will go into core rules somewhere down the line.
  14. Directly Away From a Template

    Lob barrel instructs us to push models directly away from the center of the AOE, not directly away from the AOE.
  15. In line with the above ruling given for the same situation with intervening terrain, measure as accurately as possible to determine the ball path and resolve interception as normal.
  16. I'm pretty sure I remember that too, but marking as Checking until I can dig it up and make sure it's still applicable.
  17. On Your Mark

    "Other friendly model" is determined from the perspective of Blackheart. Impart Wisdom changes only the range and LOS measurements.
  18. Harvest Markers on Obstructions

  19. VetKat and Knocked Down

    Correctly answered.
  20. Collected Blacksmith Spoilers

    I've split off discussion to keep this thread just for spoilers
  21. Always two there are...

    I've split this out from the spoiler thread to keep discussion separate.
  22. So quiet here..

    Some of us flew 5000 miles to attend a tournament at EG. You're just not committed.
  23. No. If "Impart Faith" is used, the friendly model within the aura becomes the origin for the purpose of measuring RNG and line of sight, however Grace is still "the model making the Character Play". Similarly, if "Impart Wisdom" is used, Benediction becomes the origin for the purpose of measuring RNG and line of sight, however the model making the Character Play does not change. As such, the two auras cannot be combined.
  24. Wrapping and character plays

    Correctly answered.
  25. Correct. See page 52; the check for engagement is step 2.1 while Unpredictable Movement triggers at step 3.