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  1. Seductive Dread Gaze

    The Aura is friendly to Veteran Siren, and will remain friendly to her regardless of any temporary changes of affiliation.
  2. Honour2 - Fields of Wheat

    I'll just lock this then...
  3. How to use Glide?

    After internal review, we are reversing this ruling. The core rules will be updated in S4 to reflect this, but for now treat Gliding as once per turn per model.
  4. Honour2 - Fields of Wheat

    After internal review, we are reversing this ruling. Please treat Fields of Wheat as affecting "friendly harvest markers" only.
  5. Momentous Inspiration and Sucker Punch

    No. Momentous inspiration requires a successful hit from the character play. A successful hit from a character play requires a TN test for the character play. Character plays triggered from the playbook do not have TN tests.
  6. Confidence vs Diceless Plays

    This ruling stands for confidence
  7. Stats on the Longshanks

    The default is tournament games in the trailing 12 months. There are filters that can be adjusted to change that.
  8. While the wording isn't as tight as we might possibly hope, Decoy will persist until the next enemy TN test is rolled against the model (or the end of the turn), i.e. CPs triggered from the playbook by hitting a different model will not cause the +2 DEF to expire.
  9. How to use Glide?

    Gliding is not an action, so you can do it at any time during your activation, including during an advance.
  10. kick, advance and glide

    You are of course correct; please consider the rolling rescinded. In line with other "turn" abilities like Ooh Ball, Gliding has no effect during kick off.
  11. How to use Glide?

    This is the same as using Take a Breather or Come on Mate to "heal" models that aren't damaged or suffering conditions. There is no rule against taking actions that have no additional effect (see selecting mom results to reapply Singled Out against the same model).
  12. How to use Glide?

    A model may spend my momentum on gliding multiple times, as long as there is momentum available to spend.
  13. Per Perkins, no hat stacking
  14. By the current rules, Harry and Harriet have different names and so can be fielded together. However, we're waiting on a design team decision on whether that's ok. We probably won't get that response until after Salute, so bear with us.
  15. How to use Glide?

  16. kick, advance and glide

    Yes, the model kicking off can use Tilled Earth.
  17. Taken-Out Carriers

    Correctly answered. Search-fu cookies are awarded.
  18. Duelist's Clone

    Correctly answered. Duelists Lunge requires a successful attack. An attack ignored by Clone is not successful.
  19. Seasoned Salt

    The setting is low fantasy. Wot no wolverine?
  20. Reverie questions

    The Sprint and Shot are both separately optional, i.e. you may make any combination of a Sprint and Shot, or do nothing. Momentum costs must be paid as normal as Reverie only exempts influence costs.
  21. Both Avarisse and Greede will suffer the -1 TAC in this case.
  22. Dead Ploughmen Doubling Plants

    Correctly answered. Plays and other effects that require the model to be on the pitch will specify that -- see Pin Vice's Heroic Play, "Mechanical Heart" and "Goad" for example. The only exceptions to this that I'm aware of are Pyromaniac and Carrier, which add conditions in the End Phase.