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  1. Mother Burrow and Line of Sight

    Correctly answered
  2. Placement off of the board

  3. Correctly answered.
  4. Yes. Any Advance can trigger Unpredictable Movement. A counter charge is, aside from the odd timing, a standard charge which includes an Advance.
  5. Unsnap ball off the pitch

    Checking.... Centred is the correct spelling :|
  6. Strictly the Worst: Episodes 27 & 28!

    Where's the thread for Ep29? I have opinions.
  7. Correctly answered
  8. Correctly answered -- there is no Initiative Phase in turn one, so the kicking player does not receive MOM for going second.
  9. GIC interaction with Union

    Kryzak is correct, with the caveat that the benefit will state who is affected, either "friendly models" or "friendly Guild models".
  10. Lucky's Stack the Deck

    @Spinsane is correct on the follow up.
  11. Lucky's Stack the Deck

    Lucky gains the influence, it does not come from the team's pool. Note that as the influence is gained and not allocated, it can take Lucky above his max INF
  12. Match Fixing - Re-roll a re-roll?

    A dice roll cannot be rerolled more than once -- see "collected clarifications" under "Conventions". This ruling does apply to Match Fixing:
  13. Ghost Shot clarification

    I think we all know the answer, but checking...
  14. The score stops at 12

    You played correctly the score stopping at 12 is purely to prevent skewing of "goal difference" in events that use that as a tie break; the score can go higher but is recorded as 12.
  15. Ghost Shot clarification

    Correctly answered
  16. The score stops at 12

    Pretty sure you did the right thing, but checking for now...
  17. Legality of Tater and Thresher?

    No -- models are only considered legal for official events if they are on general release, which excludes models that are available only through limited editions or early access. Some events have exceptions, for example if a model is available as early access at an event then often it will be allowed at that event. In those cases the exception will be laid out in the details for the event itself. As always TO discretion applies so if in doubt, ask the TO.
  18. Old Father's Harvest - New Farmers box

    That would explain why Buckwheat looks like he could eat Seenah and have room for dessert.
  19. SteamCon US Details?

    We're 2 weeks and 2 days from SteamCon UK, but SteamCon US is a month away. Would still be nice to have any details at all, though, I agree.
  20. Goak Kick Least Disturbance

    The ball should be placed according to the rule of least disturbance, and then snap to is resolved per the rules for a free ball. It looks like in this case that would mean a contest for possession between Ballista and Vitriol.
  21. Reinforced Plating

    Yes. Both Reinforced Plating and Momentous Inspiration are triggered on a successful hit. Spending the MOM for RP does not prevent Momentous Inspiration from being used.
  22. Reinforced Plating

    Only Burnish ignores the effects. Pulses and other effects that impact other players are resolved as normal.
  23. Reinforced Plating

    Guys, the thread is marked checking -- please refrain from bumping/replying
  24. Calling All Statisticians!

    I think the key to this will be to decide on a few metrics that describe the relative effectiveness of different teams at different aspects of play. For example, higher average TAC is only superficially interesting as if a playbook is all dodges then the player might get lots of net hits but isn't doing any damage. A stat to represent that might be expected attack dmg, with a separate stat for "expected attack mobility" or some such. "This team has models with high TAC" probably won't mean much to a new player, but "this team is all-out damage/glass cannon" will. Once you have 5 or 6 metrics that capture the different aspects of play, presenting each team as a spider web diagram for comparison would be pretty effective.
  25. Maverick vs Ongoing Effects

    Yes, Maverick prevents any effects from friendly traits or plays (other than Rage's own traits and plays). The Rough Ground is friendly to the Morticians team, in the same way that Harvest Markers placed while a Farmers player is Puppet Mastered remain friendly to the Morticians' team.