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  1. Correct. Chaska places "trap-markers", Jaecar places "pitfall-markers". Mother places "nest-markers". As with any marker, models can move over them but cannot end movement overlapping them.
  2. Correctly answered ; Sid gets a bonus cookie for citing Collected Clarifications.
  3. Big league starting next week at Mox in Ballard. WhatsApp chat for coordination: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IfqMdTYDbsI9zkXwQ7q4Jo
  4. Unsnapping one ball marker has no effect on a model's ability to gain possession of another ball marker in the same turn. "the ball marker" in this instance should be read as "the ball marker [that was unsnapped]".
  5. As per the organised play document, there is no maintenance phase in turn one. Katalyst can rejoice in his good health (albeit briefly).
  6. Correct, any effects from Plays are removed.
  7. 1. Bear Hug is always a Character Play, regardless of how it is paid for. Playbook damage results are only those results that include an explicit amount of damage on the playbook itself, such as 2. Correct - the penalty/bonus is applied immediately when the model is within the area of the effect. If the penalty is greater than the models' remaining movement then they stop immediately. Welcome to the forum and the game!
  8. I think the irony evaporates if you consider why there is a lack of that in GuildBall, and why it's present in other games -- namely that in those games making a suboptimal choice means you'll lose with high confidence, i.e. the spread of strength in choices is high. The spread in GB isn't so high -- a skilled player can win most matches against a less-skilled player even with the "less optimal" guild choices. These stats indicate (albeit fairly weakly) that that is becoming less the case and that the spread is becoming worrisome.
  9. There is no difference between "generating" momentum and "gaining" it. Note the title of the rulebook section, and the wording of the momentum resulting from scoring a goal. In this instance, the enemy team would lose their MP, but the Morticians team would not gain any. (P.S. Thanks for the game today @Saje)
  10. Gut feel yes, but I can't say if they're true outliers because I'm exhausted and a little hungover Alchemists is skewed a bit by the 100% win rate of the Vengeance champion, Hunters by the 100% loss of the wooden spoon.
  11. 5% is just as arbitrary as 10% really. A "proper" test isn't hugely straightforward given the mixed numbers of teams, and the confounding factor of player skill. I'm not saying Alchemists are fine, or Hunters for that matter, but it's not as simple as picking a fixed margin and classifying based on that.
  12. Sounds a bit like analysis paralysis to me; it's ok to make mistakes and you'll learn more by playing two quick games than you'll learn by agonising for 10 minutes/activation. Using the clock can help with that, but it adds external stress as you note, and if the games are running long because of analysis anxiety then that added stress is likely to make the game less fun. Try to agree with your opponent that you're just going to go with your gut and play quickly, doing the first thing that comes to you (or the second, but no more thinking than that); it's a similar idea to using timed activations but without the tyranny of an actual clock.
  13. @kryzak is correct on all points