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  1. You onlay have to pay for one day as its one event. It feels wrong to charge for two if all you are doing is Guildball.
  2. A one day pass is all you need if you are just playing Guildball. See you here!
  3. I find that he is best when held back as a second wave. I use tooled up on models with more threat early on and once the scrum forms he then goes in and does his thing. His threat range is very easy for the opponent to mitigate and once I began to hold him back he really started to get work done.
  4. Fixed the above post as it is in 2016.
  5. Hey, here are some more details regarding the Western Canadian National Championship event: https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/the-grots-cup-western-canadian-sfg-guild-ball-world-finals-qualifier/feed This event will be ran using the "National Cup" format via the guild ball organized play doc. The Main event will start with two games Saturday night and finish up Sunday with rounds until we have an undefeated champion! This is the FIRST event of the Guild Ball World Championship qualifiers! This is a two day event Starting Saturday and ending Sunday. The winner gets a plane ticket and hotel to the UK for the world finales in November 2016. In addition the winner will get their name engraved on the GROTS-CUP trophy which will carry-over year after yepar. ( pics soon ) There is also a Guildball Tourney being ran Friday night by local Pundit Jordan Murphy Please sign up for GROTScon here: http://grotscon.webs.com/registration-accomidations National Championship Format Tournament length - A) ‘A Champion is crowned’. Match Win Conditions - ‘Play to the final whistle’. Round Length - ‘Team Tactics’. Team Roster Selection - ‘Strength in Depth’ (X = 6 models). Match Roster Selection - ‘Move and Counter Move’.
  6. This is a two day event Starting Saturday and ending Sunday. The winner gets a plane ticket and hotel to the UK for the world finales in November. We would love anyone interested to come and play. You won't regret it! For those that play Warmachine we also have a iron gauntlet and Warmachine Weekend quilifier.
  7. VRage
  8. I just hope he kees his hat! I'm interested to read the fluff mentioned on now he becomes captain.