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  1. Will this be on iTunes? That is where I get my podcasts.
  2. I think the change to the ice sponge rule was enough to change his auto-include status. The one less max influence I'm not sure was needed after that. He was very good at taking players back off the pitch after they came back and with more health they didn't do that as often. The few successes I've had with him are in getting balls from different places, and finishing off models when they have 1-3 health left. He's also good at adding to a gang up.
  3. I started all this just as an excuse to put two things I like together: Guild ball and Math, but have found it helps me know what to expect from players during games and I can make better decisions myself. I'm glad to hear about others getting some value out of my articles as well.
  4. New article about Veteran Ox up here. Also, I updated the Brewers articles to include more stuff and wrote a long article about original Spigot.
  5. New article about original Spigot: here.
  6. @ncw103 I'm glad my articles helped you. By the way, I can't help but read your posts in Teddy voice because of your avatar.
  7. Pint Pot and Tapper articles updated with info about momentum per attack and damage/momentum per activation. Information is just amended to the end of the article so check out the links above.
  8. I'm going to start doing more in depth analysis of the players, starting with the Brewers I've worked on. Alex Botts suggested I look at momentum generation expected value and damage for activation as a way to compare players. Hooper doesn't do so hot on generating Momentum without more set up than I would be willing to do.
  9. Now on to Hooper, which I think people might be playing wrong: here. Follow up about how I do the math in my articles: here.
  10. Article I wrote about the math in my articles.
  11. A little peak behind the curtain at how the sausage is made: Explaination behind the math of my articles.
  12. A new article on Tapper: here.
  13. I've run a blog for sometime (mountaineersguild.com) looking at different players and the math behind them. My latest article is about Pintpot, who has me more excited to play Brewers than I have been before. I plan on doing some more articles about Brewers (along with other guilds) in the future. I'll post the Brewers stuff here for those interested. Thoughts on Pintpot: here.
  14. A couple more articles about Morticians in my series of articles. Cosset Vileswarm
  15. Thoughts on Vileswarm: here.