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  1. Mystery box!

    They definitely have second 6x boxes chosen, they are in all the recent newsletters (the October newsletter has The Punishing March for Masons and Sing While You're Winning for Brewers). If they aren't in the shop I assume they will be soon (in the next few months as the case may be). I think that was Rich? That could certainly be a solid compromise, have a few models released in two different boxes but at least they have unique models. That said, I'd be surprised if they made new metal molds for old models without swapping to plastic, since everything else is becoming plastic.
  2. Mystery box!

    Hmm, yeah, she's another orphan in the box transfer. That I couldn't tell ya. Future box of 6 with three other solthecian models (one a mascot)? If that's so it's gotta be pretty far down the line, so dunno what the deal with her is until then.
  3. Mystery box!

    It's clear now that they're switching almost exclusively to 6-model boxes for all teams—even Farmers, which have ten players, it seems like those two "scouting report" models that they hinted at last week are likely 2 new Farmers to round out Thresher's box into a 6x box. I'm pretty sure the days of individual model sales are in the past for SFG, and the plan is to have guilds be packaged effectively in expansion packs—the Solthecian duo are probably still there cause those guys didn't fit into either of the 6x model boxes for Union and they were released so recently that they have a ton of stock. Hunters I'm not as sure about, excess stock maybe? But they fit into the second Hunters 6box so seems odd.
  4. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Thanks guys! You nailed the lineup I played, though if I ran into Brewers or a Farmers mirror I would likely have taken Peck. There would be other situations I would take Peck as well if I could choose mascot after the initiative roll, but no dice. C'est la vie. FWIW I don't really think Thresher needs a nerf, I think I've just been playing against people who are inexperienced in the matchup. Farmers are a weird guild so I think they take weird tactics to beat. For instance, a focus on destroying key Harvest Markers is important, and not always a waste of INF since charges are more likely to wrap against Farmers than any other guild. Holding certain fast players' activations till late in the turn to make sure Jackstraw has to compromise on where to put Thresher's DFT Harvest Markers is a great idea for turn one. Also, I kicked off in 3 of my 4 games, and nobody committed to KDing Thresher—Millstone only stops that if Thresher's counter is gonna save him, and if you can get base-to-base his counterattack won't do much but make you spend Momentum. Finally, 2" melee with a KD (Corsair, Colossus, Tapper, Blackheart) is a good choice against the Farmers in basically any situation. My opponents were all good opponents and caught on to these ideas after the fact I think, but inexperience in a matchup is always rough. I'd be pretty sad if Thresher got nerfed before he even got to see real tournament tabletime, by the way. Especially since I consider Grange a bad gamble with a huge downside in the current OPD—Thresher is the guild's only good kickoff model! I would play Grange when receiving in most matchups if I could choose captain after initiative, but we can't, so I always play the "initiative-agnostic" Thresher. EDIT: Also I'm a lucky duck—I played against Hunters before the errata, and Fish after.
  5. A screaming came across the sky. Ahoy, m80s! Our latest episode is pipin' hot and ready for your consumption. This episode is, of course, dedicated to the errata that dropped last week!! We hope to make up our lateness with high quality takes. Check it out: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-22-errata-oxpocalypse Let us know what you think about the errata! Who lost, who won, where is the game going, and how is it getting there?? Thanks as always for listening, you guys are the BEST You can follow the cast here: Twitter — https://twitter.com/strictlyworstgb Facebook — facebook.com/strictlytheworst You can follow the individuals here: Alex's Twitter — Bottsonbottom.online Pat's Twitter — Scum.online Vince's Twitter — https://twitter.com/TheCurkov Vince's YouTube — Shortened Link
  6. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Alex won 12-0 vs Valorci (Farmers v Engineers). Cheers for the game man! Farmers can be rooough the first time you play them. GG
  7. Immediate thoughts is that Thresher doesn't really have room in his lineup for a Union model, but Grange probably does. Grange, Buckwheat, Tater, Benediction, Millstone, Harrow seems pretty solid if you receive, suddenly the team is a lot better at holding the ball and you get up to 13 INF pre-Harvest so Tater and Buckwheat can pop those things like candy. Good look, makes Buckwheat way faster and Tater way healthier if you can gobble them all up. Also like Benediction for pushing people into Honest Labor if he doesn't have to babysit the ball.
  8. Escalation league kit and 'Lucky'

    Woah neat!
  9. Escalation league kit and 'Lucky'

    I sort of assumed not given you can't straight up buy him, but worth asking: Is Lucky tournament legal, and will he ever become so if he isn't initially? (Hopefully the SFG guys see this)
  10. Thoughts on new Ox

    This seems completely wrong to me. Assuming both players can tell when the scrum will start (they should be able to!), if VRage is gonna win initiative and can get even 2 damage + an engaging model on Ox before the turn starts he should kill Ox with LP at the top of the turn, but VRage isn't threatened by a one-round from Ox unless VRage is within 6" at the start of the turn for Ox to walk up. So VRage has 2" more to play with positioning before the fight starts. If Ox buys a Counter-Attack with his starting momentum so VRage has to KD him on the charge, and VRage doesn't kill him cause he's full health, he probably still does 16 damage (4 damage 4 times) to Ox after the charge, and can push Ox out of engagement with himself. So Ox is KD'd, at 3 HP, has no momentum, and is presumably engaged by a 2" melee model and near VRage with his LP up. Ox can do literally nothing but cast character plays, so someone else on the Butchers team activates. That model can either make Ox a 2+/1 7-HP model or a 3+/1 3-HP model. Trivially removed by most of the Union team under Rage's LP, and if Ox dies before facilitating the death of 3+ models that matchup is completely over IMO. VRage eats Butchers alive right now I think, even more so since Harry is worse and Harry was absolutely the best thing Butchers had to change the engagement combos Union want to set up (especially in Ox since vOx isn't an option).
  11. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Alex (Farmers) won vs John M (Fish) 12-6, 7 T.O.s vs 3 T.O.s Fun game man! Lots of people getting swatted off the pitch lol.
  12. Grange Surprise

    This is pretty clever! I've mostly found Constitution keeps Grange not-dead, but there are definitely situations where something like this can really turn the tide. A less-dicey (but less distance-y) thing I have done is using Millstone's Get Out! to move Grange forward a couple inches in the middle of a fight. Also helps when some teams invariably do a lot of pushing to get Grange just out of melee. EDIT: Oh, since this is a place for keeping-Grange-fighting tech, definitely the most fun thing I've started doing with Farmers is using Grange's LP plus his free Harvest to make a wall of Harvest markers behind him such that he can't be pushed in that direction (technically, has no landing location directly behind him). Particularly great for keeping him engaged with models that rely on directly-away pushes like Seenah, Ballista, and such.
  13. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    Mmm I think Farmers will be top half of guilds for sure, but pretty sure Masons are better right now. I could always be wrong of course, and also the game or OPD could change, but especially with new Hammer playbook I think Masons have a really solid Farmers matchup now.
  14. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    The folks I play with regularly are fairly certain Masons are on the come-up in a big way after this most recent errata. The Hammer changes are solid, not a giant leap in strength at first look but at least a small improvement. But more importantly, I think the guild is suddenly in a great meta spot—Shark got a lot worse and he seemed like a huge problem for Masons, the other top-performing guild went down as well, and Harry was nerfed. Harry being nerfed should be a big deal for Masons, since 5 guilds lost a great player who was good at engaging Countercharge models and moving around Masons so they lost positional synergy, but the Masons never had Harry so they didn't lose anything from the change. It's certainly not as exciting as a new player or a suite of buffs would be, but with Shark and Midas diminished I think the metagame at tournaments will trend toward a place where Masons are among the top two guilds. They have a lot of tools for breaking stalemates and playing a mixed game with defensive tech that other fight-y teams—like Butchers and Brewers—will struggle to consistently overcome.

    Glad the alternation is back, and the "snake" draft ensuring kicker gets last model chosen/placed feels very good. Just off the top of my head this version feels like the most balanced between the advantages for kicking and receiving. Happy to test the 2" separation but I think it might have to go back to 3" because of Mallet and Thresher in particular, plus Shadow-Like models (though Obulus, Blackheart, and Mist could already do that with 3" I suppose). Think I'll be able to get at least one game of this in tonight. In particular I'm curious to see if once the snake draft is in, blocking off a big set of the middle of the pitch is even really that good of a strategy? It was egregious before this change, but with the change to Greede/Memory 3" separation might be fine again.
  16. This was definitely one of those games where my constant-string-of-senseless-insults switch was flipped on after I realized how this game would go. Vince is a champ
  17. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    There's a beta of version 7 that has Farmers (though the token set is incomplete). I've been using that, my opponents so far also had it. I'd link you but I'm on my work computer—it is on Facebook in the vassal group I believe.
  18. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Alex (Farmers) won 12-8 against Dave (Union). GG dude, a few fumbles on both sides. Also I'm a dirty cheater for playing an unreleased faction. Look forward to more
  19. Advice with Vet Rage!

    Sure. I think that's fine when receiving, versus Shark or any team. The thing that is mandatory about Mist is when you are the kicker.
  20. Advice with Vet Rage!

    Always kick off with Mist. For me this is effectively non-negotiable with the current Union options. No other model in the guild (except possibly the two non-Rage captains, but even then I think Mist is a better kicker than both by far) really properly threatens anything from a kicking position. As the kicker you need pressure from your kickoff since the opponent has the ball advantage and time to set up. Only Mist helps that. My chart shows choosing Minx while kicking sometimes. I think in retrospect that should only be an option if you also take Mist. Might edit chart like that. Accidental hole in the chart.
  21. Advice with Vet Rage!

    Red Fury doesn't spend INF to make an attack, it spends INF on a character play, then someone makes an attack. So it doesn't trigger Fear. Harry with Crazy and Heroic and a couple Gang-Ups should typically do more damage than Rage. Any time Harry is more likely than not to wrap, he does more damage. A good rule of thumb is if Harry, Gutter, or Minx (or more niche picks like Decimate) are likely to wrap, Heroic + Red Fury them instead of attacking with Rage. Rage is usually less like to wrap than those guys, and as long as they are wrapping they do both more damage and get some other side-effect (KDs, Snare, Banshee, Scything Blow, Life Drinker), whereas Rage's damage will almost always just be damage. And yeah, as @Frostmane said, vRage is a support captain. Or maybe it's better to think of him as a "beater-team captain" where both he and his team become excellent at fighting, not really sacrificing one strength for another.
  22. Advice with Vet Rage!

    Here's a rough decision-making set for drafting with vRage Captain -> vRage Mascot -> Strongbox always (used to think Coin is good for Fish, now I basically think it doesn't matter which there and Strongbox is better everywhere else) Harry -> Harry Striker: Kicking off, or receiving versus teams you want to kill the ball against? -> Mist Receiving versus mixed teams or comparable-strength fighting teams? -> A&G Tertiary Core Player: Almost every matchup? -> Gutter Playing versus a coach you perceive to be better than you, and who is playing a beating or mixed team? -> Whichever striker you didn't choose. Playing versus a coach you perceive to be better than you, and who is playing a scoring-only team? Support Player: Against a team that likes to travel in large packs? -> Benediction Against a spread out team without too much Unpredictable Movement? -> Minx Rage has flexible drafting outside of the first three slots above, and in general should be responding to where you think your opponent will be putting pressure. A lineup of Harry, Gutter, Benediction, and Minx should be able to kill the ball very well versus Shark, for example, while the same team but Mist instead of Minx puts a ton of fighting-and-scoring pressure on mixed teams and can probably overwhelm the center of the field. And then, a team of Harry, Mist, A&G, and Gutter or Benediction can go for a 2-2 victory when you receive, if you want to outrun an opponent you're worried will make better decisions in a drawn out fight. Using Red Fury is a kind of complicated set of decisions and I think can take a lot of planning to use properly. Benediction definitely helps make this more flexible so he should be in a lot of your games while you learn to fight with Rage. A very basic vRage activation should be: INF 1: Red Fury Harry or Benediction to push target into Charge path and/or KD target MOM: Give self Heroic FREE: Charge INF 2-4: Attack until dead But here's some quick tips for doing fun stuff with vRage - Always keep your fighty dudes (especially the 2" melee ones) engaging targets near Rage, so if Rage kills somebody faster than you expect because of good dice Rage can at least spend his remaining INF to generate momentum. Rage should almost always get four INF, only not if he can't reach anybody or is guaranteed dead, because he very rarely can't use INF at all. - Red Fury Gutter to Chain Grab a target into Rage's range or path - Charge to a target engaged by Gutter, then put Heroic on Gutter and Red Fury 4x times to heal Gutter while doing damage (she still benefits from Life Drinker off of Red Fury) - In a situation where Strongbox and Rage would both benefit from 3 or more Gang-Ups on a KD'd target, Strongbox with Heroic has a higher expected damage than Rage. So Red Fury the turtle, and make sure to put INF on him if there's another target close by so it can benefit from Heroic more (Sick'Em doesn't hurt either) - Red Fury on an engaged Minx can very often help Minx disengage, and sometimes also set up Snared on a target out of Minx's activation which makes your condition game a lot better. - Rage is only super efficient if he gets his charge every turn, so do your best to make sure that happens. He also puts out very predictable damage (with Heroic up, probably 4xINF + 4-or-a-KD from Charge), which means it should be easy to calculate quickly whether he needs his heroic. If he's going last in a turn and you're already winning the fight, don't put up Heroic unless it guarantees you a crucial kill. - Like all beater captains, Rage wants to win a fight and then keep his opponent out of the game as they try to get back on the field. So hold kills till the tops of turns whenever possible. Keep in mind Rage (especially with Benediction) is particularly flexible at this: if you leave a target on 1 HP, he can Red Fury a friend from far away to finish off that target, gaining momentum for Heroic, and then go smash somebody else's face in.
  23. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Alex Botts (Farmers) v Sam Lillie (Hunters) 12-2 to Farmers (5 TOs + 1 Goal vs 1 TO) GG dude! Thanks a ton, fun game
  24. Догађај о којем се дискутује у овом лексикону догодио се негде у осмом или деветом вијеку GOONS! We have a new episode for you today, a day late and a dollar short. We talk about the new Alternate Deployment format and its possible effects on the game, and then fill the slow-news summer with a game of 20 questions. Take a quick listen right here: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-21-20-questions Of course, on the day we release it, this fucking joker @Jamie P had to go and change Alternate Deployment. >:( As always, hit us up with your thoughts, follow-up questions, etc. in this thread or elsewhere! Tell us why we're objectively wrong. Thanks friend-os You can follow the cast here: Twitter — https://twitter.com/strictlyworstgb Facebook — facebook.com/strictlytheworst You can follow the individuals here: Alex's Twitter — Bottsonbottom.online Pat's Twitter — Scum.online Vince's Twitter — https://twitter.com/TheCurkov Vince's YouTube — Shortened Link

    So is this meant to be an actual alternate format for experienced players, or just for intro games? Seems like a good spot to put introduction/inexperienced games in, but I don't know that I'd choose this over the normal GB game if I was playing against a player who knows the game.