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  1. I've just started using Unions and reviewing each player that the Guild have to offer. I'm looking at Hemlocke and find it hard to see her fitting in with the three captains. She may have a use with the Alchemist, but since Unions generate a lot of Momentum I don't see Smelling Salt as much needed compared to V.Harmony for the Masons. I know she was nerfed since S1, is the 2" melee that powerful with her? I want to find out if people have some good advice or successful stories in using her.
  2. That can be said for a few Union players.
  3. @MechMage I see what you mean, though with two mascots offering buffs to assist on her TN test, it means more work to get her doing what you need. With her low Wounds and 6" Kick, I wonder if she is a viable goal threat. I like to use her Blind on enemy fighting models and her for potential goal, either scoring herself or passing to someone for a snapshot. She's a puzzle to me.
  4. I played my first game with Unions against Tapper Brewers and managed to win a narrow 12-11 (2Gls:2KO). My list was: V.Rage Coin (No turtle) Minx A&G Harry Decimate I found Minx and Decimate contributed to this line-up quite well. The aim was to have Minx partner V.Rage to start off damage output and for Harry or A&G to finish anything off. Decimate was the lurker for goal opportunities or if influences were available to get some hit in for momentum, ready for initiative roll. The double dodge and tackle in Decimate playbook is great and I manage to score from this. I feel Minx compliment V.Rage quite well. If both are in melee range of an Enemy model, V.Rage can use Red Fury on Minx to get the Snared in, or Minx loaded with 2 influence can try and get attack dodge out of the way and then use furious in again. I haven't tried the crazy bitch Gutter yet with V.Rage. I feel Union have a strong lineup due to the changes to Minx, A&G and Harry for S3. They're are likely the foundation for my line-up.
  5. Is this before the new Organised Play? I guess playing Hammer against Shark Fishermen will be difficult.
  6. Thanks again @Henry. Much appreciated!
  7. Hi Just needed some clarification on dodges. Can Dodge change direction at any point for the following: Acrobatic Where'd They Go Playbook Playbook Wrap - Knee Slider. Run the Length. Thanks!
  8. I cannot see varnish doing much good to prevent model parts from bending, apart from protecting the paint. I have Decimate and her rapiers can be bent by force if you let it. If you are concerned models parts being bent when in transit, then it's really down to how you protect it. For my models I have plenty of decent foam to protect them!
  9. Hi Henry Thanks for the swift reply. So even wrapped playbook dodges can change direction? So I can keep changing directions with WTG every half inch if I wanted?
  10. I play against a friend who use the Tapper's Brewers with effective results. Their killing quartet is Tapper, O.Spigot, Hooper and Scum, then you have Friday and the last place can be anyone. They have really good synergies between each and are quite mobile due to their long melee reach. As long the quartet stays in close proximity of each other, to benefits the modifiers, they can quite easily take out a lot of your opposition models down in one turn. If they start a scrum, Friday will be most probably lurking, to threaten on goal, depending on whether she has the ball or not. Whilst the sixth player can either help with the fight or provide another goal threat. I haven't seen Brewers play before until my friend starting using them and optimise the abilities they have. I feel they are very strong team once you understand the synergies between the models. The Cat is a nightmare, even more so if it has Sic 'Em. I definitely feel they are right for this Season's Meta if you play to their strengths. They have enough capabilities to control and dictate a game.
  11. Loved the Double Dragon theme tune. Another great episode!
  12. @Nykolae I meant what I would have like to see her at. Or giving her Brace would be great as well, just to be defensively annoying.
  13. Lol. Haven't really looked at A&S cards. Oh well, Masons are a little less special.
  14. I hope they will incorporate the Forge Blower for a character. A 10" flamejet!!
  15. If you prefer to proxy the Original Rage model with the Captain Rage model, you can ask if your opponent is happy with that. You definitely cannot use the Captain Rage States Card for your Brewers.
  16. Great stuff again. Really enjoying what you are doing with your channel. A few players now can go for the first activation goal, though most of the time it will be against players who have not experienced this. This is a big trade off, as you are likely to sacrifice the goal scorer, based on whether they get away from possible threat range or they miss the goal. Also the receiving player may bunch up their players if they see a certain model is kicking off, but this gives you the opportunity to kick into the wings.
  17. I think due to Brewers base movement and reach they will can quickly gang up on your isolated players. The Brewers themselves have good goal scorers so if your team is two spread out, you're inviting their team to score. I did try a footballing side against the Butchers ages a ago, but looking for the third goal could be quite difficult as they gradually grind down your team. I personally would not replicate the Fishermen footballing style with the Masons. Best to give it a try. A&G are good to have for this as well.
  18. I guess, when SFG wanted Masons to have high ARMs, than other Guilds, the design concept would make sense to have them wear a lot of armour. So art direction the Black Smith and Masons will look similar. Look at Tower, he looks like a Black Smith. Design wise I'm unsure what concept you can come up with to make them look interesting. I feel the Farmers looks kind of boring as an art point. With the release of Anvil and Sledge they look interesting between their interaction and if there are further Masters and Apprentice it will be very interesting how they all incorporate as a team. Whenever I play Masons against people, they highlight the annoyance of the 2ARM. I feel the high ARM is part of Masons identity, and hoped with Granite they expand on this, with base 3Def and 2ARM and also Determination, which brings her 4Def and 2ARM. Is this over the top? Yeah could be, but it is Masons' trait amplified. But another negative trait people identify is their slowness, Mallet, Brick and Granite, you really have to make them move. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Masons are the only Guild that have Knock Back, in Hammer, Brick and Tower, which is a brilliant trait to have and hope none other Guilds will have it! I haven't really mastered the Masons, compared what the pro players can do, but always felt they are a team that should soak up some the pressure and explode with their quick players for the counter attack play.
  19. I guess like all gaming communities if there is hype on a specific faction people generally steer towards that faction. An example can be seen from the Hunters, I know a few people decided to use Hunters in Vengeance due to the new models, also a tournament I attended two weeks ago majority of the players used Hunters, which they normally wouldn't have. Though have to say the people using Masons did very well! I feel majority of people don't really see the potential of Masons. They can be quite hard to master, but this is due to the de-buffs other teams can apply to them. I would like to see some modification to Chiesel and V.Harmony. With those two, I feel you're using them to react to what your opposition will do. Just need to bring some positive Hype back to the Masons.
  20. He just bruise easily.
  21. I tried out this team yesterday, against an Esther's Brewers and they were fun to play with. I've only ever used the Masons, so took some time in adapting to the new players. I used: Thresher, Buckwheat, Tater, Jackstraw, Harrow and Millstone. Thresher is an awesome Captain due to his speed and reach, though I still manage to miss a goal with him! Having enjoyed playing with Mallet with his 3" melee, Thresher is even better because of his 7TAC, 5INF and momentous playbook. There are some interesting interaction between the models. In our 2nd turn, my opponent went for a first turn goal activation, after winning initiative. He charged V.Spigot into Harrow and now within 8" of goal range. I decided to Counter Attack. He picked KD and 1DMG and at this point Millstone was just within 6" of Harrow so she took the KD condition and allowed Harrow to CA, which I decided to push him an inch away from his goal threat. So now V.Spigot cannot go for goal, instead of passing the ball back to his team mates he decided to attacked Harrow. Following that, n my activation, Thresher was already starting 3" within V.Spigot, I had 5 influence on him, so decided to spend my first 3 influence to attack V.Spigot. In the second attack I select Tackle but forgot V.Spigot had Close Control, which meant I had to waste my third attack for another Tackle. With my remaining Influence I sprinted clear and went for goal. I had no Momentum to Bonus Time and so went for the three dice kick, my return was 3,1 and 3, so Thresher failed miserably! I lost the game 12-7, Thresher eventually scored! I had fun playing with them. Though against a more fighting team I can see the them going down quickly, if you don't make the most out of your initial damage output, which Tater and Thresher can dish out. I felt I played Millstone quite conservatively, but if she was Tooled Up and had Ganged Up assistance she can support the fight. I had fun blasting those Harvest Markers out, and from each turn they were quite easy to dish out, especially with Jackstraw. With Harvest Markers about you can see how you can accumulate a lot of influence for your next turn. This line-up was definitely enjoyable to play with, I'm glad SFG gave some traits with 6" spread, so the models aren't that restrictive as where they should be.
  22. I played against an opponent who had similar line-up, but had Friday instead of Mash. I lost 12-10 as I tried to go for the third goal but forgot both Scum and Mash have UM! With a Tapper line-up, they are definitely looking for a fight. I think your line-up is a good match for his Tapper line-up. If Flint have ventured that far up field I guess you will have to sacrifice him and lure some of the enemy models to him, so you can set up attacks on one of his models. I have found out Tapper, Scum, Hooper and Spigot have great synergy between them and are a killing force. I would use Brick or Tower as the bait for him to engage you and then try to have tooled up for your next attack with Mallet or Honour. If Marbles can get in there to Assist Honour even better. For that Brewer's brawl to get going, most of the time they will need Tapper to activate first, to take advantage of Commanding Aura and Old Jake. Instead of spending too much resources of retrieving the ball, after your first goal. I would focus on taking out his players. That's my 2 cent anyway!
  23. Yes I guess they can sprint out and in by a small amount to declare the Harvester Markers removed. Like you mentioned, it best to place the markers where they have to work for it.
  24. With Jackstraw's Crop Dusting, I guess it would be best to place the Harvest Markers in base contact with enemy models so it will be difficult for them to get rid off.
  25. Hi, From the Arc details, does the miniboss make any attacks? What is the difference between Green and Black Arc. In the book I know Black Arc is normal, bit what does normal mean?