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  1. Lucky

    Really looking forward to see how Lucky will interact between Masons and Brewers. From the playbook he looks like a Midfielder in similar vain to Tower. I hope he provides something different to the team in terms of Plays and Traits. A Momentus damage on a fourth column which is rare for the Masons! Can't wait!
  2. Brick or Tower

    From using Brick you really have to be on top of your positional game, as there are ways to mitigate his Counter Charge. Some opponents may take advantage of the Counter Charge and lure you into using it, which may open up their game. Brick is essential in my line-up and I feel he has improved my in the positional game, it's not good anyway! I try to use Brick to soak up enemy attacks, though you don't want him to be isolated. I wish Brick has a push in his Playbook to make counter attacks more viable. With Tower he can be very good with his counter attack with the push and a Knock Back. I haven't really been using him, since I enjoy having Mallet and Granite in my line up. Tower will give you that offensive and defensive option to turn the game. I need to use him more to utilise his options.
  3. Lucky

    "Lucky Bastard" a play to give a target 1 extra TAC.
  4. Lucky

    That's the thing, it will be hard to fit him in existing line up, so I hope he has some funny Plays that worth using in casual games. Be rude not to!
  5. Cards design idea

    I like this idea. Will try it to see if it's good for me. At times I have difficulties viewing the playbook and need to count across to make sure it's correct. Have the same issue with viewing dice as well, but that's a different matter!
  6. Hammer Rises! - July 2017 errata

    That'll be great!
  7. How to pull your punches?

    I hope in the future there is a player called Stoner.
  8. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    Yes I know what you mean. When I first used her against Brewers I saw how easy it is to take her down. Though this is true if to any players once you have negative modifiers against them. Against Ghast I manage to remove him in two activation with Mallet and Hammer and then Hammer moving on to kill Cosset. Granite's selection will be dedicated by the opposition's Guild. She will be hard to operate if you're playing against ranged Plays. Depending how your team laid out you should have protection between Granite and Brick and have another player and mascot in support, to reduce any ganging up your opponent imposes. I've just been really enjoy using Granite at the moment and she has done well for me so far. Touch wood!
  9. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    That is why Dan is the Masons Champion! I'n loving Marbles at the moment in either both Captain line up with Brick. I tend to use Goad a lot. I got quite ambition in a tournament and tried to Goad a kick off Vitriol but rolled a 4, which was funny. In another game I Goaded V.Rage so he didn''t get into the mix of the fight, my opponent had to use resources to take out the Monkey whilst giving me Loved Creature. Currently tend to use Brick and Granite together a lot more. Brick is always a magnet of being hit but this will help Granite trigger Between a Rock. I'm gradually getting used to Hammer. I'm loving the damage output, in my last game I got him to take out Ghast and Cosset, helping me win the game 12-11!
  10. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    I feel her traits really compliment each other. With Foundation it really helps her with the initial 1st turn. Between a Rock and Sturdy gives you an option to move away from a KD part blow if you want. So she has a lot of movement up her sleeves if needed, especially with the Captains.
  11. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    Masons definitely have great synergies and between Captains, Mascots and players. My only difficulty is finding space for one of the Harmonys in my list of ten. I hardly use V.Harmony but want to include her based on the possibility of facing Smoke's Alchemist. A few people have found V.Harmony great and a battery for Hammer, but as of yet I haven't figured her out. I feel O.Harmony is fine as she is, and the argument will always be her being ignored in a Hammer team, but with Honour she is such a powerful game mechanic that it's good to have that decision in the team. I have been using Granite in my last few games and she has been great. The more I use her the less I feel her movement is a constraint, but this will depend on the Guild she is playing against. I even tried A&G in a Honour line-up, but they didn't do anything as Granite and Brick did majority of the work for me. Masons are a top Guild despite what some might think. I had a smirk last night when Hammer took out V.Rage with 4 influence with Iron Fist. KD, 5dmg, 5dmg and 7dmg, Boom!
  12. Scout Report

    On top of the arm it looks like part of a Solthecian mark.
  13. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    The Kick Off Masons set is definitely an amazing team. A member from our gaming club, who has been using Alchemists for the last two years, has recently switched to the Kick-Off Masons and he is loving it. He prefers the synergy Masons gives than what the Alchemists can offer. I was planning to switch to Unions, but have recently enjoyed playing with Hammer and using Granite in both Honour and Hammer like up. I feel people are getting to grips with the Masons now. There are more people using them in recent tournaments and doing well as well.
  14. Hammer's melee output

    @Mako please lock this thread. Doesn't serve any purpose at all and doesn't help anyone looking into using Hammer. From the sound of Korak he enjoys his self indulgence of trolling.
  15. Hammer's melee output

    Korak doesn't disappoint in liven things up in the Masons forum. Every time changes are made he has some left field opinions. Theory crafting is all well and good if you don't have examples to show. At least Dan has a proven track record.
  16. Hi In a recent game of Masons (A) vs Masons (B). I had a situation my opponent felt I cannot carry on an action as since they felt it was out of the action sequence. I'll go through the matter in points. 1. Harmony(A) ended a move which triggered Counter-charge by Brick(B) and Marbles(B) 2. Marbles(B) moved into Harmony(A) which triggers Counter-charge Marbles(A) 3. Marbles(A) resolves attack. 4. Marbles (B) resolves attack on Harmony(A) 5. Question here - can Brick still resolves his Counter-charge? My opponent said it should have been resolved between step 1 and 2. Bit convoluted, hope it makes sense! Cheers
  17. Counter Charge Sequence

    @MechMage he thought once his Marbles resolved its action, Brick's action was forgone, as he thought it should have been done between steps 1 and 2.
  18. Counter Charge Sequence

    Yes. The declaration for Brick to Counter-charge against Harmony was made. Though my opponent felt once his Marbles had Counter-charged my Marbles I could not go back to my action. Thanks @LeadDiceandBeers
  19. Hammer's melee output

    Are you playing Hammer without 5 other models?
  20. Hammer Rises! - July 2017 errata

    Hammer could be one dimension, but a lot of top Masons players have been using him over Honour. I feel this change, especially with the additional 2" rng for his plays has made him even more powerful. Even though his is more streamlined to make it new user friendly, he still require a higher learning curve than Honour, due to how you position the other Masons models. Love what SFG have done to him, especially the T/KD on a two.
  21. Lineups against specific Guilds

    Hi Do people have different starting 6s against different Guilds? I have been using the Kick Off six for a while, though not being a proficient player my execution with different lineups differs to how I had planned to use them. Wanted to get a general idea of what players should play against specific Guilds and which players should avoid against them. Thanks.
  22. Is the Civil War fluff still available somewhere?

    Thanks - found it. http://guild-ball.wikia.com/wiki/Butchers
  23. Is the Civil War fluff still available somewhere?

    Is the Butcher's Civil War fluff still available? The link is dead.
  24. Hemlocke in S3

    I've just started using Unions and reviewing each player that the Guild have to offer. I'm looking at Hemlocke and find it hard to see her fitting in with the three captains. She may have a use with the Alchemist, but since Unions generate a lot of Momentum I don't see Smelling Salt as much needed compared to V.Harmony for the Masons. I know she was nerfed since S1, is the 2" melee that powerful with her? I want to find out if people have some good advice or successful stories in using her.
  25. Grace's Purity

    Hi I wanted to check if Grace's Purity can remove Tower's DtG and Granite's Tar Pit. Thanks.