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  1. Are you trying to post photos or a video? Nothing is showing
  2. Come on lads, we're better than the block headed drunks. Support your Guild!
  3. Latest Union in Chains Masons vs Brewers result

    If she is better than Granite she will be very good! Still a big fan of Granite.
  4. Hi I'm playing Fishermen in the Escalation League, hoping to learn about the Guild and understanding just the dodge and football mechanic of GB (I mainly play Masons). Currently, my challenge is finding that third goal, with a Shark lead team. I use Sakana, Jac, Sakan, Siren, Greyscale and Salt. The first two goals I find it quite easy to come by, with the reliance of potential snapshot, but when it comes to the third I feel my team starts to wear down, especially when the opposition have started taking my models out. I'm having fun with Shark and learning from my mistake. I wanted to see with a Shark lead team how do people plan for the last goal. With my Masons team I like to goal for 2-2, but with Shark I see this as a rarity. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  5. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    Normally aim with Shark for the first goal, which has happened in my last two games, when Shark scores first. First goal can be either Turn 1 or Turn 2. I normally try to run him away when he has scored, but thinking about it if the opposition doesn't have many models left to activate I can l have him near the centre and activate his Legendary next turn. End of first turn I try to go with a diamond shape, having two wingers pushing forward, someone at the back and front.
  6. Week 3 of the Escalation League, second game. First to 10VP. The Fishermen showing their support for the Masons. Fishermen vs Brewers. Fishermen started strong by scoring a goal at the start of second turn, with their talisman Shark showing he is the best striker in the game. From the Goal Kick, Lady Esther was able to retrieve the ball and score to make it 4-4. The Brewers knowing the goal threat of the Fishermen played the beat up game by sending Hooper and Stoker to do the dirty on Jac. Second goal came from Shark, again showing his ability in front of goal. The game ended with Stoker taking out Sakana, having seen Siren and Salt removed from the field. The Fishermen cannot find the means to get the final goal.
  7. Masons Decimate

    She's got the Masons gear down to a tee. I wonder what kind of Traits and Character plays she will have. Would she be similar to Chisel? Hope she still has Second Wind. Thousand Cuts and Anatomical Precision are definitely out.
  8. Masons took one from the Brewers

    Use https://imgur.com/upload and use insert other media to upload the picture's URL.
  9. Good jobs guys. I enjoyed the double commentary, just to get a view from both players.
  10. Masons Decimate

    I see positivity amongst the Masons forum again. I appreciate people have their opinions on the design of the model, but a big Guild Ball event like this and seeing people's attitude for the Guild they support it's quite surprising. Here's a new model potentially for the Masons and people are already negative in obtaining her. I know some people have said that the Guilds that loses the event may still have a new character, but how long do you think that maybe? There's been a number of times when SFG have released a new model designs and people have complained, only to see the physical product is actually very good. I'm still rooting for Decimate for the Masons. Only the faithful.
  11. Esters Brewers see off a Solthecian influenced union

    If this the Wiki1979 I know, picture needs to be submitted or report is void.
  12. Masons Decimate

    I know what you mean. I think being a Veteran player they need her to have a drastic change. As a Union she didn't have a Guild identity. Also since Masons still have access to Union Decimate we really want to new model that differentiate what's already existing.
  13. Third week of Escalation League. Greyscale showed his support for the Masons, took on Smoke's Alchemist. First turn, the Fishermen were not in the game. Having received the ball Jac, Greyscale and Sakana managed not to get a successful pass. They left it to their main man, Captain Shark, to show them how it's done by making a successful pass, having to retrieve the loose ball. Smoke played the condition game, wearing down the Fishermen. Shark's team persevere and the Captain scores, not long after that Shark showed his goal scoring prowess and scores from a Snap Shot. GOOOAAALLL!! The Alchemist did not let the Fishermen's 8 goal lead perturb them. Vet. Katalyst came charging and took advantage of the opponents that were on conditions. Jac was the fist victim and then Sakana. The Fishermen were finding it difficult to hold down the ball to get the next goal, trying to finish the game at 10VP. Eventually Shark died from the beast, Katalyst and then Vitrol got the winning goal.
  14. WTC Streams availability?

    Hi Will the WTC videos be available again to watch? Went to SFG' Twitch account and no videos are available.
  15. Masons into Morts

    Are you having tough match up with both Mort's Captains? What difficulties do you have against them? My games against them are hit and miss. I try to take out the captain if possible, but both Obulus and Scalpel can be elusive. Morts normally go for the killing game, so either they will retain the ball or you'll do that and go for the killing game. Obulus can be a big goal threat but if he goes for goal, he might be open to be attacked. Most of their players are quite easy to take out, if Ghast was playing I like to do the Goad with Marbles and control him, two dice on a TN3 is highly to succeed.
  16. Escalation Game Suggestion

    I'm playing Week 3 of the Escalation League and two of my agendas were to push the opponent off the pitch. I had Jac, but didn't quite pull it off.
  17. DTTB 11: Obulus Vs Grange

    Might worth adding 'Guild Ball' to your video title to appear in Youtube search. Good work again!
  18. Hi I wanted to check if Get Over Here! gets the benefit of Fast Ground, if the model with the trait is already touch Fast Ground.
  19. How to buff Angel?

    This thread has been an interesting read especially from @Ascobol. I wonder, is Tactical Advice often used, to stack Angel with 5 influence?
  20. New to the Fish

    @ningu thanks. I used Shark, Siren, Kraken, Greyscale, Sakana and Tentacles. I kicked off with Shark but Theron was able to Pin Shark. What I forgot was Siren had Beautiful so in the future will use her to Kick off. The Jac move seem viable. I may use him in the next game instead of Kraken and swap Tentacles with Salt.
  21. New to the Fish

    @ningu yes I know. Like I said need to come out of my Masons play style, so using Shark it's a learning curve for me.
  22. New to the Fish

    @Pending Forum Suspension thanks for the detailed summary for each player. I'm using Fish's Shark at the moment. Coming from Masons, I need to disengage my Masons playstyle to the Fishermen. I played against Hunters yesterday where I manage to take out Theron at the start of the Turn 2, but it fell apart as the opponent kicked the ball into space where it was hard to retrieve. I guess I'm not utilising Shark to his full potential even if he did take out Theron. With Shark stacked full of influence it was a challenge to decide how the INF should be spread. Also new to me was the lack of momentous damage and tackle. It's bit of a learning curve for me at the moment, but a fun one.
  23. Mirror Match

    This is a tough one. I've played Hammer against Honour/Hammer before and don't think there are much difference in which Captain you're facing. I haven't played Honour against another Masons for a long time. I think its down to the other players and mascot that plays round the captain. Facing off a Masons team, I would prefer to pick Marbles over Wrecker, just because of higher chance of getting Goad off, and then have Brick for the double Counter Charge. If you haven't already, worth watching the WTC final of the Masons off. Haven't thought about a loan player before. Maybe Kraken for drags and KD, or Grace for a Hammer team.
  24. Decimate?

    For Brewers players that don't want Decimate please can you vote Masons.
  25. WTC with Masons

    @Csonti awesome work. Did the Masons proud. I'm happy with the amount of top players using the Masons in the WTC.