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  1. I've just started using Unions and reviewing each player that the Guild have to offer. I'm looking at Hemlocke and find it hard to see her fitting in with the three captains. She may have a use with the Alchemist, but since Unions generate a lot of Momentum I don't see Smelling Salt as much needed compared to V.Harmony for the Masons. I know she was nerfed since S1, is the 2" melee that powerful with her? I want to find out if people have some good advice or successful stories in using her.
  2. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi I wanted to check if Grace's Purity can remove Tower's DtG and Granite's Tar Pit. Thanks.
  4. Will Steamforge release a PDF for collected Rules Clarification in the future, for official use? A lot of the mechanics stated in the Collection are not well known. For example the Furious or Counter Charge, where you can charge into space if you cannot engage an enemy, as they are not aware that it can be played in a specific way. I save the Collected Clarification page on my phone just to show and validate that what I said is a legal play. By having some official document it saves time for people reviewing a specific play to decide whether it's legit or not. I think the Collected Clarification covers majority of the often asked questions. What do people think of this, or maybe have it in S4 book?
  5. Also if he is within 6" of Anvil he can use Tutelage, which allows him to use CP for free. So 3 attacks with Piledriver in place.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Hi I want to check whether Between a Rock can be triggered in the Maintenance Phase? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the answers. I never thought of Parting Blow in the Maintenance Phase. I should have been more specific. Will Condition Damages trigger BaR?
  9. Tape measures are so 80s. You need these now. https://art-of-war-studios-ltd.myshopify.com/collections/guildballcompatible/products/guild-ball-stepper-templates
  10. Was it against a Shark's Fish or Corsair Fish?
  11. Art of War have some new and really nice measuring path sticks. Also Momentum tokens or trackers. Bendy Boards have some nice dials, but I'm personally going to make myself some Momentum tokens which I feel is better to prompt yourself to add and subtract Momentum.
  12. Hi Want to check. If Granite's Sturdy have already been triggered can Protect Those Close still give Granite another Sturdy? The trait is OPT. Thanks.
  13. @MilitaryCoo thanks. So to close this thread, Granite cannot benefit PTC once her Sturdy is triggered.
  14. @MechMage from your post it seems you might know the answer to your question. I appreciate the game provided additional achievement points by completing campaign plots, but to the detriment of both of you enjoying the game. If you said your opponent was a less experience player then did they actually gain something out of it? When I first started playing GB I would get smashed by a very experienced and good player but I gained a lot from those plays. As some people have said BL should be a fun campaign to play. There was a player in our league who's main focus was gaining CP so he didn't mind losing, at the end of the campaign he came top of the CP points.
  15. Hi I would like to check if Team Player can be used in the Maintenance Phase? For example if Tower was suffering the Bleeding condition in the Maintenance Phase and was within V.Harmony's aura, can she take the 3DMG? Thanks
  16. @FearLord cheers. Since it is a trait I thought whether she can take the DMG instead of the player with the condition. Just comes in handy when needed.
  17. Hi With V.Rage 'My Gang' Legendary. Does friendly model only benefit from this if V.Rage is engaging the enemy model that the friendly model is attacking? Or as long as any friendly model is within V.Rage's aura they benefit from the buffs? Thanks.
  18. @MechMage thanks!
  19. That can be said for a few Union players.
  20. @MechMage I see what you mean, though with two mascots offering buffs to assist on her TN test, it means more work to get her doing what you need. With her low Wounds and 6" Kick, I wonder if she is a viable goal threat. I like to use her Blind on enemy fighting models and her for potential goal, either scoring herself or passing to someone for a snapshot. She's a puzzle to me.
  21. I played my first game with Unions against Tapper Brewers and managed to win a narrow 12-11 (2Gls:2KO). My list was: V.Rage Coin (No turtle) Minx A&G Harry Decimate I found Minx and Decimate contributed to this line-up quite well. The aim was to have Minx partner V.Rage to start off damage output and for Harry or A&G to finish anything off. Decimate was the lurker for goal opportunities or if influences were available to get some hit in for momentum, ready for initiative roll. The double dodge and tackle in Decimate playbook is great and I manage to score from this. I feel Minx compliment V.Rage quite well. If both are in melee range of an Enemy model, V.Rage can use Red Fury on Minx to get the Snared in, or Minx loaded with 2 influence can try and get attack dodge out of the way and then use furious in again. I haven't tried the crazy bitch Gutter yet with V.Rage. I feel Union have a strong lineup due to the changes to Minx, A&G and Harry for S3. They're are likely the foundation for my line-up.
  22. Is this before the new Organised Play? I guess playing Hammer against Shark Fishermen will be difficult.
  23. Thanks again @Henry. Much appreciated!
  24. Hi Just needed some clarification on dodges. Can Dodge change direction at any point for the following: Acrobatic Where'd They Go Playbook Playbook Wrap - Knee Slider. Run the Length. Thanks!
  25. I cannot see varnish doing much good to prevent model parts from bending, apart from protecting the paint. I have Decimate and her rapiers can be bent by force if you let it. If you are concerned models parts being bent when in transit, then it's really down to how you protect it. For my models I have plenty of decent foam to protect them!