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  1. Hi I'm playing Fishermen in the Escalation League, hoping to learn about the Guild and understanding just the dodge and football mechanic of GB (I mainly play Masons). Currently, my challenge is finding that third goal, with a Shark lead team. I use Sakana, Jac, Sakan, Siren, Greyscale and Salt. The first two goals I find it quite easy to come by, with the reliance of potential snapshot, but when it comes to the third I feel my team starts to wear down, especially when the opposition have started taking my models out. I'm having fun with Shark and learning from my mistake. I wanted to see with a Shark lead team how do people plan for the last goal. With my Masons team I like to goal for 2-2, but with Shark I see this as a rarity. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi I want to check if One at a Time Lads! is same as Rowdy, so only the active model does not gain Ganging Up and suffer Crowding Out? Or is the Play, as written, anyone in the AOE, gain the bonuses and penalties. Thanks.
  3. Protect Those Close

    Thanks again @LeadDiceandBeers
  4. Hi With Protect Those Close can it work in the following situations: * A model is Knocked Down within the Turn and PTC is triggered, does Sturdy still apply after the KD is removed? * A model was Knocked Down in a previous Turn and PTC is triggered in the current Turn, does Sturdy apply to that KD model once the KD condition is removed? Hope I make sense. Thanks!
  5. Protect Those Close

    So in the current turn if an enemy model KD your model, does Sturdy still applies, if Come on Mate is used and PTC is triggered?
  6. Steamcon UK venue feedback

    I agree to the points mentioned. I arrive before 3pm on Thursday and got very lucky with parking. My room at the venue was appalling, as I had flies in my room (could be my own personal hygiene!). The good thing about the venue was it was spacious. I wouldn't mind paying a little bit more for the next Steamcon event, where parking and accommodation are at the venue.
  7. Smelling Salts

    Thanks @LeadDiceandBeers
  8. Smelling Salts

    Hi Does Smelling Salts only work when you have Condition on your models, or: * If Smelling Salts AOE is placed down, can a model with Conditions walk within the AOE and clear conditions? * If models within Smelling Salts gets hit by Conditions can they remove it instantly? Thanks.
  9. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Well done Mark. It was good catching up with you over the weekend, had to leave early so missed the presentation. The peacock tail paid off! Lol.
  10. Masons vs Brewers showdown. Brewers came looking for a scrap and a good scrap they offered. Tapper and co. showed their beat down credential, by taking out Hammer and Brick. Though they ignored Flint to their own demise, who scored a hattrick to win the game.
  11. Union Inched Passed Mason

    Team tournament. Masons couldn't quite get the victory losing 10-12 to the Unions. Hard thought game where Hammer showed his prowess in fighting and scoring, but the Masons got undone by the Blackheart show. This was one of the best games I've played in GB, against one of the top players of Guild Ball, so gutted I didn't get the victory.
  12. Union see Off Mason interest

    @Wilki1979 Will you post our game in the Masons forum?
  13. Masons breaks Brewers

    Masons carrying on the good fight for Decimate. Hammer vs Esther. Hammer showed his intent by kicking off, punting the ball far enough to the right to stop the Brewers retrieving it. Esther saw her opportunity to hinder the Masons Captain movement by firing off Blast Earth and Fire Blast. Both time she could not hit Hammer, lucky escape for him. Flint knew he could retrieve the ball and used his maximum distance to get the ball and passed to his Captain, without fail the pass was a success and Hammer dodged out of the AOEs set by Esther. Hammer sense blood. Players from both sides made their way nearer to the centre of the pitch ready for the big brawl. Pinpot, misjudged his advanced and got into a position where Hammer took advantage of his error. The last turn belonged to Hammer and with the ball he advanced into Pinpot and started to beat him down, building up momentum and win initiative for the next turn. Two turn, started with Hammer. With a stack of influence and a KD Pinpot, Hammer started beating the Brewer up the field carrying the ball with him. Hammer took out Pinpoint, with the help of Iron Fist, and ended his advance in tap in range of the goal but being engaged with Hooper. This did not concern Hammer who also snatched Ball Hog early on. On a three dice roll, with bonus time, he managed to score! The following events saw the Brewers getting back into the game. Having control of the ball, they kept the ball and look to take out the Masons. The first was Brick and then Mallet. In return the Masons focused their attack on Hooper with Mallet and Tower softening the Brewer, until Hammer came and smashed the Brewer off the pitch. At 8-4 to the Masons, the Brewers made the error of going for goal with Esther. With her scoring the ball got kicked out to Flint who easily retrieved the balled and won the game.
  14. Week 5 Escalation League. In support of the Masons. Corsair back again to restore some pride after a humiliating game against the Hunters. Once again the Fishermen called on the service of the mercs A&G. The ball was Kicked-off by Corsair, knowing the low defense of the Masons he wanted to drag them in, for the murder game. The first turn started well for the Fishermen, with the Masons in control of the ball. Mallet who retrieved and passed the ball back to his team mates was exposed in the open but got some support from his Captain, but this could be her downfall as Corsair, with ease, started building momentum on both players. The Masons having the ball, fell short of influence to go for the first turn go. A&G sense blood and started their march up towards the easy targets of Mallet and Honour. Turn two, saw the Fishermen activate first. This was the time where A&G did what they are good at. With an already KD Honour, A&G managed to take-out the Masons Captain with ease. Shortly we see Mallet being removed, who had previously taken out Siren. Flint, with better control this time, managed to score, only for the ball to be kicked back into play to Sakana to score. The game finished with Lucky being taken out and the returned Honour being taken out again by Greyscale who had Avarisse, Corsair, Tentacles and Sakana to support him. Corsair showed his prowess, with a 12-6 win!
  15. Fishersman gutted by Hunters

    Week 4 of Escalation League. Fishermen in support of the Masons. Corsair stepped in for Shark. With a view of a different playstyle to Shark, the Fishermen called on the service of Avarisse and Greede. The kick-off was done by Theron to assert early pressure on the Fishermen. Theron knowing what Corsair could do placed himself in the safety of some Obstruction. The ball was retrieved by Tentacles, with the ball under the Fishermen's control they look to get into positions to lure any Hunters into the fighting zone. Theron stood out as the main target to slaughter, but some poor decision by the Fishermen meant Theron was able to keep a save distance and minimum damage. In turn, the Hunters got into positions ready for the next turn, with Jaecar, Seenah and Fahad ready for some fresh meat. Corsair was finding it hard to get to grips of the game. The hired mercs did not get into the game either, the murder game they thought that could happen did not materialise. As a result the Hunters started snarling the Fishermen, one by one the Fishermen started to drop starting with Corsair, Siren and Greede. Theron who showed his survival instincts and called the game, by finishing off Sakana and scoring. Game finished 12-0 to the Hunters. It was harsh lesson for Corasir, for his first outing of the season.
  16. Masons Decimate

    She's got the Masons gear down to a tee. I wonder what kind of Traits and Character plays she will have. Would she be similar to Chisel? Hope she still has Second Wind. Thousand Cuts and Anatomical Precision are definitely out.
  17. Masons Decimate

    That's down to Masons players fault. Regardless of the sculpt Masons players should be participating. Hopefully we see more posts.
  18. WTC Streams availability?

    Hi Will the WTC videos be available again to watch? Went to SFG' Twitch account and no videos are available.
  19. Come on lads, we're better than the block headed drunks. Support your Guild!
  20. Are you trying to post photos or a video? Nothing is showing
  21. Latest Union in Chains Masons vs Brewers result

    If she is better than Granite she will be very good! Still a big fan of Granite.
  22. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    Normally aim with Shark for the first goal, which has happened in my last two games, when Shark scores first. First goal can be either Turn 1 or Turn 2. I normally try to run him away when he has scored, but thinking about it if the opposition doesn't have many models left to activate I can l have him near the centre and activate his Legendary next turn. End of first turn I try to go with a diamond shape, having two wingers pushing forward, someone at the back and front.
  23. Week 3 of the Escalation League, second game. First to 10VP. The Fishermen showing their support for the Masons. Fishermen vs Brewers. Fishermen started strong by scoring a goal at the start of second turn, with their talisman Shark showing he is the best striker in the game. From the Goal Kick, Lady Esther was able to retrieve the ball and score to make it 4-4. The Brewers knowing the goal threat of the Fishermen played the beat up game by sending Hooper and Stoker to do the dirty on Jac. Second goal came from Shark, again showing his ability in front of goal. The game ended with Stoker taking out Sakana, having seen Siren and Salt removed from the field. The Fishermen cannot find the means to get the final goal.
  24. Masons took one from the Brewers

    Use https://imgur.com/upload and use insert other media to upload the picture's URL.
  25. Good jobs guys. I enjoyed the double commentary, just to get a view from both players.