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  1. @Anphiarus8hrs! That's is amazing due to the quality your churn out. I can only manage all my base paints on a single model after 8hrs! You should definitely share your work on FB and Eavier Metal group, that's if you are comfortable with that. I really enjoy seeing your clean brushwork and choice of colours, very inspirational to me.
  2. V.Rage will be a forgotten man once S.Brisket is out.
  3. Awesome work. You should post your work on Facebook, have SFG highlighted your Halloween Morticians? It's awesome! Out of curiosity, how long does it take you to paint a model? You seemed to be a very quick painting. Your style is quite similar to Kujo.
  4. How did you find Decimate in your Masons first six? I have used her twice, based on that she has Thousand Cuts and double dodge tackle, but she hasn't really work for me.
  5. Just seen the stats on FB, which was quickly taken down. With her Character play she can be quite elusive and another option for the team with decent goal threat.
  6. I think Minx is a good choice in the list. The ability to give out snare provides your hitters or Flint to achieve the extra hits they need to do their thing, but she most probably get killed doing to this. Loving Wrecker at the moment. He can easily block LOS on goal, or prevent another player being attacked and using Rollerball is a nuisance for the opposition . I nearly scored with him but Chisel fluffed her pass!
  7. @LunarSol pretty similar to my thoughts. Tower has so much going for him. I think there is a tendency to focus on using Tooled Up, but his first column push and knockback are great at setting up plays. After accumulating the Momentums you just pop his heroic. I'm still struggling with my list of nine. Only used Hammer and Granite yesterday and was fun playing with them. It turned out to be bit of a grind though, since my opposition found them difficult to take down.
  8. Sorry. I'm lost with the last sentence. Do you mean the wording in the Rulebook or wording in the Character card? Thanks.
  9. @Stephen78Thank you
  10. @Gauntlet thanks for the explanation. I know parting blows cannot cause reposition but looking at Salvo's trait it seems he can override the main rule. In this case, I'm trying to understand when the player card supersede the main rule. Like you said, the no reposition rule is specific to part blows, but parting blows still falls under the main rule, which can be superseded by rules under the player card. Not looking to ignore the core rules, but the rulebook do say model's card supersede rules written in the main rulebook.
  11. Under Conventions in the rulebook wouldn't the Salvo's player card trait supersede the main rule?
  12. Flint is definitely the best option for the Masons. He is always good to be sacrificed for a first goal since he is pretty quick in getting forward after being taken out.
  13. You may have to hand your prize back. Lol.
  14. Hi Please get in touch if anyone is selling resin Hammer, can trade for cash or metal Katalyst.