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  1. So just watched the BoW Guild Ball vid and how Justin has placed the returned model is similar to C. I know this was a demo game so certain aspect of the rules would be relaxed.
  2. Quality video from BoW and SFG crews. Very funny to see Bryce coincide a first turn mascot goal, the look of disbelief! A very well presented gameplay which I'm sure will attract more players.
  3. Let your Madness spill!
  4. She's got the making of a Guild Ball Player!
  5. Amazing piece Sherwin. Enjoyed all the parts building up to this finale, and now the standard makes sense on the model! I'm now curious as to what happened to Athena!
  6. No wonder Mat was painting red. I started to paint darkish green blue, was going for the Sharpe's regiment look. Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to the fifth installment.
  7. Thanks for the summary. Just read all the background, as I want to start painting the model. The stories didn't state the colour of the uniform, though I aiming to go for dark green. He does have the regimental standard tied to his belt which I will use the colour of Raeland on. I wonder if the model is depicted before the end of the war. It's just he has a regimental standard tied to him, but after reading the stories, whether he would bother with keeping such sentiment.
  8. If you're kicking off with Flint you have a chance of retrieving the ball and go for goal if an enemy model who has the ball within 8inch of goal. You have to make sure Flint isn't in a position where a Butchers' player can engage you. If Brisket has the ball then you may have to WTG into melee, but means you may have up to 4Tac to get the ball and if you have retrieved the ball you may still be engaged which mean you lose a die to go for goal. There is a risk doing this, as potentially Flint may not retrieve the ball or miss the goal, so he is in a precarious position. Though with Butchers I normally will go quite aggressive against them as they don't have range attack that will impede my movements, apart if they are using Harry. Or you can go for the Mallet missile with Superior Strategy and try to get those Momentous hits, to try and win next turn initiative. If you are going for the Missile you ideally want to this near the end of the turn, so Mallet is exposed to attacks. If you are in a scrum, remember to use Topping Out for either extra Arm or Influence.
  9. Haven't read the backstory of Theron yet, but is the limited model in relation to the story? If so, can someone please provide a brief summary of the reason behind why limited Theron is dressed as he is? Thanks.
  10. Thanks @LeadDiceandBeers
  11. Thank you ppls! That's the part I forgot, of the physical placement of the ball on the target spot. Though from the rule book where is this mentioned?
  12. Having first hand experience against FearLord's trial of the new players, i can see how lethal Skatha, as an individual goal threat, but also the support she can provide to the team with her Plays. Hunter's will be difficult to deal with, as you have ball players and also two very lethal players in Seenah and Jaecer. Seeing how FearLord played it seems they have a lot more flexibility so you can control the game.
  13. Obvious choice for Tater!
  14. From my own playing experience I try to push Brick further up the field now. If he hangs out in the back, he can possibly deter players to go for tap in range, but I feel strikers will overcome this by using Brick as the stepping stone, bouncing off him and go for goal. If he is middle of the pitch he can tie down enemies. I'm using Brick more now and really enjoying him. If your opponent is looking to slow him down by using burn, they are using their resource do to that as well. Only headache with Brick is against Smoke's alchemist team as you will need to look at ways to clear most of your models conditions, once they play the condition game. If that is the case then V.Harmony will be another option for your team. If you plan on getting Tower, he can be a replacement for Mallet. Though I enjoy using the Kick-off team as Mallet offers the range and easy access to Singled Out and Smashed Shins. Also Tower can be a good goal scorer, depending on the situation he has easy access to Momentus 1" push and knockback to get you into goal scoring range. My advice, get ALL the Mason models!
  15. Hi Is it possible to kick into a space that is occupied by a friendly or enemy model? Basically looking to get a kick scatter where space is taken up by a model. Thanks!