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  1. Lineups against specific Guilds

    Hi Do people have different starting 6s against different Guilds? I have been using the Kick Off six for a while, though not being a proficient player my execution with different lineups differs to how I had planned to use them. Wanted to get a general idea of what players should play against specific Guilds and which players should avoid against them. Thanks.
  2. Is the Civil War fluff still available somewhere?

    Thanks - found it. http://guild-ball.wikia.com/wiki/Butchers
  3. Is the Civil War fluff still available somewhere?

    Is the Butcher's Civil War fluff still available? The link is dead.
  4. Grace's Purity

    Thanks guys.
  5. Grace's Purity

    Hi I wanted to check if Grace's Purity can remove Tower's DtG and Granite's Tar Pit. Thanks.
  6. Will Steamforge release a PDF for collected Rules Clarification in the future, for official use? A lot of the mechanics stated in the Collection are not well known. For example the Furious or Counter Charge, where you can charge into space if you cannot engage an enemy, as they are not aware that it can be played in a specific way. I save the Collected Clarification page on my phone just to show and validate that what I said is a legal play. By having some official document it saves time for people reviewing a specific play to decide whether it's legit or not. I think the Collected Clarification covers majority of the often asked questions. What do people think of this, or maybe have it in S4 book?
  7. Sledging

    Also if he is within 6" of Anvil he can use Tutelage, which allows him to use CP for free. So 3 attacks with Piledriver in place.
  8. Between a Rock

  9. Between a Rock

    Thanks for the answers. I never thought of Parting Blow in the Maintenance Phase. I should have been more specific. Will Condition Damages trigger BaR?
  10. Between a Rock

    Hi I want to check whether Between a Rock can be triggered in the Maintenance Phase? Thanks.
  11. Which Widget? Magazine

    Tape measures are so 80s. You need these now. https://art-of-war-studios-ltd.myshopify.com/collections/guildballcompatible/products/guild-ball-stepper-templates
  12. Recent Hunter Win?

    Was it against a Shark's Fish or Corsair Fish?
  13. Which Widget? Magazine

    Art of War have some new and really nice measuring path sticks. Also Momentum tokens or trackers. Bendy Boards have some nice dials, but I'm personally going to make myself some Momentum tokens which I feel is better to prompt yourself to add and subtract Momentum.
  14. Sturdy and Protect Those Close

    @MilitaryCoo thanks. So to close this thread, Granite cannot benefit PTC once her Sturdy is triggered.
  15. Hi Want to check. If Granite's Sturdy have already been triggered can Protect Those Close still give Granite another Sturdy? The trait is OPT. Thanks.