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  1. Really interesting read Chris. It's definitely refreshing to see someone enjoying Hern mk1. I like the analogy of Theron and Hern = 1 big 2 part captain. Looking forward to seeing how you progress .
  2. Wow. Suddenly felling unbelievably green in my assessment of competitive play. Sadly I see your point especially if your goal for a tournament is qualification to the next tournament. I've always been a "don't hate the players, hate the game" kind of person so I can't really criticise people for playing to come second if they are chasing ranking points or prizes. If this system makes taking a tactical loss pointless I'm definitely in favour of adopting it sooner rather than later.
  3. Really interesting idea for tweaking the scoring system and if the result is a better representation of who played best on the day below first it seems well worth adopting the system. As an aside. Has anyone actually had reason to think a player in competitive GB has deliberately thrown a round one game? Or are you just preemptively fixing something that has been exploited in other game systems? To date my experience of the GB community is generally more sportsman like even when playing competitively.
  4. Really nice work and a concept I've not seen done close to that well before.
  5. Thanks again for the compliments guys. There is more work in this vain to come as soon as I get a break from work
  6. I think this is one of the nicest masons goals I've seen. Where did you find the mason for the base? He is a really neat touch to the statue goal that makes it feel much more original than most in the same vane.
  7. Parting blow is not like a normal attack. You can only choose KD, T or damage results from a play book. And you don't generate mom from the attack either.
  8. Hi Alexv. Welcome to Guild Ball. If you're just starting out in the game Alchemists will take a little getting used to so don't be overly concerned about not winning right from the get go. Hope this link to YouTube works. It might be worth a look as it uses most of the same players you run. Laboratory Long Ball - S2 Guild Ball Match Reports: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLojk5rjS_dLZWB8_L2KMnCM1p3VxjbPDD The other guys have made some good points already. For more general points I'd say at this stage you probably want to pick a couple of players a turn to give max inf to and get them to do something effective. If you spread it to thin nothing will get done. Midas and Vitriol are probably the key to the team you are running right now. Learn what they do first (and they can do a lot) they both have the speed and mobility to get goals or pick a fight with a player of your choosing from far enough out that you will be getting to charge before most opposition are in range to charge you. Additionally as mentioned above if Vitriol is walking from cover she can still move as fast as a lot of players run if you want the extra attack. Don't overlook the momentous >< results. They give you the option to move around enemy models or get them out the way 5 or 6 of them is a lot of extra move for Midas if you need to get a bit closer to something. As for the legendary. It's very versatile and as such doesn't have a right time as such. There a lots of times when the extra Mom is useful. Broadly speaking the earlier in a turn you us it the more options it gives you. But that said you can get some use in using it by activating Midas later in turn one for a big swing in mom to try and go first in turn 2. Only other thing at this point would be Catalyst is not a front line fighter despite his hit boxes. Leaving him to obscure the goal or running in after a fight has started to finish someone off are probably his roles while you are learning. Let us know if any of this is helping or if specific problems are starting to crop up. Good luck
  9. Would he be useless? He still offer's a damage dealing choice that can return a lot more momentum than he asks for in inf. If you see his only role as giving someone else tooled up then he is out of work. From the way I have heard people talk the point of the change is to leave you with a choice based on play style rather than having one player that is just better. Personally I think making tooled up Guild only achieves that quite well without debuffing Rage for union players
  10. I'd definitely agree now
  11. Thanks for the link. I'll be using this a lot more in future
  12. Is this way better than I gave it credit for? Car reads "A friendly model receives a pass and does not use a team work moments action." Can the kicker still use a team work action? Additionally could the original kicker receive the free pass back and use a second team work action thus gaining a net 8" of dodge? Seem overly good but I saw it used this way at the weekend.
  13. There is no limit to the number of union players you can take, no. Midas goal threat is 8" advance + 2" for his heroic + 8" kick + up to 6" of moments >< = 24" theoretical goal threat. Before things like where did he go or super shot. Also all goal threats can be improved by momentous team work actions. Short version is both can be good for a football team. Personally I use Midas. The rest of my list is the same with the exception of dropping Snakeskin for Compound as everyone else needs so much inf and he brings 2 he has little need of. Would be interested to hear how Smoke plays out in a kicking team.
  14. Bit late to the conversation but for what it's worth I've had some success with the Midas, Flask, Compound, Decimate, Vitriol and Mist line up. Flask gives you the free smoke cloud which frees up an inf on Mist or Vitriol in turn 1 for the fast goal option. I agree he dose little else after that but he is not a straight forward to for the opposition if he stays within 6 of Compound. Compound (as others have said) is an excellent battery as he only wants inf in a turn you expect the opponent to have a goal run. The rest of the team are all options. You are not looking to load more than 2 a turn (possibility 3 if Midas has gotten horribly out of position) all of them present a strong opinion to steal the ball and run at goal from range. Any 2 of Midas, Vitriol and Decimate can achieve take outs. Additionally with their speed they (and Vitriol in particular) are very good at taking out players just returning to the pitch. Mist and Vitriol don't always need inf as both can walk cover to cover as fast as most players can run so can still position themselves effectively. Decimate also gives you the second wind option. Placed on Midas in turn 1 it gives you the choice to advance up the pitch for a true rep and then fall back out of range of reprisal. I know this echoes what others have pointed out but as i said I've had some success with it as a first choice line up
  15. It could be worth pointing out that the only occasion this is going to matter so much that the people playing might not be able to agree on the out come is in a tournament. Tournaments have impartial referees and TOs to rule on the very rear instances that something like this comes up. Just my view on it.