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  1. I have plastic rings that I hang on my goal. Easy and ....mostly easy.
  2. It´s the same lineup I prefer. I feel that since Fillet just turned a little bit more squishy, I can´t overextrend her anyway any more. And if Boiler goes, then Princess is no more mandatory. And Vindictive is awesome.
  3. Yeah. But if you go hunting anything with gravedigger, that 1 VP from a mascot will actually matter. I do think that the trap is to play them as a pair. I haven´t tried them yet, but I´ll rather try to suicide Vileswarm so that vGraves can get an easy crowded out with his heroic.
  4. This is my favourite app. Thanks you so much! Is there an inf total for roster somewhere that I am missing?
  5. Always like to read your articels. Thanks.
  6. No upping the union limit on roster?
  7. Me too. At least per roster, 1 on pitch is ok.
  8. Im going to try my morts first time this weekend. In a tournament. Might have to drop Graves1 if I cant ger him painted though Scalpel Cosset Dirge Silence Graves 1 Minx Bonesaw Ghast Casket
  9. So no "custom" teams? Darn it.
  10. Stealing this and bumping. Do you need the official starter boxes, or would morts lead by Scalpel be OK for one of the teams?
  11. Marked target for free if there is an opponent within 10' and giving away 2 influence is what I think may be a thing. I dig the model so will pick her up soon anyway.
  12. Thanks for the rundown. Really appreciate it.
  13. Hello Alchemists! I´m thinking of picking up Alchemists as my second time. Since I already have butchers it would be convenient with some overlap. Is this a valid line-up, or am I missing some vital players? Midas + Mascot Katalyst (or veteran) Harry the Hat(would love if he could work in Alchemists) Avarise + Greed Compound? Lineup is based mostly on looks, I have no idea on how the synergy in Alchemists is supposed to be. Also, I don´t really like the mascot. Is it good? Have the S2 been spoiled?
  14. Cool stuff!
  15. I also just got him for my butchers but dont really feel him. Im thinking of picking up a second team, is he legit for any team? Union? Engineers? Aaaaaaalchemists?