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  1. I love both miniatures, but they have much less tabletime than they should have. Peronally I use Vileswarm sometimes, but because of Cosset + Dirge it is not very often. And even if I don’t field Cosset, Dirge is the better one to snap the ball. VetGraves tabletime is even more worse. If I use him for table control, Ghast is better because of MOM-KD on row 2 and Caskets legendary gives me 2 VP directly and one round of majority. As Defensive Midfielder, B&M gives me more tools. Memory is fun and generates momentum better. How could both be more usefull and gives us new and suitable options to choose between? I like the theme of the rats. Most won’t like to hug them. What do you think about these ideas to show the invasion of the rats: Vileswarm (additional character trait): Version 1: „Eeeeeeek“ (Vileswarm) – Models engaged by the named model suffer [-1] DEF. OR Version 2: „Eeeeeeek“ (Vileswarm) – Models engaged by the named model suffer [+1] TN for kicks and/or attacks and/or character plays. VetGraves (additional play): Legendary Play - „Come to me my little friends!“ (Graves) - Models engaged by the named model suffer Version 1 (or 2) of Vileswarms trait. Version 1 gives a boost within the own team, version 2 is a kind of control piece. Both could be nasty for the opponent but are not over the top, because there are ways to solve the problem from his view (going away, knocking them down,…). I simply like the idea, that the rats are swarming the engaged players to irritate them. Another idea, but I think less fluffy: Vileswarm get „Follow up“. That can be used to push the enemy player into the own team to get a crowding out or to place a second attack after pushing them around. What do you think could improve them without a deeper redesign?
  2. With start of S3 I played him more defensive first, and the results were bad. When I started to play him more aggressive, it got much better. I had to accepted the fact, that most of the time I will only have dodge results out of the playbook. But I still fear everytime the 2d6 or 3d6 goal shot to miss even with tap in...
  3. Thank you! It's true, that a more dirty and rusty look would fit better for Fangtooth, but then he would differ too much from my theme, I think. Yesterday I finished Coin. I didn't created a crazy cool pattern like some others here on the forums. He is more or less bright in his colours: from purple to green/blue (click for larger images).
  4. The legendary "Tested mettle" grants covfefe in 6"!
  5. I have this opinion of your teams! Brainpan is table ready, but need some improvements. Today I finally finished Fangtooth. I needed some space on my workbench. In the last time he stand's there and roared: "Paint ME, NAO!" but I had to paint other one's with priority. But today was his day... (click for larger images)
  6. After Minx, i've finished himself Memory so far. I have to do some more work on it's base, but that should be all (click for larger images): My idea for the filaments: the single activations of Memory are coming as a pulse through them. And that creates some short "blips" in them.
  7. Just because I wanted a picture for Twitter, had enough light and some time:
  8. Yes, the original Vileswarm was less impressive on a base than I thought from the previews. More rats = more fun! I had some sparetime in the last days, and managed to paint my Minx. She got a bonesaw for "mortification", but that's all. Need to finish the base, but she herself ist ready for action:
  9. But in the Big League we have to use the Season 2 Cards where he is allowed to use him or do we have to use the S3 Rules? It would further bring me to the question, what cardset is used, when someone is playing farmers in the BL. The Farmer player have to use S3 cards, I'm sure here. But if someone want to loan Tater, could he choose between the S2 card and loaning him from the Longshank or does he have to loan Tater from the Farmer Player with S3 cards?
  10. You have a message.
  11. Nice team box, well done! Do you remember, where you bought the terrain pieces? They fit very nice to the coming farmers!
  12. After a longer absence of building and painting my own guild due to missing parts for bases, creating more trackers and a huge amount of work on my job during the last month, there is slowly the light at the end of the tunnel. During the last days I started to paint Memory. He is full of tiny details and much harder to paint than I thought, but he is fun to paint! Here is a WIP shot of him: There is much to correct and to do, but today I finished his cute eyes. The glow effect around the eyes were painted with a brush. I had some problems with the airbrush I borrowed and I didn't wanted to take a risk to ruin him if the airbrush spew to much colour on the face. Hope you like him so far!
  13. Very nice, good applying of colours!
  14. Nice challenge! I'm happy when I finish one model in 11 days!
  15. ...the time was worth it! Very nice!