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  1. British Championship 2017

    Couldn't see a thread for this so in case anyone has missed this being announced or is contemplating going here you go. I was nervous about going last year because I assumed it would be rammed with "top" players only but what I experienced was a way of playing lots of games of GB against new people which were a lot of fun! It felt like a "normal" tournament- just bigger! I think about 70ish sold so far for this year- would be cool to hit 90! WHERE: Element Games Stockport, SK2 6PT https://m.facebook.com/ElementGamesNWGC/ WHEN: 12th & 13th August PRICE: £25 TICKETS:http://elementgames.co.uk/event-tickets/SFGGBOP-2017BritChamps SCHEDULE:http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/british-championship-the-schedule FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/events/460909047580098??ti=ia Hope to see you there! 👍🏻
  2. Tournament help/tips

    Have you played on the clock before? If not I'd suggest doing so as it's completely different to playing with no max time. Clocking out is bad so always keep an eye on your time. Find out if any of your opponent players have unpredictable movement or counter charge. You can ask them as it's a full information game. Try not to leave yourself with zero momentum during a turn besides last activation as in certain situations this can leave you completey ruined can a good player. I feel it helps to sometimes decide how you are planning to win. I.e 3 goals, 2 goals 2 take outs etc. I find this focuses your mind on achieving victory points even if you end up doing something different in the game. Are there any guilds you've never played against or ones that you have trouble with?
  3. GB events london

    At the moment event organisation is a bit scattered but a new event organiser is being readied by the community manager here that will hopefully include all events and be easier to find local events to you 👍🏻
  4. How to cut off Corsairs second leg?

    Well I told you to take my advice with a pinch of salt! 😉 However....! Is that the line up your friend is generally taking? It doesn't look too scary for the bear to me- who else is causing it damage? If corsair raps three over his playbook then he will do the bear 3 damage per hit. So he can't one turn it from full health. Im only answering in a way that supposes you want to outfight him and if so I think you need the bear. any way give it a try and will be fun and if it's an epic fail I apologise in advance and you can blame me! 😉
  5. How to cut off Corsairs second leg?

    I brought the bear vs Greg Day's corsair team on Saturday and had kraken in there for double drag shenanigans. At the start exactly as you said- bear dragged in for a mountain of momentum, more painful rapping than vanilla ice and then a dead bear. after that when the bear returned it caused carnage and a healthy amount of victory points (much more then he gave up) and that was with some awful rolls. i lost the game 12-11but was great fun. (The rest of the tournament was pretty bad so take everything I say with s pinch of salt and I love the bear!)
  6. How to cut off Corsairs second leg?

    Using fahad as a shield from drag with his high defence and large base as good. Plus nimble optional. Corsair is the only one getting momentum from pinching from that list and if he's wasting it on the cat then great. if you want to outfight him then drop ulfr for the bear and maybe chaska for minx for better influence efficiency
  7. Guild Ball Events 2017

    Hi is there any news on this out of curiosity? This post on Facebook made me think of this topic: https://www.facebook.com/groups/669287583117414/permalink/1398354133544085/
  8. Hunters at Jumpers for Goal Posts?

    That was going to be my 9 but I'm not sure ANY of the new hunters will be ready! If not it's Theron old school
  9. Hunter's Current State

    If it's first turn and you kicked you need to go in early so they only have a maximum of one momentum. Can you snare them with her AOE AND have enough influence to tackle and score? If so do so. Defensive stance not a problem you should get tackle and have no dangers from trying again. if you can and there is time (and you didn't need the snowball) lot of ifs! Move a player up first to be with 6 inches of where skatha will be. Use your walk, then legend, then if you don't hit the tackle you can still push dodge plus dodge on 1 hit out of their 2 inch mellee then snowball back in. not perfect but some ideas. 2 inch mellee is her nemesis.
  10. Double Mascot?

    Fahad only for me all the reasons people have listed above. if snow had loved creature I might have been tempted....
  11. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Some line ups seem decent now with 13 influence. i played the other day Skatha (4), vet hearne (2) ulfr (2) minx (2) Jaecar (2) Fahad (1) thats 13 influence, 2 x furious and a last light when needed. The team played well and having a turn allocation of 15 influence after scoring 2 goals was heaven! we're not (or don't have to be) as strapped as we were! edit: what fearlord said
  12. Hunters at Jumpers for Goal Posts?

    I'll be at Jumpers with my hunters with a similar list (to be tweaked with play testing)- at present I'm thinking the same as you but chaska for egret.
  13. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    I'm the same. Seenah is my favourite model and I always pick him and he always gets good work done. I just feel that for overall balance he deserves a buff.
  14. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    When you use Seenah he is very good. Very good. And he has done for me great things just like he has for you. but if shark only generated 2 influence rather then 4 he would be worse for the team....but if you gave him 6 influence he would still be able to do exactly the same amazing things. Your team is penalised for taking Seenah and comparing him to do other similar beaters like vet Kat (who in my opinion influence generating aside) is better it is clear this is not fair. Either increase his abilities or stats somehow or let him generate at least one.
  15. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Haven't decided if I'm going double captain yet....no way I take egret though and no way I leave out Seenah! Looks like now we have a choice we will see different Hunter squads- a very good thing! 👍🏻