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  1. That was going to be my 9 but I'm not sure ANY of the new hunters will be ready! If not it's Theron old school
  2. If it's first turn and you kicked you need to go in early so they only have a maximum of one momentum. Can you snare them with her AOE AND have enough influence to tackle and score? If so do so. Defensive stance not a problem you should get tackle and have no dangers from trying again. if you can and there is time (and you didn't need the snowball) lot of ifs! Move a player up first to be with 6 inches of where skatha will be. Use your walk, then legend, then if you don't hit the tackle you can still push dodge plus dodge on 1 hit out of their 2 inch mellee then snowball back in. not perfect but some ideas. 2 inch mellee is her nemesis.
  3. Fahad only for me all the reasons people have listed above. if snow had loved creature I might have been tempted....
  4. Some line ups seem decent now with 13 influence. i played the other day Skatha (4), vet hearne (2) ulfr (2) minx (2) Jaecar (2) Fahad (1) thats 13 influence, 2 x furious and a last light when needed. The team played well and having a turn allocation of 15 influence after scoring 2 goals was heaven! we're not (or don't have to be) as strapped as we were! edit: what fearlord said
  5. I'll be at Jumpers with my hunters with a similar list (to be tweaked with play testing)- at present I'm thinking the same as you but chaska for egret.
  6. I'm the same. Seenah is my favourite model and I always pick him and he always gets good work done. I just feel that for overall balance he deserves a buff.
  7. When you use Seenah he is very good. Very good. And he has done for me great things just like he has for you. but if shark only generated 2 influence rather then 4 he would be worse for the team....but if you gave him 6 influence he would still be able to do exactly the same amazing things. Your team is penalised for taking Seenah and comparing him to do other similar beaters like vet Kat (who in my opinion influence generating aside) is better it is clear this is not fair. Either increase his abilities or stats somehow or let him generate at least one.
  8. Haven't decided if I'm going double captain yet....no way I take egret though and no way I leave out Seenah! Looks like now we have a choice we will see different Hunter squads- a very good thing! 👍🏻
  9. Yeah but vet siren, as a comparison has that threat for 2 influence. zarola has an innate threat of 1 inch less and needs 3 influence to get it! shes also maxed out on influence whereas vet siren has the possibility of being allocated 2 more to generate momentum if needed. oh and zarola only has a kick stat of 2 compared to 3.... yeah for me I think zarola is pretty poor and hope she gets boosted in season 4. Its all just opinions though and I'm glad you rate and are getting good use out of her 👍🏻
  10. Am I not understanding or are you comparing innate threats from other strikers without help from anyone, to innate threat from zarola plus help from skatha? If so that doesn't seem a fair comparison. Hag extends fish, Midas alchemists, obulus morticians, in fact loads. Apologies if I have got the wrong end of the stick.
  11. I agree they "feel" like hunters....but I think they're great. Theres no "egrets" in there and willl help us a lot! looking forward to using them!
  12. The problem with that is she can't do the long threat you mention unless she has been BOFTSF (or the new vet hearne one) as she can only have 3 influence; Midnight offering 2, sprint 1, kick 1 = 4. I find it pretty awful she can only have 3...if she was 2/4 and the same no one would be crying because she is too powerful!!
  13. I like the sound of all of them! I can see at least 3 going into my 9 man squad- skatha, orc-man (sorry!), and one of wolf or vet hearne. All sound really interesting, different and in keeping with the hunters theme/style. looking forward to seeing the actual cards.
  14. Great job! Love the scarecrow!!!!
  15. I love the models, unique play style and love the fact that "we" (currently) are the most unique at tournaments in a sea of fish and alchemists!