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  1. 5 column playbook on a TAC 6 captain - the new Fisherman trait. BTW Shark wields a spear, not a staff. Spears usually involve some kind of stabbing or laceration. Staves are for Brewers / warming benches
  2. I don't think slowing someone to 0"/0" is problem elsewhere, since you need to stack a bunch of buffs across multiple activations to make it happen, and usually this will include a condition or two, which can be removed. The problem with Shark is that he made 2+ players -8"/-8" in one activation with relative ease. There's was no counter play to it. The original intent behind this was to make up for his team lacking the ability to take most players out, so you were basically racing for 12 points before they killed your entire team. Hell, even the original G&S was 6" range. Now THAT was egregious. Stagger with 6" Range however, not so terrible.....
  3. Why not just call it a 'Hooked' and make it a character trait that triggers on damage? That'd be pretty butchery ability that would also suit the Fisherman theme perfectly. Wait a minute....
  4. Maybe that's the gist of it. Rushing for 3 goals is usually the plan, but sometimes opponents were good and could hide the ball from you. Fortunately you had things like G&S to try and slow the opponent down enough so that you can get it back and score before they kill your entire team (or at least slow them down in doing so). Now single-mindedly drilling for the goal is really the only way to play and you only have 1 blunt tool for 1 turn in aiding you in getting there before the other player. Not to say that Shark is bad of course. He does the mindless ball rush better than anyone and is still undoubtedly the best striker in the game. Just that he's less interesting than before, has (I would argue significantly) less tactical options than before, and in the current OPD format is just not as good a pick as Corsair in a significant majority of circumstances.
  5. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    I gotta say, taking Shark out your 10 makes Angel and Jac a lot more attractive. Clever lads, these designers.
  6. Communication is kind of a trap, in a way. On one hand, I really appreciate that they take the time and effort (not just these blogs, but multiple podcasts) to go through and explain why they made the changes that they made. On the other hand, you can be content, or at least passive as to the changes themselves, but then notice how their justification does not match up with the end result at all. Shark is an example here, as he is objectively worse than before, which is implied not to be what they were aiming for. Siren2 is another example, as the article and interviews have implied that Siren2's damage potential remains unchanged, just that it is non-momentous. This is demonstrably false, as the result of a longer playbook - she will consistently deal less damage with the same number of hits under the new playbook.
  7. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Shark is fine. Thing is, he's just not as cool, and Corsair was probably slightly better before anyway. He's really the captain now *meme* Choo choo, motherf*ckers.
  8. Calculated apathy is the way to go.
  9. Objectively speaking, in terms of power level, he is strictly worse but I think he's still playable and will do fine in many matchups. Subjectively speaking, G&S was one of the thematic cornerstones of the character, even more so than Caught in a Net. -8/-8 was a one of the few legit NPE (ie. don't get to play) experiences in the game and the relative ease to which you could put it on 2-3 players needed to be addressed, but I think they flipped the wrong lever on this one. Alas, we move on. All aboard the Corsair express.
  10. Is there anyway you can maximize the sodium capture levels on your camera? I have a feeling a lot of Alex's salt was lost in the making of this video.
  11. Enter The Blacksmiths...

    I really like the idea of Hot Shot ie. ranged melee attacks. The RNG and power spikes of character plays is one of the weakest aspects of the game imo, at least when contrasted to the excellent playbook mechanic. I wouldn't mind seeing the whole Character Play system overhauled around a similar idea (drastic, but the benefits would be immense).

    He was legit trying to sell me Westvleteren 12 the other day. The man stops at nothing.