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  1. Take Stave and push her off the table 2 ez
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that complaining about ball killing ties in with complaining about goal scoring. Flip side of the coin and all that. With STW's back catalogue filling up that 20% about SoS, we're set for the future.
  3. After much deliberation and inner raging at many of the suggestions here, I really think the answer to this scoring issue is 'git gud'. The ball is a resource. Control it better. I am of the apparently radical opinion that goal scoring is ok atm, and that players should instead focus on denying ball control to their opponents in a strategic fashion. Do all guilds have the option to successfully do this to the same extent? That is another question entirely. Sidepoint: I think the actual issue with pace is not really that scoring goals is easier, but that 6 takeout games (ie. the ones that often follow from a ball killing strategy) are slow, often undynamic grinding affairs that destroy your soul. The Icy Sponge and Mascot VP changes were both pretty hard blows to the takeout game. The Mascot changes overall I quite like (ie. multiple mascots in a roster is a viable choice for many teams -> more meaningful choices = more van value). I'm so-so on the Icy Sponge changes, especially with a player like Shank that excels at controlling the wings and forcing that choice getting nerfed on top of that. I recall a statement from Mat early in Season 3 that getting 6 takeouts is now as hard as getting 3 goals. That might be true, I dunno. But it's way more interesting to get 3 goals than to get 6 takeouts. Even the killiest teams tend to aim for 4 takeout, 1 goal these days. Is that a problem, or working as intended?
  4. About halfway through - several good memes identified already. I like how you guys are actively shoring up your lack of culture by consistently bringing on quality European guests. Also if Rickard needs to get better at dice rolling, he can join the GBZ Discord - we have very strong wrists.
  5. Don't see Venin in there, my friend #vengeancewinner
  6. Didn't @TheCurkov just post such a rule? What is "killing the ball" exactly? (haven't listened to the cast yet, dunno if it was defined there).
  7. Will you change your name to 'Simply the Best'?
  8. Metal. It'd be pretty lame to release a box called 'Master of Puppets' and it be plastic.
  9. To be fair, threads like this don't go anywhere constructive. Here is an anonymized, generalized summary of such threads: General OP: Hey I was a douche. Here is a detailed perspective of exactly how I was a douche, or at least it seems to be that I was a douche. Was I a douche? Respondee 1: Yes, you were a douche. Respondee 2: Nah, here's some reasons why you weren't a douche. Respondee 1: Classic R2, saying douchebaggery is ok. Respondee 3: To be fair, threads like this don't go anywhere constructive.
  10. Oh no, obviously it's going to be an armour-plated Rhino. Come on, man.
  11. Or a Rhino.
  12. If it has, I haven't noticed. I'm not the best painter but you can look at my vOx and vBrisket to judge the level of detail in the sculpt that remains ie. faces.
  13. For metal miniatures I've started to use etch primer, like you would use on a car body. My understanding is that it chemically eats away at the surface of the metal so bonds a lot better than other primers. Either way, seems to be holding up so far.
  14. I assure you I've had this existential crisis for close to a decade now. Timmy has his tournament medkit, I have my memes. We serve the same gods.