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  1. Kicking all the way. 2nd on the picks Choice of table side Dangerous player up the pitch Chance for an end of turn goal with no reprisal with some models (Avarisse and Greede being the main culprits) this is especially good if you can place yourself up on momentum before hand At my last tournament I lost the roll off more often than not and managed to kick in every game which was nice.
  2. Will write up a vengeance report soon: Apologies for the delay and the expected briefness of these reports. Game 32 (V Game 1 ) - Hunters Obulous, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Brainpan & Memory, and Avarisse & Greed Scatha, Fahad, Jacaer, Vet Hearne, Seenah and Ulfr I kicked off with Obulous and done the usual shenanigans to get up on momentum going into t2 taking out Jaecar in the bargain. The game got into a bit of a scrum after this with a lot of models bunched up in the middle, I thought this shouldn't be an issue with his lower INF cap (+ Ghast) and my 2" melee advantage. I did however make an uncharacteristic positioning mistake with Obulous and by the thickness of a bit of paper left him in range of Seenah while carrying 6 INF . I lost the captain but it had a good knock on effect. The bunching let Ghast, Avarisse and Graves go to town taking out Fahad, Hearne and weaken Seenah over 2 turns. Jaecar came back on the pitch and done some damage to Brainpan but Graves slapped Jaecar back in return and his little chum had an excellent flurry of activity killing Jaecar and jumping over to Seenah to kill him too. By this point I'd been timing out pretty badly but had finally got control of the ball again with Greede. I did experience in this game what I feel was a very uncalled for and unsporting act at a wargames event. This was not from my opponent who was a great guy but from a bystander who came over to watch the game, he took over the 1 minute timings from my opponent which is normally fine. Unfortunately he then proceeded to get overly involved in the game and I'm not a huge fan of having people at the table when they start doing this and asked him to leave (he didn't). The bystander then decided that I couldn't measure things outside of my activation, which according to pg 9 of the rule book is completely legal to measure at any time, which made a tense but enjoyable game fairly unpleasant. I lost the game 9-10, giving up a whopping 8 VPS on time outs before dice down was called. TBH I think I'd have lost it anyway on time outs as the only potential goal I had was a pretty low chance one; I was over 16" from the goal: Greede to Avarisse, give n go, pick up a dropped ball, walk, WDTG and shoot but dice down was called during my opponents activation where he may have got a kill or something to finish the game before this. Game 33 (V Game 2) - Union Obulous, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Brainpan & Memory, and Avarisse & Greed Blackheart, Stongbox, Harry, Rage, Gutter, and A&G Again I kicked off. Through Obulous shenanigans (mostly knocking down and beating up Rage a bit) and a jumping out loose Greede hitting his Greede for 5 wounds and doing bit of MOM gathering I put myself in a position which I thought was quite nice going into t2. I popped the last 2 wounds off his Greede, Puppet mastered the ball off Blackheart and went for what i thought would be a nice 3 dice 6" goal and a Knee Slider away. Obulous messed this up and left himself stranded in Range of Blackheart with the ball miles away from every player on the pitch I think the miss was 6 direction and 6"!!!. My Greede who I thought would be killed anyway duly was by a rather beaten up Rage. A legendary from Blackheart also put paid to Obulous' plans, the square toed Morts captain was fairly efficiently taken off the table by a combo of Gutter and Blackheart. I managed to kill a knocked down Rage with Graves killing the tortoise almost by accident and got Gutter eventually. My Avarisse was killed in return and Graves was too I think. Dice down was called and I was down 7-8. I was in a scrap that I pretty much had no chance of winning so I'm pretty sure my opponent would have won the game having the more fighty characters. Not really sure where the time went but I didn't really have a decent contingency plan after the missed goal. 2 dice downs out of 2 games is not good. Game 34 (V Game 3) - Alchemists Obulous, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Brainpan & Memory, and Avarisse & Greed Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Vet Katalyst, Mercury and Vitriol I haven't played Smoke much before so wasn't sure how to go into this. Again I kicked off, dragged Mercury in for some momentum generation by Obulous and Graves. He scored with Smoke and I countered with the long A&G bomb. Smoke was then in a position t2 to get taken out by a combination of Ghast and Memory. He went after Greede with Vitriol rather than going for a counter goal, the dwarf going down after 2 turns of being hit. Mercury eventually went down to Graves I get the ball back through a puppetmaster I think and I'm pretty sure Brainpan and Memory scored the decider. 12-6 win finally. Game was probably a bit tighter than the score line suggested. Game 35 (V Game 4) - Fishermen Obulous, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Brainpan & Memory, and Avarisse & Greed Corsair, Salt, Gutter, Sakana, Angel, Greyscales Again I kicked off. Turn one didn't go to plan as I missed a Puppetmaster on Angel to Obulous who was in a good position to score a goal and not let him score in return as he would not easily be able to generate momentum. As it was I won the second turn and got 2 take outs early on, Sakana and Angel I think. He scored a goal with Greyscales but I counter scored at the end of the turn with A&G. Corsair was doing a bit of damage here and there but I was generally healing most of it. He got the ball to Salt and with Obulous to activate I seen the opportunity to win the game, another failed Puppetmaster later and the water rat managed to put in a goal of his own. Sitting 8 each it wasn't too bad but a poor kick out brought the ball back into play. It proceeded to be tackled, scattered over about 4 activations between us in the middle of the board. An unlucky roll meant it got to a position that Gutter could reach it and Greyscales managed to score eventually. 8-12 loss. I may have got a bit greedy with the Puppetmasters on two 5+ models but with an 80.6% success rate on the rolls without Puppetmaster, either which would have had a huge impact on the game was a bit rough. Maybe the second one should have been a different activation, perhaps using Graves to strip the ball off the otter and boot it into space hoping to win the attrition war while 8-4 up. Live and learn I suppose, playing even high odds when you don't have to doesn't pay. Game 36 (V Game 5) - Morticians Obulous, Dirge, Cosset, Graves, Brainpan & Memory, and Avarisse & Greed Obulous, Dirge, Cosset, Graves, Ghast and Silence Game 37 (V Game 6) - Engineers Obulous, Dirge, Brainpan and Memory, Graves, Casket, and Avarisse & Greed Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Ratchet, Salvo and Locus Game 38 (V Game 7) - Butchers Obulous, Dirge, Cosset, Graves, Casket, and Avarisse & Greed Fillet, Truffles, Vet Ox, Shank, Harry and Tenderiser A nice spread of teams there! Likely to be the last games with Morts for the foreseeable future. Likely to be moving back to my Butchers to speed up my play for a while.
  3. Thats my 10 if you go with Avarisee and Greede. Bonesaw for Cosset isn't a choice though! Much as I'd like to take him in my team the other options just seem better.
  4. I really like Smoke's graduated smoke, brings a lot of interest to the focal point of the model and also incorporates it more into the model rather than being a single colour area that covers a lot of the model. Katalysts tubes and glowing skins are also ace. Any tips on how to do this? Also very cool text on the bases.
  5. I kicked with Obulous and the scatter wasn't brilliant. You are assuming my opponent doesn't know how to play out of this as well, his first kick after ball retrieval was a long crossfield kick (albeit a little risky) which he let run loose, the second I think was to the snake (which was in range but meant a risky pass), the third back out of range and his movement set up pretty unfavourable positions to attempt the goal without burning the legendary. Being 4-4 with momentum at the end of t1 with a guaranteed 2 points early in the next seemed the favourable option. Admittedly I didn't see his second goal but he did take a risk on the put in. Obulous makes it very hard but not impossible to keep the ball turn one. I don't think enough people try controlled kicks into space, sometimes its worth having the ball near but not on your models at the cost of momentum generation, there is an inherent scatter risk in doing this but it can ruin some captains plans.
  6. I'll get using one of the forgotten heroes again shortly... I promise. Likely Bonesaw to wean me off my Avarisse and Greed addiction.
  7. Game 32 - Union Obulous, Dirge, Graves, BPM, Cosset and A+G Seasoned Brisket, Coin, Decimate, Harry, Mist and Snakeskin Ended up selecting what has recently become my favourite 6 (though I also still love Ghast, Silence and Casket!). I kicked with Obulous and he recovered with Mist and started the momentum generation passing game around Harry. I assumed he could score easily with SBrisket so decided to set Mist up for a Dirged up Cosset charge dragging Mist and KD'ing him with Obulous then Cosset generating a bunch of mom in return, I chose not to kill Mist but leave him on 2 health (this may have been a mistake but I didn't want 2 strikers in threatening positions at the start of t2, better on his bum about to get taken out). Brisket scored as expected but he cleverly brought Harry forward with dodges to engage Cosset. I scored with A+G in return. His kick out scattered badly ending up close to Obulous. I won t2 being up on momentum, I went for the easy Obulous goal, only giving him 3 inf and loading the rest of the team. After the goal I Rigor Mortised (yep for 1 mom) so Mist was effectively dead, there was no possible way for him to get the striker up and keep pressure on the ball. He returned with an impressive Brisket goal popping the legendary dodging off Snakeskin and passing the ball about and finally putting it in with Brisket. He wanted to keep the momentum and be in snapshot range so Brisket didn't dodge, Graves tried a cheeky charge on the downed Mist hoping to get a scything blow off (he didn't) but I killed the striker and got a bit of damage on Brisket (3 plus bleed I think). Harry then killed a full wounds Cosset with relative ease, I think this was a mistake and he should have went with Decimate to go for Greede first. I managed to get Greede away because of this and KD Snakeskin with Avarisse. The game finished t3, with the aim being who could get the next kill, his best target was Avarisse and mines was Snakeskin. The big guy thanked his tough hide and counter attack and Memory managed to kill off a penned in Snakeskin, that dodging ability is so handy. 12-10 win A very tight win, I think I made a mistake not loading Obulous t2 when he scored his goal, I could have Misdirected Harry effectively saving Cosset and giving Greede an Influence (to use where did they go) so I didn't have to move Avarisse into a bad position for influence distribution to the wee guy. Or even moving Cosset/Harry to force his next activation but that would have taken 4 Inf. I need to use Misdirection more, its a great play that I only tend to use against the likes of Boar and VetKat at the moment. Seasoned Brisket's legendary is amazing, absolute game changing play and pretty fantastic to threaten a goal and get a player out of a dangerous situation at the same time. I've also got a Union team and really want to try that out! Saying that I also have a Butchers team and want to try Vet Ox. I also have brewers team on the painting table but these are other problems...
  8. But the tournament will have a published schedule which people will have signed up knowing in advance so you are likely to be waiting about for that round time whatever happens, how long your opponent takes within the previous round is irrelevant as long as its within the rules & requirements of the tournament. I'm semi in favour of the warmachine death clock method should a more elegant solution not be found, at least its simpler than rushed 1 minute rounds.
  9. Round times should mean this isn't an issue, every player should be finishing within their 45 each and additional admin/clock out time.
  10. I'd love to see that implemented, sometimes that last game winning activation is not particularly straightforward and that suggestion would allow for a more flexible option for the clocked out player. There is nothing worse than an opponent being difficult when you are on your minute. here is the possibility of adding more draws into the mix dependent on what happens first a timing out or the game winning score? How would this deal with activations less than 1 minute? Clocking an opponent shouldn't be a safe option to win a game. Brain dumping now, an alternative may be to give the clocked out player the number of minutes equal to what it would take for their opponent to win the game to use as they will eg if the score is 8-8, the clocked out player could get 4 minutes to use as they wish (set at the point of clocking out, any opponent scoring on top of this would be logged as normal). If they don't win in that time-frame it becomes an auto-loss. Almost the same system but might be easier to monitor. I clock out a lot and find the mechanic very clumsy at present. ------------- I very much favour one captain lists as well. Some teams have flexible captains that fit into different line ups within the 9 players Fish and Morts being the most flexible whereas others wish for specific players to work with a particular captain, Masons and Butchers are bad for this, sometimes to the point of having negative drops (eg Veteran Ox). Long term balance would see the captains being mutually competitive with player selection being the point of balance for "bad" matchups. Any errors in captain balance are heightened by the fact they impact the game so much If the tiebreak software could log captain used I think the information would be quite useful to see. Some are definitely put on the table more often than others. -------------- I quite like the one union choice as it is.
  11. Following from that last game I think I'm going to try a few more games with the down trodden less used members of the Morticians team and their Union chums. I'll be trying to add these into my lineups when possible, we usually have a very competitive gaming group normally so my list is often tuned to be as good as I can make it. We are however getting a lot of new players so maybe I have the opportunity to try out these forgotten heroes while easing them into the game gently. The players themselves. I think my current thought on all 5 of these is there is a player that is better at a very similar role which I've highlighted underneath. Bonesaw - I don't see Bonesaw as being completely rubbish, a 3 dice kick with potential re-rolls is pretty ace. I wish you could leave Meditation up for snapshots but alas that is not to be. He does have a very long goal threat albeit a bit dice dependent. I can certainly see him in a more footballing line up and definitely more with Obulous than Scalpel. As mentioned above a pure scoring team might be worthwhile. Bonesaw vs. A+G/Mist at being a long distance goal threat. A+G bring a beater to the team after the t1 goal or Mist can offer 2" melee Veteran Graves - Another model who adds some very handy knockdowns to the team as well as a potentially game changing grave digger. Going after mascots can be a real thing now. The extra damage with Vileswarm being a trait so you need a lot of set up to get something out of what seems to be a very situational damage threat. His biggest friend seems to be Cosset as she can efficiently make use out of a Grave Diggered target. This brings in the dilemma: Cosset wants either Tooled Up or Dirge support to make the most out of damage dealing. This is where I think the Vet Graves / Vileswarm is a trap, they are both set up models, Vet Graves by KD, Grave Digger and pushes and Vileswam by pushing and rabid animal respectively. I think Graves would fit into a team with Obulous, Dirge, Cosset, BPM and a Union striker best. He doesn't seem amazing but even if that Grave Digger is just used on a mascot it could be worthwhile as I'm generally 2/2 in most games and a Mascot or Striker kill could be worth a lot more by putting extra pressure on the game. Veteran Graves vs. Graves, the original just does so many different things whereas the veteran brings a very good trick but doesn't have the same toolbox. Fangtooth - I have not seen Fangtooth in season 3. Not used by any of the teams that can take him even Union. What happened to often seen smelly fat man? I think the move to goal scoring teams becoming very popular was part of his downfall. What he does offer is robbing influence from your opponent and another chance to bog players down. Of all the options he does seem the least relevant. He's slow, 1" melee, offers horrific odour which Morts already have with the very useful Casket and at 2/1 offers a nice target for Scything Blows and the like. He does have a raft of hit points, a momentous KD on 1 hit, Gluttonous Mass and a decent damage track. Could he join with Ghast to help form an influence denial KD game? Could be ace against teams like Butchers or Brewer who have low influence players who need to get stuck in. He's the only one I don't have painted either so will need to sort that out. Fangtooth vs. Casket, the Morticians team player just seems to offer a lot more to the game. Also Casket Time is a game changer, better legendary than a lot of captains. Rage - I think during season 1 and 2 Rage would have been one of the first choices in any Morticians team. What went wrong? Tooled up going away and taking up the Union slot (which is almost always used to bring a better striker into the team) seem to be the worst problems but he's still a strong independent damage dealer and momentum generator. He could be Caskets best friend like before due to Maverick and being a great set up piece for Casket Time. Rage vs. Cosset/Minx, all free chargers but the ladies bring other things to the table which may support the morticians team more. Minx - Lots of people rate her and she is very good but after discovering A+G I have't looked back. I certainly think she needs another run out. It was generally a choice of Minx or Cosset in my teams and Cosset always won out due to output potential and Lure. Minx vs. Cosset, survivability against insane damage dealing and Lure. Cosset has been winning this battle for me for a while. Any more thoughts on these less used 5?
  12. Game 31 - Engineers Obulous, Dirge, Graves, BPM, Cosset and Bonesaw Pinvice, Mother, Velocity, Hoist, Locus and Compound Bonesaw was drafted in last minute as my Avarisse model broke off the base probably from over use and I wanted a striker. Obulous kicked off and he passed the ball about a bit to generate momentum. Velocity moved into Puppet Master range a move too early I think so I moved up and tried to puppet master Velocity only to fail (I would normally have confidenced this but only had 6 influence on him and needed to confidence the next step which would have been a KD attempted to the crowded out robot, poor influence allocation by me). He then went for the attempted goal with Velocity but failed the shot. Bad luck from both parties, I'd have actually preferred he scored as I had Home Crowd (always take this card its so useful). A tooled up Cosset smashed velocity up a bit to about 1-2 health boxes. Due to having to fetch the ball with Bonesaw I was unable to go for a goal run (this would have involved jogging and a bit of football dervish off of Memory to avoid compound but was certainly doable). I ended up keeping the ball. T2 I Crazied up cosset, pinged the 2 wounds to make Velocity reanimate then failed to hit the single dodge on the second attack to get the charge off. It was as good as dead but I had to waste other resources to kill it. He managed to get the ball off of Bonesaw with a pumped up to the max Pinvice. I managed to kill Locus with Obulous and Cosset but it took a phase longer than it should have to a bad final dice roll which meant I couldn't send Cosset after someone else in the next phase. I missed a nicely set up goal with BPM and then started to time out. Bonesaw after some faffing got the ball from Compound and scored putting me ahead but I timed out at the end of this activation. My opponent started timing out on the next activation too. I activated Rigor Mortis stripped the ball off mother with puppet master after an Obulous charge double dodge to get in range but due to the clock didn't dodge him out of threat range so the spider got the ball back but didnt have any momentum. The game then timed out as neither of us could get the points. 12-10 win. Timing out doesn't feel a great way to win a game but with Obulous and the BPM combination I felt it was always possible to strip the ball with Puppet master and sit relatively safely from so many 1" melee models (I probably should have been doing it earlier in the game) after that it is a case of using I'm open to push for a goal near the end of a turn. I had the more threatening damage team so that is always good to sit back with. BPM are getting better the more I use them. Bonesaw is straight up not as good as A+G in my mind, even Mist would have been better due to the payable dodge. I'm trying to think of uses for Bonesaw, he had an attempt at pushing Velocity off the pitch but that is very situational. He's got a lot of nice things but doesn't seem to have the nice touches that either of the Union options bring. You'll be happy to know Avarisse is now repaired, I miss the second player with an achievable KD on the pitch as well.
  13. Cheers guys. Glad to know my ramblings are of some interest to others. I've not quite got my head around BPM. I think on an effective turn Brainpan can sit with 3 Inf and the ball can be pretty much anywhere within range (preferably well out the way of the opposition) to get a reasonably good chance of a goal. I've not been using them too much for damaging but the option is always there. Both captains are great tbh, very different play styles but both efficient enough. I feel Obulous makes me want to go the scoring route more than Scalpel as he doesn't have the damage threat that she does and he requires a bit more forethought. Actually thinking of drafting Bonesaw back into the Obulous line up. BPM, Bonesaw and A+G with Obulous are actually quite a scary football team and may play off each other well, could be ace against teams I want to avoid the brawl with. I had a lot of problems with Corsair Fish. At some point Veteran Graves will get a run out as well, he's not even made my line up yet but is such a nice model. I feel the bonus damage with Vileswarm not being an inherent trait and requires the activation order being the big problem. He's certainly not awful but his original version is so bloody good with T on 1, auto bleed which is amazing on a counter attack and tooled up its a very difficult trade to make.
  14. Boo I had written these up in more depth and accidentally closed the window. Game 29 - Masons Obulous, Dirge, Graves, Cosset, BPM and A+G Honour, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Hammer and Harmony The game started with me puppetmastering the monkey in for Cosset to kill, I like getting it out of the way to reduce Honours threat and it really wants to be in the mix to be useful so there is often the chance of a 2nd take out. Flint scored at the end of t1 but instead of going for the A+G counter goal straight away I thought being up on momentum I could kill him at the start of 2, keep the ball and be in a better position. Some bad rolls over the next few activation kept him alive and a poor choice in counter attack let him kick the ball away (I should have risked the KD ball scatter rather than the double push out of threat range). Cosset killed Harmony, but after the final attack she went to charge Hammer to set him up for a Obulous kill later in the turn. Obulous missed a bonus timed pass and Cosset got killed for no real reason. I managed to squeek a goal in with BPM but at the cost of Obulous. He won the last turn roll off and linked activationed a goal. Definitely could have played this one better but my opponent played it safe so there was always a counter threat. 9-12 loss. Game 30 - Butchers Obulous, Dirge, Graves, BPM, Casket and Silence Ox, Princess, Boiler, Vet Brisket, Shank and Boar Obulous kicked off so the best option for him would be to recover with Ox. I didn't do much t1 as I missed a puppet master on a swift stance Shank, who I was going to farm some momentum out of. I lost and Silence who strayed quite far up the pitch to throw a fireblast on Boar and Brisket last turn got killed in one go from Boar. In return I managed to snaffle the ball and get it to Obulous. There ended up being a big ruck in the middle and BPM shone here helping Casket get Casket Time off on Shank. I then stole all his momentum (possibly about 5) and put a goal in with Obulous. He kicked out and chose to snap the ball to a relatively far away but not unreachable Ox. With the huge momentum lead I won the next turn and Obulous managed to dodge and puppet master his way to another goal. My opponent is relatively new to the game and didn't appear fully aware of how horrendous Obulous can be. Getting Ox separated from 4 of his players hurt a lot too. The ruck would not have favoured me had he been anywhere remotely nearby. 12-2 win.
  15. Shame it's impossible to both tool him up and recreate as it would require both versions of Graves. Good for Confidence though.