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  • Interests To crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women. Or men. Or anyone special in their lives, really. I'm not picky.
  1. Welcome to the Pitch! Hunters are an unforgiving team for errors, but have a lot of tools and tricks available to win games with. The hardest part with playing them is not getting sidetracked with all the schnanigans they can do, and losing sight of scoring points. Good luck!
  2. I'll be there with bells(*) on. (*not really)
  3. That's a good question, because o.Hearne isn't in my regular line up as is. I feel he needs just a bit too much support and set up to be potentially great.
  4. I'm sure one will crop up eventually.
  5. Well, while I'm not as enthusiastic as Blaine, I think V.Hearne has a lot of strong potential. He can punish other teams for using rough ground abilities, he's got Mo KD/T on 2 with 2" melee, he still has Skewer, and his Dying Light let's you two into momentum for use in a team that is often hungry for influence. And his teleport can really let him get to unexpected places, and likely steal the ball from someone. I look forward to seeing the other Hunter models and how he interacts with them.
  6. Because Pin Vice is silly: Kick off with PV to the side. Jaecar goes, retrieves the ball, kicks off to Theron. I measure, then put Alternator on Pinvice. Whooshes in 11" to charge Theron, tackle the ball. Theron's counter does some damage, snares PV. PV punches him twice more for momentum, then clears conditions. Takes a shot on goal, bonus timing it. Scores goal, play Kneeslider so she can whoooosh 11" back to my side of the table. She is silly.
  7. I think she's a great "Choice Forcer" where she can set up a situation where you either out resources into her, or deal with the conditions.
  8. Really annoying things.
  9. It has.
  10. None assumed. It's always exciting to be the one who shares new information. I still have to remind myself not to do that now and again.
  11. Until it's released by Steamforged, it's against the rules to share the rules. Thanks for taking it down.
  12. Obligatory "Devilsquid like Chisel" post. She's fast, Dodgy, generates momentum easily, 2" melee with a momentous Tackle on 2, can self heal, and can punish fish for trying to dodge off her. Still a favorite, still does a lot of work for me.
  13. Welcome to the party pal!
  14. Welcome (again)!
  15. It was both humerous and tragic to watch.