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  1. Rediscovering the Engineers.

    The thing with Harry for me is his inspiring hat. With the Engineer Kick stats being so high, and their numerous ball centric tricks, getting the free teamwork for them is a big thing.
  2. Rediscovering the Engineers.

    So Engineers were one of my first teams in Guild Ball, but I fell out of interest with them due to their fairly limited playstyle before the S3 revisions. Now that I've finished my Brewers, I'm turning my eye back to the Engineers, and am looking to rediscover them in their new incarnation. I've had a few games with them already, and look to branch out more into their options. Old habits die hard: the first thing I need to do is play more models than the core 4 I tend to take: Ballista, Salvo, Ratchet, and Velocity. My 5th player tends to be whatever catches my fancy at the moment, but breaking out of the Core Four rut is going to be a main push for me. Pin Vice especially is a stranger to me, as I have very few games with her. Hoist is a completely different beast now, and Colossus doesn't do what he used to for me (Striker Hunting). Dr. StrangUnion, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Learned To Love The Hat: one of my biggest dislikes of the Engineers is their lack of low success repeatable momentous playbook options. Salvo has changed in this regard, and Ballista has himself a strong playbook, but in general the Engineer Players don't generate a lot of momentum in melee (though they are much better now). While I prefer to be a 'Guild Purist', I have accepted Harry as a overly valid choice with my Engineers. His 2" melee, high TAC, surplus of Momentous results, and Inspiring Hat fit him squarely into my Engineer Roster. In fact, it seems hard to -not- take him in every list with all he brings. Pin Vice may change this, as she has a lot of momentous play book options. High Risk, High Reward: overall, with their use of Kicking and Character Plays, the Engineers have more reliance on low dice pools for success, since melee is not their main theatre of work. This means that missed rolls will have more of an impact overall, but the risk/reward is greater for them. I'm looking forward to tyibg the apron back on and giving Eng 2.0 a good shakedown, and I look forward to Locus to see what 'he' brings to the table.
  3. How to stoke the fire

    It depends on what he's faced off against. Plenty of times Iuse him to just control the area with Moltov and his pushes, but he can swing inwards to start dishing out damage if I need him too.
  4. Maurice's Brewers @ Games & Stuff 2/18

    Thanks for playing in the event Maurice.
  5. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    Man, almost makes taking regular Ox pointless...
  6. The solution to a lot of A&G "issues" I saw that I liked was to change In Sync to attacks only. This would limit their kick shenanigans a bit, the kick for momentum bouncing, and encourage more melee from Greede.
  7. Except for the fact that they were on their starting line having just started the game. And while there is always the chance of missing the kick, when they're that close, scatter is irrelevant as Avarice will just intercept, and there's nothing an opponent can do to stop it (Counter attack, etc).
  8. Running a tournament, and just watched Greede in B2B with Avarice pass the ball to him 4 times, allowing the player to win the initiative roll.
  9. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

  10. Shark to strong?

    Generally speaking, NPE's tend to be things that deny someone options, rather than make your models do better. Folks don't mind debuffs or buffs, but when something flat out denies an ability, it's looked down upon. Personally, Shark's feat doesn't bother me, as it's something I'm used to seeing (and using), and I've built up my tactics against it. Jordan said it best: Shark is do, or do not. There is no middle.
  11. Shark to strong?

    Oh, I know that... It's just that the 'to' bugs me every time.
  12. Shark to strong?

    Just spell "too" correctly, OK?
  13. Shark to strong?

    Pardon, but copyright disallows anyone but me to be referenced as some sort of aquatic monster. S3 really made the game more balanced in terms of earning points, where before it was primarily about the Take Outs. Now that scoring is more of a thing, players are leaning heavily into scoring teams, as it's the new shiney, and many opponents don't have a good plan for dealing with it yet. The flex that will happen to balance it out is players learning better ball control and protection to deal with these scoring teams. Shark is easy to highlight in this manner because he's the epitomy of the scoring captain (Though I think Midas is 'better' overall). But Shark has his weaknesses, and if you learn how to protect the ball and defend it, as well as having a post opponent goal plan, players will find that he's not all that and a bag of fish'n'chips.
  14. Hello from DC

    Awesome! Just let us know when you come down.
  15. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    My guess is that he's a 3/1, but similar to Granite, gets +ARM when engaged by 2+ models.