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  1. As a Brewer, Silence is the worst player to see across the table. Tapper is a good one to Shut Out, and whoever you think he might use Old Jake's on for a Tucked. For a team where buffs, and therefore activation order, are king - Silence ruins them. Be warned though, when playing Brewers I will target him as a matter of priority. Be prepared for him to run backwards to stay safe OP - I think Silence is overall less useful than he was, but he needed to be. He's still dangerous in the right place though.
  2. If you pass the ball to him and dodge, he can dodge forwards 4 inches. If he deploys directly opposite the goal he can reach it. If somebody is in the way, he can use Football Dervish to dodge forward another 8", then sprint 8, Meditate and shoot 8". The weak link is the Dervish as it requires 2 successfull passes, but if it's late in the turn and you have mp it's perfectly possible.
  3. Nice! How about undefeated in the other guilds?
  4. Absolutely agreed, and if he's in CA my Spigot will not be Tooling Up. I'm wondering now what other errors this creates in the Maths I've done for Brewers.
  5. I tend to do my maths at worse case, so with no additional set up and without the aura. My reasoning being that the Buffs should only help swing the numbers my way, but in Spigots case with his easy access to wraps, there is a flaw in that reasoning.
  6. Yeah ok, I'd not considered the effect that would have. I'll remember that next game.
  7. Against a 4/1 model he will hit the 2 damage 4 times in a row. The chances of hitting the 3 damage are 22.6% so that's going to be pretty reliably 8 damage, maybe 9. If he uses Tooled Up, then that becomes reliably 9, maybe 10. If the target is low def, Floored, crowded out etc so that Spigot will hit the 3 and start to get a wrap or two , that difference grows. If we go the other way, so the target is 5/0 and Spigot has no other help, he will probably hit the 1 damage 4 times, or Tooled Up he'll hit it 3 times and do 6 damage. If Spigot has 4 inf, he should always be tooling himself up before punching someone, unless there is a situation I've missed?
  8. That's seems to be the case for Fillet yes, but I disagree that that Tooled Up doesn't have value for us beyond turn 1. The difference is that we have a number of models that can do the deed, and we are normally bunched up. I'll save Spigot for mid turn, applying Tooled Up to whoever can definitely punch somebody. As Jedi says there are a number of models that can ruin things for you, just watch out for them/stop them first/wait for them to activate. Not possible every turn though, granted. Don't forget a loaded Spigot will do more damage if he tools himself up, and there is no warning for the opponent there at all. Hooper or Stoker at 3+ damage is over the top and rarely worth the effort, but with Tapper on the team most people will be at +1 and one if them should be at +2. Still a formidable amount of damage.
  9. I was about to say "it's a tactic for kicking off" but fair point it's a reasonable tactic against the Vitriol kick as well. I wonder if the same thing could block Shark turn 1.. I've used the cat in this way loads, back in season 2 it meant sacrificing Scum but the season 3 rules protect him somewhat and make the play even better.
  10. The Corsair murder ball is one if the toughest match ups for any team. I've not played into with Morticians tbh, but I think my plan would be to go footballing. Obulus can Puppet Master his way out around Close Control, Bonesaw is a great striker imo and can break up the scrum. Cosset can Lure Corsair and isolate him. She will obviously die very easily and will need a fair bit of baby sitting to stay alive. It's a horrible team to play against, and if they are going all take outs, it's also one of the dullest!
  11. Yeah depends on the Guild I'm playing, but generally yeah I've got so used to practising kicking I'm better at it. When I'm Brewers I prefer to have the ball first turn, but I think every other guild I play prefers to kick.
  12. Actually, the normal turn of events starts with Shark kicking, receiver tries desperately to get the ball out of the way, Shark takes it anyway, legendaries, and scores first Fish activation.
  13. Thanks for the summary! Where can I watch this myself?
  14. @Eugel turn 1 is tough when the game is new, most models need help from team mates to be effective and wasting inf is hard to swallow, but the good news is you can plan turn 1 more than you can any other turn. The only variables are the terrain, ball scatter and any super fast player on the other team. I used to spend a lot time thinking about what my plan was for both kicking and receiving, studying the cards and forums for ideas to try. Doesn't take long and both of you will be flying thru turn 1, honestly just have a plan, a crap plan is better than no plan.
  15. So we now have an extra slot to play with and that means we all have to decide who to put in that slot. I play double Captain as I think the Brewers did well under the old OPD as I could switch Captains at the last moment and have a reasonable team. I think I'm going to keep it this way as there are certain match ups that still require it. For my final spot the choice is between Mash, Quaff, vet Spigot and Stave. Mash is currently my favourite choice but I will be giving vet Spigot another trial to see if he can make the team. How about you guys?
  16. That is genius! Why the heck did I never think of that! So much less fuss than launching Scum. I'm stealing this one
  17. Yeah you can still choose not to. The only reason I can think of is if your deployment zone is full of enemy beaters and there is no safe place to put them.
  18. They are golden in Brewers, even if their goal run is prevented, Singled Out is just ridiculous for the Drunks. All of them get cranked up to 11, although Pintpot really thanks you for it. I'm currently still taking Harry, but only because AnG aren't painted. Wanted to do a nice job on them and they've turned into a massive time sink!
  19. Good to hear they've fixed a few things
  20. @polluxx66 that's the kind of talk that gets people all wound up around here! Seriously though, he has game against Shark Fish definitely, and I can see where he'd be useful against Masons and Butchers. Mirror matches he could be useful as well, low def and bunching together and everything. I played Mash a lot in season 2, especially if I played Esters, but when the rosters changed to 2 captain and Pintpot came out I just couldn't quite squeeze him in. He's definitely coming on Saturday if only because he's painted and vet Spigs ain't.
  21. I'm afraid the only news we have is that they were not released at Salute. I imagine we will here something more positive pretty soon.
  22. Fair enough, you are a bunch of piss takers. Probably the main reason I'd like to live there one day!
  23. Interesting topic! I always find it hard to choose my vote the best Sportsman, I often find myself voting for the least sore loser out of the people I beat. This always feels unsatisfactory to me as there is so much more to the concept, including the polar opposite - a gracious winner. @malladin.ben your list matches pretty much the standards I attempt to hold myself to. I might be a bit stricter about take backs as it can lead to bitter situations, but I'm as hard on myself I hope.
  24. It's tough, but not unwinnable. I do not expect every team to be exactly balanced against every other team though, part of the fun for me is figuring out how to win anyway. Unless Shark has knee slider, his legendary will not save him, and I don't kill him straight away - leave him on 1 health and surrounded for as many turns as I dare.