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  1. Launch Event Team

    You may have missed this, but their Union card was spoiled and they can take Grace and Benny, but no AnG
  2. Cats are better than dogs

    Yeah I still play Scum with Esters, mainly as I take these to tournaments and I tend to practise with my 10. I'd like to give Quaff more of a try, although I found it hard to find a meaningful time to use it. All those pushes look really useful.
  3. The Perfect Guild Ball Gaming Table

    Would like to do something like this myself, but I lack the skills and tools. I would suggest 3x3 is too small though, not enough room to keep all the tokens. 4x4 would give you 6" around the perimeter so the board itself could be tidy. Maybe with some built in trays for the tokens and something to stand up the plot cards on?
  4. If you can stand on the obstruction, you can't be moved. Can sometimes help if you can't get to safety, or want to set up a commanding position for next turn. Enjoyed the vid, dealing with Obulus is horrible for a new player.
  5. They did say they changed the Selective trait in favour of these cards so they could change them easier. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if they released new cards halfway they season 4, or sooner given the recent errata.
  6. If you watch until the end he does fully confirm it.
  7. Grace brings even more healing tech, and is inf efficient. Seems like a good pick if you are expecting a fight. Benny's range extensions are pretty powerful though. Pleased with this reveal
  8. Curly's Brief Battle Reports

    Game 4 Matt Cook Smoke 12 - 10 Win Ok went for Grange, Buckwheat, Bushel, Jackstraw, Tater and Harrow. Left out Millstone as I felt the low def was a problem for all the aoes. Highlight of the game was Bushel eating a marker, On My Mark to get the ball, dodge, run and Shoot. Tried hard to push the passing game and it paid off, found I was abusing the ball for momentum and position with ease. This was the first time I'd played a team that was putting damage out, for which Harrow and enormous mp generation of the whole team helped with a lot. Grange himself was keeping busy knocking people down to set up Tater, and helping with his kick buff. Feeling much more impressed with him now.
  9. Curly's Brief Battle Reports

    As the title says, I like battle reports to be short and to the point so I'll keep mine that way. Game 1 - Pete Burgess Midas - Me Grange 12-4 loss Played my good buddy and hunter player, although this game he was Midas with all the likely crew. I took the starter box 6. Was unable to stop him scoring 2 early goals with trivial ease, but once I got in the flow I slowed the game down and put up a good fight before eventual defeat. The tide was turning my way though. Was playing to use Grange to set up Windle, but found that Windle's damage output was dissapointing. Was also underwhelmed with Grange himself but I think I was using him wrong.. my mate pointed out how great For the Family is, I'd dimissed it as a poor mans Footbal Legend at first, but thinking about it now my Spigot is rarely close enough to the goal for it make a difference to a shot. Overall a fun game and was intrigued with how they worked Game 2 - Matt Cook Shark - Me Thresher 12-4 loss Bit fuzzy about the final score as we'd had a few ales but I definetely lost, felt I'd got the right team for me here. All out beat down with Thresher, Buckwheat, Tater, Harrow, Jackstraw and Millstone. The immense amount of 2" melee is really handy in this match up. Thresher with his legendary up, striping amour of half the team, sweet. Game 3 - Andy T Bri3ket - Me Tresher 12-5 Win! Played Andy T from the Herioc Play, admittedly playing Captain Brisket for the first time. Again 2" melee came in very handy for slowing her down and preventing easy goals. Basically hung around by my own goal, mincing anybody that got close, and closed it out with a janky goal from the amazing teleporting scarecrow. This game was tonight, and to my surprise the shop had the Farmers dice on the shelf, and they look lovely. Defenitely feel that Thresher is stronger at this point, but next game I'll go back to Grange and attempt to play football with him and leave Windle at home in place of Tater.
  10. When would you take Bonesaw over Mist?

    Yeah as Mako says Bonesaw is a good pairing for Scalpel, between them they can get 2 goals in a game usually. Unexpected Arrival is great for clearing enemies away from my Furious players, and his heroic really helps him get in the right place. As for the original question, I don't think I would take him in place of Mist, he's too much work to be the primary goalscorer, but I would definitely take him alongside Mist if I was gunning for 2 or 3 goals. Mist, Bonesaw, BPM and either Obulus or Scalpel can form a formidable football team.
  11. New A&G a must have now?

    That is a good point about no being tied to activation order the same as the other Brewer's. Singled Out is also good news for Pint Pot.
  12. Curly's Brief Battle Reports

    Seems like sound advice to me guys. I dare say I'll give both these options a try soon. Really loving having a new team to play with, and eager to get my hands on the models now.
  13. Grange Surprise

    I'm loving this tech. I'm taking these with me!
  14. Scout Report

    I really hope it's the Brewers, and I'm crossing my fingers for a 40mm 2" melee model personally. Not fussed about anything else on the card, I genuinely think that's all they need to give them the edge again.
  15. New A&G a must have now?

    It's the opposite for me I think.. I played them a lot lately as they enabled me to go for 2-2 quite easily. Still very good choice I would say, but we do have some good beaters already. I will give them a run though
  16. How soon was your first tournament

    Started playing Nov 2015, got the spoon at a tournament three months later. You go as soon as you like, there will normally be a wide range of skill at most events, and as others have said it's a great way to learn.
  17. Farmer rules?

    You are right, i hadn't noticed how many def 5 models they have, which seems nasty when combined with Harrow. Looking forward to getting them played
  18. Farmer rules?

    Thanks guys, I'll get some of these printed off!
  19. Farmer rules?

    Well I love Brewers and I'm excited to play them. They are low def, high risk beaters with an emphasis on positioning to get the best of everyone.
  20. Farmer rules?

    Does anybody know where the makers of these apps sourced them from? Hoping to print some cards out and get a game in with them.
  21. Enter The Blacksmiths...

    Plus it ideally sets people on fire. Fire is horrible, and if you are playing these pair then you should have multiple people alight each turn. Looks fun
  22. Esters is Besters

    Nice write up, some nice advice for getting into Esters. I would agree about Mash, he's not reliable enough to go in first and get people knocked over, but he's seen a resurgence in my line ups lately hold the ball. People like Flint laugh in his face, and Midas can still dodge in, but he'll need an mp first and have to risk a dangerous counter. 4/2 is a horrible def stat to content with as well.

    Hmmm, well I'll give it a go but I do have my reservations. We've (my immediate meta) always marvelled at how the game operates with 6 players. It seems beautifully balanced, no matter how good your line up is there always seems to be one weakness - you choose players to do certain jobs and broadly speaking those jobs are goals, takeouts, buffs, denial and defence. No matter how hard it try every line up lacks in one area, and I've always noted a seventh player would solve that issue. Not that I want it solved, I think it's amazing we are presented with this choice. I've heard Mat talk about this a lot and i really do think it's key to keeping Guild Ball at the front of my mind - I can't play a game during a smoke break at work, but I can enjoy agonising over my lists for a few minutes. It's so tough, as each role requires more than one model to be able to fulfill it effectively, and some models can do more than one, and others are very singular in their use. All of this with no points tables in sight, and I firmly believe the roles to team size ratio is a core factor in making that possible. Hence I'm reluctant to reduce that to 4, the 3v3 games didn't work well unless you played the special Shark v Ox cards. I have faith though, if SF think it works with 4 I will give it a go.
  24. Agreed it's very effective. I tend to paint almost everything in glazes so it shows through really well, cuts out like a million steps with the brush. Never tried it with rattle cans but I don't see why it can't work so long as you are sparing with the white. Really can't recommend an airbrush enough. I got a Chinese one earlier in the year, the full set up for gun, compressor, thinner, cleaner, primer etc was £150, roughly the cost of 15 cans of Citadel primer but infinitely more useful. Even if you only ever primer with it it's worth it, you can do it in the house for a good start