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  1. Did I grok this right, in a tournament the Blacksmiths player gets to pick any master he likes for each game, out of a likely pool of 6? Again, hard to say with out seeing more cards, but that's a huge advantage right? Would that out weight having the choice of 6 slightly lackluster captains? Dunno, but I'll enjoy finding out. I was plumbing for farmers as my main team, but I'm intrigued by the strategy implications. Assuming you'd want 3 masters on a team, that's 3 legendaries a game.
  2. I'm dying to play my freshly painted Granite but my Masons games lately have been against Fish and Hunters who don't really care about her at all. When I'm Brewers, Granite poses a real problem, opponent usually pushes her forward and creates a trap. She'll die pretty easily under concentrated fire but if the Masons keep healing her I can get stuck there while they score.
  3. This is pretty much what my shop does lately. New release single model boxes they get a few in stock, but anything older than this month's releases I'd have to order. Thing is, even the locals with all the teams have pretty much caught up now, so demand will die. Thankfully, it's still just as easy to get a game as it ever was.
  4. Friday will be your main goal scorer. Spigot can buff her movement with his heroic, or her kick with his Herioc. With her own Heroic also active she has an enormous threat on the goal. I either use her to score early game to get the bonus inf, or at the very end to close it out. There's plenty of good threads on this board to get you going on Brewers. First extra I suggest you get is Harry.
  5. Yeah the right target is definitely the key, and leaving her engaged also helps keep her relevant. It's not that her game is completely foo-barred, just the balls out, death or glory, extreme aggression that I was used to playing her with needs to be tempered slightly.
  6. I'm finding the permanent Homecrowd rule ruins my game plan for her, which heavily revolves around Scalpel activating first, dragging the target put of position, maybe wasting their inf in the process. My bass line up is: Scalpel Dirge Cosset Bonesaw AnG o Graves/Casket/Ghast/BPM Works well for a very fast 2-2 game but lacks in 2" reach. That's not much of a problem for UM as I still have a WTG and Memory to get round that, but I won't be making many counters with them.
  7. The full team starter boxes are the way to go, the only thing bothering me is that as I don't have a Blackheart or a Coin am I only going to be able to get them in the Union box? Looks that way. Other than that, it's a great idea.
  8. Is KD that much of a problem? Admittedly I've not played much morts lately, but if Memory is on his arse I build mp and get Brainpan to stand him up, so I get the use of the inf. Morts can generate plenty mp so it's not really a concern for me.
  9. Would a link to it from the resources page be something we could do? Would mean no extra effort when adding to them There seem to be a fair number of people on fb that are unaware that they can ask rules questions here, and some of the answers they receive on fb are wrong. Making it more visible would be great, it's horrible playing somebody at an event when their whole plan hinges on a minor misinterpretation of the rules and I have to crush their dreams.
  10. I agree with all of this. I often find myself in a rules debate and have to link people to the forum that they don't otherwise read. Simply copying the text from the CC thread and putting it into a pdf in the resources section would significantly increase visibility. I know we have the errata document, but this thread complements it rather than replaces is as the CC is mainly explanations of the corner cases rather than outright changes to the rules.
  11. Right, that's another warning handed out. If you wish to continue to discuss this issue it will be in a civilised and calm manner.
  12. As Katsumi says, I'm just a forum moderator, I'm not staff and unfortunately don't have any information about the status of your stuff. Please just be patient, it will arrive.
  13. @Retro Edge please calm down and stop with the wild accusations, nobody is being scammed, just delayed. Creating hysteria around the subject helps nobody. We are watching this thread very closely and expect the tone to change immediately.
  14. If they have a superstar captain that needs to go in the box, it's Casket. Ghast is better in pretty much every other way and is my default choice though.
  15. Mash was my extra tenth player, not played him in an age so even though this is obvious it's a nice reminder for me.
  16. I think it relies somewhat on both players being in the same page - a rookie who wants to go to tournaments and compete should probably relish the loss and subsequent analysis, but if the rookie only wants to play casually.. then something has to give. That's usually something the experienced competive player will have to do, and it's not easy. I don't enjoy Newb Stomping anymore than they do, but taking it easy on them can feel patronising which isn't enjoyable either. The players have to come to some understanding, it doesn't have to be spoken though, just being from the same meta and knowing what the other guy is going to be after from the game is normally enough.
  17. Against teams that can score trivially turn 1, I tend to throw down fire, get in the way, pressure them into shooting before the last activation and most importantly, prepare for the inevitable goal and make sure I'm ready with a response. By that I mean in position for a return goal, or somewhere to keep it safe for a while.
  18. Well postponing the inevitable like that probably didn't help the newbie no, but it doesn't sound like you were unfair or trying to cheat, get him on tilt or anything I would normally consider unsporting. Interesting question! If this was a non league game I think I would have finished it as quick as possible, but assuming there are better players in the league as well , I may have done the same for the CP.
  19. I'm not sure if I'm being dumb, but I'm not sure all of the items are visible on the mobile version of the site? In particular the sets for individual season 3 models.
  20. I've recently been playing him after a very long break. I find that to get value out if him I really need to push for Casket Time early game, but it usually worth it. Either Captain should be able to displace an enemy to get him in range, soften them up with Cosset and then throw them in the box. It's worth te effort. Ghostly Visage is also pretty useful against models like Fillet or vet Kat.
  21. I few months ago I got into a discussion with @VanV about the merits of Hooper, with me largely defending him. Yet since then I have questioned his usefulness and whether I absolutely need him. I still play him a lot, but he's not in every game anymore. I think he benefits from Old Jake's quite a bit, as I can allocate 2 mid-turn if it looks like he needs to spring into action. Granted he's probably not killing anyone, but with true grit he can be pretty sure to get a the Tackle or KD. I know Spigot can reach the same max TAC and hit more often, but all worthy opponents will kill him on site. Hooper will live longer. I now effectively have 2 flex slots which is nice. Sometimes he gets switched for Stoker, Pintpot or Mash. Mash recently made it back onto the tournament tray as the welcomed 10th player.
  22. @RTOAHB if you are ranked 50th I'm sure you will have probably read this already, but I'll post it anyway as it's required reading really. He mainly uses examples from Street Fighter but the ideas can be applied to any game. Playing to win
  23. For my metal models I coat them in Citadels Ard Coat, followed by Army Painters Anti Shine. The Ard Coat really needs at least 24 hours to fully cure, if I put the anti shine on sooner it seems to stay slightly tacky forever. Still get the odd chip when the model gets used a lot, but it's not too infuriating. Plastic or resin models tend to keep their paint on better so I usually spray them with a matte varnish and be done with it.
  24. As a Brewer, Silence is the worst player to see across the table. Tapper is a good one to Shut Out, and whoever you think he might use Old Jake's on for a Tucked. For a team where buffs, and therefore activation order, are king - Silence ruins them. Be warned though, when playing Brewers I will target him as a matter of priority. Be prepared for him to run backwards to stay safe OP - I think Silence is overall less useful than he was, but he needed to be. He's still dangerous in the right place though.
  25. If you pass the ball to him and dodge, he can dodge forwards 4 inches. If he deploys directly opposite the goal he can reach it. If somebody is in the way, he can use Football Dervish to dodge forward another 8", then sprint 8, Meditate and shoot 8". The weak link is the Dervish as it requires 2 successfull passes, but if it's late in the turn and you have mp it's perfectly possible.