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  1. Con Exclusives online?

    Yeah they do. There is a section of the shop called The Locker Room, which usually has the limited edition models etc so everyone has a chance to buy one.
  2. I always counted Snap Shots, pass and move etc to be separate actions, and therefore needed to declared before the minute is up but @Gauntlet makes a good counter argument. Interested to hear what the outcome is here.
  3. Brainpan and Memory

    Do you know something other than the blurred out cards? Cos all I saw was a bunch of character play's and 2 crap playbooks..
  4. Shark to strong?

    I continually make the mistake of bunching up and getting Caught in the Net. It's really annoying but even Tapper's team can normally muster enough movement to beat Shark and win the mp race. It's not the end or anything, and he can only do it once.
  5. Shark to strong?

    Oddly I've not noticed to much up take in the Fish around these parts. My main gaming buddy uses Shark though, and his opinion is that while perma Homecrowd Crowd and Tap In help, overall it's become harder because all the other teams are generally stronger footballers. I don't think they are op, I think it's just right now they are played by people who would win with any team.
  6. I know right! I've been pushing myself to play different teams more lately. It's really helping up my game. @FearLord I'd consider Compound for Mercury. As good as Fire is, his playbook seems very average. He didn't do much himself, but he did light people up for Kat.
  7. I was playing as Midas, and seemed to have more than I needed. Had Midas, Flask, Vitriol, vKat, Mercury and Compound. Strong lineup, but I'd consider swapping Mercury for Harry as he brings conditions plus more other tricks.
  8. There were a lot of people yelling Witness Me!!! Played Midas and Kat myself for the first time last night, learnt that Goad on Kat is very powerful and easy to hit bit also noticed that I had more influence than I needed. Seemed to have enough for what each player needed to do each turn and then spare. That's a very valuable trait for a line up.
  9. @Totes McAwesome you were a perfect opponent in our last game, despite poor dice at key moments. If you are being a dick I will tell you though Interesting cast, we've had enough games to see some trends forming. Round here, it's Midas and vet Kat that have seen the most rise in terms of numbers. We've also got a couple of new Engineers players, the brand new ones are still struggling a bit to unlock them, but the guys that already learnt season 2 cogs are doing much better. Engineers are still a tough team to play well, but are definitely stronger now. I predict in a few months time we will start to see much more of them at tournaments.
  10. Strictly the Worst Episode 10!

    My regular opponent plays mainly Shark, and there are never going to be many activations in those games, so incredibly hard to stop him as they permanently threaten the ball. I'd much rather play against Corsair, while Harpoon and Rough Sea's are annoying to work around, at least he slow enough for me to hit.
  11. Pint Pot's Six Pack?

    Yeah I keep forgetting that! Had a situation the other week where he was on the floor with one health remaining, end of turn and I had initiative so stood him up with his movement, attacked and dodged into a good place to Smash Face, attacked and banked an mp instead of the Herioc. Really stupid part of this was I had the card that would have got me the mp back. Must remember to use it every time he activates!
  12. The future for Morticians coming soon

    Really excited for Brainpan and Memory, and hope they give us the edge back. Played a few games with Bonesaw and AnG and we can definitely bring football skills to the game, but takes the precious Union slot away. I've always been a fan of Bonesaw, in season 2 he was definitely a secondary striker hanging around for a late game goal. Now he's just insane, Meditation is surely up there with WTG as best play for a Striker? I think the current drop in numbers simply shows that some people want to try something new for a bit. I'm sure it will even back out very quickly as the team gets new models and new players join the meta.
  13. Pint Pot's Six Pack?

    I'm really liking him, and as I'm usually planning on winning by turn 3 his limited number of tokens has yet to be an issue. It's a real bonus to be able to give him nothing and still act should the opportunity arise.
  14. The Drafting and new roster sizes

    It was more the impression that he managed to make - that he didn't care two shits if I had the advantage for the draft, he thought he had it in the pocket. Kind of put me on edge a bit as I'd never played him before. His confidence was made the difference. Made me double check my choices, and stay alert for the dangers of over thinking and such. Then when the game started, he started really strong, clearly knew the game. In the end, I did win 12-6 but he had 6 points lined up in the next activation that I could not have stopped - score really didn't reflect how balls tinglingly close it really was. His name was Luke Smith, and he was a worthy opponent.
  15. The Drafting and new roster sizes

    It also solves the problems I had with Scalpe,l where certain players being on the pitch deny my turn one plans. Now I could just take Obs for those games instead. Happy days.