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  1. I'm a few games in now, and finally scored a goal with them. They have been super fun and really useful so far. Although mainly been using them for combat, for which they are excellent. There is no escape from the puppet, he's just in your face no matter what, he's so hard to shut down. KD slows him down a fair bit but the opponent has to do it twice to keep him there, and even then I can still move him where I want him ready for next turn.
  2. Agreed, common sense says he shouldn't trigger it, but it's a game and common sense doesn't come into it.
  3. Simple question - Dirge flies over one of Chaskas trap, does it trigger the effect? The argument for is that Flying makes no mention of ignoring traps therefore they react as normal. The argument against is that Flying states that the model ignores other models bases, the trap is a model and therefore the trap is ignored. My money is on the first one, but it seems there is a disagreement around here that could do with being settled.
  4. As much as he needs, or as much as I can spare depending on the board. It's hard to answer with a solid number, but if I had to pick one it would be 7, simply because if my captain can't get stuff in a turn I'm not normally on the winning side of things at that point.
  5. Thing is, if they eliminate all of the weaknesses from all of the guilds, then what is differentiate them? Part of playing a Guild is learning to deal with their deficiencies. I do agree though, that it hurts the Brewers that their weaknesses mean that unless your opponent makes a mistake, turn 1 is likely to be unproductive for them. Fast scoring teams are also likely to be hard, but I think that can be mitigated with careful positioning and going for high value targets on take outs.
  6. Ahhh cool. I was thinking about it the wrong way around, as if Blackheart was active.
  7. How do you get a enemy model to score for Blackheart?
  8. I played Morts usinng my Brewers the other day and he bought Silence, which made sense as his character plays ruin Brewers. Groaned inside when he came out but it's better to see him in the lists where he'll do well rather than all of them. Brisket has also dissappeared in favour of her vet, and Kat has suffered the same fate. Still not seeing Snakeskin very often. Despite all of this, I'm seeing a greater variety of models than I was in season 2..
  9. I think Dervish is situational and risky, but Meditation is the nuts. I've always been a fan of Bonesaw as he has a decent range and capable of clearing enemies from my Furious players, but now he come with more tricks and increased accuracy.
  10. Not sure I get the reference for Joe.. Good report though, like the format much As suggestion, what are the odds on getting the opponent to join you for the commentary? Might be interesting to here there thoughts on the game, reasoning behind mistakes or unusual plays.
  11. What MechMage just said really. Esters can layout a bunch of AOEs, Harry is also a decent choice as he can push the ball retriever into the Brewers half. I think Tapper is the favourite though just to get him up there.
  12. @TheLieutenant Do all of the same things apply to Dice Down as well?
  13. I really don't mind either way lately, thanks to the draft being after its decided. I've a decent plan for most guilds either way, Brewers probably are weakest at kicking off but still have decent options I feel.
  14. Pint pot has seen a fair bit of action on my table lately and I'm always pleased with the results. Generates mp, can hold the scrum, and a single decent set of Smashed Faces last thing in the turn sets Tapper up to Rampage. Not yet found running out of beer tokens to be a particular problem yet. Think I only ever had to activate him once with none left.