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  1. I was seriously expecting him to be reeled in considerably compared to his prerelease card, he's a beast. Mass KD on its own is reason enough to take him but he gives so much more. Can't wait to play him with his actual teammates.
  2. Well I'll eat my words, he managed to get even better
  3. People are pretty forgiving in my experience as well. I'd rather play someone with an unpainted or broken model than see them sent home and have to suffer a bye. So long as the model is recognisably the model it's supposed to be it should be fine.
  4. The latest errata contains a couple of updates to cards that are invalidated by recent balance changes. I've not read the new book yet? Are the overall league rules in it?
  5. Personally I don't really have a ball holder, as soon as I get the ball it needs to go back into their goal before I lose it again. If I really have to leave it somewhere, Scum is a decent place, as is Friday with a nearby Spigot. My main gaming buddy favours Shark and I've played Brewers into him a lot and honestly the best tactics for me involve making sure I'm set up for a return goal and trying to kill 2 of them before Shark gets the third. It's a tough game, but Esters fares a lot better than Tapper due to GM, speed boosts and an Esters team can have up to 3 Fire AOEs on the pitch at once. Same number that a Smoke team can generate. Abuse them against fast teams as much as possible. It probably won't stop a Shark/Vitriol/Scalpel first activation goal from kick off as you obviously don't have time to use them all, but you can get one out with your ball retriever and channel them to where you want them, spend more inf to get there etc.
  6. Yeah if you both reach 12 simultaneously, you play until there is a clear winner but you both are still capped at 12 and both get a 0 VPD for that game. I'm not sure I understand the choices made around this, but those are the rules.
  7. Well yeah its due to the scraper not being able to detect which name is in bold text, so the fix would be to improve the scraper - the mini RSS feed on tie break would give a clearer indication of who has won the game, but obviously adds to the complexity of the tool. If they are redeveloping with a REST Api hopefully it will yield the information in an easier format to capture
  8. I thought the 12vp cap was intentional? Don't have the rules to reference at hand but I thought 12 was the max, even if you go over for whatever reason
  9. I just noticed I spelled Ireland wrong! Another insult! Makes sense what you say about the location and surprising that there are not more events in the rest of the UK tbh.
  10. Yeah I'm much higher than BO! Also agree it's a bit biased that all the US players have their states, yet people in other Scotland, Wales an Northern Ireland bear the insult of being labelled English. BTW I am English, but have respect for the cultural identity of the other countries within the UK. Besides that, really great site well done and thanks for putting your time into it!
  11. Ahhh I'm with you, sorry I'd had a few ales last night and perhaps wasn't thinking very clearly.
  12. They really are. Played one game against them and the goal threat range is scary.
  13. They have already officially stated otherwise, all new team will come with a 6 man box and a 4 player expansion. Whether or not both will be available day one I don't know
  14. Good luck and congrats on taking the plunge. Hope you enjoy playing
  15. So if I've declared an attack, and are the process of counting my dice when te timer sounds, it's too late I don't get to roll any dice? If I'm holding them in my hands and shaking them, does that count as being rolled and therefore I'm allowed to complete the action? Sorry, I clock out a lot, and a concrete line is important to me