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  1. Kraken ain't as much of a mom battery as u think as he counters and kd on one. He works well with jac kraken pulls them in kd then jac pushes.
  2. IV found both sirens are good with shark. If u find you've been boged down then vsiren can help out alot and osiren can really annoy low self teams
  3. I used hag with shark and it was awesome. An amazingly fast player just got faster. Him and angel getting those 2 or even 4 inches extra are not to be sniffed at. Also it may save u spending 3 inf on tidal surge
  4. I used hag in a tournament for the first time on Sunday. While she did nothing truly amazing (apart from pushing pintpot off the pitch but that was just for fun as jack was gonna do it) I thought that wat she did do has really sealed her a place in my shark team. Just those bits of movement did help alot. It helped shark get around pinned and helped line up jack and minx so jac was gonna get a take out. Helped angel get a goal etc. My mate also said the same thing. How has anyone else found her
  5. Shark is my captain and I don't think he is overpowered. Yes he is very good at what he does but a fish team with him relies on him alot. IV found this out to my disadvantage against people who know what shark can do. They pummel him quick to get him out the way. This is why IV been playing shark as my captain bit putting less information on him so the other players can do more. IV found this very rewarding as it means instead of the threat coming from pritty much just shark it's coming from everyone else including salt.
  6. Always have two wingers. They are there to shoot in shark always gets taken out on first turn but he has just scored a goal so don't worry he can get back quick or push someone IP. Jac is great in the middle. He can hold his own and is still a good striker. I find Grey's always stays on the wing being forgot then gets a snap shot off. Sakanna can help hold the middle with his free counter and jac can free him up to make a snap shott
  7. I can't leave home without jac. He is fast with an 8" sprint and his kick is as good as siren. The big thing with him though is his ability to move the opposition. Ramming speed is a 2" push and his heroic is 4. That would be good on its own but that means he can push people off the pitch from 6" away without even hitting them. If u get the heroic landing card and the one that lets u charge for 1 inf if your with 8" of the side of the pitch then your even better off
  8. Also if for whatever reason you ha e the steamroller card you can push them even more just be careful not to push them out of range
  9. I'd like a combi type player same as vet velocity. Choose how u like to play them in maintenance phase. Think that could be very useful in making people second guess the cogs
  10. Always though that for a football team they didn't have east access to dodges like where'd they go etc. This makes her a much better striker now. She can hold onto the ball
  11. I was thinking burrow as well. Also aggressive stance. I'm so excited all 6 of my nipples are tingling
  12. Wat do I need to role to shoot the ball. Will miss dead bolt and his free Bonus time but I'm sure I'll cope somehow
  13. Iv used her twice now and found her very useful. Used her with compound and once I knew ball was safe ran her up the pitch to make a pest of herself. Second time just kept her in striker mode and she hoped about the place even scoring. Iv only used her with ballista and iv found his and salvos knockdowns help alot as it gives room to monuvour
  14. My mate is tapper and I'm shark. The fact is that your gonna get hurt. However sharks legendary can really damage the brewers with taking them down 4 move so use it. Kraken and jac can mess up there plans by moving them about. I use shark greyscales and sakana as strikers. They are fast and can get out quick. If you can see tapper is closing in then just kick the ball to where one of your players can get to it even if it ain't a pass. Never play the ball in your half. Also keep spread out so more are committed and can't get to the rest of your players easily brewers are slow
  15. I was wondering wat everyone does wen kicking the ball at kick off. Wen I have received the ball I can score with shark first turn no problem. I have also been able to kick the ball and score with shark first turn. I normally try to set up to get hopefully 2 goals in turn 2. I normally play shark. Sakana. Greyscales. Kraken. Jac and salt.j just wondering wat everyone does