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  1. The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    @WCWW podcast Gents I am being sent to Malaysia next week for work for a month... so won't be able to make it up :'( Let me know what you need me to do. JJ off of Australia
  2. Mason sad face.

    I think you will be fine, mate. Just play games with a bunch of whacky line ups. There is more depth to the mason player list than most people give them credit for. You will find something in the line up that works well for you. There are certainly a bunch of options and both captains are viable currently.
  3. Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    Cheers mate. Any chance this thread can be updated though? As someone who is not on facebook it would be nice to have some more info
  4. Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    Do we have a player list?
  5. S3 games

    You are correct on that one. Very nice model.
  6. Honour & Harmony S3

    Ah - cheers. Didn't know if this still held with the season 3 cards.
  7. Honour & Harmony S3

    The other thing to consider is that you have to declare you are using Linked prior to kicking the goal. Linked requires that you declare it before the end of the models activation, and scoring a goal ends your activation immediately. This tells your opponent that Harmony is going next when they are making the goal kick, so odds of back to back goals are pretty slim. Everyone else has already pointed out the run the length timing issue. They could always play like this in S2. The biggest difference now is that Harmony has Acrobatic, and Weak point. Acrobatic changed, and she no longer has scything blow, and has picked up a great utility ability in weak point. She gained back to the shadows too, which makes her more survivable. She used to just be a squishy 10HP 2VP piece that very rarely got to do all her stunts.
  8. New Forum Member from Surrey

    Hey mate, Where do you normally play in Surrey? There is a small group of us that play in Surbiton. Just at each others houses. Happy to host you at some point. Cheers, JJ
  9. Guild Ball in London

    Hi mate, Where in Surrey are you? Theres a group of us who play in Surbiton regularly and then a couple of clubs you can organise games at too.
  10. Trying to learn the new OLD Harmony

    I ran that list over the weekend, and used it to set up a turn 1 goal last activation with Harmony, to then have Honour go first next turn, steal the ball and score again, and use linked to close out the game immediately. There is some VERY strong play to be seen if you have the ball, without needing the flankers. If you are kicking, it may be a different story, but kicking with Harmony will get her up the pitch and in a pretty handy position to pull it off even then. Noted on the wide players though. Definitely a valid point.
  11. Gluttonous mass and dread gaze

    Understandably so, mate. The attack itself does target a model with Glut Mass though. And the ability negates the first attack effects. Hope it clears it up.
  12. Gluttonous mass and dread gaze

    It can be picked, but will have no effect in the same way as picking any other result. Gluttonous mass ignores the first attack, regardless of if it targets the model or not with the character play triggered.
  13. Steamcon USA

    Definitely north...
  14. Season 3 Muse on Minis tokens UK supplier

    I mean all I can comment on (being a representative of neither company) is what I have seen and what I asked about. When I spoke to Muse they indicated they would be putting expansions on for their product. The Muse tokens are more in line with the hunters tokens rather than the style of the season 1 SFG tokens.
  15. Season 3 Muse on Minis tokens UK supplier

    They are a whole new set with different art etc. Updates to all tokens included. After Season 3 release they will do smaller add on packs for season releases.