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  1. Or anybody that Fillet can get straight back into the scrum!
  2. So played a tournament the other day and generally find that Captains get fully loaded to do whatever they do. As it's a team sport does anyone think the max inf on Captains should be reduced to 5 or at least 1 less than they currently have just so we see more play from the rest of the team?
  3. Just change team rules every season. The competative players will keep the game going by buying a whole new team every year!
  4. What matchup are generally best for our Captains I like both of them but 2" seems such a big thing I'm struggling to know when to bring Esters!
  5. Really starting to pick up lately.
  6. Tourney in Firestorm games in Cardiff this Sunday too!
  7. Wow happy to get to 4 pages. My problem isn't with teams scoring goals it's more the ability to do it with almost no opponent participation as threat ranges are so big if you have any momentum certain players get a very easy crack at goal.
  8. Between flint, mist, a&g, shark it doesn't seem like there is much of a way to stop these strikers other than if they roll poorly at times. There also seems to be 1 plot card better than the rest just like season 1's don't touch the hair, knee slider which makes it even less of a worry getting your striker up the field early. What are peoples thoughts? Goal scoring with a lot of players feels like a point and click exercise rather than a tactical victory for me.
  9. Ingot. Ore.
  10. I'm still trying to stay within the guild for now as my first guild was union but yes harry can be very good.
  11. Tapper hooper scum friday spigot.
  12. I played him last week but my opponent played briskets ability like a lure rather than her jogging towards my player but definately seems a legit tactic.
  13. Receive and give the ball to Mash.
  14. So my mate has just got into the game with morticians. I play a more fighty style of the game and cosset never seems worthwhile as she doesn't tend to be able to take players out by herself and is easily taken out herself! Is she only worth taking against more football oriented teams,
  15. With the section on Blackheart taken into account do we think vet rage should be a legal proxy for him? #Blackheartlives