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  1. With the section on Blackheart taken into account do we think vet rage should be a legal proxy for him? #Blackheartlives
  2. Carpenter's guild will eventually be released and go hand in hand with morts.
  3. The stats for teams with 5 wins are interesting as brewers got two in there compared to a bunch of other supposedly better teams that only had 1 player with 5 or more wins.
  4. I think it's only a factor due to widgets everyone uses. There's far too much umming and ahhing over a tenth of a millimeter at times. Get rid of pre measuring for anything other than charging/running, passing and shooting and there would be no need for the clock.
  5. any idea how i contact steamforged to let them know I didnt get them?
  6. Unfortunately most of the butcher players in my area are quite new so it's hard to gauge how good we are against them i've not yet lost with my brewers having played 4 games versus butchers and one against morticians.
  7. Are there supposed to be plastic inserts for the boss dials to clip together?
  8. I think the heroic thing as part of our identity was all well and good when the game involved a lot more scrapping, now teams are more easily playing around us, generating the momentum for heroics has gotten harder so we either need more bang for our buck or easier momentum gain from damaging plays.
  9. Harry all day every day. Trying to keep away from including union right now as they were my only team from season 1 to now. I guess if i play brewers competatively Harry will make the 9!
  10. They learned season 1 that pure unbuffed stats are better than buffed stats which was why union got so heavily nerfed and are still great. I think there are certain things which could do with changing. The number of heroic plays we have is ridiculous and without a lot of momentus damage results early on we are relying on opponents staying knocked down and them coming into our bubble. Im enjoying Brewers but having played Union from s1 until very recently the struggle to win the momentum race is much tougher and bad rolls affect us far worse! Having played against vet ox yesterday im not sure true grit on Hooper should be a heroic play. Just give him 7 tac and increase his playbook to 6 columns and give him a momentus 2 damage on column 3 and I don't think he'd be OP at all he could afford to go ahead of other players then and be the first into the fray making use of his toughness to soak up retribution before the rest pile in! Give Tapper a legendary 8" pulse that lets all players in the pulse ignore negative movement modifiers for that turn and i'm not sure we'd be in too bad a place.
  11. Drunk lads kicking people on the floor. Not bad at a bit o fitba too!
  12. The original time estimates were 1 week from factory to hub 1 week hub to backer. We are still within that timescale.
  13. Clocking was definitely the worst thing for me. First game of my first tournament I clocked not because I was taking too long just because I kept forgetting the clock. My opponent only scored 2 vp before I started clocking out but still won which seemed a bit shit if I'm honest.
  14. Yeah guess I read it wrong but either way she made there be more than 1" between them and was close enough without it to get into tap in range. Funny you mention it though as I originally took it as a push then second guessed myself to think it was a dodge as she is a striker!
  15. Went up against butchers today. Opponent took Ox, princess, shank, meathook, boiler, brisket. I took. Esters, quaff, mash, pintpot, stoker and friday. It worked out really well. I kicked with Esters out to my left wing. Brisket got the ball passed it to shank who in turn passed it to boiler who ended up moving and passing to brisket but missing and the ball scattering far enough away not to snap to brisket. In the meantime esters dropped aoes on shank and meathook setting them both on fire and doing 4+2 damage to them respectively. Stoker moved up and did 4 more damage to shank with his 2inf character play. Friday moved to the ball and kicked the ball to the general direction of mash stoker and esters the ball scattering and being snapped to esters. Turn 2. My opponent had +2 to the initiative so won and chose to go first i loaded up esters with 5 inf pp with 2 4 on stoker and 2 on friday. My opponent charged b2b with Esters with meathook doing 2 damage bleed and hooked. After ignoring the charge attack. Stoker charged shank taking him out and knocked down ox. Ox forgoes movement to standup only manages 1 hit on stoker doing 2 damage stoker counters and gets double push ox also misses with butchery on stoker and wastes 2inf. Esters pops her legendary giving herself +1df +1dmg and pintpot +1 dmg. Kills meathook walks and passes to friday who dodges 4". Boiler charges friday who df stances and counters taking some damage but then dodging from the counter. Friday moves into tap in range and scores and my opponent calls it as he doesnt see himself getting any kills or goals. I think he would probably have been better off going second in turn 2. And maybe kicking to me.