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  1. Casting materials for new guilds

    I think the detail on the new plastics looks great, but the poses really seem to suffer. Some of it is just the guilds in question, but the new models are very planer and straight legged. It's really noticeable in Sledge, who basically avoids every opportunity to enter the third dimension. It's a far cry from the sense of movement you get out of say, the Butchers, who outside of Ox, vBrisket and Meathook are pretty much all clearly coming to get you and create a fantastic sense of motion on the pitch.

    Ah, I had read the momentum update but didn't see the deployment suggestion. I assumed the doc had been updated when I went to see what the current rules are.

    Deployment alternates, so Morticians should have had an opportunity to put a player between Fillet and Ox if they wished.
  4. Does the pitch need to be 3' wide?

    Scoring doesn't need to be made easier by any means, but I do think the width of the pitch would get more use if goals were 2x4" rectangles or something similar instead of 50mm markers. It's often important though to try and control where the center point of the game occurs anyway though and the edges make a good buffer to that end. It's one of those things where if you feel like its not being utilized, you should try and use it and see if you can gain anything by directing the game to one side or another. Terrain setups can also help make this happen.

    If the ball snaps to a player on the kicking team, wouldn't it by definition not be across the center line?
  6. House rules ideas

    Sad to see the game doesn't appear to have been received very well. I haven't quite figured out if its an actual problem with the game or the same kind of reason most people don't actually enjoy Dark Souls. I get not wanting to repeat rooms you've already cleared, but I guess that's something I sort of expect out of the franchise. I do feel like the souls system is missing the point a bit. In the videogames, they serve as a tension/push your luck mechanic. I doubt retreating to the bonfire more often would help with the grind issue, but I wonder if a little too often the game is about dying to get stronger instead of dying to get better. There are definitely times where I've felt the latter, and in those moments the game absolutely shines, but I'm not sure there's reliably enough options available for that to always be the case. The best game I've had was when I had the Heal spell, because I could skill my way past things well above my weight class by watching my bar and knowing when to go into recover mode before pressing the attack again. In most games you basically get 2 health bars and at some point the reds leave you out of options before they actually kill you. Souls and equipment fighting for the same resource also feels odd and out of place with the game. I can't help but feel like there's something to be done there which is probably why its where so many people focus on house rules. Maybe something as simple as a shop as a shop that's populated every time you clear a room (Lvl 1 = 1Black, Lvl2 = 1 Blue, LvL3 = 1 Gold) to help you dig through the treasure deck more efficiently? All in all though, it feels the issues I see are pretty common to the genre. I have yet to see the dungeon crawler that packs the tactics and depth people are looking for in the desired time frame. The campaign actually feels a bit closer to what people want in that regard, and maybe that's just the right answer to everything.
  7. 2/3 is actually worse than 1/4

    Right. If Shank was 1/4 he might be better than he is now, but ultimately you probably wouldn't take him because he's not really better enough to be worth less than the base 2/4 value players in this game get.
  8. 2/3 is actually worse than 1/4

    It's NOT worse than 1/4 but the 3 is roughly as problematic as the 1 when it comes to Inf stats. Generally speaking, if a player isn't 2/4 they have to do something completely absurd or else they're a liability. It's a lot easier to see play as a 2/3 over a 1/4 though as long as you do enough when you only keep 1 of your Inf and give the other to the rest of the team. vOx gets by with the 3 cap for me just fine on the back of his charge for 1. He does a ton of work while still providing an Inf to players capable of doing more work as long as he can get his discount charge. I have honestly never triggered The Old Ways though. It's likely a trap. Meathook similarly does a ton with 1, even more with 2. It would be nice if she could take 4, but honestly she's sort of diminishing returns character, IMO and reliably putting 4 on her would often be more of a trap than anything.
  9. Any love for oRage?

    Roster construction isn't as big of a deal with the 10 man. The issue with oRage is simply that you take him for the ability to enhance your takeout game, but if you want to play a takeout game you're probably just going to play vRage.
  10. When to Hammer?

    His best strength is the ability to ignore being pushed by a counter attack. When you get stuck on that nail, you should look for your Hammer.** **Apologies in advance for that terrible joke
  11. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    This is actually a good point that's easy to overlook. In game I'm constantly surprised at how good Harry is and after game I'm always surprised how many benefits he brings I forgot to use. Midas and Vitriol definitely have a similar problem though and vKat adds on it with a good heaping of that classic "cost is irrelevant if it wins you the game" problem. Funny enough, I've been contemplating how similar VP ends up working out to the way life does in Magic. vKat certainly feeds into those comparisons.
  12. Possible Masons and Blacksmiths Identity Crisis?

    Only one:
  13. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    To some extent that's true, but its also worth mentioning that in Guild Ball there's also generally less choice to optimize. To some extent I refer to the selection pool itself, but the system of everything being 1 "point" also limits how things are valued. Players are generally worth taking or not; you never have situations where say; Boiler, Brisket and Shank are really good, but add up to 101 points so you have to drop Boiler and Shank for Tenderizer and Meathook to get a player combination that fits in the points limit. In a lot of games an option could be good, but awkwardly pointed in such a way that the only combination that maths out is with other models that are not worth their points or models that leave you playing under the limit; effectively making that model overcosted in either scenario even if its undercosted in a vacuum.
  14. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    People might dislike it, but its kind of a crap in one hand and wish in the other kind of situation. You can want statistics to not matter all you want, but at the end of the day if there's an imbalance that gives a competitive advantage, wishing it didn't matter doesn't change who's on top of the podium.
  15. Guild X Guild OTP

    Cool; thanks for the heads up. I haven't had a chance to read the details yet; just the broad concept.