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  1. Signed. If you ever want to see someone completely lose their mind; remind them you can UM away when knocked down. Counter Play for the win, eh? I have no idea why it still exists the way it always has.
  2. They feel like a glass egg locked in a fire safe. I'm pretty sure they're breakable, but I'm not exactly sure how.
  3. Or just make vStoker dual Guild a la Compound.
  4. Sadly no. My little one only leaves me with a bit of painting time these days and I barely keep up as is. Greatly appreciate the offer though. I'd love to be able to.
  5. Got my two main teams caught up with S3: Masons: Granite Butchers: Veteran Ox Crucible and sBrisket are ready to go, but I'm kind of thinking I want for Grace and Benediction before I figure out how I want to paint Brisket.
  6. Absolutely Tower as your next purchase. He swaps in well for either Mallet or Flint depending on what you're looking to give up for him.
  7. Correct. The reason you don't take both is the opportunity cost of not being able to take those other models. FWIW, though; I think Tenderizer is okay. It's just his 1 Inf that keeps him out of teams for the most part. There's really no reason he shouldn't be 2/4.
  8. Meathook, vOx, vBrisket, Boiler, Boar?
  9. I've played it; I find if you're going to take Boar you should really have vBrisket. She just really helps both his threat range issues and tendency to get tied up.
  10. I'm 100% behind this if the rule becomes mandatory instead of optional to trigger.
  11. I'll let you finish, but just wanted to mention that Blind used to have this title before it was changed to single target.
  12. It's largely a function of the Fish captains themselves. The thing is, I think the wildly different playstyles offered by the current Fish captains is a healthy thing for the team and the game overall. Captains SHOULD be transformative players overall, but when you can pick them last it lessons the value of drafting the rest of the team, who shift play a little less significantly in general. You're basically making subtle tweaks to a dial, then giving it a big old Price is Right spin of the wheel at the end.
  13. Might work. Honestly though I think the simple answer is just making players announce their captain first.
  14. I think the argument here is that the ability to pick your Captain after seeing the other player's entire team is a very unbalanced bonus for certain teams (primarily Fish). This is more than a kicking team benefit in many cases, as with many other teams, the last player is telegraphed 2 or 3 players ahead of time, meaning the Fish player knows your lineup before they pick their captain even when receiving. Being able to select your captain SECOND might be a valid bonus for receiving. Being able to select LAST however, seems to be overcompensation.
  15. vOx's biggest advantage in my experience is his ability to charge for 1. The Owner is awesome if you can get it, but realistically, what makes him great is the ability to give 1 inf to the rest of his team, keep 1 for himself, and use it to be a pretty massive control piece by charging something and whirling chains. It takes a lot of effort to take him out and all the while he's tying up the enemy and giving a gang up bonus to your team. It's a really efficient play overall.