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  1. Is he interested in any other guilds? Hunters have been bottom of the barrel for most people for awhile and don't think it changes with some new releases. For the most part I try to steer new players away from Hunters as they are so brutal to use effectively.
  2. Not sure about the Adepticon ones but I know the Meta-Games one was sent into BO to be input since tiebreak was having issues.
  3. Tried to fill it out however it would not let me select the same # for which guild is my favorite. I don't have a favorite so...
  4. I have 4 events on BO from this year and yours only shows me as having 1?
  5. Took a read through it and I do appreciate the attempt, however some of the player rankings seem rather odd when you look at the records.
  6. Grange > Thresher Donkey is amazing. The key to playing Farmers well, and beating farmers, lies in the Harvest Markers.
  7. Do you know what you call a Hunters lineup that doesn't include Jaecar? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A free win!
  8. Some people have already played them... (prior to this thread being started)
  9. Jamie was on a podcast awhile back and basically said that people just don't get Hunters or something along those lines. Found it: The 'harm' is then he would have to eat Crow. Either the entire world has been playing Hunters wrong and only Jamie can play them correctly, or he is wrong. I can only assume Jamie is the one who wrote the article today and if his plans for Hunters tend to revolve around insanely good dice(as seen in the article and the scenarios in it) and gets them consistently, that might explain a lot of things
  10. I hope they write more Tactical Advice Columns for other guilds... I can already picture it: Setup: Friday has 4 influence with Scum nearby and Jaecar in front of her. Friday Jogs up to Jaecar and uses 'Get Over Here' to have scum dodge up to engage Jaecar. Friday buys and attack and with her base Tac of 4 plus the Assist from Scum she is rolling 5 dice. She Wraps with 5 net hit doing 4 damage! Wow! After she buys her remaining 3 attacks and Jaecar is dead!
  11. '' Veteran Hearne makes an Attack and selects his Momentous [3] damage result on his 4th Playbook column '' Since he is only Tac 5 against a 1 armor model... yea.... I really hope new players don't read that article and expect anything they suggested in their to happen with regularity. I also enjoyed how they talked about Skatha triggering Cold Snap with her playbook since that is going to be happening...
  12. Actually worth noting that their example for this has greater than a 99% chance of failure since Lunar Eclipse conveniently puts Hearne in range for counterattacks lol.
  13. '' ‘The Daisy Chain’ This tactic mainly involves the Oracle of the Moon Goddess, Veteran Hearne. Here, we are going to walk you through scoring a more opportunistic goal than previously shown. SETUP: Veteran Hearne with [3] Influence is standing in some rough-ground or fast-ground. There are some nearby enemies who are suffering the snared condition. Again, it helps if Veteran Hearne has the ball. In our example, he will start with it in his possession.'' I chuckled at this part. The chances of this happening are very slim, and the Union team would be approximately 10x more likely to go first since they generate momentum like crazy compared to the hunters.
  14. Brutal.... but accurate