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  1. The striker does momentous damage on 1 success... pretty sure they are not going to have many issues with momentum generation.
  2. If your opponents are avoiding your team completely, sure. Otherwise he will usually get on someone with relative ease.
  3. Uh.... He can dodge 5x a turn.... Not sure he is going to have many issues getting to someone to whoop ass..
  4. He is 0/2 influence base and his first trait is Berserk...
  5. That is far from the real Brisket dream...
  6. So who is pumped for Adepticon?!
  7. I know some of the staff like Mat Hart are going to be there. Brisket3 and Locus should be there as well as the con exclusive stuff aka Mist/Rage I imagine.
  8. I think the question to ask yourself before you decide on a team like Fish is do you want to play the most goal oriented team? Do you have any experience with other games/factions/styles of play that you enjoyed particularly?
  9. I don't think that is true. For example at last years adepticon I used Casket in 8 of my 9 games and Casket Timed every game he was used in Really isn't that difficult to achieve, however you are correct that you do have to achieve it. Jac is auto include for me. Kicking off with Him on the Flank with Siren right there is pretty wrong. Easiest takeouts a fish can ever get!
  10. Same. I use Greyscales all the time and basically never use Sakana. Sakana doesn't come close to making my 9.
  11. A good mortician player can reliably get his legendary off every game, hence why he is seen a lot around here IMO. Morts have the tools to drag an enemy model multiple times a turn to get them in a nice spot for the ol' casket take out!
  12. Casket is used in almost 100% of Morts lists around here. His Legendary is just so strong. Also Heavy Burden OP!
  13. My mistake, I meant Graves2 and typed 1. Fixed in OP! Haha. Totally agree on Vet Harmony. I forgot she was even a real thing. Jac is actually in 100% of my fish games so I know people see him a lot around here and hate him for what he can do
  14. So I was wondering what models people rarely see on the field across from them at events or even in general. Alchemists: I actually think they have a pretty good variety and have seen most of them used in events. Butchers: Brisket1 has basically disappeared from existence since her Veteran version hit last fall. Engineers: Have yet to see Vet Velocity on the table. Fishermen: I have seen all of them used enough Hunters: Haven't hardly seen Hunters but when I do I rarely see Hearne. Masons: The only one I haven't seen much of is Chisel - granted, I haven't seen a ton of Masons. Morticians: Graves 2 and Vileswarm... And Ghast! All 3 of those are non existent from what I have seen so far in season 3. Union: Hemlocke has fallen out of favor a ton and went from being seen all the time in season 2 to never being used. Also haven't seen much Snakeskin or fangtooth.
  15. It is so team/captain specific that is is pretty hard to actually answer that