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  1. Naw. Owing all the guilds is basically the same cost as owning a single army in most other games Im in the process of moving which has forced me to relook at all my minis... There is no problem.... dont tell the girlfriend how many boxes of minis I have though...
  2. They are my 11th guild.
  3. I kick in every Fish, Mortician, and most of my Engineer games if i get the option.
  4. What are you talking about lol
  5. Not really. Sure, there are big tournaments at Gencon, but the majority of people going are not going for that reason.
  6. That is because most high level players realize they are subpar and dont want to waste their time...
  7. Games Workshop had a boat load of employees at Adepticon... Privateer Press regularly attends cons as well..........
  8. Not incorrect. Sure there are some big tournaments there, but most people attending Gencon are not going for miniature games. And even those who do plan on playing mini game tournaments also get distracted with everything else going on there.
  9. As someone who has played far too much Bloodbowl - they are two completely different games. BB was (sorta) designed with progression in mind whereas Guild Ball was not and trying to introduce progression into GB without drastically altering the core rules is going to be near impossible. I do agree your option to have them be used in Big League only is an idea - but not an idea that is going to ever be likely developed to be worth much as big league is sort of an after thought and not all that common.
  10. Not sure they will actually host normal tournaments as Gencon is not the convention people go to for those.
  11. Something something Rat Kings. Don't go claiming that game is balanced when those were left alone for so long. I believe something like 90% of the top players at adepticon last year used those.
  12. Just let the bad idea that is rookies die.
  13. We have actually had 2 locals quit GB directly due to Hunters being their main guild and they got tired of trying to skate uphill with them.
  14. If your games are taking that long, I think you need to give the rulebook a read through a few times as I can only assume you are still trying to learn the rules while playing. Also use a clock.
  15. Your perception on why people drop is incredibly flawed. Most people drop at Cons and such to go enjoy other activities there are to do at those events. I have also seen people who are tired and want to drop after a long day of gaming and have a relaxed final round etc. Claiming droppers are people who dont care about the game and poor players does likely win the award for most idiotic comment I'll see today though.