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  1. Just give it a season. Though it would probably just be, "hold my beer".
  2. If you are able to advance directly towards both models, you do that. If you cannot, the you cannot love that model.
  3. Casket Time only works on human models. Is there any human with creation on it?
  4. I am branching into union for season 3. Tapper, Esters, Scum, Friday, Hooper, Mash, Pint pot, oSpigot, Stoker, Avarisse and Greede. I have been using them in my Engineers to great effect and want to see what they do for the Brewers. I am looking at testing a Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Mash, Pint pot, A+G in the next week.
  5. I haven't checked through all the posts, but after our last game night my 6/9 is as follows. For fun 6. Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Mash, oSpigot, Pint Pot Tournament 9. Esters, Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Mash, oSpigot, Pint Pot, Friday, and Gutter/Stoker. For me Gutter is on the bubble. In season 2 she was in my six almost all the time. I find her lacking in season 3 but maybe I am just remembering the good times. Pint Pot really impressed me when I played him in Tapper. I feel like I didn't utilize him as well as I could have, and he still preformed admirably. His beer tokens are really useful and it makes him a influence positive for the team. Overall he was fun for me and disruptive for my opponent. Which is what I like.
  6. I think it's that he can kick 8 inches for passes. And 3/8 is what a lot of other guilds get for strikers.
  7. Hello Other Engineer players! Over the holiday break I was given an new team, the engineers. Which may be obvious, since I am posting here. I will be playing the following team for a while, since it may be a bit before I can get new models. Ballista, Mother, Collosus, Salvo, Velocity and Gutter. Probably looking at a 2 goal with 2 take outs or three goal win. Which may be tricky for me, as a normal brewers player, I like to get 5 take outs and a goal or 6 take outs. In your opinion, what should I be looking at for next purchases? I am looking at Mainspring and Ratchet, any other staples? Really looking forward to getting these guys in the pitch!
  8. I love his new character play. I find my self assigning him more influence.
  9. One of the most successful plays I have with her is being an AOE monster. I will often use Tooled Up on her with Spigot, this allows me to put out two 3 safe AOEs a turn. On the most successful version I am able to get two to three of the opponent's players tagged for a few turns. The damage stacks up quick with it. She can also sing DMG on herself with tooled up to be able to hit pretty hard on her own. I have found that the season 3 changes to scum and Mash have really helped my p playstykes with her. I love Hozzat, and the 3/2 or 4/2 stay line available to Mash makes him an amazing ball holder. Scum is a little murder machine, and with the ability to come back I have found my opponents not commiting to killing the cat for 1 point. At the moment I am weak on my football game, so I will need to work on improving my understanding of how that game is played and how she can affect it.
  10. It was, "would it have made you play any faster?"
  11. It also happens every activation at the start.
  12. Do you have links?
  13. Hello Warmaster_GIR! Greetings from the valley! It's exciting to see more people playing. If you are interested I can send you a link to some of the Oregon communities. We have players in Portland, Sherwood, Salem and Eugene. Welcome!
  14. Ok, dealing with Shark. First, this is advice from playing Brewers captained by Tapper. There should be some overlap though. The main thing that I like to focus on against fish, is how to force engagement, that is trying to force slippery fish to come to me. One of the main things I have found in helping with this is to bring a lot of reach myself. Lately this has been with Hooper, Mash and Gutter, having my own two inch melee helps by forcing the fish player to make sub-optimal attacks by threat of counter attack. Another thing I consider is limiting the table availability. If I can force the game to be played only on half a table then I can force the fish player to come towards me. When kicking this looks like setting up on one half of the board and trying to place the ball as close to the edge as possible. Against shark, you can look at using Esters legendary and Spigots heroic to counter caught in the net. Another thing to look out for is putting your players on obstructions so that they can be lured. Mash and the cat are great ball carriers, but if you can make the ball dead on the ground behind all of your guys the fish player has a harder time engaging. Hope this helps, good luck!