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  1. Pundit on Vassal?

    Hey bud. I am not a pundit at the moment but i am active and teach newcomers all the time. I could do a session with you soon but if you don't feel like waiting and want a game now here is a facebook group full of players who can show you the ropes. https://www.facebook.com/groups/901202099948458/
  2. Preparing for the Bourbon Trail Open

    If you haven't chosen to use a union model because you have not practiced any games with them then don't pick one. Pick your Captain then the rest of the 9 will be the rest of the guild options. Stick with what you know when entering a tournament.
  3. Byron coaches the Engineers

    January round up! Hello everyone this will be a update on all that has been going on for me January in guild ball. Unfortunately, the guildbrawl at armada games was a no go because of to few players on the 7th. I was also hosting a vassal tournament online that got 18 participants with 1 game played every week. That tournament ended on the 29th with Mechmage as the winner after beating me in the championship match. After counting up the VP difference i placed 5th. One last tournament was played in Palm Bay, FL. The prize for first was a free ticket to the sanction guildball tournament at Crucible 6. 10 coaches showed up on the day and i came out on top after a nail biting final game against my friend Gabe. So i now have free entry into a sanction tournament! So this month there was of course my run of good and bad games, and they have shaped my opinion on some of my roster choices going forward. But i still have plenty to learn before Crucible 6. Also Armada Games Big League has also started today and i will update everyone with the match report soon.
  4. The Sanchex Cup

    Here are the final standings for the first ever Sanchex Cup! Thank you everyone for participating in this online tournament. I will be setting up another Tournament soon so be looking on the forums for the next one! Congrats to Mechmage!
  5. The Sanchex Cup

    I am sorry fellas my internet has been suspended for the pass couple of days. I have everything
  6. Byron coaches the Engineers

    It is more of the same style of play for PV, you want to go for a 2-2 strategy but don't be africa to go 3-0 if you feel yourself lossing the fight in the middle. I personally try to play it like the fishermen guild and avoid fighting, let them over extend themselves then because we take out a player since we have the damage to.
  7. Considering Engineers...

    The engineers and the alchemist are not to different on what they do to win the game. They are both football teams with some damage options but they way the do it differs. The engineers are primarily a football team with options to do straight damage but most of it is non-momentous. There is no suggested list because all the players have their use. Think of if as a but of tools that are all useful but you have to see what tools work for you. Their weakness is that they do not have a lot of 2" reach models, or models that do momentous damage. So really most of the union players are useful to them but Gutter and Harry stand out. Like i said before it is up to you. You should read the cards and decide what you want from your character plays. The engineers are pretty flexible in their play style but of course if you are not doing what they were made to do then you will be low on MP.
  8. The Sanchex Cup

    doesn't flask know you never go full retard?
  9. The Sanchex Cup

    Week 3 Standings! Final round of matches!!
  10. The Sanchex Cup

    Byron(engineers) 12-6 Shane(butchers)
  11. Byron coaches the Engineers

    Sanchex Cup Round 2
  12. The Sanchex Cup

  13. The Sanchex Cup

    Round 2 Standings. Round 3 match ups! There will be a edit to keep unbeaten players playing eachother. Mechmage VS. Jared and Nathan VS. Tom. W
  14. The Sanchex Cup

    Sorry everyone i have been informed that i messed up in recoding one of the round 2 games, so i will have to redo that and post the standings with the round 3 match ups.
  15. The Sanchex Cup

    Byron(engineers) - Stephen(masons) 12-8 i am fucking up.