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  1. Hi Byron. You left the tourney? Sanchex cup 2 ? 

    I saw you have conceded the game to me ! 

    1. byronthebear


      I did that so that everyone has a opponent. Jared N (Valroci) does not have a opponent so i let him know that you will play him. i will pm him as well


    2. Rvianarpg
  2. Valorci, you do know that Tobias is in AUS right? he doesn't respond when you think because he is asleep.
  3. That is it.
  4. No!
  5. Do to Old jake dropping out of the tournament i will be taking his spot for the rest of the tournament. Byron 12 - Valorci 7
  6. If you two are really looking for games you should just go here https://www.facebook.com/groups/901202099948458/?ref=nf_target&fref=nf Most of the vassal players are in this group so you can post anytime that you want to play.
  7. Just follow the OP doc rules on terrain. As long as you and the opponent are ok with the terrain then you can play it
  8. I suggest that you give your opponent a couple of days to respond, if still not reply then i will just simply give you the win. With your opponent in particular if he does not play this week he will just be kicked from the tournament.
  9. It's just a tie breaker system in the program. Idk how it works but it won't be a issue.
  10. Round 2 has Started! Here are the current standings
  11. To hit the enemy team with bombs, and the occasional crossbow bolt. Then try to score with hoist, or anyone who happens to have the ball.
  12. Ditto
  13. My mistake i will fix this asap today. If you want it is free but you cannot change anything with out admin access tothe tournament.
  14. Welcome everyone to the second Sanchex Cup! For this we have 14 competitors with most of the guilds being represented. The tournament will go on until April 16th with rounds being played every week. After the 4 games the champion will be announced! Here is a recap of the rules for this tournament. Rules: Games will be announced every Sunday and must be completed before the start of the next week (00:00 GMT every Sunday) We will be using the OP document rules. You may record/stream games. Games will be organized by you and your opponent for that week. If a agreement can not be decided on a date to play, you will both receive a lost on your record. If you drop out of the tournament you will be black-listed and banned from any future Sanchex Cup tournaments This will be a 4 round tournament, a 5th round will be announce if there is no clear winner. Now here are all the players! For this tournament i am using a new online system to set up rounds. Anyone can click this link and get live updates during the week for the scores of the games. Sanchex Cup 2 Please report your games here in this thread and i will update the sheet asap.
  15. Sign ups are now closed! I will post up pairing on 19th in a different thread!