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  1. He is a captain and not that easy to kill. UM and 2" reach are great defensive abilities. With big guy support - Ghast or Casket he's even harder to get to. Up front and personal he threatens most of the board with PM. IMO he belongs fairly front and centre where he can survive quite well, give your opponents the most headaches and help them waste their own clock time!
  2. According to this ruling there is no maintenance phase turn one in tournaments - due to the OPD. VetVelocity - Fly Keeper "During the maintenance Phase ...". Is this right? Is it intended, or an unseen consequence of the OPD? A bit pissed about this as I bought vV for a specific role which she cannot now do turn 1.
  3. Good points. I don't think this is a rules issue per se, but an OPD issue.
  4. I've been playing Hunters with the Moon extra's for 3 months now and can do OK against most teams. My 9 includes both Captains, and I vacillate between Minx and A&G for the Union slot. I can kick off with Skatha & usually retrieve and score - and then she's out of the game for a while. But they just score right back. T2 Shark legendaries and they score 1 or 2 more - game over. I can't seem to protect the ball vs them and 6 takeouts takes too long - it's over before I've done 2 or 3! So I seem to auto lose to Shark Fish. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.
  5. Wash models first - this gets rid of any mould release agent. Then prime using undercoat. I use Halfords (car parts shop if you're not from the UK), but most model shops sell undercoat/primer. Use White/Grey/Black depending on your painting style. Paint as required. I suggest you glue the model to something to avoid getting greasy fingers on them as you paint. Paint on Gloss varnish. I use Ronseal Clear Gloss varnish - quick drying. You can use spray varnish but I get fewer problems painting it on. Use Matt varnish over the top if the gloss effect is not to your liking. I use Army Painter matt, but dull cote and other's are available. Storage. I put metal washers of the appropriate size under the bases and then store in a plastic box with magnetic sheet on the bottom. Better than foam as the models never get into contact with anything to damage them. NOTE. This is not suitable for travel by air etc., only via vehicle. Hope that helps.
  6. Figures are:- Players, No.Games, Wins, Win % The Union 20 140 66 47.1% Engineers 18 124 70 56.5% Fishermen 13 91 52 57.1% Butchers 12 84 40 47.6% Alchemists 12 82 53 64.6% Morticians 12 84 39 46.4% Brewers 11 77 32 41.6% Hunters 10 70 23 32.9% Masons 85 62 8 50.0% So assuming a 10% margin the only outliers are Alchemists at the top end with 64.6% wins and Hunters (32.9%) and Brewers (41.6%) at the bottom end. These pretty closely align with the guild power levels IMO, and show that work is needed in a couple of areas to mildly re-balance 2-3 teams. Overall a very good balance for 9 different teams.
  7. If they all come in pairs, there is no space for a mascot. Unless they have an odd number in the team?
  8. Some good thoughtful replies. IMO saying we do not have enough empirical evidence 'may' be true, but you can use that argument forever. Hunters players have struggled for over a year, with only SFG claiming that they are balanced. The missed opportunity to buff them in S3 was regrettable. The new releases have helped, but not by much - and these figures highlight that. When I play Hunters I feel like I have to play extraordinarily well, just to try and get an even game. So please; pretty please with sprinkles on top, give the Hunters a small boost.
  9. @MilitaryCooDo you accept that there are 2 outliers in the data?
  10. Top Teams scoring 5 wins out of 7 (26 Players) Alchemists 7 Engineers 7 Fishermen 3 Union 3 Brewers 2 Butchers 1 Hunters 1 Masons 1 Morticians 1
  11. Thanks for the lengthy reply. I'll add that beer to my 9
  12. @Isante - unfortunately true.
  13. I hope you charge SFG for the advice!
  14. How does your system get someone with a 3W/12L record almost 100pts above some one with an 8W/2L record?
  15. Very good article. Unfortunately very accurate too.
  16. The number of available captains isn't the issue. Firstly many teams have one captain who is substantially better than the other. Secondly most teams cannot 'do' 2 viable teams from a 9 man roster or if they can it involves a degree of compromise. Fish not only cover both of those bases, but their captains cover each other's weaknesses very well too. I'd like to see multiple union (2-3) but only 1 on the pitch, and to give players a hard choice with just 1 captain.
  17. Great video as usual and I agree with your player synopsis.
  18. I've played about 10 games with vRage in S3 and Gutter is hands down my MVP. Every game. The tricks that you can pull with vRage and Gutter are filthy - in an awesome way. My usual 6 are vR, Coin (sometimes SB but he's a bit slow), Minx, Harry, Gutter and Mist. A&G and Decimate are also very good choices, but Gutter is my first pick.
  19. Quite simply the best bat reps on the interwebs. Clear sound as you record it afterwards, not too long and good analysis and comment. Please keep them coming!
  20. PM sent
  21. The S3 ones are much better IMO. They are part of the game so would never play without them.
  22. If you are looking at what I think you are:- Your name and full address. The other party is probably already filled in. If not their legal name, company number, and address.
  23. The threat range had no chance of failing. Unlike the pass 'n go option. Any goal shot can fail.