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  1. Ball Behind Goal Line

    A Goal Kick is "bringing the ball back to play after conceding a goal". Edit: Ninjaed
  2. Hey guys. What happens when the ball scatters and its landing spot in exactly in the middle of a trap marker/model, that do not want to take the ball. As the distance to each side is the same there is no "least disturbance". I didn't find anything in the rules. Best W-Roxas
  3. How about some more Spoilers for S3?

    Best goal ever scored?
  4. How about some more Spoilers for S3?

    Why? In my opinion it's even better when scoring+legendary as a last activation. It will be really hard to defend the goal the following turn. Sure, it is not the best Legendary Play I've ever seen, but it is quite useful - compareable to other legendarys. Kind of. Have a look at Casket.
  5. Hello from germany

    Hey! Two friends and I will travel there on Thursday from Stuttgart.
  6. Changes to Marbles and Flint?

    I won't say it's the best mascot in the game but he's very strong. The important question is just : What rules would a future Mason Mascot need to compete with Marble's current rules in a competitive gaming environment? At the moment I like the rules of Wrecker and I thing he's really good for a mascot, but playing him instead of Marbles (tooled up) feels like a high-speed pursuit with the handbreake on.
  7. Back to the Shadows

    Perfect, Thank you.
  8. Hey guys! I have one simple question: Does "Back to the Shadows" trigger after a Goal shot and thus be combined with "Run the Length!" Best Roxy
  9. Hey Folks. I have a little question to the following situation: X is in front of the own goal line and possesses the ball marker. He wants to pass the ball to Y, who is behind the own goal line. Assuming the pass is successfull, do I get the momentum, as during the Kick the ball was not behind the goal line or not because the landing spot is behind the goal line? What about the other way round - passing the ball from behind the goal line to a player in front of it? Thanks for your help
  10. Interesting rules clarification for Fillet players

    Not really. All effects are applied at step 2.6. (S2 Rulebook p. 43), thus they are simultaneous. The controlling player chooses the order of these effects. I don't see any problems with the ruling. In my opinion it is ruled as written.
  11. Top 10 Most Frustrating Players

    I think Captains have to be annoying So my list of Non-Captains Vitriol (can do anything) Avarisse & Greede - I really hate what they do Salvo (assuming I play low DEF models) Mist Gutter Mash ( unpredicatable movement on 2" and snap shot theat) Brick (Counter Charge) Jeacar (he's a monster) Ghast Slilence (awesome Plays and a 3/4 INF)
  12. JJ's team development!

    I was your 3rd opponent. You took Brick but played him very defensively. You didn't take Flint, which was a good choice I think. Flint is a victim against Gutter or Fillet. Pain circle can be easily triggered on most of your players. 3+/1 of Flint/Hammer are not the best defensive stats to prevent you from the fun
  13. Smoke AOEs

    Just measure 1.5" less and use die Edge of the template. That's the way I place my AOEs