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  1. Well finally got chance to do some painting, feels like an age since I last painted something. So here is the bronze statue for the goal post.
  2. Well the goal got sprayed over the weekend. Also added more stuff to it. For more info see the blog post: https://splayedpaintbrush.com/2017/07/17/guild-ball-goal-further-work/
  3. Building a pair of shears to trim ivy off my goal post.

  4. It takes a bit of looking for but you can still find the pdf files via Google.
  5. Good luck with the resin/plastic difference search. You're right they are the same, a resin is a plastic in general terms. However if you went back a few years (say 10yrs) the difference was much easier to grasp from our hobby point of view. Plastic would be associated with the traditional 'hard plastic' injection moulded polystyrene kits. The type you'd associate with airfix kits etc, and games workshop. Although the dies were expensive to make in the first place these were mass produced kits, and hence relatively cheap. Limitations in the dies and manufacturing process meant that they tended to have less detail than their metal equivalent. Resins would be the more expensive higher end collector pieces, things like forgeworld spring to mind. The moulding and casting process was more labour intensive, so although better detail/more intricacy could be achieved than the metal and plastic equivalent they were more expensive. Fast forward to now and the difference is less apparent. Design and manufacturing has improved polystyrene kits massively in terms of detail and intricacy - gw and wyrd kits. There are now a lot of companies doing comparatively low volume production using mostly resin -thinking Spartan games and hawk war games here (admittedly have t bought their products for a while). As well as loads of small accessories manufacturers - too many to name. Then you add in the mix the materials more recently used for models, pvc plus other plastics I can't name, e.g. kick off plastics. They all have their benefits and draw backs. If you were to take the Brewers as an example I would bet that the resin models held slight crisper detail than the metals. Yet both these hold better detail than the kick off plastic. But the trade off in losing detail is obvious - cost. For having slighty softer details you get more models. Of course all the above is just my opinion, don't take it as hard fact.
  6. blogging!

  7. I didn't think it was possible to stop spelling the plural of Obulus, well done lol 😁 Thanks for the advice on scalecolour, maybe it's not for me, I'm not a very patient person/painter. But I'll bare what you've said in mind and experiment when I get chance. I do love that orange though, nice vibrant colour.
  8. Status update? whats this do? I'm currently browsing the forums and buying paint rather than the online grocery shop. Don't tell the wife!

  9. The manufacturer is Tale of War from their Alternate Revision range. That model is Dilios, but there is also a Stelios and Leonidas mini. Link to ToW Dilios I haven't found a UK supplier, EG used to stock them but don't seem to now (EG page). I actually found mine on eBay but I'm fairly sure it was second hand. Thanks for the compliment, I think I got lucky with that logo sculpt, so much so I made a cast of it lol.
  10. Do you use a lot of scale75? I have bought a set, but i just don't seem to be able to get it to work for me. I struggle to blend it in comparison to my other paints. I have to admit at not getting enough practice though!
  11. @Anphiarus having just seen your Brick conversion (excellent work by the way) I'm wondering if you have a Spartan themed Masons scheme in mind?
  12. Man I really like your Bonesaw, he looks ace. Colour scheme works well too. I painted up Bonesaw last year, for someone else. Love the sculpt, it just seemed to paint itself. So much so, I'm tempted to get some Morticians myself now. I'll look forward to seeing how yours turn out, it's not often you see a 'bright' colour scheme on them. Although I'm even more impressed you've found out other cultures' mourning colours to create your scheme. Oh your rainbow rulers look pretty good too.
  13. KDOG gives it a go

    I like the addition of the arrows and shield to the Base. Nice touch!
  14. Well it's done! Here is the finished goal post. I have a full article on my blog about how I made it. Blog post about a goal post... https://splayedpaintbrush.com/2017/06/21/making-a-guild-ball-goal/ Just gotta paint it next right!? (and add a couple of finishing touches i think)
  15. Nice work on Scalpel's skin. Really impressed with the dice bag, that is cool and original!