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  1. Ramming Speed and Parting Blows

    Welcome and well done for having a search before asking, even if you didn't find an answer. Both correct. Melee range is measured from the edge of a base and if it touches the targets base, the target is in range - so a 1" melee model is in range of another model if they are precisely 1" away (for example following a 1" dodge or 1" push) the same is true for other melee ranges. Pushes as per the wording on pg 24 "A Push is shown as a distance, e.g. [2”] Push. A model may be moved up to the distance shown. "
  2. Sadism states ‘when an enemy model suffers damage’, so would trigger from condition damage, the enemy model is suffering damage, there is no stipulation on where that damage must come from. Tooled up does not affect condition damage, Tooled up states ‘Target friendly Guild model gains [+1] DMG to Character Plays that cause damage and Playbook damage result’ Exsanguinate is a legendary play not a character play (the same is true of Smokes Legendary) As previously Ruled Condition Damage does not trigger Tough Hide but will trigger loved creature if it is as a result of Fillets Legendary or Smokes Legendary. http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/33072-fillets-legendary-and-loved-creature/#comment-70353
  3. Intensify and KD

    As per the clarifications thread: Wrapping the playbook All results happen simultaneously, so while you can choose any order for the multiple results, no bonuses from those results apply to others – only bonuses active before the attack started.
  4. Re-rolls

  5. Harmony copies Honours base, unmodified states and modifies to Harmony effect the stats she has copied. Nothing on Honour effects Harmony.
  6. Protect Those Close & Lob Barrel

    The Stave Player may choose the order of resolution of the Push and Damage, since they are simultaneous, and hence you could push Tower away prior to Protect Those Close triggering.
  7. The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    extracts of tournament pack added
  8. you may not unsnap if you are engaged. we never forget
  9. The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    still smarting from the steam con result eh, not sure you need to go to Malaysia to avoid me though.... ;-) drop me a pm, here or on twitter etc with the paypal you used to buy the ticket and ill sort a refund, got it. got it
  10. A&G influence

    correct. So you can then detach greed and spend the inf as normal. reattaching greed does not remove character plays from him, only conditions, and as such they would still be in play if he returns to the pitch during the turn.
  11. Salvo swift strikes

    one question per thread please,
  12. The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    Ok, sorry for the delay, with the exception of Bodybag above (unless you are someone who has requested via another means?) all the refunds are done. Now that the splitters (We'll collect and FoTS badges back when we see you!) are out of the way that means there are some spare places for you lucky people that are more upstanding and reliable. 9 places on a first come first served basis, please post below and payment details are in the first page of this thread.
  13. The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    i need to know who you are, and what payday you paid with.