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  1. KD and Sturdy

    You can't chose if the model is knocked down, it's an invalid result. In the case of the combined KD > the KD is still invalid. Sturdy ignores the first KD result, and since you can't choose that against a model already suffering KD you can't use a KD result to trigger Sturdy on an already KD model.
  2. Flurry + Glutonous Mass

    Being "hit" means that an attack or character play made a TN against a character, so in the case of Flurry unless Fangtooth or Pintpot is the target then they will take 2 damage.
  3. They are on the Steamforged Games twitch channel
  4. Scout Report

    The reason I don't think they are Blacksmiths: Masters are masters, and were presumably apprentices at one point, and apprentices are likely hired by newly minted masters. Seems like their recruiting is individually focused and likely outside the standard recruiting cycle
  5. Strictly the Worst: Episode 22!

    M80's are illegal in most states
  6. Scout Report

    Up until now that was the expectation since there are 10 players in the S3 book. However, if there was a production delay (and there was) they could have shifted from 10 to 12 to match the other guilds (save Hunters, but they had a 6 + 2 + 4 release)
  7. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    Chisel is good with Hammer now, and 2" with a low momentous is a good tool for the ball part of the game.
  8. Forged From Steel

    I think the stated goal was $50 USD for the Blacksmiths box, similar to Farmers
  9. Advice with Vet Rage!

    I would still play Mist most of the time when receiving, but kicking absolutely. Make sure that if you're going to apply ball pressure this way with mist you aren't trying to take it from someone with 2" melee and Unpredictable Movement because that can be a seriously tough nut for Mist to crack. Ultimately the ball being out of play isn't a big deal for Rage, but 1 goal and 4 takeouts is so much more manageable as a gameplan
  10. Forged From Steel

    So assuming that the smaller of the two silhouettes is Ferrite, and the larger is Iron, what are the chances that he/she is holding a magnet in his/her right hand? That's kind of what it looks like to me and ferrite IS what gives iron it's magnetic properties.
  11. Advice with Vet Rage!

    The turtle is the best because of his 2 length playbook. If you can push up the TAC through gang ups you can roll 5 dice trivially and 9 on the charge (say with Sic Em). Since Bloody Coin gives you +1 damage to PB results each time you wrap it gives you +1 damage, meaning if you get 5 net hits you can deal 3 + 3 + 2. For Rage to do more damage he needs to roll 11 net hits. Red Fury doesn't proc Fear because you aren't paying anything for the attack. Similarly Furious Charge being free means you don't have to pay, because Fear says you have to pay extra when you pay for an attack. vRage is absolutely a support captain that also charges and does a ton of damage.
  12. Advice with Vet Rage!

    Red Fury is absolutely one of the best abilities Rage has. With Benediction he has a massive range thanks to Impart Wisdom. The primary reason I use it is with Benediction and Harry for >> into Rage's charge range, but the possibilities are endless. Rage has no problem generating momentum, but you can easily use Red Fury on a Bloody Coin Strongbox to easily hit the KD on 2 or even wrap (with Bloody Coin and an assist Strongbox is TAC 5) and generate a sweet 4 damage with 2 momentum or 5 with 1 momentum. I truly believe that the vRage 2" list of Rage, Strongbox, Benediction, Harry, Mist and Gutter is one of the top lineups in the game right now, and personally it's my favourite.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/133321883719757/ for Toronto specific planning https://www.facebook.com/groups/567630050054709/ General Southern Ontario I could maybe do this week on Friday, but I'd have to double check my schedule. Otherwise feel free to post in those groups looking for games in the short term, people are pretty friendly.
  14. The GTA has a small scene, and there are a few Toronto players (though we could always use more!) If you use Facebook I can give you a couple of groups of locals, and depending on which evenings are good for you and how late you can stay I can arrange demo/learning games as well. I also have a copy of the Kick Off so it saves having to drag anything downtown (hopefully you meant downtown :D)

    I posted this in the theory thread but I think it has merit and would rather not see it buried: instead of the mid players deploying touching the centre line, have them deploy within 2". Also I'm pretty sure that removing the alternating deployment just makes the deployment phase a lot more routine and less exciting and doesn't make the ensuing game better.