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  1. I'm on Board if you catch my drift
  2. I think Pat Cat is a totally appropriate term
  3. Masons prove they are more than the sum of their parts, but even just using somewhat fuzzy, unscientific consensus I'm really surprised how it nailed most of the starting lineups. A+G adds an odd element, but excluding them only hits the non-Harry teams which already have an uphill battle in people's minds
  4. After 94 responses and altogether too much playing time spent playing with the data, I've decided to close it off for now. I've done a first pass at a writeup at some of the data here: http://www.guildball.zone/blog/2017/6/11/player-power-survey I don't think it's especially surprising when looking at the results, but it's interesting to see what lineups you can build purely using community consensus. Obviously there are better lineups since you can't simply use consensus to find the best team, but nonetheless it's interesting to see how all the guilds rank against each other.
  5. You'll be unsurprised that this is, in fact, the highest scoring tournament legal lineup.
  6. It's not worth ranking Memory or including it in the stats I was working on because it's such an outlier. Greede is less of an outlier, so I wanted to include his stats in some average calculations. Then I copied that player list into the survey and forgot to take Greede out.
  7. Oh I know that this isn't going to make playable teams, I just thought it was amusing to try to construct a 6 player lineup (that doesn't account for 1 Union or Veterans) and see what that would look like. I hesitate to publish early results because people still might want to fill this out (I'm looking at *you*), but they are interesting so far, that's for sure.
  8. I've already got some responses and done a rudimentary piece of work to determine what the "most powerful" lineups are by team. I need to figure out how to filter out multiple Union and also handle veterans, but it's already pretty amusing, at least to me.
  9. Hi All, If you don't remember, a couple months ago I did a survey that looked at which guilds people liked, and which people thought were powerful. I wrote a fairly long blog post about it here: http://www.guildball.zone/blog/2017/4/28/which-guild-is-your-favourite-which-is-the-best. This goes into detail about the data set and tries to draw some interesting conclusions. I decided to put another survey together here https://goo.gl/forms/RV8JovDdBZk9wGRJ3 In essence it lists every player in the game and asks you to rate them on a scale from "well below average" to "well above average". I'm hoping to get some good data and do some interesting things with it!
  10. My favourite part was the giant stuffed bear. He needs to talk more though.
  11. Are you suggesting that you just play cover 2 against the Steelers and let AB and Bell eat you up with 7 yard catches in the slot? Because I'm pretty sure that if you don't play the appropriate defensive scheme against a high powered offense you're going to lose. Similarly, if you don't play a highly defensive ball game against Fish or Alchemists you're just asking to be down by 8 and have Shark making most of your team his subs.
  12. Some people have fun winning, some people have fun complaining about how they lose all the time because they refuse to use unfun strategies
  13. Players who I would not expect Jordan to lose to very frequently. My point is that they certainly gained advantage because of the Alchemists and Hunters team choices (positive for them, negative for him, respectively). Also this is a dice game and I'm mildly trolling.
  14. Completely arbitrary but interesting point: Jordan has lost two competitive S3 games: one AS Hunters and one TO Alchemists. Take from that what you will.
  15. I've got your refund right here *points down.... at a small pile of coins of various denominations*