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  1. Farmer rules?

    Bushel is pretty resistant if you leave her within 4" of Harrow and have Grange give her Tough Hide at the beginning of the turn
  2. The Scarecrow Goal

    Does anyone have a reasonable method for the Scarecrow goal yet? The aim as far as I can see is to dump a couple of harvest markers (by way of Crop Dusting) in the previous turn to enable Jack to teleport within the 4" of the goal for a tap in. I can cope with the first bit, but getting momentum at the start of the following turn with Jack is pretty tricky. The best I could come up with this evening was hopping to a Harvest Marker and then charging Ballista in the hope that I'd get 4 hits off 7 dice to enable be to get the momentous KD. Naturally, he did a defensive stance and I didn't get it, so hopped back to the Harvest Marker with the ball. Jack was later pushed off the pitch by Harry in the closing stages of the game. Sigh!

    Experimented with this tonight. Lost 8-12. Experiment concluded
  4. Putting the ball in a location where your opponent can't get it easily, thereby stopping them from scoring. You usually do it if your opponent is ahead on points and you definitely do it if they only need 1 goal to win.
  5. Best S3 Player for Existing Guilds

    Ok, own up, who voted Crucible? I need to hear your reasoning
  6. Now that all of the S3 players for existing Guilds have been released and seen some game time, which do you think is the best? Reasons for your choice will naturally be required My choice is Benediction. He's basically a less vulnerable version of Harry and works amazingly well with Vet. Rage, using those accessible momentous pushes to feed the Captain players to charge/take out etc or acting as a conduit for Red Mist. Stand Firm is also a godsend for Rage when charging someone likely to on the counter. Over to you guys...
  7. State of the game?

    Yes, the Guilds may be getting a little full. Some more Vets or cross Guild players may be the way forward for the moment while the new Guilds catch up...
  8. State of the game?

    Alternative (and non limited edition) versions of models would be cool (but could get confusing with veteran players etc)
  9. State of the game?

    I actually stopped playing X-Wing because of the need to keep up with a "meta". Having to pick a new spaceship which often isn't that good just to get a new card gets tiresome after a while. I know gamers like new shinies on a regular basis, but IMHO, GB is one of the more balanced games out there because they are fairly restrained in what they add to the game. I think GB will keep ticking along nicely, but I suspect it's the next Steam Forged game (the new fantasy game) that will show us if they can go big.
  10. The Farmer's Guild: The Honest Land

    My guess is that there will be be card harvest markers in the box. Not massively tricky to make your own or Art of War do some nice plastic ones
  11. Can't justify Skatha over Theron

    Lol, I may prompted the OP. Was playing @Lumpysevenlast night and placed Pin Vice in cover next to a barrier after the kick. It has joined an ever growing list of dumb feck moves I'm never doing again
  12. Whereabouts are you based? We have a good GB crowd in the Solent (i.e. Southampton, Fareham) area.
  13. New Hunters Player Advice - which six to use?

    Doing well to win 3 games so far, one of them against the World No. 3 too Look forward to a rematch soon. It's a pleasure to play against such a well painted team.
  14. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Feckballs amazing. As @Mako says, the spearhead is particularly striking.
  15. Vengeance/Tournament Terrain

    Not sure whether it's the same stuff, but Zealot do a range of crates, barrels and even some more random (cool) things. http://zealotminiatures.com/zealot-shop/#!/Fantasy-Terrain/c/9246171/offset=0&sort=normal http://zealotminiatures.com/zealot-shop/#!/Scenery/c/23326032/offset=0&sort=normal