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  1. Not sure whether it's the same stuff, but Zealot do a range of crates, barrels and even some more random (cool) things. http://zealotminiatures.com/zealot-shop/#!/Fantasy-Terrain/c/9246171/offset=0&sort=normal http://zealotminiatures.com/zealot-shop/#!/Scenery/c/23326032/offset=0&sort=normal
  2. Was at Vengeance Q&A. In so far as any company is going to sit there and say, "Yeah, our product has issues.", it was stated fairly clearly that they were looking at certain players. Looking suggests play testing, because what else would they be doing? Maybe they just sit around and hypothesise like the players do, but given there have been two major updates in two years, I have a little faith that they are on it.
  3. 1. Done 2. Done 3. Done 4. Done 5. In hand 6. Done twice so far 7. Done at every available opportunity
  4. Suggest you watch Steve Easton play Smoke some time. I played him Round 2. By the start of turn 2, he had scored 7 points with Smoke. 1 activation later, it was 11 points. He spoiled it somewhat by flame jetting Dirge with Mercury to finish the game.
  5. Who was comparing anything to Malifaux?
  6. Awesome weekend at Vengeance '17. Slightly knackered today but got the day off, so having fun putting together new toys (Grace & Benediction - nice to have early access). I played Morticians which was my 2nd tournament with them. Think it's fair to say that I still haven't cracked them yet. I confess that I rarely deviated from the tactic of Avarisse and Greede 1st turn goal run followed by as many take outs as I could muster. Here's a quick summary of my games nonetheless... Game 1 vs Dries Haemhouts with Brewers (Scalpel vs Tapper) I should not have won this game. I actually chose to kick as I thought I could steal the ball with Scalpel and score an early goal. That didn't pan out and after she was successfully hit by Marked Target, I had the choice of retreating or launching myself at Tapper for some momentum. The first part went well, but I forgot to take the Push/Dodge from my last attack and when I activated 2nd Wind realised I'd just be knocked down (dice permitting). I therefore left her looking like an idiot and sure enough she got take out in short order. We then basically took turns in feeding each other players to be taken out. He scored a goal via Spigot and I was staring down the barrel of 12-8 defeat. And then he clocked out. However, he only needed to take out the bird with Hooper. On the final attack, Dirge was on 1 health, but not a single 5 was rolled. I survived the next 4 activations and scraped out a not very heroic victory. Scalpel 12 - 11 Tapper Game 2 vs @Stephen78 with Alchemists (Scalpel vs Smoke) After an undeserved 1st round victory, it was probably karma to be dealt the No.2 player in the world. Let's keep this short and sweet. I tried, I really did, to minimise Smoke shenanigans by deploying in a wide line across the board. I received the ball and immediately sent Avarisse + Greede up the board for a 1st turn goal. For the briefest of moments, I was winning the game. And then Smoke happened. Greede and the bird were given sufficient conditions to kill them in the maintenance phase, before she scored a goal. My kick out dribbled off the end of the 10" reach and so she scored again at the beginning of the next turn. He closed the game out with a flame jet on the bird. Ouch! Steve highlighted that by taking Greede and the bird, I effectively gifted him 2+1 very easy take outs. As 1 goal with Smoke is a given for anyone who knows what they're doing (and let's say that he does), he was therefore in a strong position to win right from the off. Despite the outcome, it was nonetheless interesting to watch the calculated manner in which a top player can quickly win a game. I definitely need more experience playing against Smoke (no one in my group uses her that often). Scalpel 4 - 12 Smoke Game 3 vs Tristan Freer with Alchemists (Scalpel vs Midas) Another Alchemist match - Yay. I kicked the ball this time, but was a bit more cautious with where I left Scalpel. I was rewarded by Harry wandering up the pitch presumably to bait Scalpel into attacking him much as had happened in my first game. This time however, I sauntered up and deployed what I call the Voodoo Dance. Use the Legendary and then do push dodges all the way back down the pitch towards the waiting Casket. I used Graves and Cosset to make sure that Harry was definitely going to die and used Casket Time at the beginning of the 2nd turn. Bye Harry. A Midas goal followed soon after and I tried to kill the ball, by making Ghast (of all people) run off with it. It did work for a couple of turns as Vitriol failed to work her way through fear and have enough influence left to score. In the meantime, all sorts of violence was kicking off on the other side of the pitch. Katalyst was throwing Combustions off left right and centre which did for Graves while I retaliated with Cosset to great effect. Katalyst eventually went down and I got rid of the snake for good measure too. However, Vitriol finally got her act together and slotted home the 2nd goal. I seized the ball with Scalpel and disappeared up the other end of the pitch with it ready to score at the beginning of the next turn which she duly did. With the score at 11-11 (think the bird died somewhere), it all came down to who could get the next take out. Can't remember who died, but I believe a returning Katalyst got the job done for Tristan. Bugger. But as Tristan reflected, it was a bloody good game. Scalpel 11 - 12 Midas Game 4 vs Johnathan Lee with Fishermen (Obulus vs Corsair) Changing captains was in retrospect a dumb idea (this was literally the 2nd time I've ever use Obulus, the 1st in a practice game the night before), but a). I fancied a change and b). thought he was going to take Shark and wanted to pull control shenanigans too. The team I picked was utter rubbish for the task ahead, part football and part thumpy, but without my take out workhorse that is Cosset. I received, thinking I could sneak a 1st turn Avarisse + Greede goal, but Siren stole the ball and got a goal in first. I subsequently got a Bonesaw goal but he died to Corsair and gang. I later eliminated Siren with a tooled up (but blinded - stupid Octopus) Obulus. Being Fish he got a 2nd goal fairly easily, so I then killed the ball and wondered how I could turn this around. With Corsair still more or less on his deployment line I thought I at least had time to reorganise. Sadly I had not reckoned on Hag, who gifted Corsair 4" of movement. The one legged Captain subsequently set upon Greede and it was game. Corsair is another Captain who I don't play much against. My weaker games in this event were certainly against teams who I rarely see. Obulus 6 - Corsair 12 So I ended the day on 1 Win and 3 Losses. Bit of a shame, but I'd enjoyed all the games nonetheless. Day 2 to follow...
  7. As S/F said during the Q&A, they do not do knee jerk changes. Hunters had only been out 6 months when the big errata was done + there was still the second half of the team to be released. Changes will come I'm sure, but it's right that errata is well considered and play tested and not done every time a vocal section of community demands it.
  8. Mist is secretly a Solthecian?
  9. Saw from the results that there were quite a few Hunter vs Hunter games which skews the win/loss figures somewhat
  10. I don't mind Jack Straw not being explained (yet). Sure it will come in the fullness of time. The fluff has been similar to GoT, very little fantasy to start with, but slowly starting to creep in around the edges with each new Season.
  11. I'm looking forward to another 8 pages of discussion when we've seen the details
  12. His S3 fluff suggests he is deep undercover and staying that way for the time being
  13. Sorry, but I reserve the right to moan like feck when Seasoned Brisket misses a 3 dice shot on goal (96% chance of success, people. 96!!!) for the umpteenth time
  14. I still want the Miners Guild (also appearing in the fluff now). Legendary Play = Picket Line. All friendly models gain Stoic for the rest of turn.
  15. Spoiler alert but Mallet confirms in the new fluff that Flint prefer stallions to mares